Dnevno Interview With Mishka Gora


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    As I was saying the interview was very informative and I congratulate Misha for her very candid and truthful responses as I surely would have been very harsh in my answers to Carla Del ponte.

    ( quote) Even though it seems that justice has prevailed, some think that the verdict was political.

    It was actually 50/50. We all know that it was in fact political with the first verdict as it is proven that Carla Del Ponte twisted much of the facts. This was not by ignorance of the law or by incompetence because she was told that the case was not as she was claiming so one has to conclude that it was political. The politics of the trial was corrected because the judges in the Hague did not even consider at the time that there are many who would not allow the truth to be twisted and knew that their courts would be looked at as nothing more then another useless and tainted tribunal such as the United nations.

    (quote) Presidents of Kosovo and Albania and Mr Gotovina’s lawyers have called on international authorities to launch investigations against Carla del Ponte for abusing her position while she was a war crimes prosecutor and for her recent statements after Gotovina and Markač were released.

    In my opinion she is not worthy of an investigation and should be lynched in public as quickly as possible.She is worse then an evil witch!What she has done to our generals and others can never be corrected. Taking someones lives away for 7 years is not a laughing matter.Those 7 years of being incarcerated is like having your heart cut out. To attempt to discredit an entire nation and it’s people is truly unholy and she should be banned from ever stepping foot in Croatia.

    (quote ) Young Croats are more and more abandoning Croatia in order to look for jobs and a better life. Would they find it in Australia?

    The question should have been asked as what should Croatia do to stop the exodus of our people. No Croatians young or old would want to leave their country if there are opportunities. Our goverment must create jobs to ensure that they do not want to leave. Our current goverment is more interested in getting into the EU then investing in our own people.They must also make it easier for the diaspora to return so that the younger generation can see that we want to come back to our beloved country, invest in our people and help it to prosper. It is a nightmare and impossible to try to get papers to become a citizen based on ancestry. I probably would be dead by the time they accept any papers I give them.

    ( quote) This is to be expected, as it’s difficult nowadays to get the average person to read a news article to the very end let alone a whole book of a serious nature, but it bothers me that so few people want to know what happened during the 1990s conflict.

    Misha, perhaps converting to an audio book would be helpful. I would also suggest sending copies to all journalists and publishing companies and donate some of the books to the schools in Croatia. One of the sad realities in life is that many times people only want to know what is happening now and forget about the past. I love reading and learning of the past of Croatia because of my families history of war and their loss of identity and where about. From reading I am able to put pieces of the puzzle of my families Croatian heritage together and your book is a fantastic book which should be read to every Croatian child for generations to come.

    • Good points and great ideas, Michael – thanks! Re. the verdict, I think the trial as a whole was highly political, especially the original indictment and trial judgement, but I think the final verdict was not, as evidenced by the fuss it has created. Re. ‘Fragments of War’, I hope it will one day be translated into Croatian, and if I had any free copies of my own I would certainly be distributing them, but it all comes down to money, alas….

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