Croatia: For Home – Ready! Flushing Out Communist Crimes

Josip Simunic calls out: "For Home!" Photo: Marko Lukunic/Pixsell

Josip Simunic calls out: “For Home!”
Photo: Marko Lukunic/Pixsell

On 18 November 2013 at Vukovar, on Remembrance Day for victims of homeland war, Croatian government and president experienced a profound taste of rejection by the very majority of Croatians who found themselves in Vukovar on that day and there were over 100,000 there. In fact, it can be said with confidence that the current pro and ex-communist loyal government has been on a steep down-slide of popularity during the past year with calls for its resignation echoing in many corridors and cities on a daily basis.

Those that adore the five-pointed red star, adored communism in ex-Yugoslavia, have no issues with wearing or people wearing badges with the red star in the streets, have no problems with people chanting “brotherhood and unity” (communist Yugoslavia slogan) even though that “brotherhood and unity”, that “red star”, that communism murdered more innocent people as a matter of communist policy than the pro-Nazi WWII Ustashe regime put together!

19th November 2013 came. Oh what a highly opportune moment for ex-communists and current communists at heart to once again show their ugly face that continues ignoring communist crimes!

Imagine: at the Croatia Vs Iceland, World Cup Brazil 2014 qualifying soccer match, Zagreb. Croatian team wins and secures its place for Brazil 2014 World Cup playoffs. Anyone who is into any competitive sport whatsoever would know how elating this moment of victory can be, how emotions of love, pride, devotion and belonging can take us into a spin of complete ecstasy!

Josip Simunic, Australian born defender on the Croatian national representation soccer team, took a microphone to the field after the match, evidently overjoyed, reveled and shouted gregariously: “For home!” The many thousands of fans from the stands responded loudly: “Ready!”

Oh, Josip! Didn’t you know that the pro-communist government, drowning in widespread disillusionment and rejection by the people, will label you a “Nazi”, an “Ustashe”, straight away?

Didn’t you know that the Croatian mainstream media is controlled by ex and pro-communists and is always ready to keep horrid communist crimes buried and that they would send to the world the concoction that the salute you uttered, is a Nazi/fascist salute and not a salute signifying love for Croatia as homeland?

Didn’t you know that the communist-at-heart government and president in Croatia will not budge a millimeter in order to reject to the world the notion that the salute “For Home – Ready” is a pro-Nazi salute exclusively?

So, since the government or the president will not bother explaining to the world what in fact “For Home – Ready ” stands for, because it suits their hypocritical, communist, ways not to do so, I have found this article in Dnevno news portal and translated parts of it into English.

As is the case with all good Croats, I was taught in school throughout my childhood that the greeting ‘For the home Ready!’ is a fascist salute. They teach good Croats all sorts of things. But, as luck would have it, good Croats are also raised and taught by their parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, the street, friends … Church!

So, they taught me at school that only the Ustashe saluted and greeted with “For the Home Ready” and that when I hear someone use that salutation I should know that that someone condones the evil that Ustashe perpetrated.  And that’s how they teach the children in schools today. The media that hates everything that has to do with Croatia propagate the same.

But … there’s always that but …

But I was never clear why would this salutation be considered evil. When I separate the words I see that it’s all about calling to defend the home. Ones own home because a home does not belong to strangers. If it belongs to strangers then it is not a home. Is it because they want to say that Croats do not have a right to a home? I do not know, but it seems like that to me. In these my thoughts and resistance of the notion that this salutation is evil I came across many details that have convinced me that there is no justification in forbidding someone to defend their home!

When the Croatians stopped being barbarians and embraced Christianity in the seventh century, they were very serious about it. The Croats took their Christianity so seriously that they vowed to Pope Agatho never to lead wars of conquest but only to defend themselves.

Pretty cool, huh!?

As such, Croats could be role models for the ‘civilised’ Europe whose people like the territories that belong to others…

One doesn’t need to be too clever, it’s enough to take a map of Croatia, see its shape, in order to realise that for centuries the Croats had been increasingly pulling into themselves and retreating before the bullies who wanted to gnaw the flesh from the bone…

Well, well, there are people such as Croats who are ready to defend their home. Of course, those who are bothered by the resistance and who like to take someone else’s land will employ every effort in ensuring that no one says he/she is ready to defend his/her home. Words have power. If the Croats say they are ready to defend their home that will become a part of their identity. It will become part of them. Then it becomes difficult to attack someone who is willing to die for his/her home. The tactics used by such people are to make even the mere mention of defence repugnant to Croats. When they hit, no one would defend because, through their education programs and the media, they have convinced the Croats that the one who defends himself is actually a criminal.

