Croatia’s Shameful and Mean-Spirited Step Into European Union

Screen shot Franjo Tudjman 6 Septemebr 1996 copy

Imagine living in USA and celebrating 4th of July without mentioning or acknowledging with it the Founding Fathers of the United States! Unthinkable!

Now imagine yourself in Zagreb, Croatia 30th June 2013 – at celebrations, official speeches and events for the occasion of independent Croatia’s entry into the European Union as member state! There, no mention of the father of independent Croatia – dr. Franjo Tudjman! No mention of the fact that it was he (and his political ideals and plans) who fought unimaginable battles to secure Croatia’s independence and her eventual place within the European Union as member state!

Avoiding honouring dr Franjo Tudjman on the occasion of Croatia’s entry into European Union by the current government officials can only be described as deceitful, corrupt and utterly mean spirited!

The government should be ashamed, ashamed, and ashamed!

Such blatant disregard for merit and deserved mention – even during the festive session of the parliament marking Croatia’s entry in EU – is beneath contempt and human dignity.

If this is a part of the picture of European Union, which seeks to use Croatia as a spring board into other states of former Yugoslavia eventually joining the EU and what it calls “lasting peace and reconciliation” in the region, then that picture of European Union is a sorry picture indeed.

But I won’t dwell on such negativity because multitudes of Croatian people are not blind and their memory is intact. And indeed, as Vecernji list journaslist Jadranka Juresko – Kero says in her article on Tudjman’s ideals, work and aspirations towards the European Union, he would say today:

Everything I started with my people 23 years ago has been achieved and all my political visions have been realised”.

Excerpt from dr Franjo Tudjman’s

Inaugural assembly of the Croatian Parliament speech
Zagreb, May 30th, 1990

Honorable representatives and parliamentary officers!
At the end of this inaugural address, allow me to endeavor and put forward, in the briefest of points, some of the most urgent and immediate tasks that stand before the new democratic government of Croatia.

1.    New Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. The fundamental determinants of the new Croatian Constitution have been set in advance through the plebiscitary declaration of Croatian people for democratic freedoms of citizens and for state sovereignty at recent elections. Best-known people from the political and scientific life will be included into the Constitutional Commission. The new Constitution of Croatia must be free from all ideological dissents; it must be based on experiences of creating a Croatian state and in the spirit of the most democratic traditions of modern Europe and North American reality and science of law.
2.    Regulating the new constitutional position of Croatia in Yugoslavia. Given that we need to start from the fact that Croatia is situated in the system of Yugoslavia, which is a recognized member of the international order, we are prepared for negotiations with the representatives of the other nations of SFRY and federal bodies for the purpose of contractual regulations of mutual relations. Based on the totality of historical experience we hold that the state sovereignty within the community of other nations of SFRY can only be secured on confederative foundations, as is a contractual alliance of sovereign states.
3.    Inclusion into Europe and Europeanization of Croatia. Simultaneous with democratic transformation we need to undertake all necessary steps for Croatia to be included into the European Union as soon as possible. For centuries, Croatia has been a constituent part of the Western European (Mediterranean and Central-European) culture. Even when it did not have a full political state subject status, Croatia was inseparably connected to the Western European civilization. The contribution to European life several centuries ago, as well as through later history, by Croatian Latinists bears loud witness to that fact. The return to that cultural tradition must be multilayered. In European integration Croatia must secure its independence and faster progress”.

Franjo Tudjman – addressing the Croatian nation 6 September 1996 with regards to Croatia’s entry into European Council:
Dear countrymen, and respected Croatian co-citizens,
The future of Croatia is in our own hands!
Let’s not permit a repetition of fatal mistakes of the past!
Let’s build on the foundations of grand successes and victories, which we achieved through revival, defence and the building of independent, free and democratic, internationally recognised and sovereign Croatian state.
We can and we must secure advancement and economic-cultural blossoming of our Croatian homeland, in the interests of all of its citizens based upon social justice, through the development of our democratic constitutionally legal system, stability and vitality of our economic system!

We consider the acceptance of Croatia into membership of the European Commission as part of our aim, as the beginning of formal integration, in the interests of our Homeland and whole of European community. The President of the Republic of Croatia, dr. Franjo Tudjman”.

