Displacement of Croats – again?

Over 3 million displaced in wars that raged in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina  1991 - 1995

Over 3 million displaced in wars that raged in Croatia and
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991 – 1995

To start this, let me just quote the start of Nenad Piskac’s article – Croats are dying out in Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – on Croatian Cultural Committee portal .

It’s bad for Croats in Croatia, so how would it not be worse for them in Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina? Croats here and there in the “region” are not even political subjects. In some places they’re not even an object. They officially do not exist. Croats in Slovenia, for example, are not even an ethnic minority, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina they are third-class “constitutional people” modified by Muslims and the only constitutional people without its own “entity” (living territory), in the Serbian Republic they were thoroughly ethnically cleansed without any prospect for return, and in Serbia, Croats can be anything they want except Croats”.
I wonder if anyone in the international community that “counts” has noticed this sad state of affairs while they bang on about the rights of ethnic minorities in Croatia? I wonder, if they’re going to do anything about it!

But, thankfully, there a many people that live and breathe for Croats’ rights. And when it comes to those within Croatia I’m quite glad that I have come across the “Action for a better Croatia” party and this is what it’s website says on the issue of Croats in Croatia:

“Lately, there have been frequent calls for youth to leave Croatia and seek their livelihood in some other countries, because there is no future for them where they were born and grew up. Besides showing present day tragedies such messages are extremely dangerous for the future of the Croatian people. Not even the biggest and richest countries in the world give up easily on their young people, so why are leaders of Croatia doing it and, for whose interests? Whom does it benefit that there are fewer Croats from generation to generation?  Can a small nation such as the Croatia afford such an attitude toward the future?

The recent census showed us the alarming demographic picture of Croatia, but the ruling political elite, and this government, the one that is currently governing as well as the one that governed the past decade, does not seem worried, in the least. Given that, over the past few years, we have witnessed a general neglect of national interests by these politicians, we can rightly conclude that the demographic collapse of Croatia is only one part of the plan for the destruction of an independent Croatian state and Croats as a nation.

But so that it would not appear that they are doing nothing, the ruling minds came up with a strategy to improve the demographic picture of Croatia and presented it to the National forum entitled “Demographics – conditions of Croatian future ” at which the sponsor of the Forum, President Josipovic, enthusiastically declares: ” There are two great tasks in front of us, and they are: to work on a pro-birthrate policy and to devise policies that will attract foreign citizens. The time of hideboundness has passed, Croatia has enough power and capacity to accept the young intellectuals who will certainly contribute to the development of Croatian pro-birthrate policies.”

So, that’s the plan, Mr. President? ‘Young Croats to be sent into the world to seek a better future, and Croatia to be populated by foreign citizens, because Croatia is not hidebound but filled with capacity to accept anyone who puts his/her mind to living in it. Has it ever crossed your mind and the minds of your wise counsel how to make use of this capacity and retain Croatian youth in the Homeland and make use of their intellect and zeal for the betterment of Croatia and not for the benefit of another country, which has not invested a cent in their development?  Your Kukuriku (Cock-a-doodle-doo) colleagues have not thought of providing expectant mothers with financial and other support that would allow them to give birth to and raise a larger number of children, so that immigration would be unnecessary. But, they have thought to push through an ideology that leads to an even greater decrease in birth rates through health (sex) education.

Croatia has, throughout its history, always been broadminded and provided a home and a refuge for all that needed it, and in return these same settlers eventually in time took control of the government, persecuting their hosts and claiming the land as their own. After each such generosity we were left without one part of our territory, and we will not even speak of the disappearance of the population over the ages from Croatian territories.

The most obvious example of this is the time after the Second World War when your ideological role models expelled Croats and ethnic Germans from their ancestral lands and then settled immigrants from the whole of the former Yugoslavia. The nationality of settlers was “accidentally” mainly that of those who claimed that it is their country and “accidentally” these newcomers were given the best land and the best jobs, while the indigenous Croatian people were either politically and economic exiled or sentenced to mere survival.