Of course, once you say that you are ready to defend your home, your family, your neighbours, friends, brothers, sisters … they will say that you are Ustasha. End of discussion. Because, well, the Ustashe were using that term. I don’t want to get into the Ustasha and Partisans issues here, I dream of the day when historians add up all the victims and bow to all the victims. Regardless of whose victims, we should pay tribute to the victims. A victim is a victim. It is certainly wrong to consider some victims more worth than others or to uplift one victim while ridiculing the other. You need to stand up and admit that Croats existed before and after World War II… It was then when two devils struggled against each other to own the kind and simple Croatian spirit. Each wanted to alienate and destroy the Croatian people and plant the seeds of discord, which still lasts.

I remember how much shouting and screaming there was when (at the time of secession from communist Yugoslavia) Croatia got its new flag, which contained its historic crest. Then there were many who claimed that it was the Ustasha emblem… Also, I remember when Croatia introduced the Kuna currency; it was accused of being Ustasha currency! We all know that Ustashe did not develop the Croatian coat of arms and the Kuna but that these are historical parts of Croatian national identity. Perhaps it’s time to remove the label of evil from the very noble salutation such as is ‘For Home!’.  Ustashe did not invent this salutation; they only took it from the rich Croatian history (centuries before them). Just as the Partisans and the Ustashe ate bread during WWII, so we eat it now. It would be wrong if someone complained that I was a Partisan or Ustasha while I’m eating a sandwich, because I’m eating it. Such a person would really need to be sent for (medical) observation. Because that’s not normal.

Oh yes, one more thing … in all this digging and researching I discovered that the Ustashe had the salutation “To Poglavnik (Leader) and home – ready”. So when you remove ‘Poglavnik/Leader” from the salutation you are left with the historic Croatian salutation to that what the Croats promised Pope Agatho when accepting Christianity as their main determinant.

…The fact is that in all my life I had no idea about these details I speak of, which I have discovered. It just goes to show how strong is anti-Croat propaganda and how the Croats are taught that it is not good to defend your home.

I personally think that law should prohibit the use of any form of five-pointed star in any colour because it is a satanic symbol. Such a star has not brought good to any nation. However, the carriers of the satanic symbol are very well connected and networked so that whenever someone mentions ‘For Home” they’re ready to lodge complaints with some authority or other. Fortunately, the salutation ‘For Home – Ready” is not illegal in Croatia. This is corroborated by court decisions, which have found that ‘For Home, ready’ is a historical Croatian greeting/salutation.

So, next time you hear that someone greets you with the words ‘For home!” be ready to reply – ‘Ready!’ because that means that you remember well the promises that proud Croat grandparents gave to Pope Agatho and, with that, everything that such a greeting carries in its original form. Of course, Croatian enemies won’t like this, but the Croats should be proud of it. For home! – By Elvis Duspara/Nacija

To put it in Josip Simunic’s words: “Some people have to learn some history. I’m not afraid. I did nothing wrong. I’m supporting my Croatia, my homeland. If someone has something against it, that’s their problem.”

To endure the hateful fate encountered at the hands of former and current communists, who keep on justifying the unjustifiable, one must truly be strong! One must shout “For Home – Ready” from the rooftops until such a time when communist crimes are brought to justice and condemned with same force as Nazi crimes have been. There is simply no other way to peace and tolerance. It’s inherent in human nature not to tolerate double-standards especially when it comes to crimes against humanity. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013 Photo: Getty Images

Croatia Vs Iceland 19 November 2013
Photo: Getty Images


  1. I feel a bit sorry for Iceland!

  2. Thanks for the the truth yet again! Keep telling the truth. Josip Simunic keep courageous – stand for the truth and be proud. We are with you. Let’s not let this opportunity go to waste…instead of shrinking and apologizing, let’s be proud, bold, and determined to once and for all stand up for the truth and honour of Croatia. Za Dom Spremni!! Always!

  3. God bless you, Joe. I’ve always liked this man and now I like him even more!

    Some things I’d like to ask all the politicians and media who are getting into a frenzy over this: 1. It is my understanding that while Croatia played in Serbia, the Serbian supporters found it quite fun to chant “klat ćemo Hrvate” – hey, Euro media, where is backlash against such OBVIOUS hate speech? What about the burning of Croatian flags? Why don’t you speak out against that, Mr. Jovanović? Doesn’t that frustrate you? What about Serbia handball representatives wearing Chetnik insignia while receiving their medals? If ZDS represents Nazism, what does that represent? If simply choosing to wear black clothing makes a Croat an Ustasha, what does this stunt make the Serbian team? What about writing “Vukovar” in Cyrillic on the Serbian flag, where is the uproar about that? Do you idiots really think such stunts aren’t pulled for hateful reasons?