While the current Croatian government (whose political processors fought against Tudjman in the early 1990’s against democracy and independence) bask in the glory of Croatia’s European achievement, which truly belongs to those who defended Croatia against brutal Serb aggression when it declared independence and secession from communist Yugoslavia, to the political vision and courage of dr Franjo Tudjman, we battle on against the political filth it tries to serve every day – holding our heads up high!

If it were not for Tudjman’s political visions, his intellect, his ability to round-up trust and love of the people for their Homeland and his courage Croatia would not be independent today; it would not be a member of the European Union. And that is the truth, the absolute, the undeniable, and the inerasable truth! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. I like the way you compared the us celebration of the 4th to your entrance into the EU. Yet with each generation in the US they tend to forget the reason we celebrate the 4th of July

    • Thank you xbox2121 and yes “kids” seem to forget but nevertheless the facts are recorded in official “explanations” of 4th July and all can refer to that.

  2. Aaaand we’re off to a spectacular start to “modern” Croatia! Should we have expected any different from Yugonostalgics who have proven time and time again, that there isn’t anything they wouldn’t sell out just so they can keep licking the asses of their EU cronies? Let’s face it; EU entry means nothing if we don’t have strong leaders with a vision (like Tudjman) to guide Croatia through it. Everything the current lot have achieved, they’ve achieved on the back of Tudjman and through lies, deceit and manipulation.

    • Yes indeed Kat, we could not have expected better from the Reds who seem to be in a constant defiance of love for Croatia. Sad. … I feel a “Bastille” coming on 🙂

    • therealamericro says:


      Respect your posts and from what I hear, your work.

      This Belgrade-addicted government is only temporary, and, from the pressure I see from Germany and even the European Commission regarding that mass murdering Communist fanatic turned opportunist Perkovic, the last hurrah of the Jugo-UDBa cabal.

      Times are a changing.

      The bottom line is that Germany / Central Euroe will want to protect their interests and investments in Croatia, they can’t do it with Belgrade prostitutes willing to sell out national interest and common sense for a handshake from Chetnik Vojvoda and Russia-fanatic Nikolic.

      Osmosis will prevail in Croatia, in due time ; – )

  3. I am delighted that Croatia and Slovenia are part of the EU, that lands which when I was a child seemed the enemy are now alongside us- we are none of us enemies.

  4. The government should be ashamed! Judine škude – novac za koji se tko prodaje, za koji čini prljave usluge nekome, [prodati se za Judine škude].

    • Translation of Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources comment: … Judas pieces of silver – the money one sells himself for, for which he does dirty favours for someone, [to sell one self for Judah’s pieces of silver].

      Translation of Franjo Tudjman’s speech at Zagreb airport 26 September 1996 (video): “We will not permit those Yugo communist remnants and those political amateurs, headless queers who don’t see what we are really dealing with today. In Croatia and in the world with all sorts of regional plans. We will not permit those who tie themselves even to the black devil against Croatian freedom and independence. Not only to the black, but also to green and yellow devils. We will not permit those who tie themselves to all opponents of Croatian independence, not only tie to, not only do they offer themselves to them but they sell themselves for Judah’s pieces of silver, as they themselves boast that they’re receiving donations from all sorts of centres in the world”.

      Reply: Thank you Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources for this video clip

      • therealamericro says:

        This video is yet again another testimony to the brilliance and long-term, nearly prophetic vision Tudman had for Croatia.

        Everything he said was on the money at that time and or ended up happening.

        To all of the Mesicites and Paragitus sufferers out there, your KOS / UDBa moles you engage in idol worship over were and will always remain nothing more than chewed bubble gum, spit out by an insane, cracked-out street walker male junkie, on the bottom of Tudman’s shoes, scraped off and thrown in the trash bin of history.

      • Amen to that, the realamericro

  5. Fighters never win but rulers.

    • How true Enigma – and rulers shape the future, unless – as history and some of today’s events across the world prove them different.

  6. When you read an article like this and search for the truth a bit longer then you will see who was the real Dr. Franjo Tudjman. After that some things will become clear and why they didn’t mention their “father of the nation”. They don’t want a shameful entrance when they can leave the past behind the closed doors.

