US General Martin Dempsey Awarded Croatian High Ranking Medal Of Honour

General Martin Depmsey in Croatia 22 September 2014

General Martin Depmsey in Croatia
22 September 2014


United States Army General Martin Dempsey, who is the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was awarded the Order of Duke Trpimir with Neck Badge and Morning Star (Red kneza Trpimira s ogrlicom i Danicom) in Zagreb on Monday 22 September 2014


Order of Duke Trpimir  with Neck Badge and  Morning Star

Order of Duke Trpimir
with Neck Badge and
Morning Star

The Order of Duke Trpimir ranks fifth in the Croatian order of precedence after the Grand Order of King Dmitar Zvonimir. It is awarded to Croatian and foreign ministerial level officials and others for merit in contributing to the independence, integrity and international reputation of Croatia, the construction of Croatia, and development of relationships between Croatia and other countries.
This is an order which Croatia awards only to true friends,” said Croatia’s Minister of Defence Ante Kotromanovic during the award presentation ceremony. Furthermore, Kotromanovic reminded all of the enormous part played by the USA at the beginning of 1990’s, during the actions of liberating Croatia from its occupiers, but also later as Croatia moved closer to NATO and the European Union.
General Dempsey appreciated Minister Kotromanovic for awarding him the distinctive Croatian decoration , which he viewed as recognition to the numerous American soldiers who served in international missions worldwide side-by-side with the Croatians as well. “Croatia has grown into a strong and reliable partner and a solid platform for the rest of the region. I wish to see the partnership continued and enhanced,” Dempsey said and spoke of his wish for the USA and Croatian partnership to grow even more stronger than what it has.
In this sense, US State Department’s recent public announcement in which Croatia is listed, among more than fifty other countries, as a member of the coalition which has as its goal oppose ISIL that controls significant parts of Syria and Iraq.
“Nobody knows yet what our responsibilities will be but this is an opportunity for the whole world to unite against that perilous evil,” said Croatia’s minister Kotromanovic regarding ISIL.
In the afternoon, after being received by Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, Dempsey was present at the delivery of several army vehicles which the US government has donated to Croatia: 212 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAP), comprising 162 combat vehicles M-ATV, 20 MRAP HAGA (heavily armed ground ambulance) vehicles and 30 MaxxPro MRAP vehicles to the Republic of Croatia.

The donated MRAP vehicles will be distributed to the Croatian Army, Support Command and the Special Operations Battalion units, to replace the formerly used TAM vehicles.
General Martin Dempsey has not contributed to Croatian independence when it was fought for but Croatia did have strong US support in its eventually successful endeavours to free its occupied territories from Serb aggressor. I tend to see this important Medal or order bestowed upon General Dempsey as a reflection of post-war efforts to further and assist where possible the development of and strengthening of Croatia’s position internationally – in all walks of life that are worthwhile walking for the betterment of friendships and humanity – I believe.

USA donates military vehicles to Croatia

USA donates military vehicles to Croatia

But it does concern me as a matter of Croatian democratic processes or informing the public that Croats did not hear from their President or Minister for defence that Croatia is a member of the international coalition against the Islamic State. Croatian Public heard this via televised news State Department public statement! And while the Croatian public is asking itself why it was that they were faced with finding out about this in a roundabout way rather than from their own country, the jihadists are calling upon their supporters to kill citizens of every country that is a member of the coalition. I wonder if Croatia will re-assess the risks from the jihadists in its midst or neighbourhood after such calls to murder? I hope so! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


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  2. This is really cool. Hugs, Barbara

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  4. Croatia and Bosnia has no Rights to be independent! it was criminal and illegal ! the Yugoslav army did the right thing by chasing traitors who wanted to divided their country! if Croatia had the right to secede from Yugoslavia then Serbs had to the right to secede from Croatia it goes both ways ! Croats and Muslims had everything from army leadership to political leadership in our Yugoslav republic what more did they want ? it was all about hate and the dream of living in a Serb free lands !

