Welcome Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic – The New President Of Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic President of the REpublic of Croatia (Photo: screenshot www.kolinda.hr)

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
President of the REpublic of Croatia
(Photo: screenshot http://www.kolinda.hr)


Croatia has its first woman President!

As thought before the election results were close, at almost dead-heat or the narrowest of margins: Grabar-Kitarovic more than 50% and Ivo Josipovic more than 49%.

The Croatian people have made it clear that they crave a new direction in the Office of the President of Croatia. With Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic’s win against the incumbent Ivo Josipovic Croatia now has the benefit of positive energy that is destined to drive the changes towards a better Croatia, which was Grabar-Kitarovic’s election slogan. Her election program pledged measures that would, among others, bring about economic growth and usher in social stability through the protection of basic social rights and empowering the systems towards achieving life of dignity resulting from improved living standards. Croatia is not only on its knees economically but also with its identity as a country that was created for and paid dearly for its goal to shed communism and live democracy.

These election results say that the people truly appreciated what Grabar-Kitarovic has done so far in her professional career and that they have placed their trust in her, especially her pledges to bring the government to the table with view to working together for a better Croatia. Although the results between the two candidates are close, achieving them has come at a significantly increased efforts in mobilising as many voters as possible into voting.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, 46, is a politically conservative member of the Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ which led Croatia towards independence from communist Yugoslavia from 1990. She is a former Croatian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the US and Assistant Secretary General to the Nato.

I am thrilled with these election results and congratulate Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on her victory! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb), B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)



  1. Great to see a woman in power! Hope she’ll be a good president for croatian future!

  2. Zoran Nosic says:


    I absolutely over the moon but shocked at how close it was. Loved her acceptance speech…reminded me so much of the tone from pok. Tuđman. Cheers and all best in the new year and the new Croatia! Živili.

  3. I hope she does better, although she doesn’t have much power. My guess is NATO will work with her and get us into more wars. Hope I am wrong and although I have never voted in my life, I was counting on her winning. Let’s see just what she can do.

    • The power is much greater than many think, Ines – it just hasn’t been utilised properly – at the the power to call to account and set wheels in motion … I disagree regarding your preposition about NATO, Croatia as a country is a member of NATO and that in itself comes with rights and responsibilities. Thank you on your comment and, yes, the near future will show us what can and cannot be done…

    • Interesting view there. From my understanding, Croatia already works with NATO and has been doing peacekeeping missions, so I don’t see why this would suddenly change, but like with every politician in every corner of the world, we have to wait and see and keep our eyes open. It doesn’t end with just voting.

      • So true, Kat 🙂

      • It is my understanding that Croatia has refused to participate in “waring missions”, and an agreement to that effect is signed, but NATO is now on a warpath with Russia to break it down into smaller regions as it is gaining power. We are a country that can help NATO in that respect, so it is possible. I don’t read or watch the propaganda on TV, I do my own research and come to my own analytical conclusions, I even told my partner when she announced she was going to run that NATO set her up and she would win even if it was a small margin to make it look so. I don’t claim to know everything nor claim to be right, but some things are falling in place. Look, I want her to be a good president, I want her to do what she said: Work FOR the people and ASK people what they need. I don’t know how much she can do, but her energy is good and I think that she will do her best, but we have to keep in mind, she’s an EX NATO and she’s worked with Americans in high office, so, we need to be cautious.

    • If it was up to me I would blow up Russia to smithereens – so much suffering it has caused, so much oppression, so much power hunger…NATO didn’t take voters by the hand to vote what are you on about, lady – there is nothing insignificant about the numerically small margin of victory when you consider the pull communist-die-hards still have on Croatian political scene. It’s a darn good result if you ask me: the closer the numbers the harder the battle.

    • therealamericro says:

      Croatia avoided the Iraq adventure and the Croatian mission in Afghanistan was symbolic and very politically productive.

      Croatia needs to, under Kitarovic, push for joining V4 – a political, economic and military alliance, itself a EU Battlegroup – and also ask for German EU Battle Group.

      Croatia has a dead air force so now that the Afghan mission is dead, and the EU won’t go to war with Russia for George Soros’s, NED, USAID and other quasi-NGO interests, nor schitzophrenic US foreign policy desires, Croatia will be free of NATO entanglements.