    • Wes – this post is about Croatia and its independence and because of that independence it reached the stage where it could as such qualify for membership in the EU. Whatever else you might like to imply, whatever else you or anyone might say is simply not important in this case. They can never leave this truth and this fact behind – truly – for they would not be where they are today were it not for Tudjman’s leadership. The link you provided for the UK’s Telegraph article from June 2000 was deleted in this response because it simply reflects the times when Stjepan Mesic led anti-Tudjman propaganda was rife but be that as it may – have you ever seen or experienced for example the British not honouring Queen Victoria or King George VI (or their Prime Ministers of those days) because of the horrors or implied horrors their imperial “troops” imposed on the people, on the indigenous, in various countries of the empire – no indeed – their work is held in high esteem. And when it comes to Tudjman and Bosnia and Herzegovina – the jury is still out – an appeal in court has yet to come. So – please stick to deserved merit for Croatia’s independence and don’t meander off into ramblings of but, but, but – there is not buts when it comes to Tudjman and Croatian independence.

      • The 4th of July Comparison is somewhat inept. It’s a national holiday celebrating independence. It’s not an occasion to of the US joining some league of nations.

        If you’re having a NATIONAL holiday, you can talk about your founding fathers and heroes all you want.

        The facts of a person’s life is not a buffet. You just can’t pick and choose the parts you want to fulfill your agenda.

        I won’t get into the weeds about what Tudjman did or didn’t do, but he’s a highly controversial figure at the very least.

        It seems comparable to the Ronald Reagan worship that goes on here in the US.

        Was Thomas Jefferson a founding father of the US and wrote the phrase “all men are created equal”. Yes. Did Thomas Jefferson own slaves. Yes.

        Will Morsi be celebrated 20 years from now just because he was the first democratically elected leader of Egypt. We’ll see.

      • Sorry Fred there is nothing controversial about Tudjman’s plans for an independent Croatia!Independent from communist Yugoslavia!

    • therealamericro says:

      Funny how Wes did not mention that all of the libellous allegations hurled forth by Mesic’s prostutites in the unfree and untransparent media (3.1.2000 to today) regurgitated in the dated link he provided have been debunked and discredited by all of the (Mesic ordered and Mesic staffer staffed) investigations following Franjo’s death.

      In terms of the pseudo ICTY Prosecutor and Trial Chamber gang rape of the chronological order of events, history, order of battle, facts, logic and elementary reason at the ICTY during the Prlic et. al. trial, it is only halftime.

      A whole appeals process is on the horizon.

      If you want to know anything about the Serbs’ and Muslims’ aggression from / in B&H against Croatia and Croatians, I suggest Wes that you read the Muslim Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia, 1992-1994 by Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Schrader.

      It is a dispassionate, military professional, scientific dissection of the conflict.

      Which is why it was barred from evidence as non-military professionals and non-military historians were relied on, along with entirely out of context quotes, acceptance of events out of their chronological order, make believe and fables, to summize the “case” against Prlic et. al.

  7. I recently discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it! RE: EU accession, I hope and pray that this new relationship will not completely destroy the social and moral traditions of Croatia. Unfortunately, it seems headed that way already…

    • Thank you for your comment Tanya Granic Allen, it would indeed be a great shame if Croatia lost its individuality in that union

  8. I was watching and waiting and hoping and praying when some of those idiots will mention Dr. Franjo Tudjman as the founder of the modern Croatia, but no way, it was the total disappointment.

    This is going to go in the Croatian history as the most shameful day of this administration. Those weirdo looking dignitaries have been probably laughing all the way back where they came from.

    However, good thing is that Milanovic and his friend Josipovic will be renting chairs for a while longer, and then they will be the history for good.

    • I agree Roko – it’s a shame Croatia doesn’t have a Bastille for people to storm upon but there’s always Pantovcak and St Mark’s Square – it’s just awful how those celebrations unfolded.

  9. Branko B. says:

    From Facebook: Thank you for taking on this embarrassing topic Ina, and doing it so well. Between last night’s lewd faux pas and the Lex Perkovic fiasco, this group of cretins has shown that they have no place in Croatian government, let alone a place in a democratic institution like the EU.

