Nigel Farage Takes on Jose Manuel Barroso


  1. Can we grant Nigel Croatian citizenship…we need people with courage, strength and intellect especially in the government

  2. With all due respect to the other comments I would have to differ in my opinion of Farage, who I see as a typical British chauvanist sickened to death by the fact that France and Germany have become the driving forces in the EU. The Austrian MEP put a good question to him, to which he only negated the accusation – hardly a valid argument, typical in schoolyard arguments (no I’m not – you are). Nigel is a well-trained speaker who is no doubt paid mega-Euros to do what he does, mostly to stir up sh*t. I trust him as far as I could throw him. Cheers.

  3. Sickoftheeu says:

    You clearly have no idea Whats going on in the EU. Unelected bureaucrats pushing their dream on everyone else without bothering to refer to the people. Do you think an institution which jumps from one crisis to another, with nothing more the delaying tactics hoping noone will notice, is successful ?
    How easy and seamlessly a bunch of communists have discovered capitalism.
    It’s crystal clear to anyone with their eyes open they will do anything to continue getting paid inflated tax free salaries regardless of the misery they are causing to many parts of Europe.
    Hope it collapses and they get prosecuted.

    • Right-ee-oh. And I’m sure that loudmouth Farage, like that cockroach Roger Helmer, is pontificating about the sky falling out of the goodness of his heart. Fact is, Brits just can’t get over not being in control. In their world, THEY and only THEY own the thunder. In human relationships they would be called control freaks, a malady characterised by psychotic behavior.
      Btw – your first two sentences pretty well sum up the entire gist of anti-EU arguments – doom and gloom at any cost. I’ve seen this kind of incessant rambling and fear mongering often in rhetoric from quasi-organizations like the Adriatic Institute (another incredibly cash-rich special interest failure). Just saying.

  4. As a Brit with an interest in Croatian affairs (holiday house, 9 years) I am interested to observe Croatian attitudes to its joining the EU.
    First, it surprises (and saddens) me that after finally achieving its independence after nearly 2,000 years of foreign rule it does not have the self confidence to want to retain it.
    So far as Farage is concerned, his speeches are solely directed at a UK audience to demonstrate how the structure of the EU is evolving so as to destroy any democratic accountability to its nation states, at a time when there is a real probability that the increasing popularity of his party will force the UK government to grant a referendum to the UK electorate.
    Just to correct a few jibes thrown by Brankec.
    Farage is not a chauvinist. He has a well documented love of European culture in general, and French & Italian in particular; but he is a passionate believer in free trade. Unfortunately, the EU is by definition a trade protection block.
    The Austrian’s question seemed to be “Why doesn’t Farage listen to …” What? The reason why the Austrian likes to get up in the morning? Farage responded with facts, eg that the EU governing body (that is the Commission, which is not even accountable to its own parliament) chose on several occasions to refuse to listen to the referendum results in a number of its nation states.
    Farage is NOT “paid mega-Euros … mostly to stir up sh*t.” Do your research, Brankec, before you make libellous insults about other people’s integrity.
    And finally, “… gist of anti-EU arguments – doom and gloom at any cost.” I don’t whether Brankec reads the international news; but if so, what does he feel are the principal causes of civil unrest and mass unemployment in so many of the Mediterranean countries? And does he think this would have happened if they were still running their own affairs?
    Be careful Croatia. You have signed up to ditch the Kuna for the Euro and so you will have to be competitive with the Germans. So you might have to forego a few of those delicious coffees with your friends on the Riva of which you are so fond. And more’s the pity.

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