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This week cannot pass without me saying:


It’s been a year since I wrote my first post on this blog “Croatia, the War, and the Future” and I am touched and grateful for the support and interest you have shown for Croatia and my articles here. Thank you everybody and I look forward to the future with lots of sun and brightness in all our lives, wherever we are.  Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Ana Rucner: Ode to Joy

Maksim Mrvica: Croatian Rhapsody

Ashley Colburn: Wow Croatia


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    Ina I can not thank you enough for all of your work here and for the Croatian people and our country. You are doing an enormous service to all of the Croatian people at home and abroad in allowing us access to commentary on your blog which allows us to freely express our views on a variety of topics. I only hope that we can reach out to all of the people of the world through your site so that they can understand our history , culture and beliefs in our people and nation! I hope that through your site many changes can become a reality for our country and that your site continues to prosper. I am grateful to have an opportunity to express my feelings, ideas, love for Croatia on your platform whether any one agrees with it or not! I thank you for your friendship and dedication in getting out the truth.
    Za Dom spremni!


  3. Keep up the good work, Ina! It’s much appreciated.

  4. Steven Kosh says:

    A labor of love and truth is welcome and to spread it is simply great. Hope to be kept informed. Thank you.

  5. Jessamy I says:

    Keep the motor running, Ina. The world needs more of this and similar efforts.

  6. Spectator says:

    Ways of keeping the world abreast of truth and issues that affect people in Croatia (or any nation) are many and your blog has taken us in many directions. The great thing I have found here (and my kids, by the way) is that your posts open up avenues for more knowledge about issues not often found in the English language, or if they are found then these are dry and cold – your blog has passion for the truth and reminds us that wherever we are it’s important in life to care about our people, to be proud to belong.

  7. You write a terrific blog. Your insights are important. Keep going, Ina

  8. Whenever some public issue affecting Croatia’s history, present day that points to future possibilities you nail it and you often provide links to further information and sources for readers to check the facts around your content. That is what blogs should be.

  9. MyhomelandCroatia says:

    Looking forward to many more posts Croatia, the War, and the Future

  10. At times you’ve presented complex and hard issues and it’s those that must be attended to because they are most often the ones that get the pulses racing and benefit the nation. Your championing for justice, in particular for victims of communist crimes is particularly important not just for Croatia but for the whole world as such victims are spread everywhere.

  11. I couldn’t really ask for a much better blog. You are always at hand to provide excellent information, going straight to the point for easy understanding. Cheers!

  12. Information, truth, is power and you are empowering Croatians and non-Croatians. Thanks for your hard work and labour of love. Cheers!

  13. Martin Sostar says:

    One thing is sure: there are so many of us in USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa…whose ancestors settled there a long, long time ago…100 or 150 years ago for many…generations born outside Croatia, mingling into the West…often moving further and further away from the Croatian roots (language and traditions) but always keeping a special place in our hearts for that distant homeland of our ancestors – Croatia. Your blog has the knack of drawing us closer to Croatia – quite unique in my personal experience. The stories we overheard as children, the stories that seemed so very distant and now closer. Thank you for that, especially because I know only too well that maintaining a blog like yours is indeed a very time consuming affair.

  14. Miso Sorbel says:

    This is the place I keep returning to! Cheers and keep it open please

  15. Richard Moran says:

    Croatia is filled with wonderful people and it’s breathtaking in its beauty. The political upheavals, the historical injustices, the sheer determination of the people, including you Ina, to fight for an ever better Croatia are the ingredients that make the people so wonderful. There’s a sense of constant will to improve, constant will to deal with the wrong, a constant sigh for justice. The temperaments like many I’ve encountered during my numerous trips to Croatia. So good to see the passion for life amidst so much historically induced adversity.

  16. A sense of community here – How great!

  17. Goodnewson says:

    Greetings from UK

  18. The things you do! Sometimes I laugh so hard my belly hurts, sometimes I’m fuzzy with loving warmth, sometimes I’m angry I could shout the world down, sometimes I feel I’ve scooped a winner for having discovered things I never knew could be possible … you spin my world in many ways and I come back for more. Congratulations.

  19. Aboutcroatia says:

    Never give up – it’s in Croatian blood!

  20. Michelle Martinez says:

    I’m just so glad I discovered this world of “Croatia, the War, and the Future”. The new “kid” on the EU block I look forward to sharing time and space with

  21. Remember this?

    Thank you for remembering and taking time in making sure the world sees how Croatians suffered because for loving their homeland and freedom after and from 1991!

  22. Wonderful Ode To Joy

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