Anti – Semitism in Serbia And Powerful Serbs in Croatia – On Task To Persist Spreading Lies About Croatia

Mjere protiv Židova u Jugoslaviji. Beograd 7. listopada 1940: „ Jugoslavija se sada pridružila antisemitskom pokretu. Vlada je usvojila uredbu kojom se Židovima zabranjuje trgovanje hranom. U židovskim poduzećima ili u tvrtkama u kojima je glavnina kapitala židovska, vlada će imenovati državne komesare – Reuters.

It was recently that Milorad Pupovac, a representative of a part of Serb minority in Croatia associated with 1990’s rebel Serbs who wreaked havoc, destruction, ethnic cleansing of Croats, rape, torture in vicious efforts to try and stop Croatia from seceding from communist Yugoslavia reiterated to the public that Belgrade (Serbia) continues to be the Capital City of Serbs in Croatia! As to fatalities resulting from recent earthquakes in Croatia Pupovac stated that among the fatalities were two Serbs and a girl from a mixed marriage even though those ethnic Serbs were Croatian citizens and their families have lived in Croatia for centuries!

 This statement by Pupovac reveals all the human misery of Milorad Pupovac and the policy he represents not only as the leader of the so-called Serbian National Council (SNV) and a Member of Parliament, but also as an alleged intellectual with the position of professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. For him, therefore, this catastrophic earthquake did not kill people, but members of the Serbian ethnic community in Croatia, which he and his SNV persistently want to keep separate from the Croatian identity to which they belong as citizens of that country.

The Serbian pursuits to keep blackening Croatia in every possible sense are related to this and include their attempts to use lies to demonstrate that Serbs are “better than Croats”. These lies are largely represented in Serbia’s continued coverup of its active role in the WWII Holocaust when it exterminated some 94% of its Jews by August 1942 and its continued propaganda against Croatia, deliberately and systematically fabricating the number of Jews and Serbs killed in Croatia during WWII. Their last “weapon” is putting on their payroll the Israeli Gideon Greif who appears to hold the championship lead in this fabrication of victim numbers.

So let’s look at the history of antisemitism in Serbia and in this I refer to an article recently published in Croatia’s popular portal “” and written by Petar Horvatic, which I have translated into English:

“Serbian anti-Semitism was not present only in Serbia, but began to spread among Serbs in neighbouring countries, including Croatia. Milan Obradovic, a Serbian journalist from Bjelovar who published 30 publications in Croatia, tried to publish anti-Semitic publications in Croatia in 1907, but on April 10, 1907, the city of Zagreb resolutely banned the publication of such publications.

Obradovic accused Croats of being tolerant of Jews, of being Jewish helpers, and the Catholic clergy of being bribed by Jewish Freemasonry. Obradovic also accused Jews of Croatian non-cooperation with the Greater Serbia movement and Serb parties in Croatia.

The month of August 1942 was the time when Serbia was declared the first country in Europe – judenfrei (Jew-free).

Anti-Semitic postage stamps in WWII Serbia

On January 26, 1807, the Council for the Future Autonomous Serbian Provinces – under the leadership of Karadjordjevic – concluded that all Muslims and Jews should be expelled from Belgrade, in the original text ‘cleansed of all Turks and Civuts’.

Civut is a derogatory term used for Jews.

Stopping the expulsion of all non-Serbs, including Jews and Muslims, from the territory of Serbia was a ‘conditio sine qua non’ of international recognition of the Principality of Serbia in 1878 at the Berlin Congress, which Serbs saw as dictated by the international community, especially by the British statesman and Jews. Benjamin Disraeli.

It is interesting that at that time, Serbian historians, almost regularly imbued with Serbian nationalism and chauvinism, fiercely criticised Croats as a people without anti-Semitism. Thus, Simo Lazic and Milan Obradovic accuse Croats of openly defending and protecting Jews, such as the right-winger Josip Frank, who defends the accused Alfred Dreyfuss in ‘Croatian Law’, who was the target of false accusations of espionage at the end of the 19th century. Let us remember that, unlike Obradovic and Lazic, the great writer Emile Zola also defended Dreyfuss.

