Suffocating Refugees and Illegal Migrants Avalanche Heading Croatia’s Way

Refugees and illegal migrants making their way from Greece to Macedonia to continue into EU Photo: AP Photos/ Sakis Mitrolidis

Refugees and illegal migrants making their
way from Greece to Macedonia
to continue into EU
Photo: AP Photos/ Sakis Mitrolidis

Countless thousands of refugees and illegal migrants from war-torn Syria, Iraq and other Middle East territory, Africa… are reaching Europe via Greece and Italy as points of entry in particular. According to interviews published on all world’s media all those coming from Greece across Macedonia and Serbia and Hungary are intent on making it to Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom… they know where they want to go and expect to succeed in it, trampling over and destabilising European countries they cross towards their desired destination.

Refugees and illegal migrants of today appear to have expectations that they will reach their desired destination and stay there. How very different from the refugees fleeing WWII Europe – most were happy to wait in refugee camps and go to a country offered to them. Personal preferences played little part.

Refugees and illegal migrants reaching border of Macedonia from Greece August 2015

Refugees and illegal migrants
reaching border of Macedonia
from Greece August 2015

Today, we are seeing a humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes, a political crisis and a standard of living crisis of those living in the countries where this is occurring. We witness a great deal of criticisms directed to the countries or individuals for seemingly failing to assist or for using caution in allowing total strangers into their towns, countries etc. We have seen force being used at the Macedonian border with Greece against the refugees and illegal migrants; tear gas used to send them back to Greece…and then let them trough, or they break through police lines, in order to reach other countries where they want to go.

Train station in Gevgelija, Macedonia Refugees and illegal migrants wait transportation

Train station in Gevgelija, Macedonia
Refugees and illegal migrants wait transportation

While doing everything within its power and control on a humanitarian base to assist the needy, to my view, countries have a moral obligation in protecting their borders especially when it’s known that there are most likely many Islamic State affiliates or fighters or supporters among them. And who can assure me that this is not a strategy to strengthen the IS within Europe? Please do if you can with certainty.
Croatia, has so far avoided the avalanche simply due to its geographical position. But, after Hungary builds its 174 Km, 4-meter high border wall with Serbia, Croatia becomes an alternative route for the entry of refugees into the Schengen Area. Croatian government has been saying all past week that it has a strategy how to care for refugees and illegal migrants and has begun preparations in the event that refugees and illegal migrants start entering Croatia en masse.
According to HRT TV news from 21 August 2015 “Croatia has enough facilities from Ilok to Dubrovnik that can accommodate immigrants if it is needed. There should be no problems as far as the accommodation of refugees is concerned. State Office for Property Management has a list of fifteen potential facilities which can be quickly put into operation if it is required“, said Mladen Pejnovic, director of the Office of Government Owned Property Management.

There are, according to Pejnovic, about 15 disused large objects that can be fixed and ready for use fairly quickly, if required. The majority of these facilities are former, now disused, army barracks, coastal resorts with unresolved ownership issues, as well as facilities, which Croatia received according to the agreements on succession of the former Yugoslavia.

While a will to help the needy is a gesture we should all follow, this declaration by Croatia’s government certainly seems most irresponsible, as it does not address the reality pressing upon Croatia’s own people and indeed the population of other European countries caught in this avalanche of fear, misery and instability. Croatian government announcement of having enough space to house refugees fails to address the safety of Croatian people and alarms raised in Schengen Zone countries, such as Germany, regarding behaviour of some EU countries not taking their “share” of refugees and illegal migrants. It, also, lacks criticism towards the UN for failing miserably at pooling resources of all UN member countries and establishing safe, clean and decent refugee camps at agreed sites across various countries.
This way, fear and uncertainty and human misery seem to be the only “currencies” UN is interested in.


Germany's Angela Merkel

Germany’s Angela Merkel

Germany has called on Britain to take more of a share of migrants coming into Europe. Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said along with other countries it needed to be ‘more aware’ of its responsibilities as a member of the European Union. He made his call for the British to welcome more refugees after it was revealed Germany expects to receive 800,000 asylum applications this year – more than all 28 EU countries combined in 2014. Britain is not of the Schengen area of 26 European countries that have removed all border checks and passport controls between each other. It has an opt-out on taking part in a scheme to distribute migrants arriving into the EU between different countries and has so far refused.

