Croatia: Resurrecting Franjo Tudjman – Yes Please!

Franjo TUdjman  Photo:

Franjo Tudjman Photo:

National conscience, as well as personal one, can turn 21.

To the gladness of many in Croatia and abroad, that the insidious political hide of the former President Stjepan Mesic is now being torn off by Serbia, as well – the full exposure of his odious political insides may yet come to fruition. Perhaps this time the Croatian people and authorities will pay more attention to this issue and bring Stjepan Mesic to political account of the obvious damage he has caused to Croatian reputation and truth with his political, dark underworld that sought not only to destroy the good name and the good intentions of Franjo Tudjman, but of the whole Croatian independence movement, any which way.

A Youtube video recently published – containing excerpts of interview with Veljko Kadijevic (General and Commander of Yugoslav People’s Army at the time it charged forth in aggression against Slovenia and Croatia in 1991 and 1992) – maintains that Stjepan Mesic, with his cronies Josip Boljkovac and Martin Spegelj were close collaborators of Franjo Tudjman and, yet, at all the time, were Tudjman’s most vicious enemies. Mesic had always wanted to topple Tudjman and be the leader and call all the shots in former Yugoslavia.

It transpires from this video that if there were crimes committed by Croatians during Serb aggression in Croatia then, it seems that the authorities must look away from Franjo Tudjman (whose conviction for war crimes Mesic tried, unsuccessfully, to secure in the ICTY) and poke the underground Mesic had, unbeknown to Tudjman, set up and operated in while pretending to stand by Tudjman.

In his speech at the Inaugural assembly of the new Croatian Parliament, on 30th May 1990, Franjo Tudjman said:

According to my personal persuasion, the first and the most important task of the new democratic government in Croatia should be the creation of all spiritual, material and legal preconditions for the sense of legal civil and national security of all its citizens, for peace and trust among them. Not only the big scriptwriters from the opposing and especially hegemonic Unitarian and dogmatic camps, but also all those people who are tied to the past and who are confused by democratic movements and traditions to which they are not accustomed, do and will do everything in order to obstruct the realization of our goals, to inhibit and compromise the introduction of the rule of law system, order, work and morality. Luckily for us, and them as well, they must quickly come to understand the general internal and international circumstances, especially the omnipresent unavoidable collapse of the real Socialist system that will render their scenarios as futile historic anachronisms. That, of course, does not mean that we can afford to underestimate the dangers from different forms of threats, blackmail and even provocation which come our way almost daily from anti-Croatian and anti-democratic lairs and headquarters. On the contrary, that has to motivate us even more to jointly, all of us, and each individually, do everything so that reason, freedom and progress conquer passions, the rage of darkness and backwardness”.
One has to wonder why some media outlets in Croatia still give Stjepan Mesic space to regurgitate his political venom, based on lies and convolutions of truths in order to serve his decaying but still insatiable political ego. A couple of days ago Croatia’s Novi List published an interview with Mesic in which he tries to attack the Catholic Church as an institution that only wants “power and money, and not education and tradition”. This was Mesic’s response to the Church’s opinions regarding the recently introduced and highly controversial sex education in schools! At the same time, in this interview, Mesic says that the Church had tried to assert power and political clout as “chief arbitrator” in Croatia before. He gives the example of the Church’s criticisms of the ICTY in the Hague and their defence of the Croatian Generals (Ante Gotovina, Mladen Markac) who were being tried for war crimes there. Mesic makes no mention in this interview of the fact that the Church, like much of its “flock” were absolutely and humanly right in defending the Generals – the Generals were acquitted of war crimes on 16 November 2012 in the Hague.

What else can one expect from a former Communist, a Church hater by “virtue” of the political orientation he’s pathologically obsessed with, and who has not come to terms with democracy and Croatian independence, even after 21 years?

One answer to that question is that Mesic will not stop with his relentless, abominable attacks against Franjo Tudjman and his leadership in taking Croatia out of Communism and into democracy.

