“Croatia, the War, and the Future” Turns 2 Today – Thank You World!

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Today is a special day for “Croatia, the War, and the Future” blog- it turns two and celebrates another year of life. Exactly two years ago today, I started this blog with a post “Lest We Forget” on Vukovar, Croatia. Today, two years later, I am still delivering posts on Vukovar from time to time. You may well ask: why? Because Vukovar is the symbol of Croatia’s most recent profound suffering and a place that simply must remain a special place of piety that allows us to remember and heal.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that an independent blog could reach and touch so many people around the world – hundreds of thousands of visits from around the world tell me that while the mainstream media may reap the greatest of numbers, bloggers are catching up very fast.

And I thank each and every visitor for taking the time and pinning at least a little bit of his or her interest on this wonderful country that is Croatia.

Blogs, one might say, was not the most popular of words, but these days it is a word we find unavoidable because it was born with the Internet. As soon as people started to use the technology that would link computers, they started leaving messages. In the 1980s, these were “pinned” on virtual “bulletin boards”. Then, in the early 1990s, online diaries appeared, personal journals to be seen by the entire online world. As Internet use spread, people were dazzled by their power to connect and communicate. But they didn’t just want to stare at pages. They wanted, above all, to make their mark on the explosively expanding world of cyberspace. So, in the mid-1990s, the online diary became the web log, or blog.

And, oh, came the social media and Facebook caught on like a house on fire. I thank so very deeply all my blog’s followers.

Through the web, through channels of social media “Croatia, the War, and the Future” reaches between 230 – 270,000 people every week.

Croatia blog stats

I am humbled by the large interest and support this blog has received.

Perhaps, seeking and spreading the truth is the reason for that? Whatever the reason I stand grateful and look forward to furthering the Croatian truth. Thank you! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

P.S. Yesterday, Norman Geras, political theorist and Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of Manchester – died.  Geras was a pioneering blogger. May he rest in peace.


  1. Nila Oreb says:

    Congratulations Ina!
    A Great and informative Blog , ………often very controversial , however always insightful……Well done !

  2. Congratulations Ina! What an accomplishment! As you know I started blogging recently, and my topics seems to always involve Vukovar, so I can totally relate to your first post about our sacred city. Keep going, I enjoy reading, and hope to read you for many years to come!!

  3. Congratulations. Do keep going.

  4. Congratulations! This is such crucial work.

  5. Happy well deserved Birthday
    “Croatia, the War, and the Future” Turns 2 Today!

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    Happy well deserved Birthday
    “Croatia, the War, and the Future” Turns 2 Today!

  7. Michelle R. says:

    Congratulations to everyone working to spread the truth about beautiful and heroic Croatia against the vicious attacks of fanatics.

  8. Buna ziua!…De doua zile am schimbat numele la blog…deoarece au fost neintelegeri si am fost nevoita sa schimb numele la blog. Eu sunt aceiasi Ileana si va astept in casuta mea virtuala cand doriti si cand puteti!…O zi frumoasa alaturi de familie!…Noua mea adresa…

    Hello! … Two days ago I changed the name of the blog … because they were misunderstanding and I had to change the name of the blog. I am the same Ileana and wait in my virtual box when you want and when you can! … A beautiful day with your family! … My new address …


  9. therealamericro says:


    Keep up the great work, please!

  10. Congratulations!! 🙂

  11. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary.!

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    Congratulations to Ina Vukic on her achievement!

  13. Many congratulations !

  14. Congratulations Ina, you are officially now on the way to being a stayer and a long distance trooper. I enjoy and learn much from your articles. Well done.

  15. Blogging in a way that you do, Ina, is hard work as the topic itself requires careful research and a great deal of knowledge as well as dedication. Congratulations!

  16. Bastion Now says:

    I’m always pleasantly hit at how you manage to separate the real issues, affecting the real people – ordinary people that make up the Croatian nation. I love reading your articles and even at times when I do not entirely agree with your opinion I find myself wondering and thinking that you have strong points that, given proper consideration, actually contain a direction which should be taken for reconciliation in that region which has suffered so much violence

  17. Miso Sorbel says:

    Congratulations! Issues that affect Croatia and its path to democracy are complex and that is why people like you should write and write, for the real progress comes from the roots and Croatia’s roots have been almost “genetically” modified by the almost five decades of communist widespread indoctrination. Good work and I wish you strength to continue

  18. I do so enjoy and take note of what you have to say, Ina. Thank you, I learn much

  19. “The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, Stick- to-itiveness, and Common sense”, said Thomas E. Edison. You have demonstrated them all and I congratulate you with the hope that you will continue for a long time to come

  20. So I sit here at my computer and write: thank you and congratulations!

  21. Watchtower says:

    The path of transitioning from a totalitarian regime (communism) to democracy is wrought with profound hardships and often painful moves, for it more often than not requires sharp twists and turns to change a rigid mindset… I wish you great prospects in succeeding to make your mark on this very complex process. I know you are on a good path for I follow your posts and congratulations

  22. Congratulations! Keep up the great work

  23. You shine a bright spotlight on Croatia in this big wide world, Ina. Keep it up and many are sure to learn new things that apply to us all. Congratulations!

