Refugee Crisis Diverted To Croatia As Hungary Seals Borders

Refugees walking into Croatia from Serbia, Wednesday 16 September 2015 AFP Photo

Refugees walking into Croatia from Serbia,
Wednesday 16 September 2015
AFP Photo

As Hungary completed its fence and closed all access to it from Serbia on Tuesday 16 September, declared a state of emergency, brought in the new law to impose a prison sentence of up to three years for anyone breaking through the fencing, Serbia – as expected – has commenced loading buses filled with Syrian and African refugees sending them to Croatia’s border. Refugees keep saying they want to get to Germany or Sweden and there seems to be no end in site of those saying that. Germany is tightening its border controls and so is Austria – another “stepping stone” to Germany from the route that starts in Turkey, hops onto Greece and then towards Germany. Early this morning the first group of migrants has reached Croatia – a new route to northern European Union countries, a day after Hungary sealed its border with Serbia.
The migrants had travelled by bus from southern Serbia. Hundreds spent the night in the open. Alerted to the possibility of refugee influx, Croatian interior minister Ranko Ostojic said on Tuesday 15 September that Zagreb had prepared an “emergency plan in the case of an influx of thousands of refugees”, but did not give details. “The government will quickly activate that emergency plan if need be,” Mr Ostojic said.


President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has Tuesday 15 September written to Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic seeking an emergency meeting of Croatia’s National Security Council on the issues of the refugee crisis and its possible effects upon Croatia.

President Grabar-Kitarovic considers that such a meeting of National Security Council needs to be called as soon as possible due to the waves of refugees and their social, economic and safety implications.
It’s necessary to examine what has been done so far, and especially that which is in front of us, finding appropriate measures for the appropriate public administration or government authorities with which we could respond to this question, which is not only a humanitarian one but also one of security. Based on the information I have, I hold that the migration crisis will not settle down any time soon even if the EU did come to an agreement regarding quotas for member states to take, and having in mind the restrictions and measures being placed at borders of EU and Schengen countries (Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovakia) that could bring this crisis to Croatia consideration of these matters at a national security council meeting cannot be postponed,” she said.

Syrian refugees reach Tovarnik in Croatia Photo: Marko Mrkonjic/Pixsell

Syrian refugees reach Tovarnik in Croatia
Photo: Marko Mrkonjic/Pixsell

President Grabar-Kitarovic considers it necessary to avoid possible scenarios of raising physical barriers at border between Croatia and some neighbouring EU member country or turning back large numbers of migrants into Croatia in cases where they pass through its territory on their way to desired destination.

Recent history has taught us that numbers of refugees swell overnight and alarm bells sound everywhere. Fear of the unknown mixes uneasily with the wish to help a fellow human being. New border restrictions and rows over allocating migrants have shown bitter divisions in Europe over the crisis.

Europe is facing the biggest asylum crises since World War II, and it is not disappearing any time soon. Because most have not been processed and declared refugees in need of asylum, claims that illegal migrants are using the crisis as a way of reaching a country of their choice for a better life are attracting more and more believers.

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Today, the French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen has raised the fear factor a notch when she compared the surge in asylum seekers coming into Europe to the invasion of Rome by barbarians.

Without any action, this migratory influx will be like the barbarian invasion of the IV century, and the consequences will be the same,” the Front National (FN) leader told supporters during a rally ahead of December’s regional elections in Arpajon, a suburban town in southern Île-de-France, the region that includes Paris.
We must immediately stop this madness to safeguard our social pact, freedom and identity.”

Over 1 million asylum seekers are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of this year, more than twice as many as last year.

Croatian police guide refugees Wednesday 16 September 2016

Croatian police
guide refugees
Wednesday 16 September 2015


So far all we’ve heard coming out of EU are ideas for and pleas of fair burden-sharing – setting quotas of refugees each EU member state should take in. Given that most refugees interviewed – that I have heard, anyway – talk of going to Germany or Sweden this should have been a signal enough to the EU and UN political leaders that pleading to countries to take in their “quota”, their “fair share” of refugees, is ludicrous. The refugees know only too well that Germany and Sweden have the best welfare system, better welfare payments than most other countries, so why should they settle for the poorer countries! If they are forced to go to a country with lesser welfare benefits most may indeed keep on trying to get to the richer countries one way or another. Certainly, many refugees are of the age and apparent stamina not promising a productive working life, so welfare is what gives them hope.