Mirela Holy

Mirela Holy

Back in Croatia, Mirela Holy, leader of The Sustainable Development of Croatia (ORaH) a small green party and member of Croatian parliament has Saturday, 22 August 2015, sent to Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, and his government, an open letter regarding a refugee wave that has swamped the Balkans, calling on him to present a strategic plan for refugees, if his government had one, and to explain to the public how it would be implemented, reported HRT TV news on Saturday.
She also asked the PM how much budget funding had been set aside for the accommodation of refugees and their basic supplies and whether Croatian intelligence services cooperated with other countries’ services to efficiently prevent the infiltration of terrorists traveling with refugees, as well as how the government planned to prevent possible acts of terrorism and whether the security aspect of the crisis was being considered at all.
She said that the refugee crisis was a consequence of conflicts in Syria and other countries in the Middle East and that the exodus of a large number of people from those areas was expected to continue if no peace and security was established there.
Holy added that considering the fact that this was unlikely to happen without an international intervention led by the UN, Milanovic should inform the public about the government’s position on securing peace and stability in those regions militarily.
The EU has warned that it is currently facing ‘the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War’. Its border agency Frontex has said some 340,000 migrants have arrived already this year.
This is an emergency situation for Europe that requires all EU member states to step in to support the national authorities who are taking on a massive number of migrants at its borders,” said Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri.
Frontex has called on member states to provide additional equipment and people to support our operations in Greece and in Hungary and the European Commission has approved national programmes to provide significant financial assistance to the Member States to address these challenges,” he added.

A member of the Macedonian special police forces holds a baby as migrants try to cross into Macedonia near the southern city of Gevgelija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 22 August 2015 Photo: EPA/Georgi Licovski

A member of the Macedonian
special police forces holds a baby
as migrants try to cross into Macedonia
near the southern city of Gevgelija,
22 August 2015
Photo: EPA/Georgi Licovski

Croatia has at all times been willing to assist and take a quota of refugees (550 was the most recent number confirmed by the government) but I believe that the government’s announcement of having adequate space in disused objects to receive refugees and illegal migrants may be deceitful (as no limit to numbers these objects can take are mentioned) and encourage the avalanche to start falling on Croatia much before Hungary builds its announced border fence. It’s a shame we haven’t heard more about the plan or strategy Croatia’s government has developed to contribute in dealing with this humanitarian crisis, but I too suspect it hasn’t got a tight strategy. And it must! People in Europe are torn between the instinct to offer shelter and help to those in need and the instinct to shut the borders, lock the doors, while the leaders portray no unity in this crisis that’s threatening all – no one seems to be helping the other and no major UN Security Council meeting on this at the horizon. This is not a passing storm or an avalanche that will come quickly and dissipate just as fast. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Some wise words there Ina, that unfortunately, the morally righteous left will proclaim as being racist or xenophobic because of course, why should they give a damn about the security of a nation? They haven’t before, they won’t now. Hell, they’ll welcome and and everyone, as long as that anyone and everyone will become part of their voter base eventually.

    If possible, European countries need to look at housing the current wave of refugees in actual refugee camps, just like Bosnian refugees were housed in Croatia in the 1990s. Give them access to basic human needs and healthcare, but not guaranteed welfare for life/citizenship/permanent residency. If security is a big concern, issue passes to the refugees who want or need to exit the the camps. Of course, bleeding hearts will call that immoral, but the concerns of native citizens must come first. As you mentioned Ina, the UN needs to look into establishing safe refugee camps, but the UN seems to have selective compassion and outrage. They’ll pick and choose and what they care about.

    These refugees need a helping hand until their home country stabilises or they gain residency in a country where they wish to reside – most want to reside in Western Europe. They don’t want to stay in the Balkans, so why should they be towed off for the Balkans to deal with? A helping hand is fine, special treatment at the expense of the wishes and concerns of Croats, Macedonians, Hungarians, Greeks, etc, isn’t.

    • I cannot feel compassion for a “refugee” crying out, at protest of lack of help “if this is Europe I’m going back to Syria!” I saw and heard that on news this week and straight away I thought of our “parents” escaping the oppression of communism, then those escaping horrors of WWII, then WWI Europe etc – they never even dreamed of being choosy – grateful for any help… Some might say making sure we are safe, while helping those in need, is racist but they need to turn around themselves and look – protests and fear everywhere and especially because, as you say, there doesn’t seem to be anything temporary about these refugees – most seem intent on staying in a country of their choice. Our children can’t! So yes help but equality would be nice and good reasoning would be even better

      • Absolutely Ina. Don’t like what Europe offers? Then go back wherever you want to, Europe doesn’t own you anything, especially not tiny, barely functioning countries like Croatia. No compassion for people who feel entitled to Europe’s resources at the expense of Europeans. No compassion for those who want special treatment from Europeans, but refuse to assimilate. No compassion for those who come to European countries, but claim it is the European countries who’ve wronged them or made them miserable, when they don’t hold their own leaders responsible for the instability in their society.

