One Place Of Execution Of More Than 40,000 Innocent Croats

Roman Leljak


By Roman Leljak
Translated into English by Ina Vukic with permission from Roman Leljak


In June 1945 the Partisans committed the biggest genocide against the Croatian people at Kocevski Rog (Slovenia). The liquidations were not a necessary evil, a mistake or a liquidation of the collaborators of the occupier; it was a planned genocide against humanity in the name of an ideology, in the name of the communist revolution. The victims were brought there from Bleiburg …


On May 13th Tito (Josip Broz Tito)expressed his regret to the British Ambassador for not having yet received reply regarding the Yugoslav Note dated 2 April 1945 for the establishment of a Yugoslav occupation zone in Austria from any Allies except the Soviet Union. The British government stood by its demand from 12 May 1945 in which it sought from Tito that he gives out the order for the immediate withdrawal of Partisans from the Austrian territory to the Yugoslav side, keeping in mind the 1937 country borders.


Tito and the president of the Slovenian government, Boris Kidric, received a telegram from Klagenfurt on 17 May 1945 – report on the antifascist conference held that elected the Pokrajina national liberation committee for Koruska. 280 delegates participated in the elections, and dr. France Petek was elected its president. The conference publicized its declaration by which it rejected Landesregierung – the government they labeled pro-Nazi coloured (the government of Koruska) and called upon the people to fight against the remains of Nazism and to joining Koruska to Tito’s Yugoslavia.


Tito did not comment on that declaration, nor did he accept it and on 19 May 1945 made his own decision. That day he replied to the British government Note dated 17 May 1945 that the government of the democratic Federative Yugoslavia had ordered the units of the Yugoslav army to withdraw from Koruska to the pre-war border lines. In his reply Tito further by this he has complied with Allies’ request.


He especially emphasized that the withdrawal of the Yugoslav soldiers depends on the transposing of war pillage. At 8.30 a.m. that day when Tito’s telegram was handed over to the British a military telegram arrived from to 26th Partisan division to the Koruska squad headquarters, which said: “Our government has decided to withdraw our troops to the old borders, under the condition that war materials and prisoners be pulled out.” The English army agreed to the delivery of prisoners and war materials, and with that The Way of the Cross for the Croatian people began.


According to testimonies about 40,000 Croats were liquidated at Kocevski Rog, about 5,000 Slovenian Home Guards, as well as some thousands of members of the Serbian and other nationalities. They brought them there from Bleiburg via Jesenica to the Sentvid camp near Ljubljana. In that camp they were sorted according to their nationality into special A, B and C categories. Being placed into B and C categories meant – death. After the sorting they would be transported by train to Kocevje, according to sources – 8,000 per day. They would be taken from the train station to the Kocevski Rog area. They liquidated them during the night, all until the middle of June 1945. They chose Kocevski Rog because they knew the terrain. During the war the Slovenian national liberation army had its main headquarters in that area, the management of the Liberation front and the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Slovenia. The head office was in Base 20.

Photos depicting some
of the execution places
at Kocevski Rog (7Dnevno)

The liquidation was carried out by volunteers from the 11th Dalmatian brigade of the 26th Dalmatian division of the Yugoslav army. Commissar Milja (Milka Planinc) arrived into that division in the second half of May 1945 and sought out volunteers for the liquidation of “bandits”. She promised them big rewards, medals of Honour, and then took them to Kocevski Rog. We know today that her right hand was Simo Dubajic. Slovenian Partisans greeted the volunteers from the 11th Dalmatian brigade in Kocevje and drove then to areas that were difficult to access and filled with natural pits. Zoran Bozic wrote a great deal about that in Croatian Word (Hrvatsko slovo). Especially about Milka Planinc as a – devilish commissar: “She was endowed with the imagination of a Satanic expert for torture and killing of people. She turned mass liquidations into cannibalistic killing,” wrote Zoran Bozic. Commissar Milka, wrote Bozic, according to statements by the volunteer of the 11th Dalmatian brigade, Partisan Jure, she drove a nail into the skull of a living victim while saying: “Have I finally driven out of your head the Independent State of Croatia?” The other of her specialties was called “the salty Croatian heart”. After four strong hits with an axe against the chest in the shape of a square she would take out the victim’s heart and drag it across the ground.


