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Village of Hrasce, Zagreb
Property for sale


Most people when visiting Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, post photographs and descriptions of the city itself with its proud historical architecture, its thriving and bustling city squares adorned with elegant and artistically strong statues that talk to centuries of struggles for independence, of the blue trams, the almost countless museums and places of cultural events, and at times the strangely romantic fog that hangs over the city for much of winter. But the administrative area of the city of Zagreb is so much more than that and that other face is that of multitude of villages sprawled seemingly a stone throw around it – idyllic countryside atmosphere that has an amazing feel of serenity and stability about it.

To pay tribute to this countryside within the city limits I thought it best to present here a property in the village of Hrasce that is currently listed for sale and someone out there who reads this post may just take a fancy to it and change their lives for the better and the nicer by purchasing it and moving into it. I trust you will enjoy the photos below and the countryside that is part of Zagreb..

The house is located in a small village of Hrašće which belongs to Grad Zagreb County. The total size of the house (301 m2) along with the yard area (894 m2) sums up to 1195 m2 + the garage and the shed (small garden room) with the area of 39 m2. The house was initially built in the late sixties (ground floor). The first floor along with the attic and the garage were built in 1993. The house is located in a dead end street where perhaps 10 cars pass during the working hours.

The house includes a yard of 485 m2 and a garden of 409 m2. There is a grassy surface in front of the house where multiple vehicles (5-6) can be parked. There is a children’s park as well as a grassy football field, concrete playground suitable for both football and basketball. There is also a restaurant which is 100 yards away from the house. The restaurant is well and widely known for its lamb (Restoran Hrasce). People say it’s the best lamb in the country.

There are 2 bus stations whose lines (268-Velika Gorica, 166-Donji Dragonožec) drive towards the main train station (Zagreb city centre). The time required to reach both stations is around 10 minutes (on foot) whereas taking the car would require merely a minute. There is also a train station which reduces the travelling time towards the centre Of Zagreb (less than 15 minutes).

The village of Hrašće contains all the facilities required for a pleasurable life. Bakery store, grocery store, coffee shop, hairdresser saloon, 2 general practitioners, all of this can be found in Hrašće. All of the rest: postal office, pharmacy, church, kindergarten, primary school etc. can be found in the neighbouring village Odra. Airport (Franjo Tudjman) is located only 5 kilometres from the house. It takes approximately 10 to 12 minutes to get there by car. The connectivity with grad Zagreb and the village of Hrašće, along with other surrounding areas is excellent.

So if you are in the purchasing mind please visit website





















  1. Stevie10703 says:

    I know exactly where that is. My aunt and uncle live in Velika Mlaka and that’s on the other side of the main road that goes from Velika Gorica all the way to Zagreb. Hrasce is interesting in that the area is suburban yet around the area is also some farm land as well so, you’ll get the best of both worlds in that you’re close enough to get to Zagreb or Velika Gorica (being born and raised in New York City, Velika Gorica is a town and not a city…lol) but you’re also far enough away to get away from being in the city. The price is a good price but the house does need some work. The only think I would ask is if that area is part of a flood zone as I know a few years back there was a flood near there. The 180 thousand Euro price tag seems fine ($193,000 US and $257,000 Austrailan and $259,000 CDN) but it does need some work on the inside…especially both kitchens.

    • Thanks for the added info on the bright side Stevie, any floods occurred in past are away to my knowledge, as to work needed I guess every woman wants a new kitchen in a new house 🙂

  2. It looks fantastic Ina.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Lovely!

  4. looks amazing in winter

  5. Home sweet home🏠

  6. Looking wonderful 🙂

    Aliosa 🙂

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Picturesque! Looks like a bit of ground I’d like to reside on!

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