Croatia: Project Velebit Joins Battle To Drive Out Ghost Of Communism From Constitution



For the survival and well being of a nation it is essential that all and each generation understand the meaning of the nation’s Constitution. As Aristotle wrote long ago: “It is useless to have the most beneficial laws, fully agreed upon by all who are members of the constitution, if they are not going to be trained and have their habits formed in the spirit of that constitution.” (Aristotle, The Politics (New York: Penguin, 1986), 331; 1310a12).


Troubles persist, though, when facets of a nation’s Constitution collide against each other and are, due to their inherent nature, irreconcilable on the fundamental grounds of the Constitution’s own existence. This creates a multi-faceted quagmire within which the abandoned old values (in this case communist values) interfere with the establishment of new ones (freedom and democracy). Old communist values in the case of Croatia seriously interfere with the democratic ones, which should be tagged as the only and the essential values for the survival of the modern independent Croatia.


General Zeljko Glasnovic, MP Photo: Marko Prpic/Pixsell

General Zeljko Glasnovic, MP
Photo: Marko Prpic/Pixsell

This brings to mind a most pertinent issue, which has been brought to the public’s attention by the currently most active politician on the issue with a seat in Parliament, the independent Member, General Zeljko Glasnovic, and an impressive set of leading scholars, politicians, political analysts, constitutional experts, and people of all walks of life in Croatia (e.g. Zdravko Tomac, Admiral Davor Domazet Loso, Milan Kujundzic, Tomislav Karamarko, Branimir Luksic, to name but a handful) at one time or another in recent couple of years or so.

The issue is that a ghost of communism, in effect, resides within the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, suffocating progress to full democracy by keeping alive destructive communist mentality, habits and practices brought over from communist Yugoslavia. The latter – evidently and in general terms condoned as permissible simply because an element of the former Yugoslav communist regime is embedded in the Constitution as a valid historical pursuit to Croatian independence when in fact that Yugoslav communist regime never pursued the establishment of a completely independent state of Croatia.



At the time of the creation of its constitution Croatia was still charged and overloaded with communism and the passage of transition out of that oppressive scourge was doomed to contamination with it – the ghost of communism was inserted into the Croatian Constitution adopted in December 1990, months before, in an almost ambush-like manner, came the Serb/Yugoslav-led bloody, brutal and genocidal aggression that sought to obliterate even the very idea of independence and freedom from Croatian life.


That ghost of communism within the Constitution sits under the Constitution’s “Historical foundations” (for independence). “The millennial national identity of the Croatian nation and the continuity of its statehood, confirmed by the course of its entire historical experience in various political forms and by the perpetuation and growth of state-building ideas based on the historical right to full sovereignty of the Croatian nation, manifested itself:…“- in laying the foundations of state sovereignty during World War Two, through decisions of the Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia (1943), to oppose the proclamation of the Independent State of Croatia (1941), and subsequently in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Croatia (1947), and several subsequent constitutions of the Socialist Republic of Croatia (1963-1990), on the threshold of the historical changes, marked by the collapse of the communist system and changes in the European international order, the Croatian nation by its freely expressed will at the first democratic elections (1990) reaffirmed its millennial statehood.”


The absolute fact remains that Croatian independence and all its voices and propagators were quashed, many  assassinated, multitudes murdered, exiled, imprisoned, tortured…by the Yugoslav communist regime after WWII. No independence of Croatia as a state there. Operatives of the communist regime evidently got to contribute to the writing of the current Croatian Constitution, dressing-up the controlled and oppressed Socialist State of Croatia within the Yugoslav federation as independence. One could say that this blasphemy about independence could have survived, had the war of aggression against Croatia, because of its pursuits towards independence, not ensued from 1991. But the war did ensue and Croatia earned its independence at terrible costs to human lives because of it.