      Russia is concerned with its near-abroad. That’s it. EU doesn’t want war, US can’t wage war without the EU, and Russia can’t wage an offensive war which would be suicidal.

      The Ukrainian’s plight unfortunately had its well poisoned by Soros, NED, USAID and other sham NGO / intelligence fronts.

      A tell tale sign that Kolinda was not the Anglo-American choice was the hatchet job by the New York Times and the tears for fears in NED/USAID/State Dept./Foreign Office/CIA/MI6 English language propaganda front Balkan Dimsight, I mean Balkan Insight, run by a Serbian American State Department employee from Chicago.

      Hopefully Croatian Police and Intelligence services will investigate the online English language strategic propaganda front and the usual yugoslav suspects from Croatia that are paid agents of foreign influence by spewing the agitprop and anti-Croatian hate speech there. This is a major scandal – financing and staffing an online English language agitprop front of a NATO (US / UK) and EU (UK) ally.

      That means that the interests of Croatia were affirmed when she was election, otherwise the Operation Mockingbird NYTimes would have praised her victory, not bemoaned it as a victory for “nationalism.”

      NED, Soros, USAID, the State Department, CIA, Foreign Office, MI6 etc. are pushing yugoregionalism – the NYTimes hatchet job means that their bizarre fetish is threatened by a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency.

      Good days lie ahead.

      • It’s obvious you’re very knowledgeable in this area, I moved to Croatia 10 years ago from Canada and perhaps lack faith in any leadership in this Country, but in the end, Croatia is ruled always has been and always will be. I can’t stand buying lettuce from Spain while our agribusiness is falling apart.
        Thank you so much for this , I have learned something!

    • therealamericro says:

      NATO’s misadventures saw the V4 conspicuously absent. Libya, attempted Syria regime change (which would lead to a total extermination of Syria’s Christians), etc. saw the V4 quiet and absent. I suspect Grabar-Kitarovic would see to that in the future when the ruling Anglo-American special interest groups and oligarchies try to scam the public into “preventative wars” and “regime change” in the future. Simply put, Croatia does not have the military hardware or capabilities for now to be scammed or pressured into engaging in any NATO misadventures.

      As the resistance to the Syria invasion based on the false flag chemical attack shows, the Western public, while drooling and staring off into space, is seeing more and more people wipe their drool and snap out of the Operation Mockingbird paradigms.

  4. i’m glad, Ina, you’re pleased with the outcome of the election

  5. Wonderful news!

  6. Ante Saric says:

    A wonderful result for our nation. Hopefully this strong woman will do what the weak men could not do over the last 20 years. No doubt without the UDBA infrastructure that Josipovic enjoyed the gap would have been larger. Well done Kolinda. Well done Croatia. Now lets get rid of Milanovic, Pusic & Co.

  7. She made it. No wonder you are thrilled.

  8. Wow.! That is pretty amazing.!!

  9. Congratulations to Mrs. Grabar-Kitarovic on her election victory! It was a very tight race with a marginal vote difference between the incumbent and herself (50.74% KGK,vs 49.26% IJ), so not an overwhelming mandate win but a win none the less. Now, as she stated, she is eager to begin the work ahead of her – the work to set Croatia to rights and I for one wish her every success to achieve those daunting goals. Croatians worldwide now await the positive effects her election promises, once fulfilled, will bring to Croatia and all Croatians. We live in the hope that this time, the electorate’s confidence and trust in her and her party (HDZ) is justified and will not once again be reciprocated with inaction, incompetence, criminality and betrayal.

  10. It’s just like the song from The Who ‘Meet the new boss the same as the old boss.’

    • Well Owen, one would think not – time will tell!

      • I dunno. Hope you have better luck than we Americans did with our “new Boss.” Seems like he’s same as the old boss.

        Professor, sometimes when I write something, I go back and read it later and do a palm to face–what was I thinking. You might want to re-examine your first two sentences, my friend. “[A]t almost dead-heat or the narrowest of margins: Grabar-Kitarovic more than 50% and Ivo Josipovic more than 49%.
        “The Croatian people have made it clear that they crave a new direction. . .”

        I noticed you stayed out of the Russia comments. I’ll follow your lead on that and stay out myself. Not easy, though.

