Will Justice Prevail?

Link to the Post re Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac ICTY Appeal

by Mishka Gora: http://mishkagora.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/gotovina-2/

Mishka Gora – Photo: Vecernji List


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    Mishka, your blog is very well written and informative. After watching the ICTY appeal I have to say that I feel that the generals should be released for the many reasons you have written in your blog. While my feelings for them to be released does not make me forget the reality that the generals are mere puppets in a nasty pawn game by the higher powers of the EU. I agree 100% that the generals are innocent and believe that the only way they will be released is if the public and the Croatian government exert as much pressure as possible on the Hague to look at the facts and not be blinded by politics. One of the key things we need to see by the world press is the truth of war and statements from world military leaders acknowledging that the generals are innocent of the false claims initiated by the prosecution.If we do not exert pressure on those in the Hague by continuously reminding them of the facts I do not feel very confident that they will be released. While I do not feel confident 100% in their release I believe that the generals proved by their statements that they are honorable soldiers who did the best thing they could for their love of country and people. Thank you for your blog and it’s accuracy as we need to support the generals in their quest for freedom.

  2. Dignified, honourable, dutiful and respectful. These words describe the Generals Markac and Gotovina. These two men represent the values and dignity of the Croatian nation. Contrast this with the behaviour of the Serb defendants like Karadzic, Seselj, and Maldic. They act like monkeys in a circus. Whether or not they recognize the legitimacy of the ICTY, their behaviour only amplifies the contrast and the difference between Serbs and Croats; between civilized and honourable people and disgraced and twisted people. Perhaps Croats are naive, but but what a beautiful naivety to believe in and aspire to higher values and shun debasing ourselves. Our people, our Generals so unfairly accused and judged are true heroes; brave and courageous even in the face of the most formidable circumstances. Stand proud. Stand firm. Stand for Croatia. We are different, we are better than the the circumstances we find ourselves in. Za Dom Spremni! And for those who want to connect this salute to fascism, F you, you know nothing. It is a national salute simply meaning For Homeland – Ready. Let’s reclaim our history and build our future. God Bless Croatia.

  3. Michael Silovic says:

    Sunman why would you care about who thinks your a fascist or link you to fascism because of your beliefs and or comments? As long as you believe in your ideology and love of your country and people that is all that matters even if you are a fascist.Many emails I get about comments I post on my face book ask if I am a fascist. I have come to the conclusion that I am and I am proud of it because I strongly believe in my history and my future and strongly believe that history will repeat itself for the better. Living in a fascist and democratic country such as America is not so bad and I would have no problem living in a “fascist democratic” Croatia. Croatia First whether it is called fascist or not is the only way to go as long as we have a democracy for people to decide their future and save our heritage as a priority. I am surprised that the generals were not labeled fascists in the trial transcripts anywhere but the implications that are made against them sure sounds like that is what they are meant to be. So ….Za Dom Spremni my friend! Thank you for your support of our heros!

    • Micheal, because fascism can be hateful and self destructive as an idealogy. Besides, I feel that the Serbs are fascists to the extreme and want no association, connection or relation to them what so ever. Maybe it’s a fine line, but I am a proud Croatian nationalist and sovereignist.

  4. To illustrate my point about the contrast between Croats and Serbs, the national hero of Serbia, Ratko Maldic at the opening of his trial today made gesture that was callous, cruel and contempuous of the innocent men, women and children he slaughtered and their grieving relatives. Here is what happened, “one point, Mladic responded to a defiant gesture from a spectator by drawing a finger across his throat in a slitting gesture, prompting censure from Presiding Judge Alphons Orie for “inappropriate interactions” with those watching the proceedings.” Nice, eh? It is sickening that he has no remorse. It is evening more sickening that the ICTY indicted Gotovina and Markac in the first the place. But what is galling is that the Serbs have achieved most of their war aims through the creation of the Serb Republic in BiH with the approval of the West. BTW isn’t this the same judge that convicted G&M? Will be interesting how the judge rules on Maldic.

  5. Michael Silovic says:

    The west has always been traitors to any country they are involved in. Libya is a perfect example as is Iraq. They learned this from the Jews so very well. As long as it benefits them they care not about anyone else.Ratko Maldic deserves nothing more then to be hung from a tree for his crimes and stoned to death that is also way to nice of treatment for him and other Serbs after the way our people were treated and tortured. I know the judges aren’t he same as for Gotovina / Markec and I am sure the judges will be more easier on the Serbs because they do not want to upset the balance of peace with the Serbs at this point while tensions are still high with Albania and Bosnia. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Maldic walk out of the court a free man. Either way I look at it Croatia wants all of its land back and this will be another chapter in our history as the war is only over for now.

  6. Just read this: The defence team for General Ante Gotovina on Friday called on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Appeals Council to disregard new arguments presented by the prosecution at an appeal hearing on Monday, which were never stated during the trial, the ICTY reported.
    “The consideration of these new arguments would constitute a flagrant violation of the Appellant’s fundamental right of detailed and timely notice of charges and the Appeals Chamber’s repeated orders concerning the permitted scope of arguments at the appeal hearing. These new arguments should therefore be disregarded,” the defence said in its supplemental brief.

    In the brief the defence said new arguments that were not permitted to be raised were – lawful artillery attacks constituted the act of deportation; use of artillery in the four towns during Operation Storm constituted a disproportionate attack; the use of MRLs and T-130 artillery was “inherently indiscriminate” in an urban environment; and, the Trial Chamber was able to infer a Joint Criminal Enterprise (JCE) to deport Serb civilians from the Brijuni transcript itself.

    If this does not prove the dishonesty and duplicity of the ICTY I don’t know what does. Why the Judges even allowed this new argument to be spoken is beyond me. They are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at G&M. So, to understand, any warfare tools wold have constituted a cause for deportation of the Serbs. This is truly surreal. I am so disgusted.

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