Fragments of War interview with author Mishka Gora

Just ahead of her book launch author of “Fragments of War”, Mishka Gora, interviewed by portal in Croatia.


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    (quote) If the international community had sent troops to fight with the Croatians in 1991 then the war could have been nipped in the bud, and what we witnessed in Bosnia may never even have happened.

    This is so true and it makes it even harder for me to understand the stupidity of the Hague and the incarceration of our Heroes. Those countries who turned a blind eye on Croatia during the homeland war are now claiming to be our friend and know all so much what is best for us as a country only so that they can enrich themselves.

    I am saddened constantly by the treatment we as a Croatian people had to endure during our history. I am angry at those who served in the Croatian goverment who did very little to assist our generals. I am very annoyed at the stupidity of our current goverment who agree with the EU in general and are acting as puppets rather then have a backbone and demand a Croatia First Policy. I am saddened to see our country being sold out to the highest bidder while our people are still struggling.

    Mishka’s writings have always touched my heart because of the truth and touching ways in which she articulates her writings. As a Croat I am blessed to have Both you Ina and Mishka writing and fighting for the truth. We as Croats also need to do what we can to keep spreading the truth.Za Dom spremni!

  2. The situation at the ICTY and it’s conduct was allowed unchallenged by the Croatian government on many fronts:
    – the governments let Croatia be bullied and it backed down rather than standing firm on values and principles; it lacked true resolve and commitment to defending it’s people and nation in a righteous war; all governments during this time were either naive or inept or both.
    – failure to effectively mobilize diplomacy at the state and non state levels; non state actors like legal associations, justice advocacy groups and other similar organizations should have been lobbied heavily to expose the fiasco of ICTY on a world stage; the Croatian stage is too small to influence
    – Using the genocide case against Serbia as a bargaining chip instead of a values and principles based legitimate claim against an aggressive neighbour determined to expand it’s borders and wipe out the existence Croatians
    – failure to help legitimate claims of suffering by victims groups in Croatia; women who were raped/in rape camps; all who were tortured and put in concentration camps; these cases and others either collectively or individually should have been pursued by and with the moral and financial support of Croatia through criminal, civil and human rights courts of Europe, Croatia, Serbia and others; this is simply getting the truth out and making the aggressor pay for their deeds
    – failure to vigoursly pursue Serbia through international organizations and courts for war time compensation

    We were the victors in a defensive war…we have the moral authority to these claims. There can be no peace without true justice, without identifying the aggressor and without penalties on the aggressor…what a lost opportunity.

  3. Muy Bueno!
    Un beso.


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