    I guess in today’s “tolerant” world it is OK to perpetuate the worship of dictators and war criminals as long as you support the right war criminals – Chetniks and Yugo-communists.

    • Well put Kat – Croatia’s current government reps support Tito on the main – a murderer barely few can compare to. This event with Simunic and what occurred in Vukovar on the 18th November show a sad picture of current government’s + president’s pathetic refusal to accept that what Croats fought for in the 1990’s (freedom and democracy) is something they cannot and will not embrace fully despite their rhetoric that they do. So it’s up to the people

    • Indeed. It’s a BS double standard. I remember the 1998 World Cup when Croatia came in Third Place! What an achievement and the sports pages abroad were covered in nonsense about the ‘Ustashe’ checkerboard uniform and flag. Are you kidding me? Try used throughout our entire history!!!! No one flinches when the Serbs use the Chetnik ‘4 – C’s’ in their flag and on all their slogans!!! This is where I also blame the current Commi regime in Croatia, who hate all that is Croatian. They are true-blue Yugoslavs! Die-hard Tito-loving Commis. Anything that insults Croatia’s history means nothing to them. In fact they revel in it. As long as they can steal and fill their pockets. This is where the Diaspora has to say enough is enough. There will never be peace in Croatia and BiH until lustration takes place and the evils of Tito and his partisans and regime are completely exposed and those implicated are tried. There will never be peace there when some idiots still celebrate him in Kumrovec and beyond and the Theatre Square in Zagreb is named after him! There will never be peace there when in Srb, Croatia, every year, Serbs are allowed to celebrate a slaughter of innocent civilians there by Chetniks in 1941. This is the kind of lunacy that Croatia is. Until people there and abroad stand up like the Ukrainians are doing now, nothing there will change.

      • Veronika – thank you on your comment. I too believe that Croatia cannot move much forward in making progress without lustration for it’s the bad & rotten etc ways gained through working in positions of fair power and above in communist Yugoslavia that are still suffocating Croatia.

  4. Michelle R. says:

    Tired of accusations of Ustasha everytime a Croat feels proud of his or her land. It is a beautiful land with great courage and many lessons for the world to learn. Serbians Chetniks allied with the Ustasha and murdered people and suppressed Croatian culture yet it is not forbidden for them to express their patriotic feelings at home or even on a land that they exploited economically, occupied, looted and destroyed, what did the horses on Dakovo do? Were they Ustaha? What about the farmers defending their land? It is enough of this Velika Serbija spirit disguised as pacifism and historical remembrance. Where is the fine for Serbia’s president calling Vukovar Serbija. He should have resigned. My regards to the courageous defenders of Croatia who have given us all a great example of what to do when your government does no longer represent the people.

    • Thank you Michelle R. – keep the resolve to keep the pride in Croatian people’s achievements for freedom. The road is still spiked but that too shall disappear as we confirm “For Home!”

  5. And your kingdom are welcome on my blog!
    Knowing English, and I turned to Google Translate.
    Even if it does not translate exactly what we say, it’s still better than nothing! It is important to continue the dialogue.
    Pleasant weekend!

    • I agree Aliosa – it’s the effort of kindness and interest that coiunt – a word misplaced here and there through translation doe not spoil the spirit of the articles. Keep up the good work.

  6. I congratulate again CROATIA
    to qualify for the 2014 WWC BRAZIL!
    As Romania was not qualified
    I will watch and support CROATIA!
    Forza CROATIA!

  7. the truth, very well said!

  8. The fact that Serbian newspapers are “shocked” and demand Croatia banned from Brazil World Cup is no surprise. Their prime minister even says Serbia should be an example to other countries when it comes to tolerance. Guess throwing axes at ordinary fans in Novi Sad, burning flags and embassies and yelling “Noz Zica Srebrenica” is tolerant in his eyes.