Refugees walk into Croatia from Serbia

Refugees walk into Croatia from Serbia

So, what is the solution? Certainly political and practical order must be introduced. An orderly asylum system must be introduced across all EU so that the welfare system is equal everywhere and same rights and entitlements to refugees equal across all countries there. Then, the possibility of quotas or distribution could perhaps succeed. The other alternative is the collapse of the Schengen free-movement and each country fending for itself. We’re seeing this slowly occurring with the mounting of police forces and other resources to stop or divert refugees from Germany and Austria’s borders; a milder version for the time being of what Hungary has introduced.


Steered into Croatia from Serbia after Hungarian border closed 16 September 2015

Steered into Croatia from Serbia
after Hungarian border closed
16 September 2015

Without a standardised system, a standardised approach across Europe with regards to the refugees and asylum, xenophobia will blow out of all proportions and spin Europe into unrest and instability. Europe must take charge in this crisis and not permit refugees to steer it or be in charge of it. Refugees deserve protection and care but overwhelmingly on the terms of their host country and not the other way around. Europe must stop walking on eggshells and playing the game of hypocrisy: it must bring order into the processing of refugees since the UN is largely failing at this as some kind of a blanket policy and practice steering wheel. We live in democracies where compliance with the law is required of us; it should be no different for the refugees. Without order there is chaos and chaos leads to unrest. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Michael Silovic says:

    This is pure insanity. Where are the old people from these countries that need more protection then these young people? These young people are young enough to be returned into their own countries military to defend their country. Many countries have their young men at war around the globe fighting for freedom and democracy so I beg for someone to answer why these refugees are not forced to be returned and defend their homelands rather then flee? Even worse why should all of Europe have the same welfare system for refugees when we did not even have it offered for our own people. Our seniors in the smaller villages barely have food to eat and it seems refugees are getting more then our own people.The real solution to the problem is to take anyone from the ages of 17-45 and put them in military training and return them back where they came from. I have seen so many news clippings and videos where they show the young refugees making a slicing motion of the neck at they joyfully cross into other country borders illegally. This is a joke to them and it is not funny. Croatia is making a big mistake in not shutting its border. If these people do not respect the laws of registration what makes anyone think they will respect the law of the host country

    • My point, Michael, refugees must be brought to respect the laws and terms of countries they come into not dictate terms. As to welfare if it were equal everywhere – not generous – then they wouldn’t flock to countries where it is ten times higher than in others… that’s just the practicality of being confronted with this crisis…

      • But Germany ‘wants’ the refugees, at least the government does because of a falling working class, aging population and low birthrates among Germans, Merkel sees the refugees as a means of boosting the economy and securing Germany’s future.
        So if Merkel wants them and their welfare can handle it, let them go to Germany.
        You can’t send Syrians back to fight in Syria – what army do they join? ISIS? Al Nusra? Assad? They have no options, their country is in rubble. And soon the Yemeni’s will start….

      • It seems, Helena, Germany spoke “too soon” about saying it can cope because it did not count on the numbers knocking on its doors – hence, actions to strengthen border controls etc. Yes it needs workforce and this could be a way of boosting it, let’s hope it is and it won’t be an army depending on welfare. It’s one thing having vacant jobs and a totally different one getting people to fill them. A total mess, but I agree they all must be helped until their status is resolved

  2. On, it says Le Pen also compared the refugee crisis to the ‘Nazi invasion of Europe’.

  3. From Facebook: I dont believe it should be taken as a threat but just a temporary passage way to there destination… if one wishes to stay in Croatia as a refugee then the normal applications process should take place as it already is… on one way I say we should help but then my other half says mmmm… when is enough…

    • I think that going to their desired destination will become harder and harder and their transitional status through Croatia may not be short as expected and, hence, Steve, important to plan and help and for those not proven to be genuine refugees do as have before …

  4. From Facebook: no no no no non this won’t do at all!!!! Rise up Zrinski!!! The Turk and his minions are upon us again!!

  5. Stevie10703 says:

    These “refugees” are nothing but trouble. 71% are males between 20 and 40 years of age and many of them are some of the most well dressed and muscle bound “refugees” I have ever seen. I just find it interesting how they all went from being “migrants” to now being labeled as “refugees.” Many are tearing up their documents so that it will become impossible to know if they are actually from Syria or not.

    In Germany already some of these “refugees” are waving the ISIS flag, in some towns the leaders are telling the women to dress modestly so as not to “provoke” the “refugees,” and now there are reports of teen aged girls being raped by these “refugees.”