After fifty years, the newcomers have concluded that “that” part of Croatia is theirs and that only they have the right to live there, and they argued their conclusions with a rifle and a knife. The truth is that their plan did not succeed, but regardless of the fact that they lost the war, broadminded Croats forgave them the slaughter and destruction they committed and let them to continue living peacefully on the stolen land, but again after twenty years, they claim that this is their country and seek within it some rights of their own, rights that are not recognized anywhere in the world and which are, in addition, based on earlier expulsions of the Croatian population.  Do we need to once again repeat this to prove (to whom?) that we are not hidebound or, have we learned something from history?

Croatia truly has the strength and the capacity for young people, but it is necessary to know how to mobilize and make available that strength and capacity to those who were born and educated in Croatia, and only if there are not enough of them invite foreigners to enrich Croatia to with their knowledge and skills.

Promising young people that they will soon be able to work in the EU, is of course a fraud because those who wanted to could have worked there already, and there have been limits on employment established through employment quotas and the cost of labor, which is the same as in the country from which the worker is coming. But, that is not the main problem, the main problem is the question for which previous political elites have no answer: WHY should our young people have to go to work and wander around in foreign countries, separated from their families, friends and the land where they grew up. We know the answer. They promise employment in other countries, because they are incompetent, unable to secure jobs for them in Croatia.

Neither the HDZ nor the Kukuriku Coalition have so far shown neither the knowledge nor the will to create out of the Croatia a country in which one can live from his/her work and create new values for future generations. All we have seen from them is the selling off of everything that was for sale, and a life on credit. It is high time for us to thank the one and the other for everything, and that finally Croatia is governed by those who created it and dreamed of it as a country of happy people who will not seek their fortune under other people’s skies.

It is high time for those that were exiled a long time ago to return to Croatia, and not for daily exoduses of Croats to occur due to the incompetence and neglect of the anti-national politicians.

Action for a Better Croatia, mr. Zeljko Cvrtila, acting president

Translated into English by Zeljko Zidaric and Ina Vukic


  1. Sad but true state of affairs. Neither main stream political parties in Croatia are worth the paper they write their names on. As I look through Croatia’s history and current state of affairs, the ugly question that comes to mind is, “are Croatians capable of governing themselves?” I believe we are more than capable of governing ourselves, but it would be easy to conclude the opposite. Don’t get me wrong I am not a pessimist, I am just eager for Croatia to finally stand up and thrive based on its own merits, values and world view. What is Croatia if it cannot be its own unique country?

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    Wow! I am so pleased with this article as I have been saying the same thing for way to long.Now we need someone to step forward and put this in action. This is about the strongest Croatia First Policy I have read anywhere in a long time.Now we need someone to act on making it easier for the diaspora to come home and the process easier for 2nd and 3rd generations to become citizens and return to our motherland.It currently takes 2 years for approval for 2nd and 3rd generations to get citizenship based on ancestry and if not all documents can be found then there is always a denial of citizenship.This is in its self crazy because if you come to Croatia and want to gain citizenship status one should only have to bring proof of family in person to vouch for your ethnicity whether it be cousins or or otherwise that have citizenship in Croatia and lives in Croatia to prove you are Croat and your blood line. As an example, I go to the embassy with my cousin who lives in Croatia and is Croat but my mothers papers say Yugoslavia. I go in person with my cousin and his papers and mine that I have to prove that I am of Croat decent. They are confirmed we are cousins through documents and approved and papers are printed and given for citizenship that very day.same process to get drivers license.This can speed the process to one day with proper documents. If this is done at an expedited pace you will see so many applying to come back home that we can rebuild Croatia much faster and stronger.You would automatically see the diaspora community invest in our motherland and to educate our younger generation to stay rather then leave.As far as a promise to our younger generation for a better future elsewhere I see no other country promising Croats a better future. Our country holds a great future for our younger generation if we invest in our own country and its people which is not happening. To this day I pray that we simply our process to allow 2nd and 3rd generations to return as proper citizens and now all we need is someone who will fight our goverment to make this a reality.if we fail to do so we will loose our identity and culture must faster then anticipated.Sadly abroad there are few places that one can turn to for assistance in returning home with proper documentation or relatives in person and it seems no one outside of Croatia can help speed the process. someone please make this goverment understand that the process should be quick and return to our motherland should not take 2 years just to get an answer but rather 2 days.Thank you Ina for this article it is something that gives me hope.