    The sad part is as you say, that the “Croatian” media is the only ones to blame for the witch hunt on Joe, because nobody in Europe cares what Kurir and so on writes. I know Zeljko Jovanovic is bitter his team didn’t qualify for Brazil, but maybe they will have better luck next time. Meanwhile he can tell the mother of Brice Taton how tolerant they are over there

    Can’t wait for Brazil 🙂

  9. Mario Budak says:

    It is too bad that Iceland will not go to Brazil, however, I have to be honest, I’m happy Croatia is. What I find puzzling is the behavior and actions of some of the officials representing FIFA and UFFA. Any type of chanting or signage that suggests hatred towards Croatians in ‘some’ stadiums, appears to be acceptable, while in the Croatian stadium, two days after the 22nd anniversary of the worst destruction and torture in Europe, since the second world war, of the city of Vukovar and its citizens, Croatians are not allowed to even remember their loved ones with sign’s or chants. That automatically is hatred and extreme nationalism!? The political leaders who occupy positional power in Croatia are very quick to sentence anyone with patriotic behavior. That type of behavior is labeled as an extreme nationalistic and hatred behavior. One can at least understand the ‘Croatian’ political leaders, because they at least have an alibi; in the old system they were accustom to be, at the same time a prosecutor, defense lawyer and a judge, therefore this silly democracy is something they are not accustom to. What is the excuse of some of the officials representing the top two football organizations? On the bright side, Joe Simunic provided an example each and every time he put on the National uniform, how to represent country that you love. Most Croatians, young and old, especially the ones who hold positional power should learn what true patriotism is from man like Joe.

    • To me Mario Budak the puzzling thing is how those government reps still hold their seats – propped up by those on a mission to equate the victim with the aggressor, to try and say that Croats should not be proud of their identity and love for Croatia? Their power will fizzle out, all that needs to be done is manifest love for Croatia like Simunic does!

  10. Inavukic great article. But we must all remember that the victors write the history. I was raised in Croatia but live in Los Angeles. I’d move back home in a heartbeat, but until the communists are removed from office it will never be possible. The President Ivo Josipović was a member of the League of Communists in Croatia. He has no idea what to do other than take.

    Croatia needs to look at the United States Constitution and do something similar. It needs to be a true REPUBLIC, not some make shift socialist democracy because they ALL fail. And people should learn the difference between REPUBLIC and DEMOCRACY.

    ZA DOM and keep writing the true.


  11. I am probably in a minority of one one here but I am embarrassed by Šimunić. We have a free, independent and democratic Hrvatska now, ready for what? Pavelić? Is that what he wants?

    • It seems you are in the minority Pavao, of course those who align with ex-communism are with you. We do not have a free Croatia with actions and reactions like yours by them. It is most symptomatic why you choose to mention Pavelic and not Ban Jelacic or Subic-Zrinski who used “For Home” salute much before Pavelic. You choose to ignore Simunic’s explanation why he used the salute: out of love for Croatia! You choose to peddle your own explanation like the government’s ex-communists – So be it but the love Simunic seems to carry for Croatia inside of him will never die, I redcognise it and you don’t like it. So be it!

    • nisi u manjini vjeruj, nego ljudi sute i ne komentarisu ovakvu vrstu teksta…..

      • Translation of comment by Elo: They’re no in minority believe me, it’s just that people keep quiet and do not comment on this kind o text …

        REPLY: Thank you Elo/ Hvala Elo

    • So I guess you didn’t even bother reading Ina’s article or doing some extra research into where Za Dom Spremni originated? You, like the Yugo-commies in Croatia choose to overlook facts and would rather just jump on board the “everything is tied to Pavelic” bandwagon, it seems.

      If Simunic’s actions are embarrassing, what of the Serbian supporters who burned the Croatian flag? What of Croatians being banned from having “Remember Vukovar” banners yet Serbs freely showing off banners with “Vukovar” written in cyrillic? What about Serbian supporters wearing chetnik insignia at sports matches, and even the handball team wearing such insignia? What about Serbs freely chanting “klat cemo Hrvate” without Euro media backlash?

      Get a grip, Pavao. Anyone with a head on their shoulders can realise this is NOT about Pavelic and his legacy, that’s not the issue here at all because if it were, Serbian supporters would be equally criticised for their actions and we’d see calls to ban their players as well.

      Remember when Mandzukic was criticised for a “Nazi salute” for saluting our freed generals? How is that tied to Pavelic, I wonder?

    • therealamericro says:

      Pavao, it seems that the fact that Croatian Domobran units in WWI, as well as Croatian writers long before the reactionary (to greater Serbian imperialist occupation, colonization, economic exploitation, culturocide and state terrorism in the first “Yugoslavia”) Ustasa movement, used the slogan “Za Dom Spremni.” The Ustasa regime, which was brought to power in sham elections just like the so-called “King” in 1918 and the genocidal Austrohungarian locksmith in 1945 and every sham election that followed, to his death, misuse of things Croatian is just that – misuse.

