Something Very Familiar In Her Eyes

The second anniversary of my blog is fast approaching and I couldn’t have received a better gift than these words from Brittius!


  1. Thank you so much Brittius & Ina. Only two days ago we had a sad anniversary of Yugoslav agression in Dubrovnik area. I had never felt so much disappointed in my life till that day watching the world powers so insensitive to the suffering of the city and its people. I will never forget nor forgieve that CNN reporter who claimed we had staged the attack. After 22 years that report still serves certain circles in Srbia and elsewhere as proof that we provoked everything that happened in the war. Later on there was another Briton who brought us faith that good people still exist. It was Michael Foot who risked his life and spent his savings to show the UK what was really going on. We are passing a tough period even now and still need a friendly face.

    • Thank you Unimatriks Ziro, Serb-led propaganda about the war is still strong, sadly, efforts are high to avoid admitting guilt on their part. Their aggression against Croatia was because they wanted to deny the Croatian people the right of self-determination and pursuit of democracy. This must never be lost from sight even though it gets hard to keep the right perspective amidst the push to equate victim with the aggressor.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    It’s been a great 2 years of reading and getting to know you Ina! In that short period of time you have help the world understand the truth about Croatia, it’s history, culture and honorable and dedicated peoples who gave their lives for democracy and freedom.many more years to come!
    Za Dom Spremni!

  3. You have a whole bunch of “Likes” on my page, they all, belong to YOU.

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