Hence, in the same interview for Novi List, Mesic says about the increasing will in Croatia (particularly led by the largest party in opposition, Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ and its president Tomislav Karamarko) to return to Tudjman’s ideals: “to attribute Croatian independence and the support for it to Tudjmanism does not match the historical truth and that’s why it is unacceptable. Because Tudjmanism is also a failed politics towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, and pacts with Milosevic, and criminal privatisation, and non-punishment of perpetrators of war crimes from our side, and the lack of prosecutions of those involved in corruption …”

For all the wrongs that Mesic says happened under Tudjman’s leadership even the blind person can see that others, not Tudjman, should be made responsible, and it just could well be that it is the political cronies of Stjepan Mesic, and he him self, who are to be hunted down and pinned against the wall of human justice about which Tudjman spoke so fervently and truthfully.

When we talk of Tudjmanism we are to speak of his principles, guidelines and recipes for a true democracy modeled upon those of the European Union and the United States of America, especially. Unless we want to continue vilifying Tudjman and the whole of the Croatian nation for having the courage to free itself from oppressive Communist Yugoslavia, we do not ascribe to Tudjman the wrongs others have done “in his name” and unbeknownst to him. While pointing the finger at Tudjman has benefited Mesic’s personal political career (particularly among the former communist echelons and some international anti-Croatian independence political forces) it is truly time to uphold the wonderful memory of freedom and prosperity Tudjman wanted for his people and start pointing fingers at those who purposefully strayed from the path he recommended, bringing the Croatian people of today into a state of economic and political squalor; and Stjepan Mesic would surely be counted among them. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. The fact this lying, immoral criminal was in power for ten years and thus allowed to spread his vile lies, spread conflict between Croatians (in Croatia and the diaspora) on social and political matters, and do nothing to unify the nation and strengthen the economy just proves to me that Croatia still has a long way to go to get itself out of the communist mindset. Communism is poison; socially, politically and economically. The fact that former communists and communist supporters were given such power to do whatever the hell they please, right after a bloody battle to get away from that nasty regime, just proves Croats need to work hard to dispel the political lies about their struggles throughout history.

    Croatians face more than one battle – the struggling economy is probably the biggest worry for most individuals, but it can only be fixed if we have leaders who do not move backwards into glorifying communism and the communist mindset, while vilifying Croatia’s struggle for freedom and desire for a true democratic nation.

    Any exposing of Mesic’s lies and criminal activity is a positive step, in my opinion. Let’s start exposing the root of the problems that have built up because only then can they be resolved for good. Damn you and your lies, Mesic.

  2. Mason Proper says:

    Yes PLEASE! It’s about time – Mesic’s cronies have stuffed up the Croatia Tudjman wanted, big time. Back to the drawing board Croatia: review your legislation and you’ll see that you’ve changed so much of it since Tudjman’s death that it no longer resembles much of what he wanted and started out to do. But again, when I look at the current government that’s not likely to happen – they listen to no one. So, new elections are in order

  3. Wilkinson says:

    It’s a fact that George Soros’s groups opposed Tudjman’s leadership – so you know who was behind Mesic. Can the beautiful Croatian people match Soros’ influence – ooooops – money? Perhaps not, but they did it once with Tudjman and they will do it again with his memory in mind.

    Get rid of communist scum and parasites, I say. They are the ones who looted Croatia, engaged in theft and corruption – not Tudjman.

  4. Michael Silovic says:

    Mesic is a traitor to our people and war heroes. He also seems a criminal and an investigation needs to be had to research how he gained his wealth. As a traitor of our country he should be put in prison and striped of his Croatian citizenship. He should not be allowed a catholic burial for his attack on the church as he is not worthy of being called a catholic brother. He is the lowest form of scum I have ever witnessed in the Croatian government as a so called leader. Mesic is such a political idiot that I do not even think he is capable of understanding Tudjman’s work for our people and country and how we are a free people because of it. Mesic probably thinks that in using the media that the Croatian people will somehow look at him as a good leader but the truth is he was not a good leader and even more so the truth will prove that he betrayed not only our country but betrayed the honor of those who lost their lives for our country. I hope to never see him in public as I will spit in his face. He should go find a place to live in Serbia I am sure they will accept him with open arms.

    • Miso Sorbel says:

      It seems that Serbia won’t have him either, Michael, if one is to go by the Youtube video. Why would they burden themselves with such a person who has no loyalty to anyone but to himself, and is prepared for anything that stands in his way. Croatia seems the only fool here – tolerating such rantings by a man who obviously has done more damage to Croatia than Communism and Nazis combined.