      I don’t see anyone in the US, other than ambulance chasers and the political far left fringe, calling for the banning of the Don’t Tread On Me flag because of its misuse by the Patriot Movement and white separatist freaks.

      Applying the “logic” that calls for the banning of anything the Ustasa used (they, unlike Chetniks, used soap and water to wash themselves; they also drove cars, used toilette paper, used belts, should that all be banned as well), every single flag in Europe save the Swiss, Swedish, British and Irish flags should be banned as collaborators in every country then and countries that gained independence since the fall of the Berlin wall in Europe all had collaborators (even Poles) and or puppet regimes, and wore their national flags on their sleeves and helmets.

      That and, when looking at the body count, that eclipsed Pavelic’s regime, and the duration and scale of state terrorism against its own citizens, the very term “Yugoslavia” would have to be barred, applying the logic of the historic, pre-Ustasa “Za Dom Spremni” haters.

      The double standards that the 1945 property “liberators” would like to impose would be comical if they were not still running and robbing the country blind.

      • Greatly said therealamericro, thank you.Bravo!

      • You make your points well therealamericro and I accept your rationale as to why you make them. In a similar way you could argue the swastika was used by devout Buddhists in the most peaceful manner long before the Nazis, Ipak, we all know what is usually implied by anyone choosing to use a swastika, My contention is that Šimunić either used “Za Dom Spremni” in a negative way or, just as likely, hasn’t a clue what it means beyond his own vague notion. He was either aggressive in his own mind and sought to promote some kind of siege mentality (where none is needed) or, as I really think, he is as thick as a two-by-four.

      • To bud in here Pavao, it seems you know very little about what “For Home” salute can mean to many people raised outside communism (as Simunic was) – because if you knew at least enough you would not talk about a decent person who loves Croatia like you talk. I wonder if you would dare calling names American citizens who at multitude of various sporting games chant “U.S.A., U.S.A…”.

  12. Cestitam hrvatskoj reprezentaciji za plasman na svjetsko prvenstvo i vjerujte da sam gledao utakmicu i navijao za njih ali sam duboko ubijedjen da Simunicu ovo nije trebalo pogotovo sto se zna da je na svim zvanicnim dokumentima “fasisticke” NDH sluzbeni pozdrav bio “Za dom s…..”.

    • Translation of comment by Elo: I congratulate the Croatian representation for placement into World championship and believe me I watched the game and jeered for them but I am deeply convinced that Simunic did not need this especially since it is known that in all official documents the “fascist” NDH had “For home r…” as its official salutation.

      REPLY: Elo, I would say that being brought up in Australia, Simunic was taught to love Croatia unconditionally. That love spans back through generations and it has NOTHING to do with NDH or “fascism” – there are multitudes of Croat families whose descendants had left Croatia (Austro Hungarian empire, Yugoslavia…) and have rejected oppression of Croatian freedom a long time ago…it is time that such love is freely expressed just like Simunic did.

    • Pa dobro Elo kolko puta se treba tebi I takvima ko ti objasniti da je taj poklik star stoljecima prije NDH.To je povjest Hrvatska koje se necemo odrec ma koliko vi to zelili.Jesi li ti spreman za svoj dom?NDH je trajala nekih 4-5 godina i vrlo se dobro zna da su mnoge zemlje bile uz njemce ali samo se NDH spominje.Samo su Hrvati trn u oku mnogima.To je ta komunistickoudbaska propaganda koja je moram priznat odradila jako dobar posao da oblate sve sto je hrvatsko I da hrvate oznaci kao fasiste.U svakom ratu se nadju idiotic koji prave zlocine.Ne moze se po pojedincima cjelu naciju osudjivat.Zaboravlja se sve sto su komunisti radili pocevsi od Blaiburna gdje je izvrsen jedan od najvecih zlocina u povjesti pa do udbasa koji su putovali po svjetu I ubijali.Isto tako se zaboravlja sve dobro sto je hrvatska ucinila kao npr u zadnjem ratu.I sama je bila u ratu a primila je 500000 tisuca muslimana.Sjecam se po hotelima su bili I imali sta pojesti.Dokle ce se vise spominjat samo to sto su ustase radile a drugi zlocini zataskavat.