        Well, the US is officially a very messed up country. As you probably know, the Republicans were voted in far and wide. Two-thirds of all governors are now Republicans, and they control the House and Senate. They must be putting something in the water.

      • Know what you mean Donald – however, to the way I see it and given the political climate there at this stage even the narrowest of margins or a dead-heat win indicate clearly that people want a new direction for in that climate even coming to vote is a major feat for most depressed voters… there’s an old saying in Croatia: “only strong spirits are kept in small bottles” – strong spirits are most cherished possessions… even with this the situation is not easy by a long shot

      • Agreed. Looking at it from that perspective does make sense.

        Politics is intersting because, like economics, it falls in the psychology category.

      • So true, Donald 🙂

  11. Zrinka Stampalia says:

    Draga Ina,
    moram podjeliti nasu Veliku Srecu sa Tobom povodom Povijesnog Prvog Izbora Prve Dame Nase Domovine Hrvatske!!! Neka Svemoguci Bog Cuva i Vodi Nasu Hrvatsku
    na jedinom i pravom putu do Zasluzenog Uspjeha, da postanemo Najbolja, Najljepsa i Najcisca Zemlja Europe, i da Nasa Hrvatska Domovina okupi svu svoju Djecu razasutu po Cijelom Svijetu!!!
    Zrinka & Anthony Stampalia

    • Translation of Zrinka Stampalija comment: Dear Ina, I must share our Great Fortune with you on the occasion of this historic election of the first woman president of Croatia! May the Almighty God keep and lead Our Croatia on its only and true path to the earned success, to become the Best, the most beautiful and the purest country in Europe, and for our Croatian Homeland to gather all its children spread throughout the World. Zrinka and Anthony Stampalia

      REPLY: Hear, hear, Zrinka – such great joy!

  12. Hrvat iz like says:

    God bless Croatia and the many patriots throughout her history whose sacrifice planted the seeds of promise for her liberty.
    That promise is today’s reality and it is worth saving for future generations of Croatia’s sons and daughters.
    Congratulations to Croatia’s first female President as she carries the hopes of a proud nation committed to the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law while steadfastly ready to stand on guard for Croatia’s hard earned freedom !

  13. One percent difference? In Britain, I understand, if an election is a tie, the result is decided by the toss of a coin. We have not felt the need for a rule in the event of a three way tie.

  14. Congratulations to Ms. Grabar-Kitarovic and let’s see what happens next. I can’t allow myself to be too optimistic yet, it seems there is still division and bitterness within Croatia and that’s a social problem that will take a lot of work to fix. It is at least good to see a decent voter turn out this time. Like I said though, people have to keep their eyes open. I think too many Croats simply settle for “well, that’s it now, nothing I can do if laws/changes I dislike get passed”. I don’t think that’s the case. People must voice their opinion if they feel their leader/s are going back on promises or not delivering what’s necessary. I hope we’ll see this in Croatia because ultimately, any government should be working for the people & representing their will.

  15. Jason Bertovic says:

    WOW! What a result! Last night, before i went to bed, I prayed that Kolinda would win and Hvala Bogu, Bog je slusao. I especially loved her victory speech. She is a well spoken, hard working individual that is pushing for a stronger and prosperous Croatia.
    In particular, I was overwhelmed with the large diaspora vote that Kolinda received. Canada and Australia had 97% of votes for Kolinda. What an achievement. Also, most of Bosnia/ Herzegovina and Germany also gave Kolinda the vote, even better news.
    Now, lets watch Kolinda and her team lead Croatia on the path to opportunity, ambition and success.

    I hope President Grabar- Kitarovic will make a visit to Australia sometime in the near future. A country that is proud of her and a country that wanted her to take charge.

  16. I am so pleased to see she has been elected.. The Feminine energies are indeed returning to the world, as are compassion and love… We are seeing the changes being made in so many areas now..
    It often has to come through painful experiences before we can heal and see the light and learn from the error of our ways.
    But I have great HOPE for 2015… Even though many will try to bring distraction..
    I know deep down the phoenix is about to rise from the ashes of old ways of being..
    It takes such leaders as Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic’s to help bring about such changes…
    I wish her and Croatia well for the future ..

    Blessings also Ina for a wonderful New Year xx

    • Thank you, Sue – indeed there’s much work ahead for Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and many will try tripping her as she walks ahead, distract and detour…no doubt, I too believe in her energy, fairness and capacity to make positive differences.