The War of Independence/Homeland War is the true foundation of independent Croatia and as such it must be reflected and embedded in the Constitution without being constantly undermined by the ghost of communism residing in there. While in recent years the War of Independence/Homeland War did finally make it into the Constitution as one of its historical foundations, its importance is significantly diminished within the constellation of historic foundations that include the false allocation of independence of Croatian state under the communist Yugoslavia federation.


The new Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (1990) and the victory of the Croatian nation and Croatia’s defenders in the just, legitimate and defensive war of liberation, the Homeland War (1991-1995), wherein the Croatian nation demonstrated its resolve and readiness to establish and preserve the Republic of Croatia as an independent and autonomous, sovereign and democratic state,” is the wording in the Constitution subsequently added to include the value of the Homeland War to independence.


The battle to decommunise Croatia continues and a significant battleground rests within the Constitution itself. It is imperative for the achievement of what Croatian independence intended to achieve in the first place – get away from communism/totalitarian regime as far as possible – to up the ante on getting the Constitution right.


Marko JUric Project Velebit Photo: Screenshot

Marko Juric
Project Velebit
Photo: Screenshot

And this is where the newly established organisation “Project Velebit”, with its centre in Zagreb, could successfully contribute. Certainly, its acumen expressed through its wide and current and relevant range of principles does point to clarity and determination in advocating for the complete ban on everything pertaining to Yugoslavianism, including seeking revision of the Constitution along the lines written about above, and the implementation of lustration.


Project Velebit is a civil organisation recently founded by a number of Croatian patriots “who consider themselves members of the Croatian national being, regardless of where they at this point in time may be living, regardless of their current social, political, religious, age or gender status, who as interested in the promotion of sincere humanistic, national and civilised attainments and needs of the Croatian people and all Croatian citizens, with the aim of promoting the national, the cultural, the ideological and the economic safety and freedom.”


Project Velebit as civil organisation could well compliment the work of politicians and members of parliament whose agenda has been and still follows pursuits to decommunise Croatia. Plucking communism and all its relevant aspects out of daily lives is absolutely essential if true independence as intended in 1990 is to be had.


On 9 November 2016, Marko Juric, a journalist, publicist and active member of the Project Velebit group, presented Project Velebit in Zagreb at the “Media aggression and political culture in Croatia” forum:

Marko Franovic Photo: Project Velebit

Marko Franovic
Photo: Project Velebit

Many ask us what is ‘Project Velebit’. It is a consequence of this situation that’s occurring, the paralysis of the system in answering to a series of absurd situations,” Juric said. “About maybe a year ago a group of people got together here in Croatia. They concluded that all that paralysis, all the enormous frustrations arising in people, an endless string of different stories of injustice and hardships happening in Croatia, have in reality exceeded all the limits to the end. There is no sense in talking any more… A group of people from outside Croatia (one being Mr Marko Franovic from Australia) linked itself to us and we decided to join forces and change some things. I would describe Project Velebit with one word and that is – action… To move from words to actions, within the framework of the possible and, believe me, there are a great number of things possible, we just need to start…If we make the first move we can do a great deal…” According to Juric Project Velebit wants to start a revolution, an intellectual one for now. In the circumstance where much is not functioning in the country, where communists or former communists still hold key decision-making and power, if threats to Croatian independence are not dealt with in reasonable time and adequate manner then, Juric said: “we retain the natural right of all people including the Croatian people to organise ourselves…and we have already organised ourselves into this group.”

While civil groups and organisations are not a new concept as they often arise in reaction to things gone wrong from governments as perceived in society or things needed and not being attended to by the governments, Project Velebit, however, is quite unique in Croatia as its main concern is to see former Yugoslav communism finally driven out of Croatia rather than to mollycoddle communist structures still existing as many civil organisations have been doing in Croatia. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Franjo Ivancic says:

    destruction of EU will start when Serbia will join the EU.
    what Europeans refuse seeing is that Serbia in EU = Russia in EU=Communism all across EU..
    no I am not wrong
    spread this all across EU
    communism = destruction
    hope to see that Croatia will declare itself as an anti-communist state
    hope to see the Croatian holy city of Medjugorje back home
    Hercegovina is Croatian and it will always be
    Bog i Hrvati!