        Being a refugee should not entitle you to special treatment. Think of how many Bosnian families went through living in a refugee camp and taking WHATEVER help Croatia would give. You went to whatever refugee complex you were told to go to. You took whatever meals were given. You were happy enough with the basic education/healthcare for your children. You were grateful when charities donated clothing. No protests about not being given enough. Just grateful enough to take whatever Croatia could provide back then, and then doing the hard work to either make a life for yourself in Croatia, or get a visa to another country. And that was hard work, but people who were left with nothing managed to do it back then. What is so different now? Refugees back then knew they were not equal with the native citizens, but accepted that and moved on. What’s going on today?

      • Requirement for assimilation died a long time ago, Kat, and perhaps in many aspects that is a good thing but losing respect for the country one lives in came with loss of requirement to assimilate and that is a sad truth, no matter where one lives.

      • Ina those people post WW1 and 2 were civilized and grateful and did not force themselves on the cultures they were integrating into. They blended in and contributed. Totally different kind of refugee-immigrant-asylum seeker. You cannot teach democracy to a person fleeing from a theocracy of worse.

      • I so agree, Veronika

  2. I know the refugees need drastic help and fast, but unfortunately the European countries will soon realize what the US has been going through with trying to care for all the immigrants that flood our borders every day. I wish I knew the answer for this mess the world has gotten into.

    • Yes GP, I think so too. Australian current government has found a way around the problem: sending all boats to Papua New Guinea and Nauru, funds the processing centres and makes it known to refugees and illegal migrants that they cannot get the destination of their choice, particularly Australia is not guaranteed. There needs to be order of some sort and I blame the UN for failing to organise its member states into refugee centres adequately resourced, instead we watch this misery unfold before our eyes seemingly – helplessly!

      • Quite true, Ina. With the state of the world right now, the UN had better start taking stands (and strong ones) or they will fall by the wayside as did the League of Nations.

      • Totally agree, GP, this time we are seeing complete nations on the move – UN must act and nations must come together to deal with this.

  3. According to EU documents, a fair sharing of the burden is the goal; in reality, most countries are looking to slip out from under the load. The UN refugee policy is a betrayal of its own ideals – where are UN refugee camps closest to the countries from where refugees are coming!? Awful, awful, awful.

  4. Croatia is small and incapable of taking in, even in transit, thousands of refugees…the government’s statement they’re ready with disused objects is awful – it should give a rough figure of how many it can house otherwise an avalanche just might occur with these illegal migrants thinking there’s “plenty” of room – THERE IS NOT! Wake up Croatian people – vote that hopeless government out!

    • Yes, Stan, my point also – the government has a responsibility not to create unrealistic expectations or formulate flimsy policies on such serious matters.

  5. Border control says:

    Refugee passing through Serbia will be redirected to Croatia and Bulgaria says Serbia’s government!

    • Yes, border control, Serbia like Macedonia seem to think they have no role to play just because refugees say they want to end up in the EU, and they are not member.

  6. Michael Silovic says:

    None of this surprises me. Our current goverment never really cared about Croatia in a sense that they knew this was going to be an issue with refugees long ago. Sorry to say it but they all need to be put on a ship and sent back home. Our current leadership is to incompetent to deal with this issue.The first time anyone pushes against our border patrol we should open fire and send a strong message it will not be tolerated. You cannot allow an invasion of borders without proper protocol. When refugees use violence to enter a country it is no different then being at war and being invaded.There is no such thing as humanitarian aid when your country is at risk. If any Croatian is harmed by a refugee not even god will be able to spare them. I am thankful that we have militias in certain areas ready to defend our homes and border if the goverment fails to handle this properly.There is no such thing as following rules of the EU or the UN at that point. Croatia First always.

