Croatia: With Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic “Berlin Wall” To Finally Tumble Down

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic Candidate for President of Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
Candidate for President of Croatia

In one week, on January 11, Croatian presidential candidates Ivo Josipovic and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic face their final battle for the Office of the President. One of the more significant platforms pursued by Grabar-Kitarovic in her election campaign is “the return to where Franjo Tudjman stopped”.
He (Tudjman) is a man who gathered us all around the idea of freedom and independent Croatia and, led by him, the Croatian people and all the citizens who fought for Croatia, our state was created and it’s now our duty to complete the work he started and take Croatia into prosperity,” she said in December 2014 at the 15th anniversary of Tudjman’s death.
When Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991 the communist Yugoslav Secret Police (KOS, UDBA) controlled a great deal and Croatia was faced with a brutal war of Serb/Yugoslav People’s Army aggression. This was the time just after the “Berlin Wall” came down, promising freedom and democracy to Eastern European countries that had been suffocated by Soviet-led or Soviet associated communist regime for decades, since WWII.
Franjo Tudjman, announcing paths to freedom from the Yugoslav communist regime and democracy for Croatia started the tearing down of the “Berlin Wall” that had existed within former Yugoslavia since WWII. In the early 1990s Croatians, led by Tudjman, along with Slovenians and eventually Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, turned towards West (while Serbia and Montenegro, along with those organised individuals in the other aforementioned Yugoslav states wanted communism to flourish, dug their vicious pro-communist heels in) and broke their ties with Yugoslavia, which was dominated by the Serbs. Most, but not all, from the Serbian minority in Croatia tried, with the help of the Yugoslav Army, to stop Croatia’s secession from Yugoslavia. After several years of bloody armed struggle, Croatians managed to militarily defeat the Yugoslav Army and the Serbian rebel forces.
But this success of Croatian Homeland War veterans and their leadership was not to see uninterrupted the next phase that would entail putting into place all the necessary political, ideological, administrative and legislative actions within Croatia that would see Tudjman’s path for a truly democratic and prosperous Croatia in action. The viciously ardent communists, led by Stjepan Mesic, staged and aided an all-out war of vilification against Tudjman and Croatian Homeland War Generals, setting their sights on criminalising the war and equating the victim with the aggressor. As the new Croatian state was formed during the Homeland War, the former Yugoslav communist Secret Police was not dissolved, allegedly because the new Croatian leadership could not risk an ‘internal war’ with the remains of the totalitarian regime. At the time Tudjman was to support lustration – removing from higher office those who were operatives of the Yugoslav Secret Police – the chase to vilify him as an ultra-nationalist who participated in joint criminal enterprise against Serbs in Croatia picked up and constantly threw dust into the eyes of those who wanted to work on further and more profound democratic changes in Croatia. (It took 18 years for the International Criminal Tribunal of Former Yugoslavia to peel off this vilifying coat when in 2012 Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac were acquitted of crimes they were charge with as Generals of Tudjman’s army…)
By the year 2000 “reformed“ communists came to power in Croatia, both in Government led by Ivica Racan and in Presidency of Stjepan Mesic. Ivica Racan’s former Communist Party changed its name to “Social Democratic Party,” yet everything else remained the same. They kept their close relationships with the Serbian minority in Croatia and the Serbs in former Yugoslavia – with the same old communists in their respective positions of leadership. Stjepan Mesic, having been ousted as parliamentary speaker in 1994 by Tudjman on account of his vicious and vilifying attempts to oust Tudjman from power, had meandered through creating new political parties to acting as independent to stay in power and continue his work on burying the democracy Tudjman had set as Croatia’s goal.
