Interview with Tomislav Kuzmanovic – co-counsel for General Mladen Markac Part 1

Interview with Tomislav Kuzmanovic, co-counsel for General Mladen Markac Part 1 – by Brian Gallagher : “We were expecting nothing but hoping for justice”.


  1. Thanks for publishing.
    It’s time to win the peace. This doesn’t mean being a push over or a bully, but it does mean standing tall and firm with pride toward the future. It also means claiming our rights as a soveriegn and dignified nation. It also means ensuring justice for all…which means prosecuting those who were traitors…let’s start with Mesic.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    We know Mesic is a traitor to our people and should be charged with treason. He is not the only one either.An interesting comment in the article,

    (quote) I still don’t understand how the transcripts got into the hands of the OTP. No normal person would voluntarily produce these transcripts. Could you imagine President Bush or Obama or Prime Minister Blair volunteering internal discussions of planning of military operations to anyone? Whoever was responsible for this in Croatia should be prosecuted.

    We as a people need to demand the answer to this question.There is no reason for this information to not be available to the people to know first hand who gave this information out to the ICTY prosecutors. It is obvious it came from an elected official in goverment and they should be exposed for the traitor they are and of course jail sentence is not good enough for me but they should be hanged in public.I know that is not possible but I am expressing my outrage that we continue to shelter the traitors of our people and this must stop.When we expose these traitors only then can we understand why our goverment has failed the people since our democracy was formed.I look towards part 2 .

    • Yes, Michael – Serbia would not, nor did furnish any of its documents and when Mesic came into power in Croatia all documents – confidential or not, state secret or not – were dished out, even foreigners, court officials allowed access to archives. This alone tells the world how evil and eager Mesic was for Franjo Tudjman and Croatian military leaders to be convicted by ICTY even if they had not committed any crime. But, at the end of the day God is great!

  3. Vladimir Orsag says:

    Since many of us are concerned about Bleiburg, why no one made attempt to extradite Milovan Djilas who publicly admitted in London, 1980 such a massive post war genocide. Maybe that is the main reason why hard core communists presented them selves as converted Hrvats.

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