The Perils Of Enemy Of The People Climbing Into Croatia’s New Government


While getting relatively most seats as single party, Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ did not get enough votes in recent General Elections in Croatia on 5th July 2020 to form a majority government. It will need coalition with other parties.

Touting on Croatia’s streets and media that the composition of the new government could include a former rebel Serb whose immediate family, if not he himself, participated in ethnic cleansing and murder of Croats during the Homeland War, is generating increasing bitterness and despair among people such as the one were Israel of today to appoint a high-ranking WWII Nazi official as one of its deputy Prime Ministers. Certainly, any Croatian Prime Minister’s plan for the appointment of Milorad Pupovac as one of the deputy Prime Ministers would push a large number of Croatians to the brink of despair and there is no telling which way that would evolve if Andrej Plenkovic embarks on that path in the composition of his new government. Would it set off a higher than the usual high number of people leaving Croatia, or would it trigger massive unrests? Milorad Pupovac has stated publicly a couple of days ago that candidature for a high position (such as deputy Prime Minister) in Croatia’s government would be discussed in his Serbian party room early next week; indications are that it could also be his condition for forming part of the coalition of the new HDZ minority government.

Milorad Pupovac has been re-elected into the parliament by his Serbian minority under the Croatian electoral laws that permit an ethnic minority representative win seats with barely a couple of hundred votes! There are 8 seats in the Croatian Parliament reserved for ethnic minorities! It’s no secret that Pupovac’s seat in the parliament has always been the subject of condemnation and strong opposition with the Croatian population. Essentially because he works against Croatian people and the truth.

Indeed, it is no secret that the leader of the Serb minority community in Croatia went to his village of Ceranje Donje near Benkovac during the 1990’s war of Serb aggression against Croatia and during Serb occupation of Croatian territory, which the Chetniks (Serbs) kept under control after ethnically cleansing all Croatians and other non-Serbs from that region of Croatia. Pupovac’s brother Vojislav was a member of the murderous Serbian paramilitary forces in Croatia, and his other brother Mladen wasn’t far behind. There have also been testimonies and conclusions in the Croatian media over time that Milorad joined his brothers and rebel Serbs in Croatia in the armed aggression against Croatian people.

Justifiably, serious concerns and disapproval by people regarding any possibility of appointing of Milorad Pupovac as deputy Prime Minister is a warning of sorts that increased conflicts about the values and goals set in the Homeland War are likely to erupt even more in the not so distant future.  It is almost unfathomable why a government that is supposed to serve the values cemented in the foundations od the state’s very existence would actually take the road of purposeful insult against its own people. Yes, appointing Milorad Pupovac as deputy Prime Minister

  • would be a deliberate and ultimate insult against Croatian people who fought off the Serb aggressor in the 1990’s;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against the thousands killed during the war;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against hundreds of thousands of Croats ethnically cleansed from their homes and sent on a road of torture, rape and murder;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against the enormous material damage done to Croatia by the Serbian aggressor;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against independence Croatians paid for with life and blood;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against facts of history of Croatian suffering;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against common sense and human decency and dignity;
  • it would be a deliberate insult against the human right of self-preservation;
  • it would be a deliberate insult to me personally and, I am certain, to millions of others.

And, at the end of the day if, by any chance, an excuse for such deputy-primeminstership appointment is claimed within the bounds of reconciliation then that excuse would be nothing short of a lie! One cannot achieve reconciliation by inflicting pain upon subjects of such reconciliation. Offenders against Croatia’s independence and its people and their representatives must be brought to suffer for their wrongdoing and not rewarded! How can Croatia ever even hope to achieve the sought result of Serbia and Serbs paying compensation for war damages to Croatia and its people if its government places a representative of those who perpetrated the damage almost at the helm of its government!?

Reconciliation requires that facts must be faced, nor avoided. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic is and has been avoiding the facts of Serb aggression against Croatia in 1990’s in many instances. The fundamental truth of the stories of those in Croatia who were murdered, who were raped, who were tortured and placed into torture camps, who were ethnically cleansed and banished from their homes and their pain, cannot be denied.

Reconciliation requires accessibility to records and all state archives. This is not done in Croatia. Reconciliation requires culturally appropriate healing, and this is not being done in Croatia. Reconciliation requires placing the victim of aggression at the forefront of politics and human rights, and this is not being done in Croatia. Indeed, if Croatia’s new government appoints Milorad Pupovac as deputy Prime Minister it would make yet another abominable step in trying to water down the brutal aggression against Croatian people and deny the victims the human right to justice.

Ultimately, reconciliation is about bringing in justice and there is no justice in appointing and active anti-Croat such as Pupovac as a member of executive government of Croatia.