  10. Evica D. says:

    From Facebook: Prvi predsjednik Republike Hrvatske dr. Franjo Tuđman danas bi, da je živ, sigurno bio zadovoljan ulaskom Hrvatske u EU.
    Mogao bi, bez straha da će biti prozvan zbog samohvale, kazati: “Dogodilo se ono što sam počeo sa svojim narodom prije 23 godine i sve su moje političke vizije ostvarene”

    R.I.P. those who gave their lives during the Homeland War.
    I’m sure they would disagree with the celebrations conducted on 1.7.2013

    • Translation of part of Evica D. comment: First President of Republic of Croatia dr. Franjo Tudjman would certainly, if still alive today, be satisfied with Croatia’s entry into EU. He could, without fear of being called a self-praiser, say: “Everything I started with my people 23 years ago has been achieved and all my political visions have been realised”.

  11. Shameful and deceitful indeed. This government did not deserve to take Croatia into the EU. Frankly, this government should resign and move to Serbia where they belong.

    • Thanks Sunman, they’re not leaving as they’ve been installed there for a purpose but Croatian people might yet do their best – better than what they did in 1990 when they voted to ditch communist Yugoslavia

  12. Marijana J. says:

    From Facebook: Although majority of us are patriots, those at the helm of today’s Croatia think only of themselves and of their own trough and not of those who laid the foundations and guarded the quintessence of our Homeland. It’s sad but everything is possible. I only hope that they will not be mentioned in history just as they don’t mention Croatia’s “Founding Fathers”

  13. Marija T. says:

    From Facebook: “If it were not for Tudjman’s political visions, his intellect, his ability to round-up trust and love of the people for their Homeland and his courage Croatia would not be independent today; it would not be a member of the European Union. And that is the truth, the absolute, the undeniable, and the inerasable truth!”

  14. Ahmed H. says:

    From Facebook: Excellent article! How embarrassing and shameful for the current Government, but also for the President of the Republic. Even more importantly, no mention was made about our soldiers who had fought for our homeland’s independence during the early 1990’s, and especially the ones who had fallen on the front lines protecting not only our people, but the notion of freedom and democracy. I’m guessing that this may be because of two special friends from the other side of the Danube / Drina rivers. Bastards!

    • Ahmed H, I think you guess right but also add to that the socialist/communist lot from EU – never mind, as fate would have it there is no lasting glory that does not come from the people, so these bastards shall pass too. Patience is what we pray for.

  15. Well said Ina re-Wes ignorance or knowledge,,,, or whatever. Fact of the matter is, Croatia after Dr. Franjo Tudjman time, didn’t do good job to let the world know what Croatia is, and what really happened to that beautiful country and people struggling for independence, freedom and democracy.

  16. Tomislav D. says:

    From Facebook: Unfortunately at the present time the most undeserving politicians are reaping the glory of the Tuđman legacy … Without even mentioning his name, let alone his life long struggle for what we achieved, thanks for his leadership and vision, the fruits of his and our collective labors, have we reached our real potential which will certainly reward our future generations. All that we have to do is in a democratic way rid ourselves of the present ultra-leftist neo liberal government which is against all normal values of a modern civilization, that values the family unit as a means of self preservation. Gay is not the way.

  17. Jasna N. says:

    From Facebook: Nothing surprises me about the current government in Croatia anymore. They are intent on destroying everything of any value in Croatia be it economic, social, moral or otherwise. I’ll go by an old but very true saying “A MAN WHO DENIES HIS PAST HAS NO FUTURE” … the same is even more so for a whole country. These communists hidden behind a very thin veil of modern day democracy act as though the people they were elected to represent are mindless sheep that need to be led … no different to their communist forefathers. Croatia is what she is today because of the blood sweat and tears of the past and the present. Maybe there are some aspects of the past that are a little questionable but which country does not have that? It is the average person on the street that defines Croatia today and they are strong due to overcome terrible hardships. It should definitely not be defined by the band of miscreants currently in office that carry a serious God complex ,especially considering they take extreme measures to deny God’s existence.

  18. therealamericro says:

    And, for all of the Euroskeptics and anti-EU hysterics, here is just another reason why Croatia HAD to join the EU out of long-term strategic interest:

    The Croatian Question in B&H, the systematic and institutional discrimination against and economic / political disenfranchisement of them, can be a DAILY issue of discussion in Brussels.

    There is no more carrot and stick to punish Croatia for stating the obvious in regards to B&H.

    Hat tip to MP Davor Stier!

    All we need to do is get Luka Misetic to run in the next EU (or even better, Croatian) election (I know you read this blog Luka)!