In all this, as well as the attitude towards Jews, Serbia regularly looked up to ‘big brother’ Russia, a country that ‘patented’ pogroms (organised massacres of particular ethnic groups), mass persecutions and violence against Jews.

Thus, in 1881, the Russian Minister Konstantin Pobedonostsev proposed to Tsar Alexander III. that ‘a third of the Jews emigrate from Russia, a third convert to Orthodoxy, and a third allowed to die.’ It was a statement and a ‘magic formula’ that later the false and perfidious diplomacy of Serbia attributed to some people from the time of World War II, as if referring to Serbs. In the original, that statement unfortunately referred to the Jews. That statement was later conveyed with pleasure by the Serb Milan Obradović to this region, when he wrote that ‘there will be no Civuts in Russia in 25 year’s time’.

It is very interesting that the Serbian linguist Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, in the 1853 edition of ‘Serbian Folk Tales’, also inserted many short stories and folk tales soaked in prejudice against and hatred towards Jews. (see Tomislav Vukovic, Review of Serbian Anti-Semitism, p. 9).

The older records from the time of the First Serbian Uprising 1806/07, clearly show the intention to expel all Jews and Turks from Belgrade. Some ease of the position of the Jews in Serbia came ten years later under Prince Milos Obrenovic, where the Jews lived in the part of Belgrade that had the derogatory title “Čifutana” (Civutane) because of the Jews.

When Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic returned to power in the middle of the 19th century, Jews were again forbidden to settle in Serbia, outside Belgrade. On the contrary, because of the decree, the Jews had to move out of Sabac, Smederevo and Pozarevac.

During the second reign of Milos Obrenovic from 1856 to 1860, the level of tolerance towards Jews in Serbia rose again. This was abolished by his son Mihajlo in 1861, which is why Jews complained to international institutions in Serbia.

It was not until 1878 that the Jewish people in Serbia became equal, by the decisions of the Berlin Congress, which Serbia reluctantly recognised. The decisions of the Berlin Congress show that the treatment of Jews in Serbia led to an overrun of their numbers (see Tomislav Vukovic, Review of Serbian Anti-Semitism, p. 13).

Many years after the Berlin Congress in Serbia, these decisions of point 35 of the Berlin Congress in favour of the equality of Jews saw widespread outrage in Serbia, which clearly speaks of the very pronounced anti-Semitism in Serbia.

One of the prominent Serbs of the time who sowed hatred towards Jews was Vasa Pelagic, a Serbian national teacher of socialist orientation. His anti-Semitic work ‘The Religious Teaching of the Talmud or a Mirror of Chivut Honesty’ is well known.

Somewhat later, a booklet ‘Let’s not give Serbia to the Civuts!’ Was printed in Serbia, where Serbs are being made to fear the Jews and calls for fight against and hatred towards Jews.

Anti-Semitism spread from Serbia through Serbian politicians and historians to Serbian politicians in Croatia. Hatred of Jews was instilled by a well-known Serbian politician in Croatia, Pavle Jovanovic, who was a prominent member of the Serbian Democratic Party, which represented Serbs in Croatia. Simo Lazic stood out with his anti-Semitic texts, while he edited ‘Srbobran’ (Serbshield) and ‘Vrač Pogađač’ (Prediction Wizard) in Croatia in Zagreb, as one of the main ideologues of the Serbian Independent Party, which represented Serbs in Croatia.

‘The Serbian press in Croatia in the second half of the 19th century was permanently anti-Jewish. The Serbian Independent Party constantly attacks Ante Starcevic’s Party of Rights for sympathizing with Jews… The Independents accused the Jews of directing Croatian (and right-wing) politics to the detriment of the Serbian people and Serbia’ (see Tomislav Vuković, Review of Serbian Anti-Semitism, p. 25).