Social Democrats and Mesic had pushed on with “drowning” Tudjman and Croatia’s Homeland War and resurrecting communist Yugoslavia’s Josip Broz Tito along with suffocating the efforts to bring communist crimes perpetrated during the times of communist Yugoslavia to justice. Croatia’s current president Ivo Josipovic had picked up where his predecessor Mesic stopped and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic where Racan’s government had stopped. Croatia had become a battleground where values of communist Yugoslavia were elevated above those of Tudjman, Homeland War and democracy and, hence, widespread corruption that has its roots in communist Yugoslavia continued to flourish no matter which political party was in government after year 2000.
Instead of reforming the economy and cutting the government costs, Croatia continues to borrow and sell off national treasures, while increasing taxes. As of today Croatia is the EU member with the GST/VAT at 25%, and with the highest unemployment rate, especially among young professionals who increasingly seek relief from poverty and existential hopelessness abroad.
The Croatian media scene is dominated by the same people who used to glorify former dictator Tito. The current head of the national television, the “HRT,” is Goran Radman, himself the last president of Tito’s communist youth organization. This well-rehearsed team sends to jail or fires someone every week because of “corruption,” in order to distract people’s attention from the real problems. The vast majority of cases involve political opposition leaders.
The media is served a steady stream of “secret” witness depositions, demonstrating how the country is being robbed. At the same time the attention is drawn away from the real problems, concealing the fact that the fleecing of the country is carried out by the government itself.
Increased taxes, no investments, no encouragement for private investment projects, halting the funds earmarked by the EU – all this seems to be the hallmark of the Josipovic’ regime” writes Dan Rados of The Daily Caller in his thought-provoking article titled “Is Serbia controlling Croatia by blackmailing its president”.
All that and much more seems the hallmark of the politics of those who do not want a democratic and prosperous Croatia and they are those who remain loyal to the values of communist former-Yugoslavia. One wonders how much of this pro-communist Yugoslavia outlook has stopped Ivo Josipovic visiting again the protest-camp site outside Veterans’ Affairs ministry building in Zagreb where 100% war-invalids have been rallying for changes and rights since October 2014! I.e., aloof faced, Josipovic has visited the protesting veterans on 24 October and has done not a thing then or since then in attempting to truly listen to the suffering veterans, to create or help create a constructive dialogue and seems unperturbed by and deaf at the veterans’ plights. His excuse for failing to speak to the protesting veterans since late October is that he has invited them to visit him in his office! And this is the man who tries to tell the people that he too holds that independent Croatia of today is based on the values of Croatia’s Homeland War (as well as antifascist)! The communists of today, such as Josipovic, seem brazenly and spitefully determined not to let Croatian Homeland War veterans achieve fully an upper hand they deserve.
Throughout the campaigning for the presidency of Croatia it has been so refreshing to come across a candidate like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic who, unlike Josipovic, emanates with democratic justice, providing for citizens’ and human rights for everyone based on the law of the country, due process and fairness. She is adamant in unifying the Croatian nation into working towards the goals set by Tudjman and, unlike Josipovic and the Social Democrat led government, appears to place Homeland War veterans above any former communist or antifascist crusader. With her victory on Sunday 11 January Croatia is surely to start breathing fairness and justice once again and the “Berlin Wall” will finally tumble down for Croatia just as it has many years ago for the other European countries adversely affected in the past by it. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. HRVAT iz Like says:

    Please Help Save Croatia !!!
    Spread the truth and help keep Croatia safe from those who seek to extinguish her freedom.
    TRUTH will always set us free and give hope to the preservation of LIBERTY.



  2. HRVAT iz Like says:

    President Josipovic’s Bloody Totalitarian Pedigree which was hidden from the majority of the Croatian electorate both at home and in the diaspora as well as the world’s mainstream media until recently exposed:

    • There are things coming out about Josipovic’s father’s role in the communist regime,Hrvat iz Like, including Goli Otok/Island where innocent people who were against communism were tortured, died etc – and while Josipovic is not his father Josipovic, and while one should not believe as true everything that is written without proof, Josipovic is guilty of obstructing justice and doing everything in his power to stop prosecutions of communist crimes.

  3. I pray she and her Light win through.. xxx

  4. An I forgot to add Ina.. Happy New Year to you… 🙂 May it be filled with abundance of Health and Happiness.. x

  5. therealamericro says:

    Ina, please forward Ms. Grabar-Kitarovic and HDZ these questions for clarification before election day, I believe I speak for more than a few Croats after watching the debate against current President Josipovic.

    1. In terms of Presidential decorations to individuals and organizations, why did she not mention Josipovic’s praise for, and authoring of the charter of, Documenta, an organization that worked closely with Savo Strbac ( and his sham Milosevic-initiated NGO “Veritas” – who recently stated that “It is lawful to kill civilians in war” (

    2. What, at all, can be considered positive about Stipe Mesic’s Presidency which skyrocketed the budget of the Office of the President, with the obscene expenditures for personal interest including a lavish Mongolia vacation at the expense of taxpayers, not to mention the slashing of the budget for funerals for veterans, getting rid of the reserve forces as well as mandatory draft, and the office of the presidency and bureaucracies under it’s control, actively operating against Croatia’s national interests, namely media agitprop against Gotovina and the Homeland War? Would a Grabar-Kitarovic presidency push for the a) Investigation into Mesic’s monstrous and false claims – debunked by the initial UN study into Bljesak – to the US Embassy regarding both Operations Bljesak and Storm, as well as the non-chalant throwing around of Top Secret documents, and opening the Tudman Presidency archives to foreign journalists, many of whom were known to Croatian intelligence agencies to be spies? Will Mesic’s perjury at the ICTY against Blaskic, Kordic, and the HVO, be investigated, in addition to Manolic’s perjury against the aforementioned?

    3. Will Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic push for, as President, legislation that would free Croatians from abroad and returnees from being double income taxed – with the nation of their pension or pay origin being the only tax they have to pay – so as not to waste time signing dual-taxation agreements (which are entire bureaucratic processes) to make Croatian political and economic emigre returns and retirements move smoothly and potentially be immediate for those who have the resources and desire?

    4. Is the Visegrad Group a top political-economic-military priority, and will it be the number one agenda item in addition to closing all open questions with Serbia and RS in regards to missing persons, war damages, etc.?

    5. Will being a member of both the German and V4 battlegroups be both strategic and tactical top priorities?

    6. Does she support the creation of a Croatian Entity in B&H, or at least a confederalization of the Federation following the Swiss model – or at least at a minimum, respecting the pre-2000 Dayton agreement on-the-ground reality that existed?

    7. If Serbia does not meet all Croatian requests for information and action regarding the war, will she as president do everything possible to prevent their entry into the EU?

    8. Will Croatia with Grabar-Kitarovic as President, allow US, UK and Five Eyes intelligence services to violate Croatians’ privacy at a 100 percent rate (, as they have since 2012 with very unfriendly and invasive Auroragold spyware program?

    9. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see the US, UK and Five Eyes sat down and told they hand over all information gathered on innocent Croatian citizens to Croatian authorities and destroy their copies, otherwise face an Embassy recall?

    10. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency consider the creation of an autonomous internet platform, something that can be replicated and exported for profit, with proper encryption procedures to protect citizens identities and freedom of speech, to lessen the invasive and criminal, out of control Five Eyes Orwellian surveillance practices which is nothing short of creating a file on every citizen and their social network for social control and future blackmail?

    11. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see a very public stance, and demand signed agreements for non-spying by EU and NATO allies on Croatia, and visa versa, nor spying on Croatian citizens outside of permission from both Croatian parliament and the respective national security committees and intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies, limited solely to organized crime and *actual* (not thought crime) terrorist threats – namely human trafficking, hard drug transportation, and *credible* terrorist threats, specifically Islamist militancy, Croatia’s only real threat outside of renewed Serbian aggression which for now seems unlikely.

    12. Under a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency, will Croatian intelligence services begin to investigate and prosecute paid and unpaid foreign government’s local agents of influence, such as those Croatian citizens who work at the State Department online English language strategic propaganda front Balkan Insight ( – including Drago Zvonimir Carlos Pilsel who was Josipovic’s first choice for Press Secretary – which until March 2012 was run by a middle aged Serbian American management employee of the State Department, almost certainly a Media Information Operations Officer, from Chicago, who was replaced by a younger Serbian American State Department employee from Chicago that same month?

    13. Will a Kolinda Presidency see a full and thorough Croatian Parliamentary investigation into, and push for an EU investigation into the Hercegovacka Bank armed assault and literal OHR running into the ground under the control of Toby Robinson, which was nothing short than an attack on economic freedom of Croats in B&H, who have frozen accounts and or have to pay up to 50 percent of their accounts to withdraw the balance?

    14. Will the return of the draft and a military reserve forces follow the Swiss or Nordic model, and will ranks at the time of discharge from other NATO military’s be recognized for Croatian citizens who were born, lived or served outside of Croatia be potentially held for those Croats from abroad that would like to serve in Croatia’s reserve forces?

    15. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see the total transparency of ALL non-governmental institutions’ finances with no exceptions, to and include generously SDP government subsidized Documenta?

    16. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see an independent study on to the war on drugs on a cost-and-effect basis, and would the decriminalization of hemp, marijuana and hashish, as well as special tax for them (to finance health prevention programs, including heavy drug use, intravenous drugs, etc.), be an item of consideration?

