Croatia: Barry Lituchy’s Fabrication Of History Or When Greater Serbia Lobby Gets Desperate

The crowning of Croatia's King Tomislav, 925  Painting by Oton Ivekovic Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The crowning of Croatia’s King Tomislav, 925
Painting by Oton Ivekovic
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I once read that actions such as the denial of the Holocaust, and the use of racist strategies generally — against Jews, Muslims, Serbs, Croats, whomever — contain the foundation of the destruction and failure of those who practice them. I agree. Keeping that thought in mind and heart, I hope that Barry M. Lituchy’s Serbian propaganda will soon stumble upon its deserved demise.  It is impossible for me and, I guess, every human being who thrives on truth to keep quiet about blanket racist political strategies that seem to focus on the destroying of one person via vilifying a whole nation of people.  That is racist and that is how, one by one person, masses have been murdered and it strikes ones gasping for justice when encountered.

I turn here to a letter, that has just come to light, reportedly written to FIFA by Barry M Lituchy (an adjunct assistant professor of History at Medgar Evers College at City University of New York) in the matter of FIFA’s disciplinary considerations in Joe Simunic case and the “For Home” chant at the end of soccer match between Croatia and Iceland some months ago.

In that letter to FIFA, Barry M. Lituchy reportedly states:
In the territory that today comprises Croatia, Croats actually comprised a minority of the population. The territory was populated by millions of Serbs, Jews and Romas. To create a Croatian homeland the Ustashe carried out the plundering of Serbian, Jewish and Roma property, mass arrests, imprisonment in concentration camps, and the mass murder of some one million people of Jewish, Serbian and Roma ethnicity as well as the forced conversion to Roman Catholicism of the remaining of Serbian and Jewish population…”

Excerpt of Barry M Lituchy statement to FIFA  Photo: Screen shot 6 February 2014

Excerpt of Barry M Lituchy statement
Photo: Screen shot 6 February 2014

The fact that Barry M. Lituchy has been considered as a fabricator of evidence, or untruths is nothing new, but I feel profoundly sad that the President of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, has not responded publicly regarding Barry M. Lituchy’s letter to FIFA in defence of the truth and the Croatian nation. While it’s a given that Josipovic cannot interfere in FIFA’s disciplinary process or its decisions regarding Joe Simunic, while it’s a given that Josipovic cannot deny the Holocaust, he can and should respond to Lituchy’s statement (since parts of it have been made available to the public) and demand, with forceful determination, that Lituchy publicly retracts parts of his statement that, for example, relate to the history of Croats and their historically established and rightful homeland; and he can publicly condemn Lituchy’s recklessly insidious and flippant handling of the actual numbers of those who perished in Croatia during Holocaust, he can publicly state that the Jewish community of Croatia, with its religious and cultural identity, had actually survived despite the horrors of WWII Holocaust… and so did the Serbian one!

When it comes to Barry M. Lituchy one can come across many references that suggest he is a supporter, if not a political operative, of the Greater Serbia sweep, which has been linked to genocidal undertakings, such as Srebrenica massacre of 1995 and aggression against Croatia in the 1990’s with all its brutal and genocidal force. He appeared as witness in the Slobodan Milosevic (Serbia’s leader during the above Greater Serbia expansionist cruelties ) and regarding that, Judith Armatta (Twilight of Impunity: The War Crimes Trial of Slobodan Milosevic)  says:

A blatant example of fabricated evidence was produced by Barry Lituchy…”
It’s more than reasonable to say that Greater Serbia lobby, which evidently includes Lituchy, has in Joe Simunic’s FIFA case found a yet another extraordinary avenue for its racist vilification. After having experienced a demise and political condemnation in the Hague (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia/ ICTY) the Greater Serbian lobby has snatched the truth from a process that is supposed to be just and served FIFA with blatant lies. It is so disappointing that a world sports organisation, FIFA, has allowed itself to enter into such political scenarios. It’s a terrible disappointment that FIFA takes Barry M. Lituchy’s statement as a matter of fact when in truth the numbers (which Lituchy presents as facts) of those who perished in the Holocaust in Croatia have been disputed over and over again, worldwide; when in truth the recorded history of Croats on that territory speaks volumes.