It is interesting that the initiator of anti-Semitism in Croatia was the Serb Milan Obradovic from Bjelovar (see Tomislav Vuković, “Review of Serbian Anti-Semitism”, p. 27). He wrote 30 pamphlets and booklets that exuded marked hatred of Jews, demanding brutal state measures against them.

Read the horrors written by Serbian Obradovic about the Jews in Croatia: ‘It is almost impossible to talk about the victory of Croatian anti-Semitism, and you know why, because the majority of the Croatian people are so attached to the Chivuts that they must not shout against them, let alone any Croats raising his voice against the Jews. Just consider Zagreb! Shouldn’t every honest Croat blush because the Civuts have created Jerusalem out of Zagreb, and all of Zagreb stinks of their Palestinian stench.’(see Tomislav Vukovic, Review of Serbian Anti-Semitism, p. 31).

That is what one of the leading journalists and ideologues of Serbian politics in Croatia from the beginning of the 20th century writes.

Milan Obradovic wrote inflamatory anti-Semitic texts and self-published booklets of that kind, but in Croatia he had no collaborators or like-minded people, which is why he often resented the Croats he spoke of as allowing Jews to ‘get under their skin and drink their blood’, saying that in Croatia and Zagreb ‘all capital, shops and the biggest trades are in their hands’. In his booklets you can also find correspondence with theologians of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Srijemski Karlovci, where he found understanding, since at that time anti-Semitism was very developed in Serbia. And not only because of the influence of the Russians, but also because the Jews were considered ‘traditional Serbian enemies’ who were ‘on the side of the Turks and later Austria-Hungary’, and ‘against Serbia and its interests.’

Anti-Semitism was also present among Serbs in Vojvodina (then in Austro-Hungary), and the well-known Serbian politician and writer Svetozar Miletic stood out in the political newspaper “Zastava”. In one place, he even ‘well-meaningly’ advises Croats that ‘a bit of anti-Semitism would not go astray there.’

The prominent anti-Semite Jasa Tomic also acted there in his newspaper ‘Srpsko kolo’. Jasa Tomic was a role model in hatred towards Jewish Serbian fascists led by Dimitrije Ljotic even before World War II.

Even the Serbian Orthodox Church before the First World War was not deprived of anti-Semitism, which was especially reflected in the newspaper of the priestly association.

‘Vesnik srpske crkve’ (Herald of Serbian Church).

During the 19th century, after the liberation of Serbia from the Turks and the formal recognition of civil rights to Jews, anti-Semitism constantly appeared and imprinted itself in the consciousness of the Serbian people in the first half of the 20th century, as evidenced by numerous pamphlets, books, magazines and newspapers. Here are just a few examples: The religious law teaching of the Talmud or a mirror of the Chivut honesty by Vaso Pelagic (1879), On the Jewish question in Serbia by Nikola Jovanovic – an American (1879), How an evil morality influx by Chivut is created in the human society by Simo Stanojevic (1880) , Let’s not give Serbia to Civuts by a group of Serbian patriots (1882), The Jewish Question by Jasa Tomic (1884).

All this time, political and other newspapers with anti-Semitic articles were published: Balkan, Zastava, Srpstvo, and even church newspapers of the Serbian Orthodox Church brought out anti-Semitic articles. E.G. in Hrišćamki vesnik and Glasnik, Službeni list Srpske pravoslavne crkve.

‘Slavery, that is: truths are deadly. That’s why they shout, and whisper lies. To everyone and anyone. The occupier is lying, traitors are lying, freedom fighters are also lying. We lie to deceive ourselves, to comfort another; we lie out of pity, we lie so that we are not afraid, to encourage, to hide our own and others’ misery. We lie out of love and humanity, we lie out of honesty. We lie for freedom. A lie is a form of our patriotism and a confirmation of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively. For this lie under occupation, even an ordinary idiot has more imagination than many novelists. A lie is a necessity: biological, psychological, national, political. Belgrade in these days is an apocalypse of lies.’ (Dobrica Ćosić, Deobe (Divisions), published 1977, p. 135).

