Croatia: Rescue and Survival of Jews – World War II

New review of Esther Gitman‘s book “When Courage Prevailed :The Rescue and Survival of Jews in the Independent State of Croatia by Esther Gitman (Paragon House, ISBN 978-1-55778-894-8) by Mishka Gora “No one likes to admit they have been duped, so it is no surprise that we have not seen headlines declaring that the history […]

The Relentless Betrayal

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Today, the eighth of October, marks twenty-one years of Croatian independence, twenty-one years since Croatia severed its last remaining ties with Yugoslavia.  It is Croatia’s twenty-first birthday, so to speak, its coming of age.  And this Friday, the twelfth of October, is General Ante Gotovina’s birthday, his seventh…

ICTY Games

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On Tuesday, the ICTY Appeals Chamber dismissed a motion for the admission of additional evidence in the continuing saga of the Gotovina et al. trial.  What you won’t read in the news reports is that the Appeals Chamber agreed that the additional evidence in question was both credible…

Joint injustice against Croatia so far – Joint justice from now on

Video now with subtitles in the English language! Joint Injustice (Udruzena Nepravda) – a documentary film Produced by Vecernji List newspaper, Croatia Author and Director: Jadranka Juresko-Kero, August 2012 All participants in this documentary film are independent professionals who have no association whatsoever with the ICTY in the Hague, with its Prosecutor or with the […]

Fragments of War – a book review

When Francois Voltaire stated, “every person is guilty of all the good he didn’t do”, he did not have someone like Trysta Montgomery (Australian humanitarian aid worker) in mind. Although a fictional character in Mishka Gora’s debut novel “Fragments of War” Trysta, who to my mind represents the multitude of humanitarian aid workers in war […]

Mishka Gora launches her book “Fragments of War”

Originally posted on Eyes of the Mind:
I am pleased to announce that my debut novel Fragments of War is now available direct from the publisher CreateSpace (discount code FKMD96HA), and also from the following retailers: Amazon France, Amazon UK, and Amazon USA. It is an auspicious day to be launching my book, as September…

Fragments of War interview with author Mishka Gora

Originally posted on Eyes of the Mind:
Yesterday, I was interviewed by Zoran Stupar of Dnevno.  Here is an English version of that interview. Mishka Gora: Remembers with disgust those who did not respond forcefully to Serbian aggression. I believe the only moral response to what happened in Croatia and then Bosnia was to meet…

Fragments of War, a book by Mishka Gora

Just released. A book by Mishka Gora “Fragments of War”. Just a glimpse through the pages of the book promises to take us on a captivating and heart-clenching journey among the hope, despair, love, compassion, merciless existence…that were, during Croatia’s war of 1990’s and into Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s the story that I eagerly look […]

Modes of Liability: The Art of Pinning War Crimes

Further to my post “Gotovina and Markac ICTY Appeals take an unexpected development” (21 July 2012) Mishka Gora has written an article well worth reading and taking in. Reblogged from: Eyes of the Mind – The Official Blog of Mishka Gora “…On the one hand, it is heartening that the Appeals Chamber is at least […]

Will Justice Prevail?

Link to the Post re Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac ICTY Appeal by Mishka Gora:

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