Croatia: Communist Remnants Defy Sanctions Against Russia

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Turning to prostitution (unworthy use of abilities) to relieve poverty has always been the road taken by very few and those few have more often than not been seen as having the morals of a toerag.

While Croatia’s economic crisis demands alleviating actions it’s contemptible that at this time of burning political tension between EU and USA, on one side, and Russia, on the other, the current Croatian government is sending a delegation of 80 people to Russia for the so-called Russia-Croatia Economic Forum. The delegation is said to arrive in Russia for 17 February meeting under the excuse of lobbying for investments in Croatia by Russian investors. The leaders of that delegation from Croatian side are the minister for the economy, Ivan Vrdoljak, and Croatia’s ex-president Stjepan Mesic. Suffice to say both still very attached to communist ideals of former Yugoslavia who have evidently perfected the art of politically corrupt undermining of Croatian independence from communist Yugoslavia.

This latest move to undermine Croatia’s standing as a dedicated member of the EU and, therefore, Trans-Atlantic trade and investment alliance, is a stark reminder of modus operandi communist Yugoslavia’s Josip Broz Tito used in order to play both sides during the Cold war era for gain and furtherance of his oppressive and murderous communist program. Tito hid his alliance with communist Russia very well through his public endeavours that saw him not siding with either the “West” of the “East”; in 1955 Tito contributed significantly to the milestone that saw the strengthening of the Non-Aligned Movement and he cunningly used that very act to fool the “West”, in particular, into thinking he had given up any affiliation with communist Russia when he broke away from Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1948 – hence, securing a great deal of financial aid from the “West”.

An attentive pupil of Tito’s agenda, Stjepan Mesic, is doing the same today as Tito did during his days: playing for both sides of political fields and socio-economic spheres, very possibly under the delusional excuse that Croatia could play an important role in the mediation of some resolutions to the political tensions between EU/US and Russia (?).
Of course, this visit to Russia by the Croatian delegation predicts questionable economic benefits and significant damage to Croatia’s political standing as EU member state. It demonstrates that the Croatian left oriented government and its supporters have not fully taken on board the moral fiber of belonging to a union such as the EU. Still sitting on two chairs, playing opposing sides for clearly economic and politically suspect reasons. The fact that the Russian investors to be present at the said forum are subject to the EU sanctions imposed against Russia amidst the Ukraine crisis obviously means nothing to these delegates from Croatia except that joining with them in a conference/forum will undermine Croatia’s reputation and standing within the international circles. To demonstrate the foul mindset this Croatian delegation to Russia thrives on, one needs only to refer to the statement made for Croatian television news February 14 by Stjepan Mesic: “business not under the sanctions will be discussed at the Forum”. So, according to the Croatian delegation it’s OK to mingle with the sanctioned subjects, do business with them, as long as you talk about something other than the business or industry subject to sanctions against them!

Utterly contemptible!

The reader may well ask: how is it possible that at this time of intensive Russian aggression against Ukraine, Croatia is behaving as if it is not a member of the EU? The US Ambassador to Croatia, HE Kenneth Merten has expressed grave concerns over this visit to Russia by the Croatian delegation. France and Germany are at this time investing a lot of energy into stopping the war and Russian aggression in Ukraine, and here we have a number of Croatian political prostitutes undermining even this by putting a “feather in Russia’s cap” with their mere presence there.

Utterly contemptible!

The inauguration of Croatia’s new president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic occurs on Sunday 15 February 2015 although her duties as president do not commence until the 20th. It’s to be expected that the visit of Croatian government delegation to Russia, with which she has no connection, will negatively reflect upon the make-up of delegations to attend the inauguration from leading EU countries and beyond. Sabotaging the new president’s inauguration in such a perfidious manner as sending a delegation to Russia at times of sanctions against it is an example of how the former communists work in Croatia. Had their Ivo Josipovic won the presidential elections they would not have entered into such dirty dealings, I’m quite sure. One trusts that Grabar-Kitarovic’s presidential mandate will see clearer allegiance to the EU and the Trans-Atlantic trade and investment alliance in all aspects of political and economic life than what is happening under the presidency of Ivo Josipovic. Perhaps calling the government to task will trigger early general elections and subsequent unity of Croatians for a better future. The road ahead is not an easy task by any means – multitudes still “hold the fort” for the former communist Yugoslavia, some are vicious, and they are capable of anything that undermines progress of democracy and unity with countries that openly condemn the totalitarian regime of former Yugoslavia. Perhaps this visit by these former communists from Croatia to Russia will open many an eye in the “West” to see the real fraudulence of Tito and his followers, who, by the way, did not want an independent Croatia in 1990’s and are now undermining even Ukraine’s plights for self-determination by giving credence to Russia, the aggressor against Ukraine. The West is cautious about going to war against Russia over Ukraine and the main tools to get Russia to back away from Ukraine are economic sanctions – and look at what the Croatian government and ex-president are doing: going to Russia to give it new business opportunities! Also, Serbia is holding onto its strong friendship with Russia at the same time it works on becoming a member of the EU – and look at how helpful Serbia’s communist friends from Croatia are: Croatia is a member of the EU and is doing business with Russia, the current enemy to the EU over Ukraine!   Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


