The Flame of Freedom for Croatian Generals Gotovina and Markac

Croatia, the War, and the Future blog joins the global action “The Flame of Freedom”.

Have you lit your candle yet in support of Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac? Have you said a prayer for them yet? This is the time to do it, before 8.00 am Hague time (calculate what time that is wherever you are in the world). Let all the Flames of Freedom burn simultaneously everywhere in the world – well before the Appeal hearing that commences Monday morning 14th May. If you do not posses a candle in your home, simply a prayer is all you need.

Global action “The Flame of Freedom” aims to accentuate the endurance and decisiveness in the pointing out of the unjust conviction of the ICTY Trial Chamber (April 2011), as well as to the unsustainable qualification of the legitimate liberating “Operation Storm”, that ICTY Trial Chamber labeled as “joint criminal enterprise”.

Croatian World Congress is the initiator and organizer of this “Flame of Freedom” action and I certainly support it.



    Have lit my candle and will lit another if this one burns out before the hearing commences in the Hague. I pray and trust that justice will finally come – it is a just cause to fight for freedom taken away and that is what Generals did they gave Croatia its freedom that was stolen.

  2. Joining in – so very gladly

  3. I still have time to go and purchase a candle or two. Thank you for letting us know of this very worthy action.

    • How dare you Paul R! I am a proud member of the Irish Defence Forces, I have severd in Lebanon and Bosnia under UN Peacekeeping operations and I completely reject your claims that the Irish Military should be disbanded. Its madness! Ireland’s military hasn’t been as strong since the Civil War. Ireland’s military is a beacon of humanity in a world of evil. Ireland’s troops are deployed across the world under the UN protecting the innocent and rebuilding the lives of those effected by confict. The Irish Military is a force of peace and has never engaged in acts of aggression, a model force commited to protecting the defenceless where ever they may be. So vote Ireland! IRELAND’S MILITARY IS A FORCE OF GOOD AND PEACE, ARE ICON IS THE COOLEST, SYMBOLISES OUR HERITAGE AND IS THE MOST INNOVATIVE SO… VOTE IRELAND!!!!

  4. Joining in myself too. Head up high

  5. This is a proof that our nation is unique in contempt for this disgusting verdict and for injustice in general.We won two times in last century:1945,when partisans from all parts of Croatia finally managed to win fascist and domestic traitors,and in 1995,when Croatian Army finally entered Knin and the Croatian flag was fluttering on the fort of Knin.
    Greetings to all Croatians in diaspora!!!!

  6. If the Generals are not acquitted, there should be a national petition in Croatia to dissolve the current government and elect a new government whose purpose would be to re-evaluate its orientation toward the EU and cooperation with the Hague. Ideally this new government will be based on a Croatia First policy and seek neutrality like Switzerland while maintaining our membership in NATO. Under no circumstances should any Croatian government be allowed to stay in power if the two Generals are found guilty. The Government will have failed in its most fundamental element, that of protecting its citizens and national sovereignty. This will be a disgrace to Croatia and no self respecting nation would allow this. Shame on Croatia for cowering before the world and allowing a politicized court to make unjust rulings.

  7. Michael Silovic says:

    Today I lit candles in church and prayed for those Idiots in the Hague to see the light. I can only hope god answers our prayers and the generals convictions are over turned. I am not sure however that their are enough candles in this world to light a fire under the arse of those in the Hague. The politics is to strong for them to be fair and honest with themselves let alone our generals. If the conviction is not overturned I will pray daily for the slow suffering of life for all of those who falsely convicted our generals and had a part in their shameful conviction.

  8. Michael Silovic says:

    Below is the link for the ICTY if you want to watch the appeal live stream go to the court room view schedule for times.

  9. Michael Silovic says:

    Sunman, I agree with your statement 100%. The problem lays in the fact that we should have demanded this of the EU and the Hague before we even started negotiations into the EU. The government in power at the time was blinded by corruption and greed with the promises of money by the EU. The generals and our people were an after thought.We see now that Brittan is saying control Croatian immigration! well that is a slap in our face to begin with. Sadly I am not happy with the course we have chosen for our people as we can do much better as Croats. Croats need to control our immigration more then Brittan does. In fact joining in NATO and the Eu I see our future clouded with all of the 3rd world trash that has infected the USA and the EU. I am totally lost why we are heading in the direction that we are. False hope is what we got by joining the EU. I do not see anyone in the Croatian government with the backbone or will power to demand the return of our generals. yes we need a new government that will be strong on a Croatia First Policy and not worry about the Eu. We are a strong and faithful people that can transform our own country into a model that will be the envy of the world if we take our time and not be fooled and misled by others.

  10. I just lit candles for tomorrow.
    Generals, you are in our prayers

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