    • No Alex, Serbs had no right to secede from Croatia or BiH because all states of former Yugoslavia had their own sovereign borders recognised and defined internationally after WWII. It was not about hate all-sided it was about Serbs hating to live in other countries and wanting to steal parts of territory of those other countries. Plain and simple.

  5. Računovodstvo says:

    So nice to see a fellow American being honored by Croatia and donning the symbolic Croatian white and red checker print.

  6. Michael Silovic says:

    ( quote) I wonder if Croatia will re-assess the risks from the jihadists in its midst or neighbourhood after such calls to murder? I hope so! ) One of the issues that Croatia faces is whether or not they will allow NATO , EU and America to dictate where we will allow our troops to serve and level of involvement. I am personally against Croatia being involved militarily in any country that does not threaten our sovereignty. Unfortunately we see so often that coalition countries get sucked into nasty politics based on lies and destruction that has repercussion to the countries involved. Ultimately it is the innocent people of those countries who suffer most through the loss of sons and daughters with no benefit that are sent to fight a war and the people must always keep pressure on our goverment as to not get sucked in or caught up in political pandering that will harm our people and country. Some people forget that we are still at war with Serbia in protecting our soverginty, heritage and ethnicity even though it is not on the battle field. Croatia is able to protect itself from within as long as we do not start allowing refugees from these places and other 3rd world countries to establish a home in our country. We must focus on growing the Croatian population with Croats diaspora and to protect every facet of our heritage and customs as a people before we commit to anyone for anything especially war. One of the things I am really proud of is the growth of Militias in Croatian that are nationalists and who are prepared to defend our country at all costs. It was a highlight of my last trip home to be instrumental in their training and education. As we all know it is goverment that destroys and reeks havoc on its people through its policy and we need to be prepared as a people to defend our country and our people from outside sources and our own goverment if need be.

  7. the Americans did a lot for Croatia, but only after it became independent! John F.Kennedy (one of the poorest presidents) was a big friend of “Josip Tito” and he gave this Serbian communist dictator millions of American $ (in 1963 currency rate) to oppress the Croatians! As, one commentator once stated, JFK has NOTHING to be remembered for except for being shot!
    But anyhow, now the Americans can help to build the Croat military with a better main battle tanks, the Americans can purchase more Croatian rifles and handguns (VHS and HS-2000 handguns)!

    • I disagree with you Tempus Fugit and your unnamed commentator. JF Kennedy was responsible for some extraordinary accomplishments. The most important, and most famous, was his adept management of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, widely considered the most perilous moment since World War II. His speeches eased the Cold War. He launched a drive for a civil-rights bill that he hoped would end racial segregation. He also proposed a voting-rights bill and federal programs to provide health care to the elderly and the poor. Few of these proposals became law in his lifetime—a great disappointment to Kennedy. But most of these bills became law after his death…

  8. Awesome post,hoping the general will see through to defeat ISIS.Jalal

  9. …as for John F. Kennedy being a poor leader….and the UNNAMED commentator… follows:
    see….Patrick Buchanan: Nixon & Kennedy: The Myth and the Reality (Human Events Online 11/19/2013). Good article for all the “Camalot’ daydreamers and how this phoney president fell from grace so quickly! Also, Gore Vidal (a cousin, by marriage,of Jackie Bouvier), also stated that John Kennedy was one of the worst presidents of the 20th century and his education level was NOT up to par with Obama Barack! Please read above mentioned and comment!
    Now, JFK was as mentioned, a very big friend of “Josip Tito”, who threatened JFK that he would go to the Soviet side if America would not give monetary aid to Jugoslavia! If this idiotic president was so brave and smart, he couldn’t be fooled by that Russian communist dog called Josip Broz!

  10. therealamericro says:

    Excellent concerns voiced in your final paragraph, Ina.