      • Translation of comment by Beni: Well Elo, how many times does one need to explain to you and those like you that this greeting is centuries old, much before NDH. That is a part of history of Croatia which we will not renounce no matter how much you want that. Are you ready for your home? NDH lasted some 4 – five years and is very well known that many countries were with Germans but only the NDH is talked about. Only Croats are a thorn in the eyes of many. That is the communist UDBA propaganda which, I must admit, has done a very good job of dirtying everything that is Croatian and label Croats as fascists. There are idiots found in every war who commit real crimes. You cannot judge a whole nation by some individuals. Everything the Communists were doing is forgotten, starting from Bleiburg, which is one of the greatest crimes in history, to their secret police/UDBA who sent their people across the world to murder. Likewise, everything good Croatia did in the last war is being forgotten. It was in war itself and yet it received over 500000 Muslims. I remember they were placed in hotels and had food to eat. Until when will there only be talk about what Ustashes did while other crimes are being covered up.

        REPLY: Thank you Beni

  13. Yes – NO SURPRISE THERE: Croatian pro-communist government has significant interests in towing this disgraceful line just like the Serbs. Both want to hide their crimes by channeling untrue negativeness against Croats. Keep keeping on – on their tails, Ina – justice will come. Praise the Lord!

  14. Great article. Sharing, not for my Croatian friends but for all my non-Croatian friends. Pozdrav from Toronto

  15. You were not silent. When so many of us were so deeply in shock that all we could do was shudder, you were not silent. God bless you Ina!

  16. Djedove su nam iz doma istjerali,branitelji su nam domove vratili.uvijek za dom spreman život dati.

    • They chased our grandfathers away from their homes, the veterans have returned our homes to us. Always for home ready to give life.

      REPLY: Indeed Darko B. and that is where such great love for Croatia comes from. For Home!

  17. Ina, Bogu hvala da ste napisali na engleskom! Imamo cijelu facebook diviziju, ali svi naši argumenti ostaju u Hrvatskoj!

    • Translation Mario B. comment: Ina, thanks be to God that you have written this in English! We have a whole division on Facebook but all our arguments stay in Croatia!

      REPLY: Thank you Mario B. – it is important to spread the word across the world and this is such an important issue.

  18. Does anyone know the links/books to where Elvis Duspara got his information? I would LOVE to look at those links/books, I never knew about that before and that’s just super cool

  19. Michael Silovic says:

    Josip Simunic is a true patriot and we all should support him for his courage to stand against those who want to demean his character. We should all stand shoulder to shoulder with him in chorus of ~Za Dom Spremni~ why should we as a free people care if there are those who say we are fascist? I would rather be known as a fascist then a communist any day. I personally am a fascist because of my beliefs and love for my motherland. I would rather my children be a fascist then watch us lose our culture , heritage and country to those who never spilled their blood for our homeland but think they know what is best for us. The people who condemn us because of our ideology and think we are wrong want us to believe that we are wrong so that they can gain strength and make us weak and to treat us as sheep and not as a respected people. They are afraid of our strength and we have proven time and time again that no government or individual country will ever treat us any less than proud Croats and they will learn to respect our land and culture. We never again will bow to anyone under any condition as we will only get stronger. Yes for home I am ready ! I will give my blood and my life for my motherland and seek to discredit anyone who dares to think that they will ever stop us again from freedom to speak our minds. Every Croat should be taught to say as freely as they want with out shame ~ Za Dom Spremni ~ and be proud.

    • Thank you on your comment Michael – the video link was removed from here in light of developments re Simunic and I’m sure you know what I mean by that. Our strength is such that no communist or ex-communist can kill the unconditional love for Croatia we have been raised to cherish – politics or no politics. Za Dom! For Home!

      • Michael Silovic says:

        I fully understand what you mean about the video and respect your opinion.I am just so upset over this issue and only hope that FIFA gets over it and moves on and not give him any suspensions. I am ever more so annoyed at our goverment for even fining him for what is his right to free speech. It is laughable that they say his intent was to start a riot.What are they afraid of that our goverment thinks we have millions of racists / fascists in our country and if we do it is our communist governments fault to begin with for suppressing us.This is another way for the so called ex communist goverment to attempt to control the people by stifling their love for our homeland and to hide their own shame from the past and the truth is they will fail as they have failed everything else. They will fail because they are still communists not ex- communists.They will fail because we the people are stronger then they want us to be and they are afraid of us.They are afraid of a strong Croat because all they are good at is scaring the weak. They know that we the people know that they are communists to this day at heart.I would gladly pay his fine and ask every Croat to shout from the roof top ~ Za Dom Spremni ~ and at every game to show support for him if he is suspended from playing any games. Enough is enough with this governments assault against our homeland and our peoples.Our goverment has to many communists working against our freedoms and to think that they will shame us is nothing more then a pipe dream for them. They attempted to do the same thing to Marko Perkovic Thompson and Miroslav Skoro reputation with their communist propaganda but they have failed in doing so and only made more people aware that we will not be silenced nor ashamed of our homeland. It makes us stronger as a people every time our goverment tries to shame us into silence. I will personally reach out to as many Croats as I can to join me in screaming ~ Za Dom spremni~! at every game and every political event so we can watch our elected communist squirm like the spineless cockroaches they truly are.
        ~ Za Dom Spremni~ !