    Also, where are the Christians? Why isn’t the media reporting this or the fact that many Christians were thrown overboard to drown during their journey? Why isn’t the media reporting the truth about that 3 years old who drowned and that is his father was living in Turkey and wanted to get to Germany to fix his teeth.

    Not one of these people will assimilate and in typical leftist European fashion they will force the locals to assimilate to their culture and way of thinking rather the other way around. Europe is committing suicide and there will eventually be war because this is what these “refugees” want. Look at London, Paris, and also Sweden and see whats happening there.

    Close the Croatian borders and don’t let these people in to even pass through.

    • Well, Stevie, unfortunately they are called refugees before they are processed and confirmed as either that or illegal migrants and it will take years to do that, until then it’s a matter of providing. One cannot really say that all are the same and there are genuine refugees there, I’m sure. Given the masses it’s only to be expected that criminals are among them that’s why security is important.

  6. I doubt that an EU treaty covering refugees is possible. Britain, certainly, wishes to control its own borders with regard to refugees: the question is, how to interpret the evidence? Germany wants workers, and refugees want to work.

    • Every country has a right to protect its borders, I firmly stand at that, Clare. Refugees say they want to work and if there are jobs that is good but seeing them one sees among them many that have not many woring years in them left while many young ones look strong. I doubt EU treaty on refugees is possible too but wouldn’t it be good if some consensus was reached

  7. Danke. Wir haben schon genügend Flüchtlinge. Andere Länder WEIGERN sich!!

    • Translation of Wolfgang’s comment: Thank you. We already have enough refugees. Other countries REFUSE!!
      REPLY: It’s obvious Germany is receiving too many and it’s necessary for other countries to accept some and if not then funds should be rounded up and perhaps new refugee camps set up closer to where they come from and those coming to Europe like this should be housed there until their asylum status is confirmed.

  8. What a mess!

  9. There are security and moral issues to be dealt with certainly. However, it is interesting that Serbia always is posturing itself as a benevolent force (but with a hidden agenda) that constantly accuses Croatia of some kind or another collective guilt, and marginalizes, lies and distorts anything Croatian. In this refugee crisis they have offered refugees the homes of Serbs who followed planned orders to evacuate Croatia during operation Storm and who refuse to return to Croatia, they have dutifully allowed refugees safe passage through Serbia so they wouldn’t need to take any refuge in Serbia itself etc. But the danger for the refugees in Croatia is land mines. Why does Croatia still have land mines, who put them there? Maybe it’s time to expose Serbia as the main culprit in planting the land-mines and not doing anything to remove them – a few extra sentences to to the media could turn the spotlight on Serbia’s refusal to 1) provide maps and coordinates of land mines, 2) cooperate and pay for de-mining of the areas they mined, 3) highlight the plight of Croatians trying to farm and rebuild their lives after Serbian aggression and 4) that Serbia has not paid any war reparations…just a thought.

    • Perhaps a way to get Serbia to put its money where its mouth is in this instance, Sunman, is to get them to send their people who put landmines in the ground the refugees are to walk across to remove the dangers since they won’t reveal that to anyone since the 1990’s war. They won’t reveal where missing persons are and they won’t reveal where the mines are hence the huge cost and time to remove mines. I read that it will take another 5 years to locate and destroy all the landmines left by Serbs in Croatia, and even then there will remain some. Just shocking! If I were a politician in Croatia I would publicly invite Serbia to come and remove the mines from the soils where it lkeft them so that refugees’ lives aren’t in danger – and of course Croatians’ lives.

  10. Too sad, the “western bulwark” has caved,huge impact on pristine locales may never be the same.

    • Yes, kolpavat, it seems the “western bulwark” has caved through no choice of its own but rather an unstoppable force that now needs to be sorted and life will never be the same again, although I do hope locals will know how to preserve the life and its standards to what is best for them.

  11. That is a very difficult problem.

  12. Its a human tragedy.The 57 Muslim countries are refusing to accept one refugee.,even the richest country in the world Saudi Arabia .Muslim youths are invading Europe .Then they will become the future Jihadists .Islam is not helping it’ own people.

    ISIS was created by Arab oil money now ISIS is TARGETING EUROPE THE CHRIST COUNTRIES.