  17. Great! Congratulations !

  18. It is a FACT that women are better organizers, managers, caretakers and those in higher office are very diligent if they are “allowed”to do so. Women don’t want war, at least most of us unless you’re Margaret Thatcher type of woman, but all in all, WE do make better leaders because we truly want to be the best we can and we don’t want wars, we are always looking for ways to resolve difference through diplomacy and discussion. I like Kolinda because of her experience, because she speaks English and won’t embarrass us, because she is known outside of Croatia, and she’s very professional woman that will represent us in a very positive and empowering light.

    • To me Ines – I do not look at gender characteristics nor are they important in this case. Leadership qualities are those that shine through and if a woman is in high position she will do the job just as a man will because the job requires the same from a man or a woman

      • You are right because that is what you believe and I respect that. I don’t think that men and women are the same, we are not biologically the same and I don’t buy into feminism. We should all the equal rights but I can’t see a woman being a fireman because she simply does not have the strength of a man.
        In any case, we both have one thing in common: We want a better Croatia!

      • 🙂

  19. You called this one Ina! 🙂 Over the moon that she won.

  20. Thanks be to God. Zivjela Kolinda ! Zivjela Hrvatska!
    Next step = parliamentary elections. What disturbs me though is how close the results were which says there are still way too many people who vote commi, or too many people who would have voted against the commis, but did not, or could not, vote. Look at the debacle in Bosnia-Herzegovina at polling stations! As a good friend of mine who lives in Croatia wrote..”Thank God for the diaspora!”
    Thanks for posting Ina.

  21. Michael Silovic says:

    I am glad to see Kolinda’s victory! Let us make no mistake that she has a huge responsibility to turn Croatia around and it will not be easy.While the vote was very close and I believe that she won outright the margins have me very concerned that there were some improprieties occurring. I personally felt that with the turn out she should have had a much higher percentage of the vote from the feelings I got during the election cycle and from people on the ground.However that is now behind us and there are others that need to be replaced.There is a lot of division in Croatia but we all must take a moment to be proud of our homeland for the strides it has made during this election cycle by the way of the voter participation and electing the First women as President. 20 years ago a lot of people would never have thought this would be possible.The strong turn out proves that people have not surrendered their homeland and will continue the struggle for democracy and prosperity. I look forward to seeing policy and prosperity to occur that benefits Croatians with a Croatia First Policy. I would hope that the first actions taken benefit the war veterans and farmers and more economic investments to the north where it is so badly needed.While some may argue that the presidential position is only ceremonial let us make no mistake that it is a very powerful position if used the right way. A voice in any goverment has the power to change opinions and garner support of the people in any policy. I look forward to a stronger Croatia in 2015.

    • Thank you, Michael – Croatia First policy should pick up on weight during 2015 – good suggestions by the way as to “first”things that need to happen

  22. Wishing Croatia prosperity under the new leadership.Great article.J.M.

  23. I think that it’s super that a strong, driven, patriotic woman has been given a chance to get our house in order. I could think of a dozen metaphors to support her in this endeavor but this time I’d like to give a big two thumbs up to her husband Jakov, who is putting his teaching career on hold in order to hold down the fort at home with their 2 kids. I like the chemistry between the two – they seem like two very genuine people who are enjoying this wild ride, with Jakov showing that we Croatian men are well prepared for the 21st century!

  24. I have a good feeling about her.Thrilled that Josipović is gone and that someone who has actually been around the world and has the knowledge , got the chance to lead this country.Maybe a woman can be better to us than a man can in this day and age.

  25. Congrats to KGK! I am thrilled that Jugosipovic was ousted. First priority lustration.

  26. ..we wish Ms.Kolinda the best of success! But, it is TOO bad that she didn’t have a bigger margin in her majority win over communist Dr. Ivo! I’m sure that the Belgrade UDBA did everything in their power to put that cheap bar musician (Dr.?) Josipovic back into power! We have to give Ms. Kolinda some time to clean the mess that the communists left behind!…Rome wasn’t built in a day! But what she should do, …some thoughts!