      • Thank you Michael – we keep going strong!

    • therealamericro says:

      I hope you are being sarcastic with your “I am a fascist” remark.

      The fascists are in Belgrade, ruling party being the Nazi-fascist party in democratic drag, SNS, as well as (unfortunately) in Zagreb via Yugoslav ultra-nationalist SDP.

      Surely you do not fall in either of these two camps.

      There is no free market, the government is the largest employer, the government and party mediate between the labor and (mostly state-owned) corporations, and a cult of state (Yugoslavia) is pushed.

      Fascism, like Communism and Socialism (save the Nordic models made possible by generous British backing throughout the 20th century as well as small immigration rates and slow population growth) are all discredited models of government, as is neoliberal capitalism.

      All the ism’s suck.

      To paraphrase some of the worlds older great thinkers, anyone willing to surrende their rights for security will have neither their basic rights nor security.

      See post-Patriot Act U.S. for a reference (we went from the world’s shining city on a hill to the world’s most hated power in a decade).

      • Agreeing with you, therealamericro. Having a love for your country, fighting for its freedom, fighting for justice for war veterans, etc, is far from fascist.

        Michael, I do see where you are coming from, but I honestly do not believe one can support our homeland heroes and be a fascist at the same time. They sacrificed their lives to lead us out of fascism and all other “isms” that seek to suppress freedom, culture and religion. I know I cannot tell you what to do, but my suggestion is, if you feel so passionately for Croatia and freedom, you are a patriot. Fight for freedom, justice and individuals rights, not fascism.

  20. Incredible Ina. You were defending that cyrilic in Vukovar was like the Swastika. But in the case of the slogan “For home” “Ready” you say that the fault is of communism goverment leaded by Zoran Milanovic…DELETED

    • Well speaker, I guess your reading comprehension or attention is not much to write home about. I said no such thing about the government lead by Zoran Milanovic, what I said is that the government called the salute a Nazi or Ustashe salute, which in fact is not true exclusively – if the government loved its people they would also say that the salutation was also used many years before WWII, why just use the one instance (WWII) if you love your people. If you love your people you tell the full truth not selective truth that would in fact be trying to win points for communists of WWII – they, sorry but you already know – murdered many more innocent people especially after WWII than any other political movement in Croatia’s history. Face the facts

  21. The nazis stole za dom spremni from the Croatian people. Joe Simunic just stole it back. Well done Joe.

  22. Joe is a brave individual. He should not apologize to anyone for the statement he made. He should have the support of his national soccer federation, & also the support of his government.
    He is a fine role model for young people .

  23. Kris Bistre says:

    Thank you for this article. First I would like to point out the honor it is to play for a National Team. When you play for a national team there is a reason the crest is on your heart. Your supposed to play for your country and your FANS. What Simunic did was for his country and his fans, what they deserved! Good for him. These Fifa officials need to get a grip on life. First of all , how do they expect a player to play for a country when he has to be worried about getting fined if he shows some actual love for his country? Second, these idiots don’t even know what our heritage is about. That French idiot, Platini, doesn’t know a thing about hrvatska. Third, it’s not fair that they are putting this on our country when there is nazism, fascism and much more going on in Many other country’s each time there is a match played, and most f it is way more extreme than just a chant !

  24. I am thinking about getting a “Za Dom Spremni” tattoo…even though I don’t much care for tattoos…then I can freely display it next time I am in Croatia.