    • therealamericro says:

      And of course, get Ina to run as well ; – )

    • Michael Dugandzic says:

      Croatia had to join a European Union? After a failed Austro-Hungarian and a South-Slavic Union?, for the strategic interest of Croats living in Bosnia-Herzegovina?. The catalyst for political union with Serbia was not rights for Croatians against Maygarisation, but Pan-Slavic Serbian Imperialism. The catalyst for political union with Europe is not rights for Croats in neighbouring states, rather it’s European strategic interest in expanding its grip hold on key logistical areas of South-Eastern Europe.

      • therealamericro says:

        Without Croatian MPs in Brussels the Croatian Question in B&H – an actual honest analysis of it – would N-E-V-E-R happen.

        The EU is neither AH nor YU.

        The EU has has in fact solidified the Croatian language’s place in Croatia and in Europe (something both Vienna, Pest and Belgrade tried to wipe out at various times).

        And it is forcing the Yugoslav ultranationalist-socialists to rethink their obscene Lex Perkovic – not just Germany, but even the European Commission are making an issue of it.

        The EU is a market of 400 million people. By joining the EU, Croatia is reintegrating itself with the Central European market (and culture) after being torn away from it illegally and illegitimately in 1918.

        Being that Croatia has no political party with a realistic, thought out and above all, written strategic policy in terms of reintegration into the Central European market, revisiting the close military-political relationship of the 1990s that Tudman built (and what that anti-American, Belgrade-loyal alcoholic village commessar / primitive Mesic systematically worked to destroy) with the US, let alone any party to show they have cojones to diplomatically pursue a change for the betterment of disenfranchized Croats in the colonial creation / international protectorate, EU entry is the best way for Croatia to experience a positive osmosis – as well as be able to access EU accession funds and draw more foreign investment, and push the B&H Croat question.

        The EU’s (read: Germany’s) interest in having access to key logistical centers in SE Europe (Croatia’s coast) is something Croatia can capitalize on and use to hedge / bring about diplomatic concessions (read: B&H Croat question).

      • Michael Dugandzic says:

        The Imperial ambitions of Budimpest, Belgrade & Vienna have with the European Union been replaced with the free movement of the entire population of members. Croatia no longer has vicarious control over its army or judiciary and it’s economy is controlled by foreign banks. The EU (read as Germany & France) has assumed the position of Imperial master, according to the German mittleeuropa doctrine.

  19. TO: therealamericro
    I’ve recently read this comment of yours on EIJL talk..

    June 24, 2013 at 13:43
    It must be noted that the transcripts from the Supreme Defense Council Meeting of August 1995 in Belgrade further shows that the “Krajina” leadership and it alone bore responsibility for the Serbs’ mass self-exodus:

    That this exculpatory piece of evidence was barred from being submitted into evidence speaks volumes about the nature of the Prosecution’s case and the trial itself.

    and i was confused: are you sure this was not showed in the Hague? thx.

    p.s. are you the same guy as americro?

    • therealamericro says:

      Almost 100 percent sure it was not allowed into evidence for Gotovina et. al. despite being used in another ICTY proceeding (Milosevic trial if I am not mistaken) – which was and remains absurd, but, then again, you can’t railroad innocent people with all of the evidence being available.

      Same guy. Changed SN as trolls hijacked it on Balkan Insight.

      I see Marko M. still has not been able to put together a response on EIJL ; – )

      • therealamericro, i am glad you are with us here on that great site..i think this site (that is, Ina) is having more and more impact all around (for example i know through my friends at the ICTY that they’ve read that article about Judge Harhoff (two of them, in fact, one of Ina and one of the former Croatian minister of justice).

        as regard to the evidence you provided here, yes, it was in Milosevic trial.

        and yes i am also waiting for Marko’s reply :))

        Btw. i used to check your posts on not seen you there for some time?

      • therealamericro says:

        @Klara: Trying to phase myself off the net. I am an addict, but I cut it down to English language commentary only. Still trying to fully remove myself, likely won’t be until after the Praljak appeal. Can’t help myself.

      • Life on the net won’t be the same without you therealamericro – the net needs people like you who are well versed and clear.