    17. Would a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency consider a push for non-GMO agronomy for Croatian farmers and farming companies, and, along with industry, see a zero corporate tax for five years with a to be determined incremented increase in tax for corporations or individuals that invest into both green, natural agronomy and the industrial sector? Will her presidency resist the Monstanto and similar lobbies dictats, usually backed by strong Western governments, and prevent the destruction of one of Croatia’s many strategic resources, its soil?

    18. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see the closing of the office of the former President Mesic, and will she prevent such for Josipovic if she wins, and for herself upon serving her term?

    19. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency see a focus on strengthening Croatia’s gold reserves and ensuring Croatia’s currency is gold and not a fiat currency-based?

    20. Will Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic publicly call out President Josipovic for his hiring of national security threat Dejan Jovic, a pseudo-academic who made his career engaging in an endless apologia for Tito’s Yugoslavia and greater Serbian aggression, whose work at and for the Royal Institute of Economic Affairs, a known MI6 media front was removed from the web conveniently prior to his hire, to the most important security position in the office of the presidency?

    21. Would a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency consider to be the start of a graduated decrease in taxes with a flat tax of 15 percent for both individuals and corporations an end goal?

    22. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency push for legislation, such as two years’ without taxes, to stimulate permanent, or partial out-of-the-year, Diaspora returns, especially in formerly occupied and post-war areas?

    23. Will Croatia’s military under a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency be spared from certain powers’ foreign policy neo-imperialist blunder-adventures, such as the lie-based Iraq war, or a military intervention into Syria which would only boost the power of ISIS?

    24. Will a Grabar-Kitarovic Presidency lobby at all levels for the findings of Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Schrader and his seminal work, “The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia, 1992-1994,” to be submitted into evidence and Lt. Col. Dr. Schrader be a witness as it seems it was politics, not law, that prevented both his work and him from appearing at the Plic et. al. trial?


  6. therealamericro says:

    I meant to say Drago Zvonimir Carlos Pilsel – though Hedl as well writes for the State Department’s strategic propaganda site, along with the entirely discredited Boris Pavelic, and the very whiny Josip Ivanovic and teary eyed Sven Mikelic.

    BI is engaged in false advertising and client and reader deception, part of a larger agitprop program that is self-evident, but well hidden.

  7. therealamericro says:

    Mrs. Grabar-Kitarovic, my apologies to her.

  8. Ina, I just want to wish you a belated happy New Year. Again, thank you for your continued dedication towards Croatia. How I wish a light would finally shine on our long-suffering country & Croats worldwide.

    I have a request, from yourself or anyone from this blog willing to take it on – could you translate the article by Dan Rados to Croatian? I would attempt it myself, but I don’t think I could accurately convey everything and it is a very important article to read. Lots of hateful opposition to the article is already seen (because truth hurts), but funnily enough, hardly any strong, factual argument presented against the points brought up, only accusations of Croatian racism and the very unique no-one-ever-thought-of-it-before Ustasha insult.

    • Kat, Happy New Year too – re Dan Rados article I notice it has travelled the world many times over, picked up by many media outlets etc – re translation – if time permits I will try indeed. Cheers

    • therealamericro says:

      Kat the replies are hilarious. Any objective reader can see that Rados hit the nail on the head – hence the fallaciously “reasoned” venom.

      This sensitive topic is something the Croatian media are not touching on of course, outside of small outlets.

      This would be a great rhetorical question for Grabar-Kitarovic to repeat up to the elections, along with how it was possible that Dejan Jovic was ever considered, let alone almost served Josipovic’s entire term, as his Chief Analyst, in addition to paid State Department propagandist Drago Zvonimir Carlos Pilsel, who was writing for Serbian American State Department managed strategic propaganda front engaged in false advertising, Balkan Insight, at the time of Josipovic’s offer, the first choice for his Press Secretary.

      • The truth hurts and the truth dismantles the Yugotopia reality right before the eyes of its cultists. That is why any brutally honest questioning of Croatia’s current reality is met with such hostility, and frantic anti-Croatia spin, but with little factually based arguments to disprove the writings of people such as Rados.

        Of course the Croatian media doesn’t speak – why would they turn on themselves when they can enjoy their ill-gotten power?