    • Packing a “picnic” for sustenance and diverting to where they want to go is a better option than firearms, Michael. It’s just such a terrible situation this has been allowed to build up to the point where people no longer feel safe or in control of their own countries/homes. Yes firm stand is needed to solve the crisis and I think refugee camps are it and processing – those that do not qualify as refugees need to be sent back, deported, like we all are if we are somewhere illegally.

  7. Stevie10703 says:

    Something not good is happening here. Unfortunately, the current group of illegals, whether they are in the States or in Europe do not assimilate. While I don’t know about Australia, here in the States as well as Canada, the legal immigrants in the past assimilated, they were still able to be who they were but, they knew that in order to move forward you had to learn English and accept that you are in a another country and you had to adapt to that country and not that country adapting to you. My parents came to the States in the 1960’s and my dad spent 2 years living in France after escaping communism waiting for papers to the USA. At the time, my dad and his brother were together and papers for Australia opened up but my dad told my uncle to wait for the USA. My uncle didn’t and signed for Australia and a few days later the papers for America opened up but it was too late for my uncle. So, my dad ended up in the States and my uncle in Australia. My dad came to the US with $20 in his pocket and never complained that the government needed to take care of him. He learned English, became a US citizen and now is retired and ready to move back to a home he built for himself in Croatia.

    Anyway, the economies of Europe are not good, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. these places need to worry about their own people rather others, especially those illegally in their countries. Take a look at what illegal immigration has done to Sweden, take a look at the suburbs of Paris, take a look at London, and take a look at Germany. Nothing but trouble can come of this. Its time to send these people where they came from and end of story. Even Damir Kajin in Istra, who is left leaning, said the other day, why aren’t these people going to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, or the UAE? Why aren’t they going to Indonesia? These are Muslim countries and they should take in their own…end of story and out of Europe.

    • Totally right, Stevie, my father walked similar path to yours only in the 1950’s…waited patiently to be distributed to a country and once there made sure he was a model citizen…this influx that’s happening in EU surely looks much more than just a plight of the needy – it’s forceful and it has its own destination…

  8. the capitalists have to annihilate, consume, then defecate somewhere…they just don’t account for the movement of feet, which often actually determines the outcome of wars (not weapons)…Europe (and America) are suffering from their own machinations to maintain their status quo (being up means keeping others down)…what is impressive is the movement of feet and how that will alter demographics (and culture)…and the movement of money (currency war with BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa; soon Iran) and how that will change ownership of wealth…

    • Indeed, RD Revilo, the face oif Europe is changing almost overnight and one almost can’t see the end of poverty and misery as there simply are no jobs for everyone who can work and with this influx of refugees and illegals nothing good can be foreseen without a miracle. And miracles don’t usually happen in these instances because “movement of money” is the Altar that dictates.

      • that is why this is a great TIME to be alive…this is not a time of resurrection…but of a new direction (for all)…this is a time to redefine what jobs are, what parenthood is (how about a career)…for as long as there are children they will need parents, what productivity is…replace profit (instability) with balance (stability)…to exchange liberty, not for security, but for Humanity (mutual respect)…don’t accept the old definitions…they are coming to an end, NOT us…not if we have the courage to change…

      • Agree, RD REvilo, but courage comes with preparedness either in intent or character and this situation has been imposed upon people without warning or regard so it’ll be interesting to see how we evolve.

      • yes…but isn’t that why you do what you do…the gentle hand rocking, guiding, soothing the cradle of our evolution…it is a painful process…however, pain means it will be burnt into our memories for a long time…eventually a generation comes that forgets…and the process repeats…patience maybe a virtue…but it is frustrating…

      • True, it is but more like a small army needed to make changes “|on the ground”and who knows perhaps time will come…this stuff reminds one o0f stuff revolutions are made of or at least effective push for change, RD Revilo – we press on

      • we will…we must…we were born that way…we will die true to our purpose or drown in self pity…