    1.) Advertise to the outside world that Croatia is open for business and to encourage a free market economy!…maybe along side the idea of CHRISTIAN Democratic Party principles!
    2.) totally re-vamp the UDBA secret police!
    3.) invite back the Croats in the Diaspora to invest in the country!
    Call back the Croatian the world over to move to Croatia..even the many Croatians who live in South America, some whose great-grand parents moved there over 100 years ago. There are many Croat decedents who speak Spanish and maybe as Argentina falters, they can come to live in Croatia and populate not only Croatia but Bosnia as well!
    4.) Build up the Croatian military by promoting its excellent military armaments industries and modernize the Croatia airforce by purchasing (for example) the Saab Gripen E/F jet fighter!
    5.) Cultivate more friendships with American politicians and the American Croats who some, have been there for over 125 years!
    …anyway just some thoughts!

    • Think you Tempus Fugit – some good suggestions here. As to the margin of victory numerically it looks small but effort wise it’s huge exactly because in that awful political climate created by commies it’s harder to win even a whisker of percent! I think the margin is significant because it took a lot of work and a lot of trust invested to secure it.

  27. What a day yesterday was for Croatia – Bravo! The first woman president and the first sincere Croatian president since Tudjman.
    Margin is impressive when you consider who she was running against, and the manner is which the others are known for cheating (ballot stuffing, etc.).
    Yes, Madame Presidente has an interesting and difficult road ahead, but firmly believe she will, in time, erase what this past president and his crew have done to Croatia’s international reputation, and the country’s sense of self. In my heart, I believe she has already given Croatians a rejuvenated sense of pride and a belief in a better future.
    Tonci i Marice

  28. Great news! Congrats to Croatia for electing not just a woman president, but someone who appears to be right for the times.

  29. Very-very interesting blog! I enjoy it! 🙂 The best regards!

  30. What a victory. I’m so glad she got in… Now we can hope for a bright future in Croatia… Glad you got in the person you wanted, Ina. 🙂

    • Thank you Kev, good to have hope Kev and she certainly brings it with her and it’s not going to be easy sorting that mess out…but – we live on 🙂

  31. Thank you so much for following my blog. May the Lord bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.

  32. I was proud, as a new Croatian citizen, to cast my first vote for Kolinda. It is time this country moves forward and not continue to live in the past.

  33. therealamericro says:

    Ina, I would add a few questions to my list from the other day.

    1. Will KGK publicly push for members of Sabor not to be able to be on government company boards of directors, as it creates an immediate conflict of interest, eats time from Sabor duties, and robs other people of jobs;
    2. Will KGK push for members of Sabor not to be able to simultaneously hold office in local, municipal or county office, as it creates an immediate conflict of interest, makes it virtually impossible to deliver for either Sabor or local/municipal/county constituents, and also robs people of jobs?

  34. Great to read you are pleased with the election results, Ina!

  35. Brave croatian population to elect brilliant iron lady for the leadership

  36. Thank you for following my bog, and special thanks for this post and your informed comments on the politics of Croatia and surrounding countries. Americans as a whole are woefully ignorant of world events, politics, and current events. I look forward to more posts and the best of luck to your new President. She will need it – women leaders are judged so harshly.

    • Yes, isn’t it just unnerving, noelleg44, that in 21st century women still get treated harshly or unfairly despite skills that often surpass men’s – ah well chin up and soldier on, I say 🙂

  37. Big Bear

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    them up in case the main wars sputter. It’s a new
    Pentagon directive, as witnessed by the annual troop
    and ship movements every March on the North/South
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    • Restless winds that tie today with yesteryear but how will tomorrow look and is it up to today to shape it according to “popular belief” not of only few, dougstuber,thank you on your comment

  38. A most enlightening and interesting article. We are somewhat unfamiliar as to the political and history of the Slovak nations, thanks for educating us, Ina.

  39. Awesome.

  40. You are looking very brave and cleaver president,

  41. Buna ziua Ina !
    CROATIA ,o tara frumoasa,
    si-a ales in cea mai inalta functie,
    o Doamna Frumoasa ! 🙂
    Sa va traiasca si TARA si Doamna PRESEDINTE ! 🙂
    Cu respect,

  42. To Be Human

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    change what we can for the better. To give.

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  44. Sangeeth Kumar says:

    Hey,…How are you ? am in Bathivanipalem..King Venice Kyle..

  45. h m Miah says:

    i like u koinda grabar

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