Ante Cepic, A Croat from Makarska, held the record for liquidations at Kocevski Rog. He liquidated 3,800 Croats. The second on the list of liquidators with 3,000 victims was Ljubo Perisa from Sibenik while Ado Dragic who liquidated 2,200 unfortunates took up the third place. Nikola Maric from Boka Kotorska and Commissar Milka (Milka Planinc) found themselves at the fourth and fifth place. Otherwise Ljubo Perisa ended his life in Novi Sad – he killed his children, his wife and himself. All liquidating killers from the 11th Dalmatian brigade had spent two weeks in Bled as reward.


The Slovenian Association for the marking of the places of executions, led by Janez Perme, had in 1992 at the Kocevski Rog places of executions raised 14 memorial sculptures in remembrance for the victims at Kocevski Rog. The Association had in 2015 added to its name the name of Huda pit and is registered in Croatia as an independent legal body. The president of Huda Pit Association in Croatia is Roman Leljak.

(Original article published in 7 Dnevno, 14 April 2017)

Roman Leljak website:


  1. Holy shit what a story. Wish it was just a bad story and not real. Feeling sick in the guts after reading this. While pretty dreadful I suppose I will thank you once again for sharing and educating the likes of people like me.

  2. Humans are atrocious 🙁

    Happy Easter to you.

  3. Nice I like, thanks and a very very Happy Easter to you, From me an Sweden <3

  4. Reblogged this on Brittius.

  5. may such human
    sadness end!

  6. So sad. And our stupid people still hold Tito, Yugoslavia in esteem….my God we still vote for and allow the SDP to function. Lustration and opening of the archives are imperative to set the historical record straight and purge Croatia of communist lies and greater Serbian deception. But do our leaders and people have the courage? Can a truth and reconciliation process ever be achieved to unite Croatia?

    • It’s not fact that SDP Social Democratic Party exists that is sad, Sunman, it’s the fact that they are preventing communist crimes being fully prosecuted and condemned as well as their beloved Tito. That is the tragedy for Croatian democracy and people and reconciliation

      • Hi Ina, what I meant is that it is sad that the truth about Tito and Yugoslavia has not been fully revealed and processed after over 25 years of democratic rule. As the successor of the communist party SDP in my opinion is not worthy of a single vote. Croatia has so much potential – the people when united, motivated and free can and indeed have competed with the best in the world and have come out on top. It’s just time to stop historical taboos and reveal the truth so that we can fully reconcile our people…it will be hard of course but we can’t continue with half truths, lies and deception.

      • I so agree Sunman, no sound and true future without the truth being dealt with fully

  7. Where there is no love , then the actions of satanists are manifest with no limits to their thirst for bloody destruction .
    Sadly , in the past 72 years , nothing has changed for the better .
    Today we still bomb and destroy the lives of our neighbours whilst at the same time we hug our own . We all need to follow the example of the “Good Samaritan” , but we don’t .
    Jesus came to save everyone but the psychophats murdered him and some of their children deny him to this day .
    The military industrial complex is pure evil and our leaders are not the good guys just as they were not in 1945 .
    Tragically today we are ruled by de facto communism worldwide.
    Unless we embrace whole heartedly ” the Way the Truth and the Life ” this human tragedy will continue .
    Our children and theirs did not deserve this destructive insanity .
    Please pray for peace everyday and have compassion for people who have lost everything .

    • So true, Anto, we only need to look around and tragedy and misery surrounds. Great are those few who pursue changing that and we pray more will join them

  8. This wasn’t easy to read. However it’s important to know what happened in Eastern Europe during WWII that doesn’t always get attention.

    Wishing readers a blessed and joyous Easter! This year, both Catholics and Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on the same date.