    Military, intelligence and diplomatic policy in the US is compartmentalized. Most times the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

    And if you are not part of the Five Eyes, and not a power, you can expect a double game to be played for even the most small economic or political leverage gain in their interest.

    The US did not initially support independence due to the Eagleburger-Baker-Scanlon financial interests in Kissinger & Associates whose client Crvena Zastava arms was doing illegal business (sale of arms) with Libya.

    The main stream media in the US was in the 1990s, and well into the 2000s, continually misreported events in Croatia / fmr. “Yugoslavia.”

    The US government subsidizes, through agency and dept. of state NGO proxies, anti-Croatian propaganda on RFERL, SETimes, and Balkan Insight. Lets not even mention the massive flow of funds to the sham NGOs in the 1990s.

    The US supported the violent OHR-Bosniak police-Wolfgang Petrisch attack on Croats’ economic freedom by their violent assault on Hercegovacka Banka (which was at that time the only non-foreign owned bank in all of fmr. “Yugoslavia”), and the wine addicted Toby Robinson ran that solvent bank into the ground while the decade long legal farce that in the end proved no criminal wrongdoing destroyed the bank, and finances of thousands of HRHB Croats, who have to pay the bank to withdraw their accounts and or bank box contents.

    It also supported, quite consistently, the assault on HRHB Croats’ rights and was a champion of the Komsic-Lagumdzija affair that violated the constitution since 2007. It praised the violent Bosniak nationalist Yogurt Revolution 2.0 this past spring.

    The US media dragged Gotovina and all Croat, especially HRHB generals, through the mud. Even after Gotovina and Markac’s justified acquittal, reports in mainstream US media and its government organs (RFERL, SETimes, BI) repeated the same fallacies of the Savo Strbac-Veritas fantasy indictment.

    US and UK policy is attached by the hip ( – click on the Croatian Counter-Intelligence link on the mid-lower left of the page). The UK is the stick, US the carrot. Most US actors who even have pro-Croat sentiments are not aware of the great game games going behind the scenes.

    The US has never called for lustration in Croatia, but made, and conditioned EU entry support, on the ridiculous extra criteria the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavians came up with for Croatia.

    The US has never opened all documents on UDBa’s activities against US citizens of Croatian descent, it buried the Bozic assassination attempt in Chicago (his wife was nearly murdered and face scarred permanently), and it more than likely honey trapped John R. Schindler who was digging a bit too deep into the US-UDBa relationship in his book on UDBa that will almost certainly never see publication.

    As the war profiteer and sower of chaos and war Kissinger said, the US has no permanent allies, only permanent interests.

    Thanks for the new toys, but how about the part production rights to service and maintain them, and a public push by the US Embassy for Croatia to push through lustration following either Poland’s or Germany’s Lustration laws verbatum.

    In terms of ISIS, here is a pretty interesting and eye opening analysis of ISIS and its background:

    And here is an interesting video on who wanted and why the US really went into the perpetual war mode in the Middle East:, the wars’ uselessness and the idiotic falling into the ISIS trap has been aptly described by Dr. Michael Scheuer, former head of the AQ unit at a certain three letter agency whose work was thwarted by the government itself:

    Don’t believe the MSM. It is compromised (; and is feeding a pile of BS to justify the Orwellian surveillance panopticon and the stripping of all citizens, including those of the “eyes,” of their privacy and liberties.

    You don’t have to trust me, you can just listen to PM Cameron:

    The eyes are turning into Oceana, and creating a world of the watchers and the watched.

    Croatia is in a very precarious situation. For true friendship, a bare minimum show of support and seriousness is the US making a point that Lustration needs to take place. Until then, everything is a horse and pony show because that was, and remains, Croatia’s main problem and constraint.

    • Thank you, therealamericro – points you bring out are so important and yes without Lustration, without bravery to cut the last remnants of the communist Yugoslavia umbilical cord when it comes to Croatia, Croatia will sink into total confusion of identity…

  11. What a great honour. It’s good to see Croatia getting some sound support.

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