  13. …these “poor” migrants cannot be given acceptance into the EU, as they are mostly undocumented economic migrants, and once the word is out, millions more will follow in their footsteps, as they have nothing to lose! With this kind of invasion, in 10 years, all of Europe will collapse and, America (being a nation under the umbrella of the “old Continent”), will also collapse, and then this will be the end of 5000 years of Western civilization!
    ….predictions…these migrants will keep coming into Europe (ready or not), soon from North Africa, the Sub-Sahara, more from the near and middle east!….for you see, the christian countries should never have messed with the “chosen people”, as now, they are getting their revenge!…only the coming of the true “GOD” (not local fairytales, such as Jesus) will save this 3rd planet from the Sun!

    • Interesting trajectories Tempus Fugit but there is surely good reason to ponder into all directions as the waves of people coming are quite threatening

  14. …you see that the immediate threat, now, is the Serbian government dumping these “refugees” at Croatia’s doorstep, as now the Zagreb government is paralyzed, and doesn’t know what to do!…sleazy Serbian chetnik tactic, and especially with those incompetent idiots in government! …Angela Merkel spoke too soon!…..what the devil got into her head?

    • Yes, Tempus Fugit, it seems even Angela Merkel didn’t foresee the sheer masses, pushy and demanding so she’s tightening borders as to Serbia they keep saying how good they are for giving some water and food to the hungry refugees and sending them on to Croatia, before Hungary, instead of trying to set up some accommodation until refugees or migrants are processed

  15. The images coming out of Europe have been amazing to say the least.
    What have we learnt? Firstly, unbelievably, 100 years after the start of WW1 Germany now is the undisputed leader of the free world.
    The Anglo-Saxons (UK, Australia, NZ, etc..) are finished. France has been long gone while the USA has just given up its crown.
    Germany, under the leadership of Merkel, is just going from strength from strength.
    Those refugees will strengthen the country just like Croatians and Turkish guest workers did during the economic miracles of 60s and 70s.
    Many Croatians who went to Germany, just like those Syrian refugees, had nothing, could not speak a word of German, but through determination and hard work achieved spectacular success.
    As for Croatia, it did not take long for the cracks in the pysche to reappear. I think all of two days from welcoming refugees to wanting to close the border and bring in the army.
    I wonder where is all the talk of international brotherhood and humanity from the sons and daughters of the communists/partisans?
    Croatia is not innocent in all this. We had a state oil and gas company looking for hydrocarbons in Syria. Stipe Mesic had close links with all the Arab despots. Not to mention that JBT was a big friend of the Arabs.
    So we are good at taking but when it comes to giving back all of a sudden we cant. What a joke. Then again, Croatia is just a circus with Milanovic as the lead clown.

    • I agree, Ante, Germany saw the potential for a new workforce among the refugees however it seems it underestimated the numbers and is tightening its borders. No doubt help needs to be given to all until their claims and situation is processed and this should have been done in countries where they reached peace regardless of their express wish to go straight to the richer countries…no country indeed not even the UN has told these poor but pushy people: hand on, we all must comply with the law and rules when we seek to settle in another country or seek asylum and you must too…nope, they let them keep saying “I just want to pass through here”. Look like not even the Arabs like Stipe Mesic. What a mess!

  16. That anybody can look at those pictures and do a modicum of study and come to the conclusion that those people are “economic” refugees really needs their head examined.

    • Well, Ante, many of them certainly are, I truly believe…every day I hear stories confirming that in my mind; yesterday there was a young man interviewed who said he was from Pakistan has left a family of six there, poverty, no job and he is going to Germany or Sweden where he can work and send money home. Now, if you or I wanted to go and work in another country we would need to jump through fire and still not get there. So, there is a mixture, certainly more genuine refugees than illegal migrants and that’s why processing them all and giving them shelter etc until that’s done is a must in my eyes…I believe from reports in Croatia up to last year out of some 4,800 applications for asylum only about 100 were processed to be true refugees the others illegal migrants. We cannot treat one group badly because there’s another among them that’s trying to use the desperation of refugees to sneak into a country and try to stay there…it takes years to process people and anything can happen…I agree – one cannot look/study pictures and make conclusions about why someone is there…

  17. How many tourists does Croatia get annually? Around 7 million. A small number of desperate people, fleeing from a war zone, come in and all of a sudden it is panic stations.
    “We are full”,”We have reached our limit”, “Send in the army”, blah, blah, blah. “Where is the EU”, “It is not our problem”, blah, blah, blah.
    If all of the diaspora (around 4 million) come back, for Michael and Tempus Fugit there would be no problem. “Come, Come, We are all Croats”.
    Israel had no problem integrating hundreds of thousands, indeed millions of Jews, into their society from around the world. And that country is tiny.
    Croatia may not be large but it is certainly bigger than Israel. That these people are not fire breathing Croatian nationalists does not mean we have a right to treat them badly. To humilate them.
    Of all people in the world, it is Croatians who should be leading in this situation. Why? because we have been in exactly the same situation as those hapless Syrians.