  24. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and through your blog we get to see some people and political issues to which much of the world can relate. Mainstream media mostly brings bare news reporting but you put a human face into those by pouring your opinion on those, that’s what I love because almost all news does in fact affect people and the way they feel and think. Bloggers forever!

  25. Congratulations!

  26. Persistence pays, truth rewards! Congratulations!

  27. Congratulations and thank you!

  28. Milesfromhere says:

    I read your blog for the solidarity it brings to seeking and wanting the truth to prevail. It’s comforting to read you say exactly how I feel and what I’m thinking on many issues and matters affecting Croatia’s path to independence and democracy. It helps me analyze it all and most of the time, it makes me feel like I’m sitting around having coffee with people who truly understand the “can’t wait for the last remnant of communism to disappear” experience I’m having. It makes me feel part of a community and not quite so alone. Congratulations!

  29. It takes dedication and hard work to keep this up! Thank you for bringing the world of Croatia to us in such a unique and insightful way.

  30. Simon Wall says:


  31. Love your posts! Congratulations!

  32. The world would just not be the same without your posts. Congratulations!

  33. Not only have you been inspiring but helpful too, in providing practical information for people. Congratulations!

  34. Robert Lah says:


  35. Ina, congratulations! Well done to have begun two years ago and reached so many people. Well done!

    • Thank you huntmode, some things happen on their own and for other things we need to work hard. I appreciate your feedback, thank you again

  36. Feliz cumpleaños !!!

  37. I really look forward to your blog every week. I’m sorry most of my reading has to be done on the weekends, but at least I try. LOL!
    Congrats on the birthday. I hope I get to stick around for 2 years although I doubt I will be taken as seriously as you.
    I hope not.
    What you do is important, and by the way…thanks for supporting my blog too!

    • I know what you mean, treyzguy, it gets hard especially when one needs to work during the week on other things that hold priorities of life, bring food to the table etc…thank you and you are welcome too

  38. Congratulations, Ina! I hope you’ll keep blogging for many years to come, the world needs more people like you. Thank you for all your hard work and your persistence at putting the truth out in the open. I wish you lots more success in the future. God bless.

  39. Very good work ,keep on .. Respect very much your dedication to your country .. A bright morning,Cairo Time

  40. Thank you Ina for providing a forum for all people who are interested in Croatia to discover the truth, and to express and debate their points of view and patriotic love for Croatia. This is especially needed in the diaspora to keep us connected but also within Croatia to counter media and government propaganda and as always to be vigilant against Serb lies. Congrats on 2 years and hoping for many, many more years to come.

  41. Mario Budak says:

    Thank you! Without a true political leadership in Croatia, that represents Croatian interest, your blog, brings a glimmer of hope that perhaps one of these days we’ll have a true Croatian patriots that will represent our country, Croatian people and all loving people that chose to live in Croatia. May God bless you, and your family now and always.

  42. Congratulations on your second anniversary! I try to keep up with the postings when time permits and to be honest, although I may not agree with what is written 100% of the time, that is what makes a discussion interesting – n’est pas? We, who have lived in the diaspora and who can appreciate what democracy is or at least should be – should also be able to visit a forum such as this and air opinions and perspectives that are not necessarily popular ones but still points of view that have valuable intrinsic merit for our nation and its future. For that reason, I once again congratulate you for your efforts to allow all sides to be heard and appreciated and I wish you many more years of postings!

    • Thank you Velebit, much appreciated, as I go on with this blog I always wish for more to start up – not enough of Croatian issues in English or German or French… and yes opinion is neither wrong nor right, people can take it or not, but its the facts and truth presented upon which opinions are built that are important. And Croatian truth has too often been hidden or twisted that we must pursue it strongly for justice

  43. Congratulations and may there be many years more to celebrate on this special day!

    Have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  44. Well.., I’m a bit late, but running around with so much on my mind. A belated CONGATULATIONS on the anniversary of you blog. I do stop by from time to time.
    If you will excuse me, I must be off. A lot of work piled up to tend to. (17 hours a day – 7 days a week).
    Keep up the Good Work!

    • Thank you Brittius – the time for good thoughts is always right! And as to work never ceasing to pile up – I have joined that club as great things appear for the blogging +

      • OK. It always feels like for so many years, I buy flowers and a bottle of wine because a special occasion will be taking place but I get side-tracked by work, and engrossed in it for one reason or another. Then some time later, after the final drops of wine are finished and the bottle tossed into the trash, I look and see dry flower stems and petals all around. At that point, I realize what just happened (again 🙁 ).

      • 😀 😀 😀


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