Croatia: Communist Yugoslavia Apologetics Get Crossed With President Over Tito

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic President of Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
President of Croatia


As expected, Croatia’s die-hard communists have attempted to cause mayhem among the Croatian public during the past week as their bitter reactions to the eviction of Tito’s bust from the Office of the President clearly signify that Tito’s followers are far from ready to confront the communist crimes and atrocities committed by Tito’s totalitarian regime after WWII and into the 1980’s. They’d rather pull imaginary fascists out of their hats and continue dividing the nation on lies. Truth doesn’t fill their pockets, lies do!


The first reaction, the day after Tito’s bust was shipped to the museum in the village of his birth, Kumrovec, was the announcement of the Union of antifascists in Croatia (SABA) that they did not want president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic as sponsor of their celebrations of 70th anniversary of WWII victory and said that by removing Tito’s bust from her office (The Presidential Palace) she had renounced the anti-fascist struggle of the Croatian people! President Grabar-Kitarovi responded to this saying that she “is sorry to hear that SABA has made such a choice, but that it is their right and she respects it”.
President Grabar-Kitarovic also pointed out that in her work she would continue to represent anti-fascism, but that she would never agree with equating of the entire anti-fascist movement in Croatia with Josip Broz Tito, whom she considered to be a dictator. And the latter stand, of course, is commensurate with the European Council resolution regarding the condemnation of crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, including the communist Yugoslavia totalitarian regime under Tito.


Bravo – President Grabar-Kitarovic!


Actually, I think SABA did her an enormous favour by saying they do not want her sponsorship at the 70th anniversary of WWII victory for, had they not done that, she may have been placed in a situation where she would herself need to refuse such sponsorship (?), thus creating more room for the die-hard communists to criticise her without any regard to the truth behind her eventual need to refuse the sponsorship. After all, those who will celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII victory are those who will, undoubtedly, celebrate Josip Broz Tito as their leader at the time and she has already said she considered Tito to have been a dictator. Who wants to celebrate a dictator? Those who do not like nor want democracy, for sure!


It’s indisputable that Tito had a strong role during WWII that contributed significantly in the region to the victory SABA aims to celebrate. However, once WWII ended Tito set about creating his personal tyranny, a dictatorship within the communist Yugoslavia, which did not recognise human rights as anything else but an invention of the imperialist West; mass murders of those rejecting his communism during the first three to five years ensued, then communist purges that involved murders, assassinations or imprisonment of innocent people lasted for decades to earn him a place among top ten murders of the20th century in the world! Indeed, president Grabar-Kitarovic seems rather mild to the memory of Tito by calling his merely a dictator.


Tito never wanted a Croatian independent state, he fought against it during WWII and he fought against it afterwards – his life’s work was creating and fiercely maintaining Yugoslavia. Hence, the creation of independent Croatia during 1990’s by the will, determination and great sacrifice of the Croatian people, represents the death of socialist communist Yugoslavia and the greatest defeat of Tito’s ideals and his life’s work. Tito’s bust has absolutely no place in the office of the Croatian president.


Then came Sunday last and a founding meeting of a new Antifascist league in Croatia headed by Yugo-nostalgics Zoran Pusic (brother of current foreign minister and director of board of NGO Documenta, set up to deal with the past but not communist crimes past) and Vesna Terselic, also from Documenta and if one is to judge by what ensued during that meeting the new antifascist league has one aim and one aim only: to further escalate tensions within the Croatian public by continuing to point fingers at non-existent fascists in Croatia. As expected, they were supported by the ex-president Ivo Josipovic and other few public figures – Tito and communist Yugoslavia lovers, deniers of communist crimes or, better said, justifiers of mass murders and communist purges all in the name of their, false, anti-fascism. True anti-fascism has no history of genocide, of mass murders of mass purges of innocent people from society, from the face of the Earth in multitudes of cases.


They will wage wars against imaginary fascists in Croatia,” said Igor Peternel, vice-president of the Croatian arm of the Helsinki Committee, and hence concoct such grounds on the basis of which the new antifascist league will apply for government funding.


