ICTY Trial Chamber Convicts 6 Croats of Herceg-Bosna – Verdict of Joint Criminal Enterprise Farcical To The Hilt

From left: Jadranko Prlic, Milivoj Petkovic, Bruno Stojic, Slobodan Praljak, Berislav Pusic, Valentin Coric Photo: AFP/ jutarnji.hr

From left: Jadranko Prlic, Milivoj Petkovic, Bruno Stojic, Slobodan Praljak, Berislav Pusic, Valentin Coric
Photo: AFP/ jutarnji.hr

Putting the issue of war crimes that may have been committed by individual persons aside, it is absolutely unacceptable and unjust that the ICTY Trial Chamber has today convicted six Bosnian Croat political and military leaders of joint criminal enterprise allegedly involving persecution, expulsion and murder of Muslims during Bosnia’s war as part of a plan supported by leaders in neighboring Croatia to establish a Croat state in Bosnia.

The verdict of joint criminal enterprise does not reflect the reality that was. I.e. Croatia was an ally to Croats and Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina when the war commenced in March1992 with Serb barricades in Sarajevo, aggression, ethnically cleansing of Croats, Muslims and other non-Serb population from the territory the world knows today as the political entity of Serbian Republic within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia took hundreds of thousands (at least 400,000) Bosnian refugees (Croats and Muslims) and provided shelter and care for them at the time when the war of Serb aggression raged across Croatia and forced destitution of more than 700,000 Croatian refugees of non-Serb ethnicity.

Whether the Croat-Muslim conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992 – 1994 constitutes a joint criminal enterprise planned and executed by Croats could truly be justified in reality and justice is now a matter that will surely end up in the ICTY Appeal Chamber.

For, as things stand now this verdict is a farce, just as the one the Trial Chamber had delivered in 2011 against Croatian generals for the Operation Storm that liberated Serb occupied territory of Croatia.

This verdict does nothing but mirror the malicious concoctions and vile cocktails of hatred conjured up in order to blame something or someone for a situation that was a horrible reality that followed when Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina dared to seek democracy and secede from Yugoslavia.
To track back to how it was: the Vance Owen Peace Plan (VOPP), named after the international mediators Cyrus Vance and Lord Owen, first took shape in 1992 and its final version was completed in January 1993. It divided Bosnia into provinces with ethnic majorities.


The VOPP placed some Muslim majority areas under the control of the Croats; the Muslims vigorously rejected accepting this. The Muslims resisted a Bosnian Croat army (HVO) order, first made in January 1993 then repeated in April, to submit to its command in areas that were allocated to the Croats. The Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, had by that time declared their “Croatian Community of Herceg-Bosna” over much the same areas that were awarded to them by the VOPP.

Croats were determined to assert their command as, indeed, given that Alija Izetbegovic represented mainly the interests of Bosnian Muslims at the time, and Radovan Karadzic the interests of Bosnian Serbs – Mate Boban was placed in charge of the plights and needs to protect the interests of Bosnian Croats.

While Serbs pursued their lines of creating the Serbian Republic within Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian Croat determination to pursue command over areas allocated to them through VOPP and the Bosnian Muslim rejection of this was destined to end up in a bitter conflict between Croats and Muslims in these areas.

I have no doubts that the ICTY prosecution (headed by Carla del Ponte) maliciously constructed the idea of a joint criminal enterprise against Bosnian Muslims so that leadership of Croatia could somehow be pinned to such a constructed war crime. Certainly, such an idea would, I believe, have been sparked and fed by lies that led the world to believe that Croatia’s president Franjo Tudjman and Serbia’s president Slobodan Milosevic had met in Karadjordjevo and decided to divide Bosnia and Hercegovina between themselves. Hence, the utter lie that Croatia wanted to expand its borders into Bosnia and Herzegovina were born and fuelled by people such as Stjepan Mesic (of Croatia) who seemed to thrive on spreading hearsay, gossip and rumours about Tudjman as the truth.

Attempts and now an ICTY judgment to blame the Croats for the situation where even the evidence before the ICTY (when it comes to the idea of joint criminal enterprise) provides a swamp where it’s not possible to bring a completely safe conviction of joint criminal enterprise. Who attacked whom first? Who provoked who first?  Whose crimes were the worst?

I guess the easiest thing for the ICTY Trial Chamber was to blame the alleged expansionist aspirations of Croatia for everything. Problem solved!? I don’t think so!

