ICTY Persecution

“The ICTY prosecutors, it seems, need to be reminded that justice is not served by just any guilty verdict. Justice is served when the perpetrator is found guilty. When the accused is not the perpetrator, as is patently clear in the Gotovina et al. case and has now been proven in a court of law, then justice can only be served by an acquittal. Justice must prevail for all, accusers and accused, otherwise it is not justice”.


  1. These things- like the Gotovina/Markac arrests will continue to happen until Croatians learn how to handle the Serbs….and I don’t mean accommodating them like Bakaric/Tito or deriding them like Tudjman or pretending they don’t exist like Sanader….they need to be ‘handled’ properly in a geopolitical sense….secondly, I think every Croat should get a crash course in PR– in fact I would make it compulsory in all schools….it seems we as a people are missing the ‘PR gene’.

    Serbs have been playing the victim card as a way of hiding their own Genocidal activities since the mid 19th century….in fact since 1843 until today- a period of some 170 years, Serbia has committed mass murder and/or genocide 11 times– most of which has in one way or another been reported and/ or recorded by western observers…why we cannot use this to our advantage is both a tragedy and a disgrace as well as the reason why our ‘friends’ in Belgrade seem to be able to get away with what they want.

    • I think that good PR towards Croatia must come from the people that lead Croatia, our politicians, and they must be strong and convincing in their beliefs. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have politicians that work with a “Croatia First” policy and ones that have strong beliefs; rather, they seem to lean more towards the sort of people who will fall for anything and try to cater to anyone.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    We have to understand that there are many people in our small country who are afraid to speak loudly the truth for many reasons. It is not only our governments responsibility to speak loudly but all of those who seek the truth and who believe that we have a right as patriots and nationalists to defend our motherland. I as a fascist, nationalist have no qualm in defending Croatia until my death. While I have respect for those who do not agree with my point of views it is imperative that we do not allow the difference of views to smother the truth and to bolster a Croatia First Policy.One of the old political ploys has been to put differences between party ideals before one another to distort the facts and truth.But the truth must always prevail and we must all speak with one voice for our countries future . I am firm in my belief in a nationalist policy and can not support anyone in goverment who does not put Croatia First. If you are not a nationalist then in my opinion you are a traitor. Every Croat must learn to be proud of their country and to defend it with all of its might including its honor and integrity.
    Za dom Spremni!

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