    • Sunman – you think like me 😀 I was just thinking how great it would be for people to start wearing “Za Dom” T-shirts or patches sewed on their sleeves 😀

  25. Please guys, sign this online petition(link) to help Joe’s cause & share it with your Facebook friends. Cheers

  26. Jure Erlic says:

    Thanks Ina for the article, it makes me mad how the world thinks that anything we say is always going to be related to the nazis or Ustashe thanks to our government slandering our history. If they only picked up a real history book and looked at our history. While not reading the propaganda that those dirty Yugoslavs publish and spread,( Ivo Goldstein, and company) then they would see really what the phrase means and what it is linked to. What i also find ironic is that Fifa picks only on us to, you never see them going after Russian or Spanish fans, who throw bananas and yell racial slurs to African teams and players when they are playing in there stadiums or club teams.

    • Thank you Jure Erlic – communists are mad dogs indeed, and you can expect anything from a mad dog, fighting to survive. We just need to keep hammering in the love for Croatia.

  27. Keep speaking out. Your voice is being heard. Blessings, Barbara

  28. In the Croatia media this has turned as much in to an attack on the Australian Croatian community as much as an attack on Joe for using what they marrow mindedly see as only an Ustasha salute.

    After reading column after column about the Croatian diaspora in Australia, it seems that they are all Nazi loving Ustasha freaks carrying around knives in their pockets whilst on the look out for Serbs. It has become out of control. One reading read: “In Australia Croats and Serbs are lunging at each other, fighting in the streets, this is the ambiance that Joe Simunic grew up in”. Couldn’t be further from the truth!! I wouldn’t even know where to find a Serb let alone want to fight them. There are over 100,000 people of Croatian origin in Australia and I don’t know one that has ever fought a Serb or who even cares what they are doing.

    But apparently we are just disgraceful and enemies of Croatia.. this article is another example
    if you read the comments you wouldn’t want to go to Croatia as an Australian Croat at the moment.. you’d be lynched!

    Where are our representatives defending us? Where is the Croatian World Congress? Someone in the media spotlight needs to stand up for us.

    • I know exactly what you mean Felix. But I also know that many Croats living in diaspora when they return from a holiday in Croatia say: “many there don’t love Croatia like we do” – indeed children born and bred in diaspora have been taught to love Croatia unconditionally, Za Dom/ For Home without political polarisation – but ;like Stjepan Mesic has done terrible damage as former communist in blackening the name of the diaspora so too are doing in Croatia those associated with the former-communist mob who a fighting hand and foot to stop communist crimes being processed. SO I SAY – LET’S CHILL OUT WITH OUR LOVE FOR CROATIA – ZA DOM – AND THE ONES WHO DON’T LIKE IT – Tough!

  29. Danke für Deinen Besuch.
    Gruß, Wolfgang

  30. Michael Dugandzic says:

    Anybody that studied history of the Croatian Armed Forces of NDH can tell you that the official salute was simply ‘spremni’ (ready) not Za Dom Spremni.

  31. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Seeking justice for war crimes against the Croatian people. In harmony, Barbara

  32. Freundliche Grüße von uns. Wolfgang

  33. Ban Jelacic says:


    • Mali Splićo says:

      I’m not sure if any of you, so eager to condemn Croats, who live in Croatia, and find this repulsive – live in Croatia? But I think, and hope, we are a silent majority, otherwise, we too, shall be forced to emigration from this beautiful country, or worse.
      … DELETED due to lack of corroboration and examples of alleged violence

      I live in Croatia, and i love all the people here, and the fact that some other country did some crimes, doesn’t legalize any crimes on our side, we have our courts and they have theirs and if they don’t do right, it’s their shame, as well as it is for our courts to fail to punish our crimes.

      I don’t believe this is the country we fought for, i think right wing extremists are NOW real enemies to prosperous Croatia, because, they divide Croats into small bickering groups, by hate and manipulation, and real patriotism can and must be without WWII or WWI or Ottoman empire or even Roman empire legacy, for that matter. We must take care of the future, together, not fight about history over and over,

      • Mali Splico, thank you for comment however part of your comment talking about extreme violence and lack of safety was deleted because it had no corroborating or verifiable information/examples etc.

  34. Almir berkovac says:

    G-djo Vukic, molim Vas da objavite ovaj post kao prilog objektivnoj diskusiji o Vasoj temi.

    • Almir berkovac – vasa povezica je izrisana – nista niste dodali objektivnoj diskusiji s njome o pozdravu “Za Dom” jer moj clanak vec govori o tome da su ga koristili i u NDH, no to su 4 od 200+ godina koristenja tog pozdrava.
      Almir berkovac – your link has been deleted – you have not added anything to the objective discussion about greeting “For Home” as my article already mentions that it was used in NDH, but that is onlky 4 out of 200+ years of its usage.


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