Back to ICTY Trial Chamber Wednesday 29 May: Jadranko Prlic, former president of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), and later of the government of the Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna, was convicted to 25 years of imprisonment; Bruno Stojić, former head of the HVO department of Defence received 20 years in prison; Milivoj Petkovic, Chief of the HVO Main Staff and later deputy commander of the HVO forces – 20 years; Valentin Coric, Chief of the Military Police Administration and later on Minister of the Interior – 16 years. Slobodan Praljak, former Assistant Minister of Defence of Croatia and later Commander of the Main Staff of the HVO, received a sentence of 20 years of imprisonment. Berislav Pusic, former President of the HVO commission in charge of the exchange of prisoners and other persons and Head of the HVO Commission in charge of detention facilities, was unanimously acquitted of four counts. Convicted of 18 counts, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A majority of the three-judge panel expressed the opinion that late- President Franjo Tudjman of Croatia was a key member of a plan to carve out a Croat mini-state in Bosnia with the aim of later uniting it with his country to create a greater Croatia, or leaving it as a separate independent state.
Presiding Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti said a majority of the three-judge panel ruled that Croatia had overall control over the Bosnian Croat entity and its armed forces and that Croat troops fought alongside Bosnian Croat forces.
The Chamber concluded by majority, Judge Antonetti dissenting, that the ultimate purpose of the joint criminal enterprise was to create a Croat entity, mostly within the borders of the Croatian Banovina in 1939, to unify the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Later these areas were to be either joined with the Republic of Croatia, or remain in close association with it.
The JCE as such existed approximately from January 1993 to April 1994.
Apart from the six accused, a number of persons joined, participated in and contributed to the JCE, including among others: Franjo Tudjman, the President of the Republic of Croatia; Gojko Susak, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Croatia; Janko Bobetko, general in the Army of the Republic of Croatia; and Mate Boban, President of the Croatian Community (later Republic) of Herceg-Bosna. All of these men are dead and have passed away years before ICTY trial commenced – they were not there to give evidence or to defend themselves.

Given that the judgment does not seem to mention Cyrus Vance, Lord Owen, Lord Carrington and Jorge Cutileiro, who had all presented their version, on behalf of the international powers of the day – began to set some serious fuel into the already volatile situation – as to how Bosnia and Herzegovina was best divided by command among the three ethnic groups, one cannot but conclude that this judgment of joint criminal enterprise (relying on false conclusions regarding Croatian expansionist plans) is farcical to the hilt.  Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Americro says:

    Great post Ina.

    The ruling is a farce – factually inaccurate, based off of hearsay, conjecture, verbal gymnastics, and cherry picking events out of chronological order (skipping between months, decades and even centuries).

    1. The HVO and ABiH signed an agreement of military cooperation in the spring of 1992 that allowed for the HV to operate in B&H freely – it was publicly supported and signed by Boban, Izetbegovic and Tudman that subordinated HVO units in Muslim majority areas and ABiH units in Croat majority areas to the majority force. The problem was that the ABiH, while insisting the HVO do so, which it did, refused to allow its units to do so in HVO areas with a Croatian population majority. That is why the ABiH attacked the HVO in Prozor a day before the kangaroo court claimed that the HVO attacked (counter-attacked actually) the ABiH in Prozor, from which the ABiH ethnically cleansed at gunpoint the Croatians in the town. That the violence against Croats in Central Bosnia by TO/ABiH and foreign Mujahadin hordes began in June of 1992 (June precedes October) was conveniently ignored (as was Halilovic / Hadzihasanovic’s dealings with Ratko Mladic in Mostar and in Operation Neretva 93, Izetbegovic’s division of Bosnia with Milosevic in Sept. 1991 and with Koljevic and Karadzic in 1993, and on and on).
    2. Were it not for the HV, there would be no B&H today. The HV, together with the HVO, crushed the JNA-VRS in 85% of what is today the Federation in the Spring and Summer of 1992, and Janko Bobetko-led Lipanjske Zore prevented Croatia’s southern flank from collapsing, and prevented the JNA from consolidating its Kupres victory by joining forces as the HV / HVO, with the unglorious help of a SINGLE ABiH/TO company sized element misnamed as a Batallion (Samostalni Bataljun), crushed the JNA and prevented greater Serbia from being consolidated to the hysterical cheers of France, UK, Netherlands, Russia, China and Sweden.
    3. The court took the usual Yugoslav ultranationalist-socialist media’s historical pornography to a new level and actually ruled that the ABiH / TO / Islamist Mujahideen terrorists’ gunpoint ethnic cleansing of over 150,000 Croatians from Central Bosnia, North Herzegovina and East Mostar was actually the HZHB leadership’s / HVO’s fault and that they were not ethnically cleansed at gunpoint (with 14,000 men illegally detained in over 330 ABiH concentration camps, 4,000 of them HVO POWs, with over 600 murdered in custody) but were part of a HZHB-HVO forced population exchange – a true legal farce that only Stalin, Hitler or Tito (or Jutarnji Prist, Stevan Mesic, Zoran Pusic and Vesna Terselic) could claim is legitimate considering the avalanch of evidence to the contrary and the simple application of elementary logic.