Among the communist left, there is a common tendency to see fascism within every manifestation of nationalism or patriotism. Indeed, the very Milorad Pupovac has constantly labelled all patriotic Croatians as fascists or Ustashe! The fact that he himself stood behind and is aligned with Serb Chetniks does not seem to bat an eyelid of the present Croatian government nor any government reeled in since Dr Franjo Tudjman’s death in late 1999. In right-wing circles, in contrast, “fascism” is a curse that is to be evaded, a kind of persistent suspicion that must be rebuffed – as exemplified by their much-portrayed image and desire for a full democracy, for lustration, and national identity that would stand by its people through thick and thin.

Croatia’s, the nation’s, values are being eroded by former communists, by universal liberal tenets and by “foreign” influences, including those within the European Union. The British fought for retention of national values by voting for Brexit; I hope that Croatians will have the strength and determination to fight off this prostitution of national values as is entertained by some with the very notion that Pupovac could have a role in the executive government.

It’s very possible that the constant sense of crisis in which the Croatian political consciousness has been immersed for two decades, hinders the creation of a feeling of a single, sharp and acute crisis that would spur or incite the masses into action for needed change. The ongoing state of emergency in economic downfall, in the continual degradation of Homeland War veterans who brought independence, the ongoing belittling of Homeland War values, the ongoing corruption and nepotism and clientelism akin to former communist Yugoslavia, the ongoing denial of basic rights such as voting to the massive diaspora … dulls the sting of urgency:

When “bombs” slam regularly into parts of the country’s existence, they too become routine, albeit a lethal routine.

In parallel, Croatia’s political and legal institutions have also undergone further erosion as former communists continue holding key positions. If bringing a rebel Serb, such as Milorad Pupovac, around the table of executive government doesn’t bring the sting of urgency to save the Croatian people from the pit of hand-to-mouth existence – nothing will! The reality is that for most Croatians in Croatia there is hardly enough food or money to live on, hence tens of thousands leave the country each year. The government is about to blame Covid-19, coronavirus, for all the country’s perils; why else would it appoint dr Vili Beros, the leading personality in the build-up of public coronavirus panic since February this year, who was relatively unknown before that, as new Health Minister!

We can argue all we want about the appropriate role of government in the economy, but the outcome will be determined in the political sphere, not the intellectual one. And the political reality in Croatia is that while some voters (at 2020 general elections only about 17.5% of voters voted HDZ in as leading party to form new government) appreciate what governments do for them, they generally feel that public policies are beholden to powerful special interests. And they are not wrong – concentrated interests are powerful and do dominate much policymaking. Those concentrated interest groups in Croatia revolve around former communists; those who help corruption and theft, clientelism, thrive! And now, if Milorad Pupovac enters as deputy Prime Minister, added to that we can, regretfully, be certain that these interest groups are not only about holding on tight to communist mindset but also about degrading and terminally running into the ground those groups who fought for, suffered for, sacrificed for the independence of Croatia from communist Yugoslavia.

To top the insult against the Croatian people, the very people Pupovac and his Serbs attacked viciously in 1990 with the aim of wiping them off their very own lands, said a couple of days for the Croatian media that “he wants to be an equal partner in the Croatian government”! The audacity and disrespect of that man is repugnant! He or any other enemy cannot be equal partner in the government that arose from bloodied ashes of Serb aggression against Croatia. Croatian people were not aggressors they were victims of Serb aggression! Ina Vukic


  1. Brankec says:

    Honestly, I may not have so much of a problem with Pupy becoming second minister, but on one condition, and that is that he ran and won in an open election. In other words, as a candidate in one of the ridings. NOT in the sham that is the election to fill the guaranteed parliamentary seats for minorities.
    IMO, I would eliminate the Xl riding and let everyone try their luck in the first X. In fact I might even eliminate the 3 seats for the diaspora, but with the condition that electronic voting is brought in for Croatians living outside the homeland who have an interest in Croatia, and that candidates get voted in preferentially. I don’t think we would lose out too much in that case since, with the exception of Glasnovic, none of the elected has ever done much for the Croatians belonging to their riding, neither in BiH nor especially in other parts of the world.

  2. Robert William says:

    Serbs have never known humility nor do they bother looking in the mirror / how else would one explain Pupovac’s demands to be equal in Croatia’s government! For crying out loud, why is that man still permitted to poison and dirty the air Croatians breathe in their own country!

  3. And to think that so much grief is caused by people who get into parliament with a hundred or two votes! What a tragedy for justice of representation! Croats who fought for independence have to get thousands of votes to get a chance at representing in parliament that for which they fought and lost blood for!