To say that there is an increase of fascism (as the new antifascist league says) just because the president has removed the bust (of Tito) from her office is ludicrous. That is a total idiocy and a sharpening of the situation in society and raising the level of tension, and that is what they want. That is so impertinent,” said Peternel.


On Monday 23 March 2015 President Grabar-Kitarovic reiterated her position on Tito and antifascists for a Croatian radio program: “As far as I am concerned, the Office of the President was no longer the place for the bust of Tito, he is a dictator and that is indisputable,” she said, adding that she will always oppose equating Tito with antifascists, that is, with anti-Hitler coalition from WWII, She emphasised that members of her family were antifascists during WWII but that they were not communists nor had they equated their WWII fight with what was happening after 1945.”
And so, with the eviction of his bust from the Office of the President, somewhat renewed waves of vigour the spirit of Josip Broz Tito have made a controversial return to Croatia in the form of new antifascist league, renewed witch hunt against dedication to Croatian freedom and democracy, that lavishes fawning praise by the communist die-hard persons on the late dictator who choose to ignore the horrors of communist crimes committed under his leadership and, after his death in 1980, under the direction of the system he set up until late 1980’s.


Perhaps it’s wasn’t just attempting to drum-up business when the Croatian minister for economy headed a 100-member delegation to Russia in February, while the EU and the USA slammed sanctions against it because of Ukraine crisis? Perhaps it was also to check out first hand how Vladimir Putin gets away with moves to rehabilitate Joseph Stalin whose dark legacy was painstakingly removed in the late 1950s along with other pro-Stalin propaganda after then Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev denounced Stalin for his murderous purges and cult of personality?


At the end of the day, Croatia can feel blessed for having as it’s president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic who has the courage and know-how to address both the good and the bad, determined to help bring the country onto a path of clear vision and democratic stepping stones towards a better future for all. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


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  2. Ina
    Croatia is finding its way and given the very difficult history this isn’t easy but justice will prevail.

    Once again, a fine sharing.
    Thank You

    Big Hugs


    • Yes, John – not easy – but given time justice does prevail and there is ample patience and good will there for democracy and freedom of any kind of oppression. Hugs 🙂

  3. annathrax says:

    Its surprising how many ‘Croats’ out there would actually prefer a whole yugoslavia. We have alot of them here in Perth. Bloody commos as my dido would say! Lol. I remember as a kid in thr 90s a ‘croatian’ boy at school, who freqeuented the yugo friendly “dalmatinac club” came up to me in his red star belgrade shirt and told me “your side is going to lose, i hope all your family dies”. Guess who is the biggest cro at the cro club now?? I always shoot him daggers and tell everyone who knows him that story so they all know what he and his family used to wish for!

    • Am quite aware of similar situations, Anna including the Perth “Yugo” club – it them quite a long time to accept that Yugoslavia was no more and then they became huge Croats…well, one is grateful that they did finally see the truth

      • annathrax says:

        Perhaps…. I still remember the tension back as a kid. At least they saw the truth, but if we were to revert back to communism or a United Yugo how quick would these people turn their back on Croatia?

      • In a jiffy, I bet, Anna – sadly – for them of course for they know not the true love and loyalty

    • Haha Annathrax, In VIC we used the call the Perth Yugo’s who became overnight Cro’s, Pepsi’s because they were not the real thing. (In relation to Coca-Cola being the real cola drink). In 89 as an 18 year old we went to Perth with friend and so a club from memory called Spearswood Dalamatinac. We thought oh well being Dalmo’s we will go in for a drink only to see Tito’s picture behind the bar. We all looked at each other and walked out. cheers

      • In August 1991 one of the Yugo clubs in Sydney after many months of resisting to take down Yugo flag and put up the Croatian one finally did it, then after a few days there was that Soviet coup d’état attempt and the Sydney club quickly took down the Croatian flag thinking the commies will achieve success in Russia with the coup, when it did not succeed a couple of days later the Sydney Yugo club took the Yugo flag down and raised the Croatian one – a point of example in this story of clubs

      • annathrax says:

        Hahaha that’s the club I’m talking about! I live 5 minutes down the road from it, but have never ever been in! North Fremantle is the real CRO club! I love that you called them Pepsi’s! Lol. It’s crazy, but when Perth Croatia played Spearwood Dallies in soccer, there would always be brawls and fights! Is it just Perth that have these Yugos?? Don’t you have them in VIC too? Cheers!