    Reposting from another post of yours:

    I’m sure all of the Mesicites, Pusicites, REKOMovci, and Paragitusovci (MUstase) are opening their champaign glasses but the fact remains that this is only halftime.

    In the meantime, as the Hero’s, who recieved criminal sentences in that Kafkaesque court set up by the very powers that quite openly lobbied for Milosevic and threatened Croatia with sanctions and bombs if Croatia didn’t accept “that the Serbs’ won”, defense teams reorganize for the second half (think Gotovina and Markac appeal) EVERY SINGLE Croatian community worldwide needs to purchase Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Schrader’s book, the Muslim-Croat Civil War in Bosnia Herzegovina 1992-1994 (http://www.amazon.com/The-Muslim-Croat-Civil-Central-Bosnia/dp/1585442615/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369821066&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Muslim+Croat+Civil+War), and send it to their represenatives in their elective respective national governments, and to local high schools and universities.

    The truth is out there and it must be disseminated.

    Every lie and manipulation crapped today by the stooge in the red coat was debunked by Lt. Col. Dr. Schrader’s book.

    I would also add that it may be wise to send this documentary, In Broad Daylight, in either email or CD form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0NGcjcPUN0.

    Other interesting videos meant for internet debates / discussions as well as letters to the editor and emails to government / media showing the “multiethnic, democratic ABiH” in their “liberation” of “HVO occupied” areas, and “peaceful Muslim pacifist volunteers”:


    I think sending the above mentioned materials to Catholic Church institutions and organizations and news magazines (ETWN itself) may be a good idea as well.

    • Thanks Americro – we’re in for yet another long bumpy ride to reach justice and have truth prevail.

      • Americro says:

        Everybody has to contribute.

        Please feel free to forward my post / suggestions to all of your contacts worldwide – we need to get organized as this current government is incompetant and would like nothing more than this ruling to be upheld.

        It will take a grass-roots effort like the 1988-1995 Diaspora effort and the Gotovina-Markac effort to make a difference.

    • Bosnian-American says:

      AmeriCro – or American Croatian is obviously very pro-Croatian biased and willing to twist the facts to misinform the general public about this verdict – which is very clear and very convincing.

      Deleted – missing corroborating source links/details regarding statements of genocide.

  2. Americro says:

    It must be noted that the two people most responsible for this farce are:

    a) Stjepan Mesic, whose lies at the Blaskic trial and compulsive lies during Croatia’s Homeland War and since provided a false, contradictory narrative that the so-called “Prosecution” aped (which Jutarnji Prist and every other UDBa / KOS operative owned or staffed media in Croatia regurgitated).
    b) Dobroslav Paraga, who more or less wrote the indictment himself in 1997: http://www.hsp1861.hr/vijesti/970809haag.htm.

    It must be noted that Paraga was the most interviewed Croatian politician by Milosevic’s media in 1991/1992 (coincidence it is not), and that Mesic, while publicly against RS and greater Serbia, was not ever indicted (nor was Manolic, nor Boljkovac, nor Loncar) despite their senior positions (obviously they had no real power because they were put there by Tudman to neutralize them and their army of over 20,000 agents), meanwhile even privates in the Croatian Army, as well as all of Tudman’s staff (except Manolic, Boljkovac, Perkovic and Loncar – the latter used to get the non-aligned movement to recognized Croatia then thrown in the trash like Mesic & Co. after Croatia built up its military / intelligence establishment and after the botched Mesic-Manolic coup attempt that was sponsored by Germany’s BND in Operation Weisbaden), were indicted by Serbia for “war crimes” and “genocide” of Serbs in Croatia.

