Croatia: Spectacular Pride For Days Gone By – Vinkovci Autumns Folkloric Festival

Vinkovac Autums

The 48th Annual folkloric festival known as “Vinkovci Autumns” was held in September. Filled with beauty of folkloric dress, dance and music rarely found these days in the entire world. It ended on 15 September with the world’s biggest reel dance (Croatian reel or “kolo” in the Croatian language) in which 8,500 people took part! Wow!

The people of the town of Vinkovci often say: “Once you’ve been to the Vinkovci Autumns, you will always return!” Indeed, it is hard to resist the charms you are immersed in during those ten autumn days. The whole town and its visitors live for the songs and dancing. The Vinkovci Autumns is a folklore festival nurturing not only the tradition of Slavonia, but also other customs from across Croatia, thus celebrating the time of year when nature rewards our yearly efforts. The louder the singing and laughter the greater the gratitude of people for good crops – you are invited to join them and experience the atmosphere of times gone by.

Here are some scenes from this absolute beauty and determination to keep the traditions of days long gone by alive. Click on photos to enlarge and see the full splendour of gratitude for good farm harvests. Enjoy.

Croatia Vinkovci

Vinkovci Autumns 16

Vinkovac Autums 2013 1

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 14

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 12

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 10

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 9

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 8

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 7

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 5

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 4

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 3

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 2

Vinkovac Autumn 2013 13

Vinkovac Autuimns 2013 11

Viknovac Autumns 2013 6


Vinkovac Autumns 2013 17.jpg

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 18

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 19.jpg

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 20

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 21

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 22

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 23

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 25

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 26

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 27

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 28

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 29

Vinkovac Autumns 2013 30

Now, aren’t you glad you came!?


  1. Are Croats Slovic? A lot of the dresses look like Ukrainian in fashion.

  2. beautiful…beaming with pride.

  3. This sounds and looks to be an enjoyable event/tradition. Nice accompanying photos!

    • Thanks Eric, I am always fascinated by folklore costumes and how making and wearing them always shine with pride and joy. This event in Vinkovci is certainly very worth seeing… so if you’re trotting across Europe at some in the future in September… check out Vinkovci, usually second week of September 😀

  4. Nila Oreb says:

    Wonderful photos. 🙂

  5. Ohhh the colours in these photos are wonderful. I looks like a wonderful way to keep traditions alive.

  6. Looks like everyone was enjoying a great time 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  7. After all those difficult, yet crucially important postings on the state of politics in Croatia, it is wonderful to witness another dimension– the beauty and spendour of Croatia’s cultural history, and moreover, to witness her people embracing their heritage with passion. Thank you for this joyous posting!

    • Thank you Jasna, yes it’s important to know that regardless of politics and difficulties there are great things that people themselves do and live.

  8. beautiful costumes and it is great to keep the old traditions alive for all to see, who otherwise would not know about it.

    • It’s such a joy to see, Our Adventure in Croatia, and such treasure to keep passing onto young generations, I agree totally – must say did the same within my family…

  9. Excelente amiga!!

  10. I just love folk costumes! There’s something about them, about all the colours, the little details and intricacies and the meaning behind it all, that’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these photos, this is an event I definitely want to experience one day.

    • Thanks Kat. I remember the early nineties, war days, distress everywhere in Croatia, it was so important to keep Vinkovci Autumns going, so I and I imagine others in other countries found ways to raise funds to put the festival on … we printed calendars and sold them to raise funds for etc such a worthwhile endeavour

      • Yes, in such distressing times it is very important to keep the culture alive, to build hope and to, in its own way, remind people they are fighting for these beautiful traditions. If Croatians don’t keep their traditions alive, no one else will.

      • So true, Kat

  11. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    A lovely photo. I am fascinated. Hugs, Barbra

  12. Lovely and lively.

  13. Buna dimineata
    si o zi vesela !
    In BARAJUL pentru calificarea la CM 2014 BRAZILIA,
    SORTII au fost buni cu croatii si romanii !!!
    Forza CROATIA !
    Forza ROMANIA !
    Weekend placut !

    • Google translate Aliosa comment:
      and one day dishes!
      Qualifying in the cup CM 2014 Brazil,
      Fate was kind to Croatia and Romania!
      Forza CROATIA!
      Forza ROMANIA!
      Nice weekend!

      REPLY: Thank you Aliosa, lovely music 😀

  14. I love the dancing…It’s nice to see people happy and enjoying themselves. 🙂

  15. Thank you Ina for your beautiful article.

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