      • Zezevica says:

        annathrax, we had them in VIC too. In the old NSL days when Melb Cro would play Footscray JUST, we would not pay entrance to the games at the Yugp’s home ground. We would park away from the ground and walk to Schintler Reserve(Yugo’s home ground) and jump the fence. Also, you would not spend a cent there. Die of thirst or BYO haha.

  4. From facebook comments: Our wise President has used very gentle, un-divisive words in this issue. She is entirely right not to equate the anti-fascist movement in Croatia with Tito who in reality simply replaced the fascism of the swastika with the fascism of the red star. A frog is a frog still no matter what name you want to say. Fascism is the same. If it hops like fascism and it croaks like fascism it is still fascism even if you want to say that it is communism.

  5. The Croatian President is showing great leadership. Tito belongs with Yugoslavian ideals not those of a free Croatia. She’s quite right to point out that you could be anti-fascist without being a communist or Tito’s version of one. People should be proud of Croatia and what it’s achieving in he spirit of a democracy and especially now under a l;eader who seems to have the good f the Country to heart for the future and is not dwelling in the past. These attempts to destabilise her by those who lost elections should go to ensure that people never vote for them again.
    xxx Huge Hugs Ina xxx

    • The great advantage of this president, David, is that she had spent time either studying or working abroad where democratic considerations and clear thinking without personality cults were/are the go, so that is also visible now – a person who knows democracy will live it too. Yes, opposition will still be great in the former communist society where still many can’t let go but given time I pray and hope the past will let go. Hugs back

  6. Ante Saric says:

    I grew up in Perth and saw first hand how the Ustasha-Partisan rivalry devastated our community.
    I don’t know if you recall but a book was written about “Yugoslavs in the Swan Valley”.
    The Swan Valley, for those not in the know, is a famous wine growing region in Perth and many vineyards are owned by Croatians. My family included.
    In that book the words Croat and Croatians were not mentioned. The author said we were “Yugoslavs from Dalmatia”. Indeed, the club in the Swan Valley was called “Brotherhood and Unity”.
    Those Croats who were fanatical Yugolavs did our community and their children immense damage.
    It is incredible to see how easily people can be seduced by lies and propaganda. What is disconcerting is how many of those “Yugoslavs” remain unrepentant.
    It should be added that when the Serbo-Croat war started in 1990 the vast majority of Croats in the Swan Valley rallied to the cause.

    • Well presented Ante, very similar occurrences in other countries as well – and very true many are still not accepting that Yugoslavia is no more

  7. Ivo Pivo says:

    ‘Who wants to celebrate a dictator? Those who do not like nor want democracy, for sure!’.

    Cannot this stance also be applied to those who refuse to celebrate the WWII anniversary? Isn’t their refusal a tacit statement to being supporters of the dictator Ante Pavelic and his Nazi puppet state NDH.

    Someone whose crimes (documented) far exceeded those of Tito. Not only did he participate in mass-murder of the people in the region but he also gave away chunks of Croatian land to like-minded fascist Italy.

    It’s hilarious how ‘nationalist Croats’ will celebrate an individual who gave away their land and the not the one who repossessed their land (Tito).

    I am not Croatian but I am married to a Croatian and I’ve been told by my wife’s family about the delusion of the Croatian diaspora.

    It seems to make sense why Croatians in Croatia are seeking to forbid the diaspora from voting in their elections. Many Croatians in Croatia respect Tito and revile Pavelic. This won’t change no matter how hard the diaspora tries – just look at how poorly HSP polls.