      • Right on, RD Revilo 🙂

  9. Michael Silovic says:

    Ina , I agree with you up to the point of where they want to go. The problem is at some point one country will push back and where do they go then ? This is nothing more then people escaping for economic reasons. Steveie hit the nail on the head in his comments of why not stay in the middle east Muslim countries? Iraq is not as bad as some are saying. The Iraqis are even protesting corruption in the streets of Baghdad and I see no bombs falling there.None in Saudi Arabia either. These people not even attempting to go to Russia and you know why? Because as soon as they get to the border they will be gunned down plain and simple. Russia would never allow an invasion of its border of any kind.This is a bad situation for Europe as a whole. I often speak of losing our country and our heritage and if we do not push back and strong then you can say we fought a war for our freedoms for nothing because we will fail to exist as a people in a matter of years and not decades. Once you feed and house people they are not in a hurry to leave any time soon and sometimes force must be used. There is no where in the constitution that say we have to be a refugee safe haven and we should not be pressured by the EU to do so.If it comes to saving Croatia,our heritage and culture we need to do all we can even if it includes using bullets. These people come from a different culture and environment that does not respect anyone and it has been shown that they so called refugees will use violence to get what they want at the border or the host countries. It is better to deal with this right at the border and harshly rather then have the people take their own action against the refugees. It i s bad enough we are still dealing with the Serbs who are making demands on our people and goverment. Croatia already has refugees as in Romas, how many more must we deal with? You already see the violence against foreigners all across Europe. Ordinary people are tired and see the big picture of their country in ruins but the goverment does not care. Europe needs to unit and send these people back to where they come from. Give them nothing and they will leave.

    • I can relate well with what you’re saying, Michael, it’s to my view also a matter of people standing up to governments across Europe to demand of UN to sort our refugee camps near countries of origin.

  10. While I realise this is a humanitarian crisis, I have to agree with you, Ina, that I too feel it is a plot to infiltrate Europe and countries. It would be too easy! Our borders must be protected and one way to do this is for Europe and the rest of the world to get together, send these people back and make their countries responsible for them through covert action. It’s time we put oil and such resources on the back bench and pulled all support from these countries to make them change and to make them want to take care of the terrorist rabble from the inside… including the Arab Emirates who are sitting back getting richer off it all. They are the ones that should be taking care of it all, not us!

    • As I said, the forceful nature of this “crisis”, Kev, brings a lot of unease and apparent unwillingness from other Middle East, Muslim, countries where there is no war to help stinks!

  11. It’s tough. If you let enough third-world people into the country, you become a third-world country. I heard the other day that the most popular name for newborn males in Britain is Muhammad. Think about that for a minute. I’m for helping the children and women, but men of fighting age should be turned back to do just that.

    • If not sent back to fight, then sent to a refugee camp wait for distribution well away from the country of their choice, Rob. What madness that fleeing from danger such as this is supposed to be no longer means the first safe place reached but rather keep on going till you reach your desired destination. Quite angering, and you have good points there Robert

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  13. So very sad and no-one is taking ownership. Both the UN and other countries need to make a working plan and quickly to address this problem..they are people, women, men and children who deserve to know what is available to them and where and how to get there not just this continuous line of people..human beings no less who have been displaced. So sad.

    • What really gets me angry,Carol, is that these people in their thousands are just shoved from country to country until they reach where they want to go, and then of course the people in those countries they want to get to are starting to protest aggressively. Unrest everywhere. The UN should hurry up and establish refugee camps. In Macedonia they’ve turned the leaf and are now setting up reception centres with tents etc but only for a day or so and then transport them all by train to another country’s border, Serbia, then Serbia will do the same and it must be stopped. The people must be permitted to process their asylum applications while being in one spoot such as a refugee camp with food, drink, roof, medical care, school for children…

  14. Just added your post here a really great article published at 14.30GMT

  15. As I see the world Ina.. this situation is just the tip of the iceberg and if systems are not put in place soon there will only be more chaos and heartache all round..

    And those in authority should be planning ahead and as you rightly say with the comment I liked the immigrants should not be pushed from pillar to post but processed properly and humanly..

    Instead all of this is generating yet more conflict and anger which leads to more divisions..

    • So true, Sue, what’s happening these days with countries transporting refugees to the borders of other countries for them to get into is totally sad – UN has failed definitely for allowing this chaos and not establishing secure and resources refugee centres

  16. therealamericro says:

    Shouldn’t the countries who attacked / invaded Iraq and Libya, and who have been running guns to the jihadi animals in Syria, take the refugees they created?

    Croatia can’t feed Croatians. From a humanitarian perspective, I have sympathy for these refugees. Unfortunately Croatia doesn’t have the money to deal with Turkey’s double-game (actively destabilizing Syria and supporting Al Qaida / Jabat Al Nusra / ISIS-ISIL / Islamist FSA and not housing the refugees it creates but instead sifts the refugee flow to Greece and then Europe).

    If Croatia will take in refugees, it should do it on its own terms – and follow Slovakia’s model, when they said they will take in Christians. Plenty of Syrian Christians among those refugees that need help. If Croatia takes any.