‘It is a pity that in the Serbs, through six hundred years of slavery under the Turks, some known properties of slaves have developed to incredible proportions. In their national ethics, on the ranking of virtues, after courage comes a lie. Captain F., our expert on their history, admits that he does not know any other people who in national and political struggles were able to use the means of deceiving, cheating and lying to their opponents and enemies as successfully as the Serbs did. They are real artists in lying. It is a complex system, a very complicated technique, incomprehensible to our American and British concepts. When the history of the Second World War in Europe is written, the moral basis and psychological technique in the fight against the enemies of the Serbian guerrilla movement, that is, the Chetnik detachment, must be given a special chapter. Large armies must know about this Serbian experience.’ (Dobrica Ćosić, Deobe (Devisions), published 1977, p. 168).” Ina Vukic


  1. In this day and age it’s a shame that those Serbs in Croatia have not learned to assimilate rather than plot the re-integration of Croatia into a now non-existent Yugoslavia. Why it should still seek to vilify Croatians and spread lies about a now Sovereign state remains a mystery. The German people accepted the outrage fostered on Europe by Hitler and his armies and vowed it would never allow a repeat of this. This has led to them becoming the great Nation they are today. Can Serbia not accept it’s own terrible actions and move on with the same vow. Serbians within Croatia should either return home or should accept Croatia as their home now and try to live as good citizens. Communism and anti-Semitism have no place in a progressive Nation and those who wish to further their cause should retire to the country that welcomes their rhetoric. Croatia should be allowed to grow as a
    Sovereign Nation without such outside interference and lies about their past. They intend to grow. They cannot change the past but they can accept it and move on. Others it seems cannot.

    • The problem is David that Serbs have the Greater Serbia ambition and intent in their blood. They say that wherever a Serb lives that is Serbia. As to what’s happening in Croatia to permit that I blame the government and authorities for allowing the situation where ethnic minorities, particularly Serbian, refuse to honour and respect Croatia as a sovereign state. Not any countries in the world would permit that, in most ethnic minorities enjoy due rights but do not try and erase the country they are living in. Pathetic and downright evil. Without a radical change in Croatia, to finish the battles won in 1990’s thre beeds to be a cleansing of public administration and power of former communist operatives or their followers and apparatchiks.

  2. It is only the yugoslav Jews and their followers who were close to tito that are the perpetuators of a lot of semi-factual and unsubstantiated anti-Croatian agitprop, doing this in order to spare the otherwise shaky and tenuous antifascist story of tito and the partisans, which would come into question if properly researched. But really, all the world needs to do is look at what’s happened in the former sfrj in the past 30 years or so to see which entity is the one that oppressed and suppressed the others, causing them to want to break away from tha aggressors. Today Israel and Croatia are good friends with a lot in common. Both have neighbours who are jeopardizing peace and stability.

  3. Stevie10703 says:

    Ina you hit the nail on the head, the Serbs have the false myth of Greater Serbia ingrained in their psyche and thy don’t care how they get it whether as a Serbia State or as Yugoslavia (which some Serb historians call a greater serbia). These people only accept Croatians when they want to blame Croatians for something but the reality is, they consider us as “Catholic Serbs” and the Muslims as the “Serbs of the Muslim faith.” The only people they consider Croatian are those that live in and around the area of Zagreb. You also have to look what they did to the Albanians as well, there are many Albanians that were forced to Serbianize their last names, in fact I have a neighbor who is an Albanian from Montenegro whose last name is Nikprelevic but his real last name is Nikprelaj, what he said was a few years before WWI, the Serbs targeted the Albanians for extinction and this was one of the first genocides of the 20th, he said that his family was forced to change their last names or face death.