    • Ivo Pilar, perhaps you need to read a little better – it’s not that Tito should not be celebrated for WWII victory as he did play a significant role in that BUT it’s what he did after WWII that is far, far worse that the total number of those murdered under “Pavelic” – the numbers are larger under Tito of innocent people killed or tortured etc. Your wife’s family does not really know anything about the real diaspora it seems – it’s no different to the population that lives in Croatia: there are those pro-Pavelic, those pro-Tito and those that do not accept or follow Pavelic or Tito. Your wife’s family sound as though they could have taken the spin communist UDBA or Mesic in more recent history have been telling people – brainwashing – about diaspora. The Croatians seeking to ban diaspora from voting are very short-sighted and omit to see that diaspora deserves to vote with its funding support, investments, property ownership etc and not to say that every government is inviting diaspora to return and bring its money, pensions etc there – so why would “I” want to bring my money there if I cannot have a say in advance by voting what kind of Croatia I too want?

    • threalamericro says:

      Ivo Pivo you seem to have conveniently forgotten:

      a) Tito’s wartime atrocities committed by Partisans – in fact, a good, if not majority of the deaths on the territory of NDH were a result of Partisan Serb vs. Chetnik Serb tit-for-tat massacres of villages of “the other side.”
      b) Wartime and post-war mass murders by OZNA.
      c) Cold War suppression of democracy, forced Yugoslavization (declaration of the invented fantasy “Serbo-Croat” language in Novi Sad in 1954, suppression of the Croatian spring, verbal delikt laws, etc.) and wholesale state sponsored terrorism against dissidents both domestic and emigre, not to mention the tens of thousands of political trials and prosecutions for thought crimes against the painted rust economy and one party totalitarian state.
      d) Tito’s “creds” in the Black Book of Communism.

      Insinuating that anyone who is for the removal of the genocidal locksmith’s hideous bust from the office of the presidency is automatically for Pavelic, is patently absurd. Ignoring Tito’s selling of Hercegbosna after the war is childish, and broad-brushing the entire Diaspora is down right dumb.

      You mention the drive to prevent the Diaspora from voting – this is a reality, and it is spearheaded by the politicians and faux “humanitarians” under the primitive “argument” that if one doesn’t pay taxes in Croatia, that means they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This of course does not apply to the SRAO “Krajina” self-exodused folks who are put on buses to vote for Croatian every local, county and national election – at the expense of all Croatian taxpayers. And the theory is itself absurd as all of the unemployed Croats, who are unfortunately in very large numbers in proportion to the total workforce and population, would be forbidden to vote.

      Those waging the Yugoslav socialist ultra-nationalist (ultra-nationalist-socialist) legal and rhetorical jihad against the Diaspora are those who are apologists for Tito.

      You mention HSP – HSP and its offshoots have all reformed and given up on wasting time rehabilitating Pavelic, fyi – and their dismal support in Croatia, yet fail to mention their dismal support in the Diaspora, which discredits your “delusion of the Croatian Diaspora.”

      That Diaspora saw their “delusion” become a reality 1990-1999.

      The Diaspora played a major role in Croatia’s defensive war for independence, providing volunteers, lobbying, humanitarian aid and other assistance while the Soros-USAID-Foreign Office-State Department professional Tito / Yugoslavia / Milosevic apologists like Vesna Terselic and Zoran Pusic were equating genocidal greater Serbian aggression with Croatia’s legal, just, moral and nearly spotless defensive war effort.

      The bottom line is that the EU states have already passed a declaration denouncing the crimes of fascism, Nazism AND Commmunism. Those opposing the hideous eyesore’s removal are anti-European and anti-Democratic.

  8. Michael P. says:

    From Facebook comments: It took 20 years to have finally brave president of Croatia, who removed Tito’s bust (statue) from Presidential Palace. To remind You, Tito was Yugoslav dictator and one of ten worse criminal in the world, along wit Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Ze Tung, Hitler Franco….he was responsible for massacre and killing of over a million mostly innocent people during and after Second World War. European Parliament few years ago issued declaration, that communist regime was equal to fascist, but in Croatia there is now communist government ruling, and they do everything to protect communist criminals and refused to extradite them to German courts, where many Croatians were murdered by Tito’s UDBA (secret police) from 1945 to 1989. Thank You madame President, Croatian people will be thankful for justice will be done at last.