        There are certainly many questions I would love to see Grabar-Kitarovic answer with the most honest, brutal of truths (questions you post much better than I could), but in the political climate we find ourselves in today, it will take a more diplomatic approach. Starting to dismantle the leftover Yugoslav power structures which hold Croatia hostage will come with resistance, hostility and venom; it’s a process that will take a strong will, a Croatia-first mindset and absolute lustration.

        Even just thinking about what it’ll take to improve Croatia leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I dread to think about what another five years of Josipovic will do. Political struggle is nothing new for Croatia, but it would be delightful to see some positivity.

      • Check out Pages 12 to 13 Boka CroPress translation of Dan Rados article already published plus analysis & comments added after sub-title “Predsjednikov reizbor”

    • Could a paid placement of the translated article in a leading Croatian daily have an impact on the elections; any strong and well documented article that serves to better Croatia during the elections is a good thing. Count me in for a donation to help pay for the placement.

    • Check out Pages 12 to 13 Boka CroPress translation of Dan Rados article already published plus analysis & comments added after sub-title “Predsjednikov reizbor”

  9. I hope the people return Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic with a huge majority as a sign they want a real Democracy to start in their homeland. I hope she then goes on to show other Countries in the West what a true Democratic country can be like.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  10. Great post and shared here:

  11. Outstanding post.Tudjman laid the foundation for greater future for Croatia,hope 2015 will unite the country to achieve the message.Warm regards.

  12. Happy New Year! Wonderful text as always. I am at a new address Ina,

  13. therealamericro says:

    I think a good start for exposing the infowar / psyop against Croatia that SDP did and still supports, with the endless financing and complicity of the Anglo-American propaganda empire, who framed Lustration as “discrimination” in the 90s and since, would be to submit FOIA requests on all government and nor known government NGO front financing to Balkan Insight – who, while demanding transparency are untransparent about their financing sources – as well as any US government personnel being employed there, and their names and job positions.

    Maybe that would be something Mr. Kuzmanovic and or Mr. Misetic would be interested in. RFERL, SETimes (wholly a EUCOM project) and above all, Balkan Insight, are part of a parallel reality projection and perception management campaign. As well as surveillance (of commentators).

  14. Ina, Happy New Year. Zivjela.

    Did you see this article re. the recent election results and those coming from Bosnia-Herzegovina ?

  15. Hi Ina, I am an Australian citizen living in Sydney. I do also have Croatian citizenship…. am I able to vote on these elections from Australia?

    • Unless you had pre-registered by 17 December you cannot vote this time, Ivan. The buggers have changed the system this time undoubtedly to reduce the number of voters against Josipovic, so they introduced pre-registration for all voters in diaspora while in previous elections one who had no registration of abode in Croatia could simply turn up on election day, not this time. So yes you are eligible to vote but if you did not register by 17 Dec you cannot this time.

  16. Dober dan, Lijepi pozdravi iz SAD.

    This 11 January runoff election follows the 28 December 2014 election. That Croatians must vote in government elections during the Christmas / New Years holiday is a travesty legacy of communist era anti Christian propaganda. All Yugoslav era laws are communist laws and now finally naša domovino Croatians and Croatian diaspora must elect, NOW, democracy government leadership to challenge these Yugoslav era communist laws!

    I lived in Croatia most of 2009-12 and I personally know both 11 Sijecznj President candidates and have carefully considered that, in 2015, five years since previous election, Croatia is a significantly different nation. Thus, I have concluded that Kolinda’s election is now critically appropriate to advance international awareness and interest in Croatia as a best choice destination for tourist travel, business investment and political support.

    I am currently preparing a 2015-16 Croatia promotion project so heartfelt that it will mobilize all US Croatian diaspora (and worldwide) also with HR national media boosting enthusiasm & proactive events. It will enhance US recognition of Croatia as a world-class destination with attaining new demand for Croatian export products (also halved HR VAT taxes). Also, by 2017, to achieve Croatia is included in the USA Visa Waiver Program (VWP)! I invite your interest with follow my progress.—Stivan-Cres-Croatia.html
    For other info: Google search my name.
    Also FYI, my company imports Osječko pivo to USA.
    Sve najbolje tebi i tvojima,
    Connor Vlakancic – Coalitions Director

    • Thank you on the comment, Connor! Totally agree, Kolinda is placed best for the reasons you say and much more! Cheers and let’s vote in or support change and progress for Croatia 😀

  17. Just put this post on and add link back to your post here: It is here:

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