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    DO THEY CARE? A “N.I.M.B.Y. POLITICAL STATEMENT (because it’s Not In My –their–Back Yard)?”

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      • I am jealous. But you have earned those special seats. I am glad you had that opportunity for some fun.

        I just ordered that album … which is not at the frantic pace of the you tube version. But I does not have people applauding while they play … I hope.

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        Thank you for all that you have done.

      • That’s the spirit, bearspawprint 🙂

  3. I agree that is completely out of common sense to engage with Russia regime of Putin by the Croatian authority. Is simple an insult to the free Europe and democracy. Like Mrs Ina Vukic said is incompatible with Croatian free people that had fought hard to free himself from the communist ideology and Serbia-Russia interference and abuse. Croatian should not support Russia when other close neighbour are under attack by the regime of Putin. The price will be high as EU and USA will not forget the opposition to them by favouring instead of contrast the abuse and war against a sovran nation.

    • Thank you, Luigi – hopefully this incompetent government won’t linger much longer and damage may be averted, certainly most Croatians are abhorred by this move to even contemplate doing business with Russia at this time of political tensions when EU members need to be united in their stand

  4. Bosniakprince says:

    The stupidity of the Croatian government is amazing! Oh the Irony! When Croatia was fighting for its survival in the 1990s it was the Russians who send thousands of death militias to Croatia and Bosnia to murder Non-Serbs. Now Croatia is supporting the same country! at least some people has learned something… the Bosnian army and government has been busy arming the Ukrainians and fight on their fronts as a way of saying thank you for last time

    • I do not have data to back up exactly what you say, Bosniakprince, regarding Russian troops in Croatia and Bosnia during 1990’s but it is worthwhile doing the research – I would think there might have been some private volunteers and not official or state soldiers. This current government in Croatia is not only incompetent but is getting most embarrassing.

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  6. This is probably a stupid question but why won’t Russia leave Croatia alone? Croatians don’t want Communism. That is my understanding anyway. Hugs, Barbara

    • Not a stupid question, Barbara – the trouble is that Croatia still has quite a few communists who have not and do not move on and they currently hold important positions in government… these leftover communists walk around pretending they’re not and yet their actions speak they are still communists at heart…slowly they must disappear from key positions of power and Croatia will finally flourish from all sides…every country has political divisions and left and right oriented but they all are based on democratic principles in practice while in Croatia the left has those nasty streaks of communist practices which are far from democratic and more oppressive

  7. therealamericro says:

    Yet more evidence of how the office of the former president needs to be closed and entirely de-funded.

    The bearded yugoslav maniac Mesic is on a personal business trip on the taxpayers’ dime.

    As for Russia – if Croatian companies can do business there without breaking the agreed upon sanctions (which is mostly on materials used for war), I am fine with it – example being Mlinar opening shop in larger Russian cities or something.

    However, the bearded yugoslav maniac going on a lavish personal and business vacation at the expense of taxpayers’ is yet another crime against Croatian taxpayers by this useless, indolent, incompetent government.

    Why the obsession with Russia and not, say, the Visegrad group, especially considering Poland’s strong economy and vast capital that could be invested into Croatia and of course energy investments / supply chain (to and from the global market) and transport capacity capital projects with the V4?

    The answer is obvious – this government is still run by the bearded yugoslav maniac and his criminal gang of red managers and their objective is to keep Croatia in the “regijon,” pushing Serbia’s and Russia’s long-term strategic interests.

    • So agree, therealamericro, re the bearded Yugoslav maniac Mesic – I do so cry for Croatia because he is there, what a terrible waste of years under his influence.

  8. Bosniakprince says:

    To be fair Mesic did back in 2010 say to Bosnian Serbs that if they declare their own republic Croatia will go to war to stop them

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