    The reason: the Yugoslav ultranationalists were and remain, like Paraga and a not so small number of modern Croatian “Ustase” (as we can see the “Ustase” collaborating with Sarajevo against over 95% of Croatian voters), whores of Belgrade either flipped by compromises or directly receiving checks.

    Controlled opposition and controlled chaos my dear readers.

    The Yugoslav ultrantionalist-socialists and the Ustashe agree on 99.9% of all things related to Tudman and HZHB / HRHB.

    It is not a coincidence.

    I suggest that any of you readers who are journalist students, accountants or lawyers volunteer for offshoreleaks – and look at accounts for Croatians / fmr. YU folks and which banks they are receiving money from. In addition to ample amounts of personal graft by a parade of likely usual suspects, I am willing to bet that there will be a link to Belgrade banks and certain sham human rights racketeers and leading de-Tudmanizers.

  3. Slaven Bijok says:

    The verdict does not make sense at all – except for the part where you read between the lines and see the framing at work.

    • Americro says:


      The best is how Berislav Pusic was named in the indictment and not mentioned afterwards until the closing argument reading his name off again, with not a single shred of evidence actually submitted against him, yet he got 10 years, despite nothing actually being submitted against him!

      What a farce.

  4. 2486963741 says:

    Some of this isnt even true…..I live in Bosnia and I know from a fact that regions around Doboj/Gracanica/Petrovo were under Serb millitary forces…..

  5. Josip Leko, Croatian parliament speaker stressed the ICTY must be respected “regardless of whether we like its rulings or not”.
    I guess we’re heading for the same process which eventually exonerated Gotovina. Those of you who are so predisposed should continue your prayers. I just hope justice prevails.

  6. Here we go again…WTF.

  7. At least, comments and posts that have this kind of message, are a result of not being informed very well. I am sorry but how does a church has anything to do with this? This is 21. century not 13th. Please be smart enough, to read and to be open for opinions that are not written or sented by people who want to educate new generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the way they want. Children are badly informed, and because of that, people in BiH will be in conflict forever. I am sick and tired from hearing about politics from people that live outside BiH.

    • Well Dino, one does not need to live in a country to have an opinion about it’s political and other events. Children in this day and age are growing up in the era of information access, freedom of information and they should not be badly informed but should know how to sift through the information that comes their way to come to truth, if they seek it. This blog, although articles have an opinion of the author and perhaps many readers, always has links to where a reader can access pure “facts”or news reports or historical facts etc

  8. Just when I thought I could take a break…. [Sigh] Here’s my response to this ludicrous verdict: http://mishkagora.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/the-latest-icty-verdict-and-why-you-should-care/

  9. H. White says:


  10. Arnold Halilovic says:

    Let’s hope that some members of ARBiH ( Muslim led Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war) are to be trialled next

  11. Budnam Islam says:

    I do not agree with this judgment, Croatia was not an aggressor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and joint criminal enterprise did not exist! Said Judge Antonetti at the ICTY Trial Chamber on Wednesday. As he was outvoted on this by the other two judges we need to respect the majority opinion or decision for the time being and hope an appeal will clear the matter. A long time to wait for that so in the meantime we need to ensure that Stjepan Mesic and all his armies of communist liars who hated Franjo Tudjman, Mate Boban… are brought to justice too! This so so important – the ICTY prosecutor and the Tudjman haters achieved the goal of their lies: Croats of Bosnia are made equal to the Serbs of Bosnia when it comes to JCE! Just awful, it makes one sick to the core. But listen you world Herceg-Bosna was disbanded and Serb Republic still exists! If Croats, heck if anyone wanted so hard to take over a piece of land as ICTY claims Croats did in B & H they would have done it! They would have done it just like Serbs did for Serb Republic. What a crock of sad shit comes of ICTY.