    Let us also never forget what, I believe Djilas, or one of their political leaders said, “In order for Yugoslavia to live, Croatia must die,” because he knew that the Croatian people are independence minded and that needed to be put to an end.

    As for anti-semitism, there is a book that was written about 20 years ago that detailed Serbian Anti-semitism, the name of the book escapes me now but some of the things you mentioned were in it, and in the mid-1800’s Serbia made it a law that Jews were no longer allowed to open any businesses in Beograd and those that still had them were allowed to run them but they forced many of those businesses to close down.

    Let’s also not that there was a large miorah on the roof top of one of the buildings in Zagreb at the Trg Bana Jelicica, that minorah stood and was never taken down during WWII but was taken down by Tito and his Yugoslav government.

    Marko Veselica once said that there will never be peace among Croatians and Serbs until the Serbs accept the fact that Croatians are different people that the Serbs and that Croatia is a sovereign nation and that they have to stop believing in a Greater Serbian State. Until that happens there cannot be peace.

    • Once their lies are chipped away, Stevie, we see Serbia for what it was and still is: a nation blind to itself and its deranged ways of trying to keep everyone else around them suffering from their sick and warped ego. They will do anything to cover up their terrible deeds or accuse someone else of committing them. My big sorrow is that Croatia has such Serbs within the corridors of power enjoying rights of minorities while other Serbs in Croatia who fought alongside Croats for Croatia’s independence are marginalised and downright trodden upon. Hopefully with enough persistence truth and justice will prevail eventually.

      • Stevie10703 says:

        Over 100 years ago, there was a man in the US by the name of Booker T. Washington who basically called out the race hustlers for what they are and one can say this is exactly who Pupovac is, here is the quote:

        “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

        “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public”

        Pupovac has created a business and has given himself a nice living pushing a false narrative in order to further advance his own agenda. The problem is, Croatians are afraid to counter their message rather than defend ourselves from many false accusations. Mark Twain once said that a lie could travel around the world before the truth can pull up its boot straps. This is what is going on in Croatia, the problem is we as a people are allowing the lie to travel and we haven’t even though of pulling up our boot straps. The Serbs follow the simple rule and that is you tell a lie enough times it eventually becomes the truth. Put it this way, why do you think they refuse to open up the archives in Beograd when it comes to places like Jaseonvac and also when it comes to what happened in Bleiburg and the Krizni Put….because they know their house of cards would come tumbling down the second those archives are opened up because we would find out the truth of what really did happen.

      • Yup, no archives – no truth to see Serbs and former communists now in power don’t want to be seen.But, we pursue the matter other ways even if they are difficult

  4. Very informative, especially of a part of our world that Americans are ignorant of.

  5. Getting increasingly more difficult to know what is true, what the facts are by the day it seems. Fact checkers can’t even be trusted, I mean what makes their sources more reliable than anyone else? Even people close to a situation can not always be trusted, especially when they want to hurt others or create confusion. Dishonesty has become a weapon for those that hate. It has become a habit for me to say “I can not or have not been able to confirm this………but here is what I have learned”. Then I give an opinion …….. Sometimes I wonder if communication is even worth while. A few people I know are good people, intelligent people and credible, just recently did a video with information……it’s all questionable information now? They are from the U.K., popular people. I think I’ll just pray! You my dear have become something rather rare! And I mean that as a compliment!

    • And the worst thing is that when one stares the truth or facts in the eyes, those who keep creating confusion for their own personal gain will attack that truth and paint it as untruth. Hence fact checkers have often proven to be biased in order to help a political agenda. Real independence both personal and community is the best weapon to fight for the truth and justice because independence means one does not depend on others to survive. It is the point of jeopardy for personal survival or acceptable living-standard that pushes for real change. I just hope we are in a transitional period like the natural events “after the storm, comes the calm”. Praying is a constancy that I keep in my life but, like you, we need to help our destiny. Thank you for the compliment, it means a great deal. Keep well and strong!

  6. Happy New Year ,Ina ! 🙂
    Alioșa .


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