  3. Vladimir Orsag says:

    Several weeks ago one Sabornik stated that Hrvats should read more instead watching sapunice. He was right. What happens in Hrvatska is a long range plan initiated in Germany in 1776. Therefore, I suggest to all wise men in Hrvatska to read George Orwell, 1984 (in reverse 1948), when Tito was given a task to destroy religion and the nationality. The proclamation of Hrvatska should see our national name to be reinstalled instyead of using a Latin reference. Shame on you professor of History. You entered a category of all CRoatians who were ashamed to speak Hrvatski during Hedervary’s regime.

  4. stevewthomas says:

    This blog is a revelation to me!! I wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog, Walking the Cat, but I stayed to read some of the posts. . .It pains me to say this, but I’m really ignorant of what is going on in the world (apart of my own very small part of it) and I feel ashamed. . .It may be small consolation, coming as it does from one “old man” in a faraway place, but I agree with what you are saying here, and with what you trying to accomplish. . . Nations — truly great nations — are not built by politicians with hidden, often nefarious, agendas. . .they are built from the hopes, dreams, blood, sweat and tears of a strong, vibrant people, determined to let nothing — nothing — stand in the way of their dreams becoming reality. You are doing good work, Help your people see that they cannot solve their problems by “running away” from them, Urge them to stay, to work, to build, to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow countrymen (and women). Surely, they can see, as you do, there is only one way to make things better; that is to stay and stay and stay and stay for as long as it takes. There is no other way, , ,so it was (and is) in my homeland. . .so it must be in yours. Gof speed, Ina. . .and thanks again.

  5. Unfortunately, all it takes is one short trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina for any rationally minded person to realise what is happening to ethnic Croats over there. The only ones who are really returning are older generations who want to settle down in their old homes. There is absolutely no future for young Bosnian-Croats in Serbian-ruled “Republika Srpska” or the Federation unless we finally start standing up for our rights and future.

    Given Croatia’s history, it’s no wonder there’s so many who are opposed to, and fear, immigration and emigration of younger generations. Older generations have lived through this already, they’ve seen the damage such policies cause to our language, culture, traditions, economic and social stability, etc. I have known too many relatives and family friends who’ve had to travel to foreign lands to find work, separated from their families, friends, culture, everything that could’ve made life a little sweeter…all this comes down to incompetent leaders, leaders who’ve worked against the prosperity of Croatia, who missed every opportunity to invest in Croatia. I think it’s about time we have a strong political voice that will educate the young away from this “I must leave Croatia” mindset. We need leaders who will inspire others to forge a stable future in their homeland.

  6. Vladimir Orsag says:

    In order to understand what happened in Bosnia, one should read David Icke’s book, …and the truth shall set you free. After reading it, there is a serious question, ‘Why the intelligence fraternity in Croatia and Bosnia failed to reveal, who was Radovan Karadzic’s advisor. After his death in 2006, suddenly the extradition became possible.

    • Which book?

      • Vladimir Orsag says:

        The name of David Icke’s book is:…and the truth shall set you free, published by Bridge of Love, ISBN 0 9526147 1 5, page 325, entitled Margaret Thatcher

  7. Americro says:

    David Icke the paranormal guy who claims Srebrenica never happened? http://www.davidicke.com/…/79187-the-srebrenica-massacre-was-a-gigantic-political-fraud.

    : – 0

    Some source.

  8. Tudjman, never finished what he started out to do, that has complicated all issues in 20th & 21 century.

    May God have mercy on our nationality in the future.

    • Vladimir Orsag says:

      He forgot to change our 1,000 year name, instead of Latin. He forgot to eliminate Yugoslav law regarding Croatian nationality. and take back Boka Kotorska which Tito gave to Monte Negro in 1945. Any suggestion that a Communist could be converted back to his own nationality is a pipe deam.


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