  9. Happy Easter, Ina ! 🙂
    Aliosa 🙂 <3 🙂

  10. Splithead says:

    Ina, My grand father was one of those that survived the way of the cross. In 1945 my grandmother went to Belgrade and asked a “man in a uniform” for my grandfather and by some miracle they gave him to her, Skin and bone. He saw and experienced everything, never really recovered, kept on being taken to jail throughout his life due to the UDBA within his village. Living in Dalmacija, he saw Croatian independence in 1990 and I saw the sons of his 1945 colleagues come and visit him “za pozdrav” from all areas of Croatia. That was priceless! We have him on video describing what occurred during the war and 1945. Paraphrasing. “the Ustase command ordered them to clean their weapons in a valley, soon after, over the hill came the partizans, “majko bozja sto sada” the Legija took off into the scrub but had no chance, the rest had no choice but to surrender or be slaughtered on the spot.They marched them day and night, when they stopped they would eat grass and leaves from trees, people that could not walk would be shot.” He died in 2008 (87 years old).

    The current Croat’s have no desire for justice nor recognising what occurred. What they are unable to grasp is the country needs lustration to occur for a just society to grow and prosper. The need for recognition of these events is far greater than recriminations.


    • There are, thank God, lots of people in Croatia who want justice and lustration Splithead, it’s getting over the communist barriers to achieve that that’s posing the problems. Hopefully not for long. ZDS

  11. Hilda Foley, Croatian from Zagreb says:

    Milka Planinc must be the devil himself. Among all this planet’s committed atrocities, I have never read anything as evil as hers, and especially being done with such enjoyment. What nationality was she and what happened to her? May God punish her to endure the punishment of hell forever.

  12. Sorry to hear about the bad times faced by Croatian people

  13. “The liquidations were not a necessary evil, a mistake or a liquidation of the collaborators of the occupier; it was a planned genocide against humanity in the name of an ideology, in the name of the communist revolution”.

    That excerpt truly resonnated with me…. Genocide as many criminal offences have to have an intentional element (deceit, ignorance or inexcusable negligence)… And many perpetrators (through their lawyers) attempt to show the act as unintentional. Due obedience is an usual claim to try to avoid responsabilities. Like it happened with the nazis and here in Argentina with the military dictatorship… However the idea of lack of mistake (highlighted above) and in many cases the systematization to carry on with a “plan” are enough to show responsability. And you show that well in this post, dear Ina.
    An enlightening, must read article. Thank you. Sending love! 😉

    • Thank you, Aquileana, those that know the ins and outs of ideologies that commit planned mass murders/genocide are indeed those that can change the course of history yet to be made. Many hugs your way.

  14. “Operation Slaughterhouse” by John Prcela was my introduction at a young age, to the monstrous depravity and criminality of the Tito-led Partisans who summarily executed hundreds of thousands of Croatians….post-WWII!. The testaments of survivors of Bleiburg and the Death Marches who relate their experiences in the book, leave a profound effect on the reader; so the comments left by your readership Ina, who are novices to the subject, makes me recall those exact emotions of long ago. The normal human response when faced with proof that such viciousness and mercilessness occurred CAN ONLY BE the pursuit of justice for victims, both living and dead……In any other country the normal, expected response of individuals and by extension, their government, would be to seek justice for their citizens. In any other country except Croatia. Why? Because it is precisely those victims of communism, those victims of Croatia’s brand of “antifascism” who seem doomed to never be represented or defended by any Croatian politician or any Croatian govt. since “independence”. Why? There can only be one answer. Because it is not in their best interest to do so. They have nothing to gain politically and so they do nothing! The results of their ignorance/inactivity can rightfully be seen as treasonous and perpetuates the status quo, whereby the victims continue to suffer the same fate as they did under the “former” communist govt., they are doomed to remain as nameless, faceless victims buried in communal graves who still do not deserve justice….but this time from a supposed democratic, modern, Croatian govt! My how things have changed!

    Za Dom Spremni!

    • Let’s hope a new political breed will rise even from the existing as there are among existing politicians those who can pursue justice for victims of communist crimes to a greater result, Velebit. Depravity was and depravity is when it comes to dealing with communist crimes – need new energy or increase of some of the current one


  1. […] The grim remains of multitudes of victims were uncovered only in 2008. In April 2017 I posted a Roman Leljak article on communist crimes over Croats and others he is researching in Slovenia and the Australian public […]

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