    • Whether they are refugees or illegal migrants it does not matter for now – they are at our doors seeking help and help must be given while their status is sorted out otherwise every country might just as well dump its immigration laws and open up to all and sundry…I do truly believe that there are illegal migrants there and the true refugees suffer because of it. That’s why the UN had to step in ages ago and insist that refugees stop in the first safe country they reach and seek asylum, not this confusing stuff: I want to get to Germany, Sweden, rich country and I will apply for asylum there! UN Convention down the gurgler…

    • Awful times, the worst thing for me to see is the force with which people demand what they think are their entitlements: to be helped to get to a rich country. Refugees I had always thought were grateful to reach safety this is different

  18. ▶ BBC World Service – Newsday, Germany a “hippie state being led by its emotions” – Professor Anthony Glees.

  19. Michael Silovic says:

    German leaders are suggesting that they force the wayward E.U. nations to take in refugees. Imposing requirements by majority rule, rather than by consensus, is an option under E.U. laws, this is exactly what I talked about right here on this blog a couple of years ago. The EU would use Croatia and others to be nothing more then a dumping ground of 3rd world impoverished. This is only the start of the problem for Croatia. Once these people are registered in croatia they will not be allowed to move forward regardless of what is being said.some people do not just get it until it is to late. Hopefully we will not see any violence like they have in Germany and France. Winter can not come fast enough for me. My hearts go out to the slavonian people who have to deal with this. I can bet you if this were to happen in Dalmatia our goverment would have taken a harder stance. Our Prime Minister is an idiot to even say we will help these people with passage. In doing so he created a real mess and embarrassment to Croatia and needs to be removed from office. If any harm comes to our people there will be a big problem.

    • Again, Michael, we come to the fact that Croatian leaders are hopeless and our people suffer for it. While it is noble to help the needy this is likely to stretch out and since the problem is here Croatia must seek external assistance as this is a worldwide problem

  20. Nobody wants them and why would they? Amongst them will be infiltrators and insurgents. I saw the video of one moving the finger across his throat in slow motion. That mocks those who were beheaded, whose families are still suffering the loss and shock of and is outright defiance toward those he’s expecting to take him in, feed, provide a home for and whatever else! With that kind of mindset so prominent, it’s a wonder they are taking any at all.

    • It’s certainly scary, Kev, for there are among genuine refugees also those who want a better life and those who are shaped by a past that is a threat to the Western world. All seen to demand some entitlements as say a right to get to a rich country and live there! Being safe does not seem enough even for the refugees among them. Truly disquieting.

      • The world owes them nothing. It is only out of kindness and compassion that other countries take them in… this will soon be forgotten, if ever acknowledged in the first place.

      • It’s out of humanity we act Kev, I agree, but even that has its limits I think

  21. *throat not through… it was the image that threw me.

  22. Stevie10703 says:

    Those that are saying that Croatians were in the same boat and should have a heart with these people should take them into their own homes. These “migrants” are now in hotels and throwing furniture out the windows and causing trouble, some have entered peoples homes in Eastern Slavonia and demanding they put them up, 80% of these people are men and they seem to be pretty media savvy because when they see reporters they bring the few women and children and take pictures with them. For a bunch of refugees they are well dressed and seem to know exactly what they want. You are seeing them throwing stones at train stations in Croatia and some fighting with each other and with the police. Many aren’t even Syrians trying to escape war rather they are from other countries. You don’t seem many women, children and old people, rather its all young men of fighting age. Many are rioting because they don’t want to register their names with the authorities and why is that? Why are they tearing up their identity papers? While many of these people aren’t terrorists what they are doing is coming to Europe and collapse it, its laws, and its way of life. Also, where are the Christians? What happens if one Croatian woman gets raped by these people like that little 7 year old girl was in Germany? But, most are harmless? Right? If they want to work, there is lots of construction going on in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Indonesia, etc etc. Why aren’t they going there? Why do they insist on Europe and Sweden and Germany in particular? Why isn’t Russia taking any of these people in or China? I’m all for helping people for the right reasons but there’s nothing good that’s coming out of this…

    • Many questions stare at us, Stevie and the matter that makes one wonder with unease is that most of these people seem to think they have a right and an entitlement to reach a country of their choice and will use more force to achieve it, it seems. Not the behaviour often seen in true refugees, indeed. Surely, order needs to be imposed otherwise unrest will explode.