  9. I have lately been having the thought run through my head that I am in the middle of some fairy tale world, that I fell through some rabbit hole into wonderland and the Alice is standing there, shaking her head and saying “curiouser and curiouser!” Curiouser indeed, once you think you know all the various sets and subsets to be found in the Croatian strata – up pops another!
    OK, now if I understand correctly, when we are speaking about WWII (1941 to 1945):

    Ustase/domobrani who were on the side of Poglavnik Dr. Ante Pavelic/Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska (Independent State of Croatia) who were fighting to obtain and retain Croatian Independence. Predominantly Croatian/Bosnian/Herzegovian in national character.

    Partisans who were on the side of Marshal Tito/Yugoslavian National Liberation Army under the Communist Party of Yugoslavia who did not want Croatian independence, who were fighting to obtain and retain Yugoslavia. Multi-ethnic(Yugoslav) in national character, at the beginning of the war, predominantly Serb.

    Chetniks who were on the s/ide of Draza Mihailovic who were fighting to obtain and retain a “Greater Serbia”, a Serbian utopia consisting of expansionism (land grabbing) and ethnic homogeneousness (Serbian ethnic purity): who at various times and in various locations were fighting Partisans and Ustase and German/Italian occupiers. They were the true Collaborationists of the war using whoever and whatever to get them closer to their territorial aims. Predominantly Serbian in national character and monarchists by ideology.

    German and Italian fascist forces who were on the side of Hitler/Mussolini to further their respective fascist territorial aims through warfare and occupation.

    Now we hear from a new subset of the Croatian wartime experience, those that were antifascists but were also, apparently anti -Tito! Those who fighting the fascists (Germans and Italians) in Croatia and were also fighting Tito??? Where did these militants come from? Under whose flag were they fighting? To whom did they swear allegiance? Why has their bravery during the war not been heard of until now? It must have been quite a feat to have fought both Tito and the Germans/Italians. They must have been quite large in number to have been able to fight on both fronts, two different enemies – so it is baffling that not one word has been published about these brave Croatian souls. Of course during the Yugoslav era, it is understandable that those who opposed Tito would not be heard of or from, but here we are, 23 years into the age of modern Croatia and not once did I hear of a Croatian protest of “Antifascists against Tito” or “Antifascists against Communism” or “Antifascists against Yugoslavia” . Who is kidding who? This is yet another feeble and naïve attempt by those who fought against NDH and who slaughtered Croatians by the hundreds of thousands, to now, when the tide has turned, predominantly due to EU pressure, to try and justify the unjustifiable and try to push the Reset button. I propose this is yet another fabrication and manipulation of historical facts in order to suit one’s own political or political party’s objectives. When it is not now fashionable to be a Titoist, well lets now attempt to create a new strata of Croatians who were fighting the fascists (which as we all know could only mean the Germans and Italians,right?) and were also fighting the Partisans? fighting the Communists? fighting against any form of Yugoslav state? Let us see who is gullible enough to swallow this garbage?

    • Things were not as black/white when it comes to WWII and particularly with domobrani (Home Guards) whose role was to defend the new independent state of Croatia after the collapse of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and not all supported Pavelic and his executive army of ustashe … not all partisans supported Tito’s communist inclinations…perhaps now is the time when the actual history slowly reveals itself. One thing is for sure that those domobrans who remained in that home guard force, and did not defect to partisans, did actually love the idea of free Croatia and hence fought to protect it from external and internal enemies and often suffered unjustly …

    • threalamericro says:

      QUOTE: Predominantly Croatian/Bosnian/Herzegovian in national character. ENDQUOTE

      What is a Bosnian or Herzegovinian? One is either Croat, Serb, or Bosniak/Muslim. They come from Bosnia or Herzegovina, but are always their nationality before region.

      Not to say there aren’t Muslim Croats, there are in very small, miniscule numbers in B&H and in certain geographic areas, but I’ve never heard Bosnian or Herzegovinian to be a nationality. Maybe I am misreading.