    The onus is on France, UK, Italy and US, especially for the Libyan refugees. Stop overthrowing secular Arab states for Saudi and Israeli and neocon / interventionist extremist geopolitical goals and the refugee flow will stop tomorrow.

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  18. My sympathies for your position. On behalf of my fellow UK citizens I must point out that we are a very small country compared to the likes of Germany and our ability to house school and supply medical care via an already overstretched and breaking NHS is very limited. Contrary to popular opinion our streets are not paved with gold but rather with homeless people! So what would become of all these extra migrants we are told by the mighty Germany that we should accept into our country? !! I wish for the best for you guys too!

    • Totally understand, europasicewolf, I find it particularly difficult to be placed in a situation of needing to help illegal migrants turning at the door when so many local people are homeless and living in poverty. I know countries are signatories to take asylum seekers/refugees but the must be order in setting up processing refugee camps rather than having to deal with what is almost like an invasion.

  19. This is an absolute nightmare.
    There are several videos of these ‘refugee’ men shouting out Allahu Akbar and rejecting boxes of humanitarian AID from the Red Cross, because of the CROSS on the packaging.
    Wow, that’s reassuring, ‘welcome’ to Europe!
    Why are none of the left-leaning media outlets not asking these people why they are not fleeing to Saudi Arabia or Turkey? or any Muslim nations?
    Why is no one asking these men why they are not staying to fight for their own homeland?
    Everyone is ‘brave’ when they are spewing their nonsense on the streets of a European city.
    I am APPALLED with Europe and other western nations. Easy to dictate to the ‘Balkans’ what to do without doing anything yourself.
    These people will eventually get to Europe and NEVER EVER assimilate BUT force their archaic views of women, religion and so-called cultural practices into liberal democracies.
    The irony here is the left-leaning politicians who spew about equal rights and LGBT rights etc, etc will be the first ones these people go after once they settle.

    • Interesting observation re red CROSS, Veronika – seems to shoot the phrase “beggars can’t be choosers”right out of traditional reality; we’re used to help in any form as long as its help and now…

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  21. thanks for your visits to my blog. I don’t know what to say about the dire situ. in Europe. I am sure the refugees are not the only victims.. I would go as far as to say we can expect as this situ. conts. and worsens, a sort of civil war in Europe itself. Crazy word eh? Eve

    • Certainly, Eve – things are not looking well at all and I guess with refugees and illegal migrants appearing more and more as if they are “entitled” to settle where they choose, rather than where distributed as is the usual case from past, the greater the resentment in the population/taxpayers whose funds are used to assist…hopefully sense will prevail on both sides and all we see is help for genuine refugees and turn-back to illegal economic migrants

  22. I debated about submitting a comment … I disagree with most if not all of the negative comments here, having read more and about who these refugees that most see on tv and decide who they are. I was not surprised that most had good jobs others were professionals and or business owners. I don’t know if those commenting have watched the in person interviews, care or have only seen the protests and such. I would say most if not all are victims of regimes that elect to engage in War, for it is War that creates refugees and yes this lesson has not been learned thus it will continue until leaders despots get out of the way of progress and the greater good ~ thank you for your time

    • Most are refugees, Nativegrl77, I agree but not all and its the ones that are not who are creating outrage I believe

      • Hi
        I am not saying there are no questionable people taking advantage of the current crisis. That happens everywhere. I am saying that War is the only reason for folks, refugees etc. fleeing their homelands because the govt is committing genocide. The world has no control over Ancient family privilege & practices and this is the response… greed, land, legacy and religion. I believe that using guns by either side is wrong, but being told NO when you paid hundreds maybe thousands for a promise to get you or your family to a safe place is tough. Last, being kept in a barbed wire fence, outdoors, treated all the same… as dogs, terrorists, felons or worse is odd. I have often wondered why there are no preparations for mass exodus, as it happens over and over but no one wants to remember history ..
        Thank you and have a great week !

      • Thank you Nativegrl77 – I agree but also it has been said that many are fleeing poverty from countries where there is no war at this time or they are not persecuted…and it’s tough for all but there needs to be order in distribution, fair distribution, a handful of countries cannot help them all as there are too many. You have a great week too.

  23. In depth insight into the matter. Thanks for sharing intuitive thoughts,.

  24. Ish! This is a really sad situation…it sucks to be on either side :/

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