      And sine you touch upon death and funerals: is it any wonder that so few foreign dignitaries attended Tudjman’s funeral? No, Mesic saw to that with his lies about Tudjman.

  5. -Mesić reinvented himself politically like no other. He repeatedly shed political and ideological jerseys like a chameleon changes color and a snake sheds its skin. He made the trip from 90’s-era faux “ustasa,” to a 2000’s neo-communist “anti-fascist”

    -Mesić is the first ever president in history that has admitted to testifying against his country and people in front of a foreign court, without recourse

    -Mesić is the first ever president in history that literally jokes about the most serious of social and political topics in the nation and world
    -Mesić is the first president in history that told morbid jokes about his dead predecessor (Tudjman) to foreign journalists and dignitaries

    -Mesic is the first, and only, president that invited foreign journalists (British Channel 4) and operatives into his predecessor’s archives
    -Mesić released the now-famous “Brijun transcript,” (its authenticity is highly disputed and feared tampered with and/or doctored), a transcript of Croatian National Security Council meeting held in late July 1995 during which the late Franjo Tudjman issued final orders to his commanders to begin the execution of Croatia’s liberation action, “Storm.” That same “Brijun transcript” mysteriously landed on the desk of Slobodan Milošević’s defense team’s table at the ICTY before it made its way to the Gotovina/Markač/Čermak proceedings. Thank you God for the ICTY Appeal Chamber 3 Judges who saw trough all this and acquitted in November 2012 Croatian Generals Gotovina and Markac – and therefore Tudjman.

    -Mesić retired 6 active Croatian generals, among them, Ante Gotovina – making them open prey to ICTY investigators and the prosecution. He falsely accused the generals of planning a South-American style military putsch and called their dismissal his “greatest decision”

    What else can we say about this man called Stjepan Mesic? A great deal – nothing good!

    The list of Mesić’s treason and transgressions against the Croatian nation can go on, ad nauseam.

  6. The purpose of the confrontation between Stjepan Mesic and the Croatian Catholic Church is to attract peoples attention of the country’s current situation, which is poverty. Mesic can throw out all crosses from the offices which mark the Croatian identity, faith and culture, but the people will still be jobless. The church always provided hope and shelter, Mesic only provides degeneration

  7. With all the mud Stjepan Mesic has been throwing at Franjo Tudjman over the years there was never a doubt in my mind that Mesic had a great deal to hide, for what he should have been taken to the gallows. Pure treason. It is so good to see yet another example, evidence, that Mesic was behind much of the suffering of both the Croats and Serbs.

    Tudjman NEVER did what colonists, for example Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain … did in the colonies – genocide of the most horrible proportions and yet, in history, if any of their citizens dared to point a finger at their Queens, Kings … the gallows would show no mercy.

    No wonder the west sided with Mesic – mostly! The problem is that Mesic told lies about Tudjman and yet, it was Mesic who was behind much of what he lumbered Tudjman with. There are no lies though about who did what in the colonies that were.

  8. It is indeed not easy to defend someone who has been so cruelly defamed like Tudjman has been. The world has Mesic and his cronies to thank for this. You try and removed the mud that’s everywhere about Tudjman – a task almost impossible. Good on you Ina for doing your bit – it is the age of digital media and internet imprints and every bit floats in cyberspace to contribute.

  9. Steven Kosh says:

    So, why aren’t Spegelj, Boljkovac and Mesic still walking the streets? Why don’t Croatian authorities do today what Vasiljevic omitted to do in 1991!? Arrest the traitors, stop the venom of their poisoned political minds spreading.

  10. Texasranger says:

    The best article I have read on this so far. Thanks Ina. Keep up the good fight! Truth will out …

  11. I must confess I become physically sick at the sight of Stjepan Mesic – I have good reason: my body cannot tolerate political low lives, liars

  12. Kathryn Lynn says:

    He did it in early 1990’s, he is doing it still: Stjepan Mesic wants communist Yugoslavia back. Beware all yee Christians – wrap God’s mercy around you and resists … fight back …you shall reap your rewards

  13. Ina, it’s off topic, but you may wish to read this: Serbian Propaganda and Case of Dr. Zeljko Sikora who was killed in a concentraction camp Keraterm

  14. Thanks gpcox!

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