  12. Scapegoat says:

    The 6 are innocent, all charges against them are false. The trial was a farce and ridicule … Croatia they say perpetrated aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina … Its own historical territory! Absurd!… The same lump of political bullshit that hurts people and human beings – and ICTY is judging how others may have or have committed crimes – what about their unsafe judgments based on hearsay, lies … how many human lives do they destroy?! Ah yes, we must respect the judges. OK I respect their judgment but I respect the truth more and their judgment has little to do with the real truth (not the one they made up)

  13. Sweeney says:

    ICTY keep saying how important human life is to it! Well I don’t think so – ICTY is part of United Nations! Hello! UN had people in blue helmets all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who did bugger all to save lives that could have easily been saved! Sometimes we come across some judges at ICTY who actually know what they are doing, sadly the 6 Croats on Wednesday had only 1 out of 3 judges inclined to reality and truth when it comes to the supposed ICJ. What a pity. Hang in there people – justice is slow but it does arrive. God bless

  14. Martin Orr says:

    it was actually quite interesting to see how the three judges kept disagreeing with each other on various issues during the trial and that it took them so long to deliver the judgment after hearing had finished. There is no doubt in my mind that there was more political pressures going on behind the judges’ doors than anything else.
    One of the convicted, Slobodan Praljak, was even allowed to go home for a while, but returned to Hague as trumped up financial hits regarding payment of his defence costs etc – a hit put together by some powerful groups in Croatia and ICTY prosecutor’s office – I strongly believe.

  15. Another politically biased trial that makes a mockery of every victim of war. Thank you, ICTY, I knew I shouldn’t have had too much hope in your “justice” even after Gotovina and Markac were acquitted. Do people really think that if Croatia wanted to “carve up” Bosnia (it’s historical territory, btw) they couldn’t do it at all? If they could liberate Krajina, they sure as hell could’ve had their own little piece of Bosnia. But no, there’s less and less of us in our homeland, crimes against us are not talked about, barely even known about and people are still believing this JCE fairytale? How can anyone call this justice when the DEAD are found guilty too, those who have no power at all to defend themselves? Where is the justice in this?

    It is now more important than ever to hold our heads high and herald the truth despite the odds. We did it once and we MUST do it again.

  16. Americro says:

    Save Dino, great comments.

    @ Dino: If a state and a people in a neighboring state have a plan to subjugate or destroy another people in a neighboring state (Croatia and Croats in BiH vis a vis Bosniaks in BiH), why did Croats vote for BiH independence? Why was Croatia the first nation to recognize BiH? Why did Croats take in over 150,000 Muslim refugees into HZHB in the Spring and Summer of 1992 and another 500,000 Muslims in Croatia that same year, and house, feed, and cloth them and then arm and train their men on the territory of HZHB and Croatia? Or Croatia allow and facilitate the formation of two of the ABiH’s 7 Corps on the territory of the Republic of Croatia? Or the 2nd Corps having a logistical center on Ilica 39 in Zagreb – the entire duration of the war, including during the ABiH-HVO conflict? Or the ABiH recieving arms the duration of the war – including the duration of the ABiH-HVO conflict?

    How can Croatia or the HV have been an “aggressor” in BiH when the only successful combined arms operations launched against the so-called JNA and VRS been a) Allowed by the signed agreements between Sarajevo and Zagreb b) Planned, led, supplied (HVO and ABiH), partially staffed and entirely overseen by the HV – namely, Operations Lipanjske Zore (1992), Zima 94, Skok 1, Skok 2, and Maestral?

    If Croats accepting Cutliero’s peace plan and the VOPP is “dividing Bosnia,” why aren’t Vance and Owen on trial?

    The simple truth is that the actual, entire chronological order of events and elementary logic and reason demolish the entire prosecution case and ruling, which was and remains a violent gang rape of truth and reason.

    The biggest issue at hand is the Croatian community worldwide (depending on this government is as useful as watching paint dry) is getting out the chronological order of events to the general public, media and policy makers.

    Also, from the buzz on Forum.hr on the Praljak thread, Antonetti’s dissenting opinion is apparently a home run.

    Anyone find it? If so, post on this thread and start sending them to your government representatives and any and all media.

    The bottom line is that the UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden and UN itself need to wash their hands of their open and hysterical support of Milosevic for years, and their aggressive attempts to coerce, threaten and force Croats and Bosniaks to accept the “facts on the ground,” namely greater Serbia.

    Prlic et. al. are the sacrificial lambs for the UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden and UN’s whitewashing of their shameful decisions and actions during the conflict.

    Luckily, Antonetti apparently is not going to allow this happen without a fight.

    Neither should we Croats worldwide.

