Happy Birthday General Ante Gotovina!



  1. I assume you missed this part: followed the wording of findings in ICTY 15 April 2011 – deleted by admin as inappropriate

    • Martinned – most of your comment was deleted as inappropriate because it contained as final the findings of Trial Chamber ICTY. This of course is inappropriate because those findings are on Appeal and therefore cannot be spoken of as final as far as the court is concerned. Whatever happens there, though, Gotovina will be a hero, not to you of course but to those that count for Croatia. Thank you on your comment

      • Let me put it this way: Absent a clear explanation as to why this man is innocent of the things he was convicted of by the Trial Chamber, it is in exceedingly poor taste to celebrate the birthday of a … Even more than your previous post this one displays the kind of scary nationalism that has no place in the European Union. I have no way of knowing to what extent these blog posts are representative for the people of Croatia, but if they are, this is the kind of thing that should give the remaining countries pause in deciding whether to ratify the Accession Treaty. If there is one thing that should unite all the countries that suffered through the wars of the 1990s, it is that they should forcefully distance themselves from the war criminals who claimed to be on their side. Just because this … wore a Croatian uniform, doesn’t make him a hero.

      • Let me put it this way: you Martinned obviously do not respect the judicial system, you are a person who does not consider a person accused of a crime innocent until proven guilty. And Gotovina has not been found guilty in the final sense of all due process owed to him. Hence, I can only assume from where your wind blows and I certainly don’t want to be there.

  2. Thinking of you on your birthday, and every day, and hoping and praying that you will soon be celebrating at home with family and loved ones where you belong. Sretan Rodendan!

  3. Harryishere says:

    Martinned – go hide into your rathole. Ante Gotovina is a hero and you are a person that is blind to justice and by your desire to see people blackened if they’re not black. You’d be better off reading the posts on this blog then you would learn something about the truth, objectivity and human rights and how pure politics can destroy an innocent person – but then it seems you wouldn’t lose too much sleep over that

  4. Happy Birthday General Ante Gotovina!
    Stevie Wonder: Happy Birthday to you lyrics!

    You know it doesn’t make much sense
    There ought to be a law against
    Anyone who takes offense
    At a day in your celebration
    ‘Cause we all know in our minds
    That there ought to be a time
    That we can set aside
    To show just how much we love you
    And I’m sure you will agree
    It couldn’t fit more perfectly
    Than to have a world party on the day you came to be

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday

  5. Michael Silovic says:

    Martinned, I have read your post and decided to make a few comments.First to let you know where I am coming from I am a Fascist , Nationalist and Patriot in which I make no apologies. My great grandparents and grandparents were also and my mother was listed as stateless because of ww2.

    I am going to answer your questions as you asked them and hope you do research so that you understand the truth if you chose to do so and not be blinded by anger.

    (quote) Absent a clear explanation as to why this man is innocent of the things he was convicted of by the Trial Chamber.

    There is a very clear answer to why he was convicted by the trail chamber which is under appeal as it was a fabricated law that he was convicted of which has to do with distance and artillery shelling. Never in the history of war has a charge such as this been used or in this case manufactured.This charge was nothing more then political because if the generals can actually be falsely convicted with such a crime then many in Britain and the USA should also be charged as co-conspirators .we see this type of shelling in Iraq and Afghanistan during those wars and they also participated in planing. None has been charged along with the generals and if this fabricated law becomes valid it will change the history of warfare and the generals would be the first ever charged with such.

    (quote) Even more than your previous post this one displays the kind of scary nationalism that has no place in the European Union.

    Every where you look in the EU you can see signs of nationalism coming to age. What is wrong with nationalism? it is a part of a free democracy!Everyone should be proud of their country and do everything possible to protect their heritage before it is long lost. As for my self being a nationalist I believe it is my duty to protect my country from goverment and those who may want to alter our history, religion and ethnicity. Having no clue of your nationality I can not do a comparison to do a fair equation.

    (quote) this is the kind of thing that should give the remaining countries pause in deciding whether to ratify the Accession Treaty.

    I agree with you and am not in favor of being a part of the EU at this time.All you have to do is look at Greece and Spain as a good example why I prefer not to be a part of it. You might even learn by finding out why Britain does not want to be part of the Euro. Croatians are a strong and proud people and country that can over come adversity on its own as we proved by the defending of our homeland when we planted our foot up the tail end of the Serbs and created our own democracy.

    (quote) Just because this … wore a Croatian uniform, doesn’t make him a hero.

    That is an opinion you are entitled to because I am assuming you were not a Croatian soldier or victim of the homeland war. Many peoples lives were saved and OUR homeland was defended by this generals heroic actions and those of his troops. This alone makes him a hero to many Croatian people including myself.Unless you were in the middle of this war personally I think it is cowardice on your part to call someone otherwise. In all fairness to you if you wore the uniform of the other side I can understand your anguish and would support your reintegration into my homeland as long as you kiss Croatian ass while your there and that would be even against my best judgment. That’s just to prove to you that not all fascists and nationalist are irrational , uncaring and judgemental people.

    • Miso Sorbel says:

      Great reply Michael. Indeed nothing wrong with nationalism, it’s everywhere in the world and proud for it. Only Croatians are supposed to shut up about it. Why? No way!
      General Gotovina has not been found guilty of a single crime but some trumped up concoction called joint criminal injustice because 5% artillery shells fell beyond 200 meters of target – killing no one, wounding no one. Operation Storm was the most humane military operation the world had ever seen! Of course Gotovina is a hero, if for nothing else then for that alone! Happy birthday Gotovina!

  6. Goodnewson says:

    Martinned, go tell Serbs not to celebrate the war criminal, murderer from WWII – Draza Mihailovic.
    Happy Birthday General Ante Gotovina – MY HERO!

    • Martinned – the “righteous one” when it comes who should and who should not be a part of EU: do you think Netherlands should be permitted to stay in EU membership given that their members of UN forces allowed Srebrenica massacre to occur? And that’s only a relatively small aiding of mass murders they’ve committed by media accounts and by professional analysts.

  7. Sretan Rođendan, General Gotovina.
    You are innocent and a hero to Croatia.
    You and your troops liberated Croatia and Bosnia from evil for which you have our eternal gratitude. But the job is not complete. It is now Croatia’s turn to liberate you from injustice.

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