  20. Michael Dugandzic says:

    The ruling Socialists in Croatia have a Yugoslav agenda. Negating and criminalising all that is Croatian, weighs Croatia back into a Yugoslav orientated culture, which shares core values with Pan-Slavic Serb Imperialism. One must only take note of the Union of Croatian Socialists (SKH) vote during the 1990’s, for Croatia to remain in the Yugoslav Federation in which there where no dissenting votes. Why would a Yugoslav orientated agenda group value Sovereign Croatian ideals?

  21. therealamericro says:

    Fred: False comparisons.

    First off, Tudman was not a slave owner.

    Second, he was not a religious fanatic like Morsi.

    Tudman led Croatia to absolute victory inside of Croatia (and almost pulled it off in B&H until the US succumbed to hysterical French, Dutch, British and Russian pressure to stop the HVO-HV advance on Banja Luka) against the genocidal greater Serbian fascist Chetnik and Yugoslav Communist anti-democratic axis.

    Tudman also prevented the biological extermination of Croats in Central Bosnia and N Herzegovina at the hands of the Islamicized private army of the usurper Alija Izetbegovic and his circle of KOS, UDBa and Islamist operatives.

    Tudman defended Croatia’s boundaries and brought in a democratic system and allowed Croats, for the first time in history, to chose their own leaders to run their sovereign, democratic, independent Republic.

    When Tudman died in December 1999, Croats in B&H had a defacto HRHB, Croatia had the strongest military and intelligence apparatus in the region, FDI increase, and Croatia had – with a war effort that cost 80bn EUR in arming and 27.1 bn USD in damage alone – 9 bn USD debt, with all of the financing for rebuilding and highway construction already sitting in the bank awaiting allotment.

    The problem is Tudman believed too much in the Croatian people who, in typical short-term memory suffering flare, voted in a proven UDBa-KOS mole, traitor, war profiteer and Belgrade prostitute, twice.

    Tudman was the greatest European statesman post-WWII.

  22. @therealamericro:Trying to phase myself off the net…..likely won’t be until after the Praljak appeal.
    Yes, i should be doing this, too. btw. have a look when you find time on (topic: Haag suđenje Praljak, Petković i ostali), marasovac provided some new details…yesterday

    • therealamericro says:

      You are too kind Ina and Klara.

      Yeah Marasovac has some brilliant observations and quite the arhive of links and maps.

      Its interesting how big “Ustase”-Paragitusovci, defenders of Perkovic, the Party, UDBa and Tito, and greater Serbia and Islamist Bosnjakistan apologists all have the same “counterarguments” against him (hearsay, conjecture, cherry picking of events out of chronological order, appeals to ignorance, etc.).

      What is the glue that binds Ustase (“Ustase”), Chetniks, UDBasi and Bosniak ultranationalists and Islamists: Pres. Gen. Dr. Franjo Tudman. 99.9 percent of their “arguments” are to a fallacy exactly the same.

      • Yes the cherry picking of events out of chronological order, taking “quotes” out context as “the whole” truth etc is their M.O., therealamericro, that’s why it’s important to keep honing in onto it, otherwise their versions can stick easily. Thank you for your contributions – always.

  23. My 2 cents re-Mesic and today is big day for Dubrovnik.
    Near the end of siege of Dubrovnik when Yugo-army(read Serbia & Monte Negra) was losing the battle, the former president of Croatia Mesic, and few of his comrades, sailed with a cruise-liner into Dubrovnik to claim that he broke the blockade (he mention this many times since)…..BUT DID HE….. considering what happened after the war and during his presidency re-generals, Dr,Tudman etc, if one can read between the lines one cannot help but conclude that Mesic (old communist) probably wanted to take good people of Dubrovnik out to refuge centers throughout the Europe, and give Dubrovnik to Yugo-army without any more trouble to mother Serbia??

    • Roko – perhaps Mesic did have that aim in mind however, if you’re talking about “Convoy Libertas”, which Mesic joined in Split, this convoy was a huge thing to help Dubrovnik and one of the main co-organisers of it was Tudjman’s adviser dr. Slobodan Lang. Mesic might like to boast that it was his thing but in fact he was a passenger on the ship who had “high” ranking politically.