      In terms of WWII antifascism, Kolinda’s family fought for the Partisans because of the Italian massacres / violent cultural imperialism and dictatorship imposed on them, and all Croats in Rijeka, Istra, Kvarner and some of the Islands. In fact, there was a major massacre of Croats in Lopaca in 1941. Large numbers of Croats fought for the Partisans from this region – and like Kolinda’s family, never joined the party and were never Yugoslavs ideologically, politically or spiritually.

      The paradigm provided by the Communists who defend Tito at every turn was, and remains, a false paradigm premised off of lies, manipulation and suppression of evidence.

      Anyone who is a true anti-fascist cannot justify Tito or his degenerate regime and painted rust failed economy based off of lavish Cold War loans and failed one-party system.

      The so-called “anti-fascist league” is, and its supporters and sympathizers are, in reality, anti-democratic, pro-dictatorship, pro-dictator (Tito), and pro-failed economy. Also quite openly greater Serbian apologist. Quite un-European.

    • threalamericro says:

      Here is one for the self-glorifying Titoists parading as “antifascists” to consider: Considering the Ustashe and Domobrani fought against the Chetniks and VJ, who adopted Stevan Moljevic’s “Homogenija Srbija” (Homogeneous Serbia) genocidal outline, and carried out a genocidal campaign of terror and mass murder of non-Serbs the duration of the war, wouldn’t that make them anti-fascists as well?

  10. Dang Commies are now running amok in the American government!

  11. When I visited what was then Yugoslavia, Tito was reigning. I have never seen sadder faces on people’s faces. It was heart breaking.

  12. your thoughts are very interesting!!!!

  13. Re. Tito. (From historian Zvonimir Despot’s facebook page in relation to a photo of a pit filled with piles of bones):
    “For anyone who nostalgically recalls ” Tito ” and considers him a good guy please take a look at this gruesome picture. These are the remains of 726 soldiers, civilians, men, women and children, subordinates to Tito and the Yugoslav-communists. These souls were buried alive in the Barbara Pit mine in Huda Jama, present day Slovenia. They did even receive a ‘dignified’ death by way of a bullet but they were dumped in this pit alive and left to die of hunger or suffocation. Again, among the victims were women and small children! All the so-called “economic miracles of Yugoslavia” cannot erase this war crime and others like it. Anyone who says that everyone lived wonderfully in Yugoslavia, let them remember the children, women and men whose bones you see in this image. They never had the change to enjoy this “Yugoslav heaven.”
    (Note too: this mass grave is one of thousands of mass graves across the former Yugoslavia, where Tito’s Yugoslav communists executed their victims. Where is the outcry? Where are the trials? None of the perpetrators faced trials and lived freely and very well after World War 2.)

    • The chapter dealing with Tito’s acts in RJ Rummel book “Death by Government” is titled “1,072,000 Murdered: Tito’s Slaughterhouse” – speaks for quite a bit on the mass murderer. And as to economy there was no “economic miracle of Yugoslavia” – most was funded by foreign loans as Tito played both East and West until the well dried and economy came to +1000% inflation in 1980’s, shop shelves empty, car petrol tanks filled on rosters of even/odd number plates, electricity switched off by days area by area etc etc

      • Absolutely Ina. Hence Despot’s words in “quotations.” Again his point is to point out the evils of Tito’s regime and how his lunatic supporters to this day continue to support him. Yugoslavia and Tito’s regime killed were pure evil.

      • I reckon Erica, his supporters of today may hide a fear and denial that their father, mother, grandparents, brother, sister, they themselves actually contributed to these crimes and as human nature would have it people usually get stuck in denial and cover-up rather than owning up to guilt or part in it

  14. Velebit says:

    “What is a Bosnian or Herzegovinian? One is either Croat, Serb, or Bosniak/Muslim. They come from Bosnia or Herzegovina, but are always their nationality before region.

    Not to say there aren’t Muslim Croats, there are in very small, miniscule numbers in B&H and in certain geographic areas, but I’ve never heard Bosnian or Herzegovinian to be a nationality. Maybe I am misreading.””