  2. Happy New Year to you and family my friend.

  3. No wonder things haven’t been going the way they should have in Croatia. What calamity that detail in Constitution that gives credence to Socialist Republic of Croatia within Yugoslavia as a point on continuum of independence of Croatia. Awful stuff. I pray it gets erased from it quick smart

    • Ain’t it just unbelievable in this day and age to have so many blind people walking about when it comes to protecting their own positions, Mihovil

  4. Wilkinson says:

    Confusing Constitution – confusing living – confusing progress. Nothing will do bar erasing that item from the constitution. Cheers and you’ve really written a great article here, Ina – as always. Happy New Year

  5. Master Robert says:

    Proposals for any changes let alone to Constitution with even a whiff of controversy can be shelved because of a fear of failure. And here we face a mighty resistance by the communists or pro communists so need to build up a mighty force to counteract that. All my mind and heart is for the change.

    • I do trust Master Robert the fact that there are people in Croatia who do not shy away or give up because of controversy or any other wave of discouragement. So looking forward to the future.

  6. Marin Farac says:

    Project Velebit sounds like a good plan to support getting things done where it counts and/or even to get changes off the ground and rolling. It sounds as though it is no servant to the communist apologists 🙂 Good start

  7. Loving the Aristotle quote

  8. I strongly support the Project Velebit initiative and as outlined in their foundational tenets/ mission statement, they are offering a comprehensive, multi-faceted set of goals to counteract the purposeful erosion of the Croatian national identity by “our” politicians of the last two and a half decades. It is time to clean house and rid ourselves of all traces of the jugoslavist/communist/antifascist legacy that is not a ghost, but an all too real impediment to our future.

    Za Dom Spremni!

    • Indeed traces of communism are real, Velebit, too real in practice and mind of many. So if it becomes a no-deserving “entity” via the Constitution then things are bound to change for the better.

  9. What a good article to know a reality. What a delicate situation is the one that is lived .. I hope to continue reading to inform me better. Greetings from Caracas. A good year.

  10. Atheism is the biggest problem for the future of Hrvatska .
    Unfortunately we are living in a global (communist) world economy
    The CCP has 90 million members and they have become the
    richest elite in the world today . They are not invading the “west”
    with weapons but with cash. The sad truth is that communists
    everywhere are gloating on their own confidence . Recently
    ashamed , of their brutal regimes, they are once again coming out.
    Just recently I have been called a fascist for stating the obvious .
    The middle ground with firm Christian faith is the way to better life
    for all in Oz , Hrvatska and everywhere .
    Communism has always been a corrupt and evil system .
    Anyone that supports it is against humanity . People need to
    wake up. With communism there is no middle class just 5% rich
    and 95% poor. As a result of this recent phenomena the middle
    “fair go” is quickly disappearing here in Oz and being replaced by
    Advance Australia FARE .
    For Hrvatska the situation is very similar .Sadly the EU is globalist
    Lets pray that the youth of the world wakes up .

    • Hopefully, Anto, the youth will wake up but first clarity regarding liberal movements that include communism needs to persist and individuals have a big role in this…

  11. Sounds like an amazing initiative! I would love to contribute in some way. Will the project be taking article and research submissions from non-members? Keep up the good work.



  13. Doris Pavlovic says:….how true: this analysis by Nigel Farage in 2012 defines the EU and predicts the problems & inequalitues that the pro-communists & anti-Croatians will take advantage of….governments outside of Croatia see the long term picture better than Croatians inside Croatia. Thank you for your program and all the time and effort in informing the public! Mr Juric & Mr Ljubic you are both exellent presenters, journalists and communicators ! Doris

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