  24. @therealamericro…

    maybe you have seen that already (the lecture by Luka Misetic about ICTY and Gotovina Markac case)? marasovac posted that link the other day (in Croatian only):

    what I’ve found extremely important is Misetic’s calling for the protection of “the integrity of a second instance decision” in Gotovina Markac case (but in others, too).

    you probably know that many politicians in CRO are ignoring and distorting the final verdict in GM case, thus, the notorious Milorad Pupovac claims (even in foreign newspapers) that the action Storm was the biggest ethnic cleansing after WWII.

    how is this in Australia? does the media, public figures, etc. must respect final verdicts of some, let’s say big cases, when they refer to them in an interview, an article, and alike? is there any law regulating this issue?

    i plan to write something about that issue (obligation to respect every final court’s decision in the media and public speech), have tried to find something about it on the Internet, but nothing precise came out…

    so any help by all of you is more than welcome

    • Klara, there’s a culture quite well established to always be mindful of the court rulings and in more prominent cases Appeal decisions get quite a lot of coverage in the media etc. So, mostly you will find that media & everyone will always refer to the latest court ruling in the a case. Yes media and public figures respect final verdicts – there is the culture of awareness of existence of statute (legislative) and common law that “regulate” our lives in Australia. I will look into some specifics you are asking Klara and let you know, but one thing that is important is that defamation etc legislation would make people in Australia think twice before publicly telling or inferring or insinuating a lie by quoting for instance trial outcome instead of the appeal one (when these differ). So, you would almost always have the appeal decision being taken and spoken of, but of course you do come across a malicious lot who may not do that if it suits their political agenda. I think Croatia does have legislative framework regarding respecting court rulings as well – so it’s a matter of enforcing those. But people need to be aware that government and it’s authorities cannot enforce completely all the laws without individual citizens drawing their attention to individual breaches of the law.

    • therealamericro says:


      I don’t think there is a law for such. Personally, I welcome any and all Yugoslav ultranationalist and greater Serbian fascist Chetniks to speak openly about what they really think about the case, as I do all sham NGOs and faux “humanists” (when guilt equating is in order over 91-95) to show their true colors in regards to Gotovina and Markac (and their deafening silence on Perisic, Stanisic and Simatovic).

      Can’t censor free speech. That whiney, teary-eyed greater Serbian fascist wolf in sheeps clothing, Pupovac, has every right to spew his revisionist, genocide justifying hate speech.

      It is a good reminder to all Croats, no matter how downtrodden and worried about existential questions, who they are dealing with at all times.

      The problem is not Poopie pooping lies all the time, the problem is MVP and the Croatian government doing nothing in response.

      If anything, if you are going to take the time to compile info, compile all of the instances of Poopie (and others) pooping in Croatian and global media and send it to pro-Croatian parties to use in the next election campaign for another reason why not to vote for this useless neoyugoslav government as they allow a sitting member of government, foreign policy, and EP to poop lies about Croatia and history, and pander to said folks votes.

      • therealamericro I so agree – the government, the watchdog of compliance with legislation (e.g. law re respecting court decisions) stands idly by and allows members of parliament (who must also comply with law) to spread utter lies – that is purposefully disregarding ICTY appeal decision in Gotovina/Markac case and drumming on with the overturned trial decision that, suits that leader of a part of Croatian Serb minority. What chance does democracy truly have in Croatia when you have such a situation. Very little, if any – really. Unless, of course, the government is voted out at next elections.

  25. The way I see, in all fairness, Mr. Pupovac and Mr. Stanimirovic should be charged with contempt as Croatia traitors, failing to recognize the ICT-COURT final judgment (INOCENT AS CHARGED) and best soldiers who where fought for Croatia freedom and democracy. They are knowingly and willfully interfering with ICT administration of justice, Croatian reputation around the world, Croatian taxpayers daily life; including life of all the witness that where called before the Chamber. After all, Pupovac & Stanimirovic paycheck comes from Croatia taxpayers…unless they are also been paid by enemies of Croatia.

  26. Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog and for following; your reporting is excellent, writing imagery great, I look forward to new post. AJM

  27. A little late in my response, but I didnt expect any different from Croatia’s jugonostalgičari. Shame on them! It doesn’t matter what political party he belonged to, or if we agree ir disagree with the things he did or didnt do. He was the 1st president of todays Croatia, and should be given the utmost respect. Shame on the commies!!


  1. […] Croatian government should be ashamed at the lack of mention of the father of independent Croatia, Franjo Tudman. Later in the week, Rhein on Energy and Climate at says that joining the euro should […]

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