nterview with Tomislav Kuzmanovic, co-counsel for General Mladen Markac Part 2

Tomislav Kuzmanovic

Tomislav Kuzmanovic



Del Ponte has apparently told the Serbian newspaper ‘Blic’ that neither the Serbian government nor its people should accept it. How do you respond to her behaviour?

I think she needs to take a deep breath and think before she speaks. Look at her indictments. They were failures. She was a failure. She should shut up, shake hands and say “good match”. Fat chance.


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    The interview was very well done but left a lot to be desired.One in which I believe Carla Delponte should be brought to justice for fabrication of evidence. She very well knew there was no JCE. To incarcerate someone under false pretext should be a crime. I hope she is never allowed to enter our country and if she is that she is prosecuted by our goverment as collaborator of the Serbs during war. I also understand why no one in the press wanted to cove the 200m rule because I am sure there was pressure by the United States goverment not to overly purse this because the USA in many cases have been guilty of such violations. We all knew this and I think the Hague finally got pressured in not pursuing this charge.Before the verdict we all knew and were saying that the dissent had it’s own agenda to equalize guilt and to find any means possible to uphold the JCE convictions to make Croatia as equally culpable on a governmental level as Serbia.This is going to continue to be the policy as of the Hague not because it is just but because politics demands it so that we can move on as a region rightly or wrongly. I do not agree with this policy and we still have to keep an eye on the other trials and speak loudly and defend those still awaiting their trial to prove their innocence or guilt on both sides. I am happy however that after 3 years of writing letters to the judges that our generals are free but there is much work to do both inside and outside of Croatia.I recently sent a letter to the Prime Minister to ask that he answer who released the transcripts to the OTP which should have never been done as it should have been a state secret and kept classified. These documents were released by a goverment official who wanted to betray not only Tudjman but also our general and country as a whole.This was very damaging to the country and its people as a whole.This person or those who are responsible are traitors to our country and should not be able to walk around in Croatia with their head up high without shame.I see no reason for the goverment not to inform the people as this would not be as damaging as releasing the transcripts of war planning. I hope everyone will write a letter demanding the release of such information which should not be classified to protect a traitor but to allow the people of our country to find the real truth why this information was released.We must find out who intended to destroy our country from within and I believe if we stand together and make this demand we will know the truth…..Za Dom Spremni!

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    Just to clarify my statement we know Mesics office released the transcripts to the prosecutor before the defense counsel and this is what I was referring to. There was a reason this was done and it is treason not to give to the defense counsel the information first before it was made public. We need to know why this was released even to begin with. This document was classified and never should have been released under any condition.I suspect that the document was leaked and then it was decided to go public which in either case was wrong.

  3. While I agree that the transcripts should never have been released out of principle – Serbia never released critical documents like the minutes to the meeting ordering the evacuation of Serbs from Croatia and had made a deal with the Prosecution to be allowed redact and keep confidential critical documents – in the end the transcripts proved there was no JCE or conspiracy. And in principle the traitor Mesic and his accomplices should pay for their treason.

    BTW…great video on Croat / Serb history on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUpgUGA2wbo

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