    I did have second thoughts about using that terminology, but it was only my attempt to capture the encompassing nature of NDH for those readers who might not be aware of the actual geographic boundaries of the territory.
    Secondly, I was speaking to that time period when there was no such ethnicity as “Bosniak” – in the modern day sense of the term. Today Bosniak is used to describe an Ethnic group predominantly Muslim in religious character sharing a common Bosnian Culture and Bosnian Language.( While I have grave misgivings with recognizing the politicization of such a group, that is for another writing). I believe that in NDH there was no such ethnicity. There were either predominantly Croatian or Serb nationalities ( of course with the exception of the many other ethnic minorities which lived in NDH) who were predominantly either Catholic/Christian or Muslim in religious affiliation. We have to remember that the term “Bosniak” has existed for centuries, centuries before Ottoman rule and therefore centuries before any Muslimization of those Slavs (either Serbs or Croats) who lived in B.&H. When and why the term “Bosniak” began to be used in the modern day sense of the word is a matter of debate, but it is a fact that Croatian Muslims did support NDH as did Croatian Catholics/Christians, in the majority. Bosnia and Hercegovina were provinces in NDH as were Lika, Slavonia, Dalmatia etc. I agree with you that Bosnian and Hercegovinian were not and are not nationalities and I will go even further. I propose for your consideration that the use of the modern day terminology of Bosniak is a result of the last 70 years of communist conditioning which encouraged/developed another demographic division within Bosnia in order to ensure that Yugoslavia remained intact.

    • I agree with you Velebit however there have been people I have met in the past and still come across who call themselves either Herzegovinians or Bosnians but that does not distinguish them in ethnic ways – Bosniak of course are Muslims from B & H as they like to be called

      • Long gone it seems are the days when Muslims called themselves Croats by nationality and Muslim by religion. This existed as we all know. Sadly many ‘Bosniaks’ insist they are not Croat and of course being Muslim is not a nationality. Even during WW2 and prior people stated they were either Croatian or Serbian by nationality a but their religion could be anything from Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox or Jewish. We live in a day when ‘Bosnian’ is considered a language which is as silly as saying one speaks Canadian, Australian or American when we speak English. Sadly politics seems to sway historic facts in BiH. Many Croatian Muslim served in NDH but few historians, particularly Bosniak ones, will ever admit this. Sad. But true. When people talk about Srebrenica being the greatest slaughter of Muslims in Europe in the 20th century, they are greatly mistaken, it was actually Bleiburg and the Death marches post May-1945 perpetrated by Tito and his Partisans.
        But how many of today’s Bosniaks or Yugoslavs know this or will ever admit to it? It doesn’t fit in the neat narrative spewed for years.
        Every year there is always a high-ranking Catholic bishop AND Muslim representative at Bleiburg in Austria commemorating this post WW2 war crime.
        And I am certain there will be many this year for the 70th anniversary.
        Ina, I am expecting a great blog from you then in May.
        Blessings to you.

      • Well put Erica, swapping religion for ethnicity is quite unnatural in my books. As far as May is concerned yes indeed I plan to write about the slaughters of Croats.

  15. Most impressed with your blogs Ina and you know your stuff, so I would dearly love to get your comments on this link in light of your support for Kolinda. Is she being used by NATO to build a bridge of no return?.

    • Thank you ZA, much appreciate your feedback. Regarding South-Eastern Europe and extending EU and NATO membership to Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro … addressed in the article linked through your comment it’s obvious that Grabar-Kitarovic stands behind either extension of memberships or consolidation and consolidation can occur through various bodies and focus groups etc. I would personally see such consolidation as a significant move of that part of Europe away from Russia’s political influences and interests. I don’t think NATO is using Grabar-Kitarovic, I think that, in light of Ukraine crisis and increasing tensions between Russia and the EU and USA, she is placed in a situation where there is little choice or, rather, where the South Eastern Europe scales need to tip towards EU rather than towards East/Russia. Croatia is a NATO member state and as such it needs to act in the interests of that organisation or withdraw membership, which of course is easier said than done.

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