  23. Michael Silovic says:

    Ante, there is no bigger voice then mine in trying to get Croats to return and even more importantly generational citizenship for at least 5 generations. The problem is that is even harder then being an immigrant illegally crossing the borders to get papers with out a long wait and a lot of hassle. Sadly you missed the point when you mentioned nationalists. Everyone is a nationalist when it comes to their belief in country and religion.If they are not then they are truly a traitor not to only the country they come from but to their own selves and beliefs in not being able to identify with the heart ache and misery of their own people.It is those who try to say illegal immigration are all welcomed until they realize that they have less then those illegally entering. What annoys me the most is when we worry about the plight of others more then we do our own people whether it is issues regarding Israel or immigrants or other world affairs.Croatia First is a must always. The EU as I have mentioned long ago was a big problem for us to join because we would be a dumping ground for all 3rd world degenerates and would have untold consequences put on those of us that are smaller through manipulation. Having said that what I am really sad about is that we have more people attacking Croatia because we are not doing enough and these attacks are by non Croats themselves that do not live In croatia. When Tomislav Salopek was murdered where was the world in condemning these people?Hardly a mention of it as if Croatian people are not worthy but somehow illegal economic immigrants are. It is ok for me because those who killed Tomislav Salopek were assassinated 3 weeks ago and it makes me feel better knowing that justice as served. These so called refugees are not as friendly as you think they are. Look at all of the violence that has occurred since the migration and even before then. You wrongly claim that Croatians were once like them and that is not true. Croatians went to refugee camps and registered in a respectful and honorable way to gain their status with out the violence that you see today. Croatians also integrated into the host countries they were sent to and did not demand to be allowed into a certain country because of economic reasons. It is people like you that do not understand world affairs that allow action such as is happening to occur whether you mean good or not. Croatians lost a lot of lives defending their homeland. Why shouldn’t these young people be sent back to do the same thing? Croatians died defending their homeland for freedom and justice and i demand that all people able bodied do the same. I applaud Hungary for defending their borders and soverginty. An invasion of any country illegal or not is an act of war. If these were all Serbs coming in illegally to take over and make demands would you have the same feelings?

  24. this is mindless Milanovic at his best. He and the SDP government had plenty of time to prepare and plan. How reckless and stupid is he to allow the border to be open without a plan coordinated with neighboring countries and the EU to provide a safe passage route through croatia, slovenia, austria and ultimately to germany, scandavia and italy or other willing country. He is either naive and couldn’t comprehend the number of illegal economic migrants, or too stupid to plan, or just arrogant to think he could be super man. either way he is a disaster and an embarassment for Croatia. Wake up Croatians!

    • Croatia’s prime minister Milanovic is a lump of incompetence and mean arrogance, Sunman – dangerous tio all for consequences of his actions affect everyone in a bad way

  25. Zoran Nosic says:

    Apologies to all if this alternative has been mentioned but I have a humble alternative/solution, though radical at first glance, is substantially more effective on “migrants” and host countries. Obviously, this is a rough model.

    1. Take all the resources alloted for reception, maintenance etc. of these people and deploy the composite navies of the EU members across the Mediterranean Sea just outside territorial waters of Middle East and African countries. Intercept all suspected human trafficking ships and return them to port of origin. There they can apply through LEGAL channels and processes.

    2. Form a Euorpean Commission that will act as a CENTRAL processing facility for all future refugees/migrants wishing to move to the EU. This commission will be tasked with proportionate distribution of all applicants to host countries upon successful application process.

    3. Inpose a zero-tolerance approach to breaches of the system and ban applicant for X years from reapplying.

    Comments are welcome.

  26. This refugee crisis is heart breaking. I hope answers are found soon. The pictures of those children are endless, it seems, and some families are broken. All countries should take direction from the United Nations. If they can’t resolve this, then what good are they?

    • I so agree with you Jackie re the UN – to my view it has failed miserably in this case, but still time as it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon

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