  4. What would Jews do if a German Nazi got into Israel’s government! Third World War would kick off

  5. Petar Rados says:

    I think that there is little hope for Croatia and Croatian people. I will try to explain why I think so. With last election it is clear that only little hope with Skoro and Domovinski Pokret is gone, why is that we have to go back to 1945 when we lost war and country. After that massacre of Croatian people started and is still going on. Tito and his communists destroyed soul of Croatian people and culture, they use Udba to kill us who left Croatia. When Milosevic came to power 1980’s he wanted to made great Srbija it was his mistake that is why we have this Republiku of Croatia, because most of Croatian politicians we be happy if Yugoslavia stay. When HDZ was formed 1990 all Croatian Communsts and Udba joined HDZ so what you think what kind of Croatia we going to have. From that moment Tudjman and his Udba killed about 50 politicians just because they saw differently Croatia from HDZ , he left Vukovar to defended only by HOS, this why is HOS even now every day under attack in Croatia. Tudjman once promise to make peace between Partizan and Ustaše kids and grandkids but it was just promise. He just use Croatian patriots to fight and to be killed for them and he betrayed Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and generally all Croatian people by constant secret meetings with Milosevic and making very bad decisions in the name of Croatian people. We Croatian people are cheated by all politicians after Tudjman. Now Pupovac is not problem, his only clever businessman and parasit who use Croatia money, we have much bigger problem our society is totally destroyed by komunist system which is still present in Croatia and it going to stay for long time. Croatia does not have chance to go forward because there is not one politician in Croatia who going to put Croatian National interests in front of his personal and ironically most Croatian politicians hate Croatia and should be in jail, as result of all that we lost diplomatic war with Srbija and agresija of Srbija on Croatia become civil war, so now in Croatia because it was civil war our heroes have the same rights like Serbian Chetnks who tried to occupied Croatia, so there is nothing strange that is Popovac most powerful politician in Croatia last more than 20 years, he does not need election to stay in power. There is so much things to be changed and when Skoro came I saw little hope but last election showed that there is not hope, so God help Croatia and Croatian people.

    • Agree on some fronts with you Petar, however I disagree on your statements regarding Tudjman. He really went for reconciliation from the start between the two WWII sides and hence, the original HDZ movement was full of true Croats and those opposing communism. The fact that a large number of communists and udba were there also would have followed a formula that people high=ranking in Yugoslavia were essential for transition from it, he did see by 1993 that this was a mistake and started getting rid of some especially Stipe Mesic, Manolic etc. A great number of original HDZ people who were true Croats actually started leaving HDZ in droves by 1994 onwards. And they are the ones who deserve a chance at making Croatia into what was planned. But deep communist state evolved with that sham of democracy and we have what we have, complacency developed among people and voters dropped like flies…as to Vukovar and your assertion that Tudjman left it to its own devices and HOS I tend to disagree, ZNG played an important part, I have yet to come up with war veterans and defenders of Vukovar to come out en masse and claim that, they all hold onto the allegiance of Croatia Tudjman wanted. Change of politicians is needed and that can only be achieved via greater masses voting or via successful public pressure etc…That will occur it seems when borrowed money or EU grants run out to feed the people, I think

  6. And equal partner? This suggests that there are 2 Croatia’s. One Croatia minority controlled and the other a puppet state. In a nation- state there should be limited minority right. It should just be citizen’s rights. Unfortunately the pendulum always swings to extremes which messes everything up. There was a saying, when in Rome, do as a the Romans. Seems this is now, when in Roman, tell the Romans what to do.

    • Well put Sunman! Citizen’s rights is the right concept. All civilised world has government departments that deal with ethnic rights but no seats in Parliament. Croatia is an awful example of discriminating against its own nationals just look at the diaspora.


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  9. I see so much now in various parts of the world, as we see resurfacing those divisions, which have not been dealt with by justice systems, which leave open wounds to many.
    While not understanding who is who in your political world. I can see why this appointment would not be welcome.
    Change no matter how we view it, is going to be difficult. There are I feel going to be major repercussions arising as people ALL over are going to stand up to add their voices to their dissatisfaction of how we are ALL governed..
    I myself am composing a letter to my own MP in regards to certain situations within our local community….
    If we stay silent, then we seem to just agree with everything and comply with their agendas… And lets face it dearest Ina… We know many are mere puppets with their strings already pulled and tweaked, as they dance to a large pipers tune..

    Loved reading your thoughts and views Ina.. and agree with your paragraphs on Reconciliation .

    Sending HUGE hugs dear friend <3

    • Thanks Sue. It was Edmund Burke who coined phrase “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Hence, we must persist and stay alert and active, if change will have a chance. Hugs Sue

  10. Informative, ” ENEMY OF THE PPL”

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