    • Americro – still waiting for the full version as opposed to summary of the judgment to be published where the full splendour of Antonetti’s opinion should be available…

  17. inavukic says:

    twitter@MiseticLaw ICTY acquits Stanisic/Simatovic. After Prlic, this means ICTY says only Croatia, not Serbia, involved in BiH crimes. Truly perverse.

    (Luka Misetic, Croatian general Ante Gotovina defence attorney at ICTY trial and appeal)

    • This is so disgusting and what an insult to every victim of the war! How shameful it is that the wrongdoers and their supporters will do anything, no matter how morally perverse and spineless, to wash their hands of guilt.

  18. Americro, Ina and others…you obviously have forgotten to point out to the role of Vesna Pusić, the current minister of foreign and EU affairs – in Croatia she is colloquially called “the minister of the region”, where “the region” stands for Serbia ONLY, that is, not even the interest of BH Federation are of any concern for Pusić. She is the one who conceived the process of “detudjmanisation” jointly with ex president Mesic, she is the one who, in 2001. in Croatian Parliament, loudly screams: Croatia agressed Bosnia! – in the parliamentary session broadcasted publicly, to make sure that the general public is reached. She was involved in, mainly with Mesić,actions aimed at smearing the image of the Homeland War, of President Tudjman and of the Croatians as the nation. Since 1993/94 – the time of her return from USA and the time of the attempted putsch by Mesic and Manolic in the Parliament – she was engaged in these activities, both in the country and abroad. Now with the Bosnian Croats accused for JCE and the CIA friends (Frenki and Stanisic) released to reward Serbia for Kosovo, Pusic and Josipovic have the open door for the withdrawal of the Croatian suit for genocide against Serbia.
    The fact is: we are here faced with some greater political games, and not (only) with justice, i.e. “who is guilty and for what “. Although it seems that the first instance decision will be easily refuted, is not so. This struggle will be more complex that that in the Gotovina Markac case: here we have Islamic Community worldwide and the USA interests in that part of the world (btw. what do you think why the Bosniaks were never tried for any JCE (joint criminal enterprise) while those few ABiH generals were given just a few years sentence and are already released), Serbia and the clear political decision to keep its image clean, primarily for not deteriorating the USA-EU relations with Russia, the politics of Great Britain, during and after the war, they did a lot to keep Croatia at bay…

  19. Americro says:

    Very true Klara.

    The work of her and her brother against the actual facts and against Croatia would have gotten her a life sentence in any normal, democratic state as she was disseminating discredited enemy propaganda and providing aid and comfort to the genocidal aggressor.

    Her activities and those of her brother, who along with Puhovski was the head of the JNA Generals / Yugoslav Counterintelligence (KOS) political front UJDI, were nothing short of an American writing and contributing to Inspire Magazine (online magazine for jihadists).

    It is interesting that FM Hague had no hysterical public remark about Stanisic and Simatovic’s acquital, like he had for Gotovina and Markac’s – the timing of his visit, and his praise of Serbia in Zagreb, is no coincidence.

    The bottom line is the UN aided and abetted Serbia by, with the frenzied lobbying of Budmir Loncar (who was in the front row of “dignitaries” at Josipovic’s swearing in as well as the Milanovic government’s swaring in where both rambled about the future – with a Yugoslav Communist vampire and war profiteering hypertycoon in the front row), pushing the immoral arms embargo that guaranteed Croats and Bosniaks would be defenseless.

    Meanwhile, FR, UK, NL, and SVIG openly lobbied for Milosevic the duration of the conflict.

    That is why the ICTY was formed – to cloud the facts and reality and to whitewash Serbia’s pre-planned, top-down, bottom-up 94% voter supported aggression against Croatia, B&H and Kosovo to ensure that the government and especially foreign policy actors involved in “mediating” in fmr. “YU” (threatening Croatia with sanctions if it didn’t capitulate and accept greater Serbia) in which it committed well over 90% of all attrocities in front of the cowardly UN and international community in broad daylight.

    Tudman, HV, HZHB leaders and HVO defeat their prostitute Milosevic on the battlefield and now have been punished, while the architects of Serbia’s war walk free to protect Serbia – and its Western and international pimps from being forever derided throughout the rest of history.

  20. God bless you in our wonderful work. Thanks for liking my KFC post. . . namaste. . .. Anne

  21. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I will be waiting for your next write
    ups thanks once again.


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