Communist Malignant Tumour Feeding Off Croatia’s Atrocious Judiciary

Zeljko Glasnovic
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That the leftists are a malignant tumour that feeds off Croatia’s atrocious state in the judiciary (among other dysfunctional government departments), which in its practices has not moved forward in the past quarter of century since secession from communist Yugoslavia towards a well functioning process that delivers timely and independent from political influences results, is painfully evident in the former justice minister Orsat Miljenic’s reaction to the parliament member for the diaspora General Zeljko Glasnovic’s speech in Croatia’s parliament on Friday 22 September 2017.

Addressing the deep and disturbing problems within Croatia’s judiciary, which in essence represent a continuance of the same moral quagmire that suffocated normal life in communist Yugoslavia, Glasnovic pointed to the fact that there are no national productivity standards to which judges and judiciary must adhere to – if the justice system were to deliver justice for all. Glasnovic pointed out the unacceptable reality where some judges deliver decisions on two cases per year and others on a hundred and, yet, all are treated equally or considered as equally productive members of the judiciary! And wouldn’t you know it, Orsat Miljenic – who as a former justice minister had the perfect opportunity to advance the Croatian judiciary into a functioning unit of administering justice in Croatia but failed miserably, had the hide to criticise Glasnovic and suggest he needs to be silenced!

Does such reaction from Miljenic remind us of communist totalitarian regime? You bet it does!

Croatia’s political left, that is, former communists who still hold onto that dark heritage, are not really interested in debating what is right or wrong for Croatia. They are interested in debating you personally, threatening you – just like it used to happen in Yugoslavia. They are interested in castigating you as a nasty human being because you happen to promote positive changes that would shatter and split open the very ground they walk upon. This is what makes leftists leftists: an unearned sense of moral superiority over you. And if they can instill that sense of moral superiority in others by making you the bad guy, they will.

The sad and disturbing reality within Croatia’s judiciary that beckons urgent change in order to align it with a functional democracy lies in long court procedures and an enormously significant backlog of cases. The unreasonable delays in court proceedings (that can last for more than a decade!) violate the right to a fair trial within a reasonable time as protected by Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, and are therefore very important to address. The fact that we encounter people like Miljenic who threatens and criticises Glasnovic for his aim of creating a more stable and efficient judicial environment is a matter that requires the application of lustration directed at people such as Miljenic.

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The international awareness of the inefficient and at times unpredictable legal system is one of the greatest challenges facing companies seeking to invest in Croatia; and Glasnovic alluded to that fact in his parliamentary speech on Friday 22 September, also. However, Miljenic, wrapped up in his anti-progress stance, omitted to give that reality any importance! And yet, it’s exactly that reality that holds back investments. Even simple court matters can take an unthinkably long time by democratic standards to resolve, due to the courts backlog of several hundreds of thousand cases. Reforms are an absolute necessity to enhance transparency and accountability within the court system. Standards of productivity, to which Glasnovic referred, are exactly the required mechanisms for transparency and accountability – but not in Croatia, still bogged down in the quagmire of communist filth on all fronts. Clean it up, please!

By continuing to allow politicians and people in social or political power, such as Miljenic, to ignore Croatia’s human rights obligations, such as a right to a fair trial within a reasonable time, Croatia is earning its reputation as a ‘talk-fest’, unable to bring about real social change due to self-imposed non-iterference in the establishment rules carried over from half a century of communism. While one may hope Croatia is successful in bringing about significant and lasting change through its several rhetorical persuasion efforts that arise from the right and independent political stances, it is doubtful such human rights initiatives will be successful in their aims until it first addresses the underlying issue of political disparity between its democratic and its leftist non-democratic members; i.e. until lustration steams up and cleans up. Ina Vukic



  1. There is human political behavior and then there is death. I haven’t figured out which one scares me more.

  2. Bravo Gen.Glasnovic! The only minister who has the willingness and courage to call a spade, a spade! Svaka mu cast! The rest of them are useless, tow-the-party-line, career politicians – the very antithesis of “public servants” as they live only to serve themselves. Lustration, lustration, lustration.

  3. It is sick! It is insane and everwhere. Satan’s expansive reign of governments is bibically limited. We can only resist and pray them away.

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