It is a soothing thought that Joe Simunic’s appeal against FIFA’s disciplinary measure will now have the opportunity to set the record straight on two fronts: that Barry M. Lituchy wrote lies and unsubstantiated claims to FIFA and that Croats have been the ethnic majority on the territory of today’s Croatia since at least the 9th Century AD. And perhaps, who knows, someone out there just might find it necessary to review Barry M Lituchy’s tenure as an assistant professor?  Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Horrendous propaganda by Lituchy…..absolutely sickening to read his comments, and WHY would anybody with any intelligence believe such outrageous comments and fabrications?? Why hasn’t the Croatian Government acted in defence of the Croatian nation demanding an apology?

    • Yes Robyn Vulinovich, it’s so very disappointing that Croatia’s government and the President have not yet reacted to this vile.

    • Predrag Raznatovic says:

      I dont think i got the memo. can someone explaine to me what he said that was totally false. this was a civil war, no heroes and no criminals. I dont know, im sick of this subject. If anyone wants some history of the true reasons for the war ill tell u

      when the JNA entered Vukovar, DELETED

      • Predrag Raznatovic – you can take the civil war version with you – it was not a civil war and regarding Barry Lituchy’s letter if after reading it you cannot tell what is totally false in it then there all the more reason for you to learn new facts.

    • kerescam says:

      Maybe because they lost a significant part of their family to Ustashe in WWII.

      • Or maybe because they keep on lying and making up numbers of people lost in WWII…hopefully the day will come when facts researched properly will tell the real story

  2. Master Will says:

    In the early 1990’s when Serbs and Serbia attacked Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, committed unthinkable atrocities and genocide, Barry Lituchy was there to defend Serbs – in his various articles published in newspapers and Serbian websites – he described the American government as “the most genocidal nation on earth”! Nuff said!

  3. Spectator says:

    And here is what Barry Lituchy – self-titled “Holocaust Research Director” of the Jasenovac Research Institute – thinks of Slobodan Milosevic, quote:

    “When I heard the news that Slobodan Milosevic had died I did not want to believe it. I did not want to believe that evil had triumphed over good, or that the evil that had been done to this brave and beautiful man could have finally killed him… But you can take solace in the fact that Slobo died a martyr’s death… He is the most famous and most courageous Serb of our time… As I said before, he lived and died for us and for a better world. I know you are proud of him. I feel the same way.”
    It is obvious that the people behind this organization have as much credibility as Adolph Hitler. The sad part is they are a driving force behind the Jasenovac Research Institute.

    • And Spectator, Lituchy forgot to praise the Serb butchers in Vukovar 1991 when they sang: “Slobo, Slobo, send us some salad, there’ll be meat – we’ll slaughter the Croats”! Or maybe he has praised them I just haven’t found the source

    • therealamericro says:

      Great find!

      To all the readers who comment on English-language forums and news sites / articles: c/p this quote and link provided by the good Spectator, it is vital for any future greater Serbian lobby maligning efforts / sloppy US journalists citations of that hate speech and agitprop front for greater Serbian nationalists, Srebrenica Genocide deniers, and Milosevic, Martic, Babic, Mladic, Mrksic, Sljivjancanin, Radic, Simatovic, Stanisic, Perisic, Krstic, Karadzic and JNA / RAM Plan apologists, the Jasenovac Research Institute.

      Nice find Spectator.

      • therealamericro says:

        I do recall the so-called “institute” was cited by numerous US media, repeatedly, when the greater Serbian lobby went balistic over Thompson.

      • Spectator says:

        Glad you liked it therealamericro, it is what it is: truth

  4. That’s one person I would not like to meet – ever!

  5. Richard Mansour says:

    Nothing Barry Lituchy says about the Holocaust that occurred in Croatia hold any water! It is choked with fat lies. It offends the dignity of victims, it offends our intellect – we cannot take him seriously. He has not found it in himself to correct the lies he wrote about Croatia’s Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac, who saved and rescued Jews, Serbs…during WWII. He has not found it in himself to write and talk about the Holocaust in Serbia, which was one of the first states in Europe to declare a “Jew free” state, having served 94% of Serbia’s Jews to Nazi slaughter by May 1942…

    • Yes Richard Mansour, it’s such a shame that the Holocaust can be cheapened by such blatant lies and reckless consideration of facts. One can say that much documentation has been lost and it’s impossible to nail the absolute truth but that is no justification to tolerate wild stabbings at numbers killed for sensational purposes; the horror of the Holocaust needs no such “help” to keep the world forever conscious of its utter ugliness. Thank you for mentioning Aloysius Stepinac – he did indeed save a great many Jews and we now know that for certain, thanks to Dr Esther Gitman’s research! People like Lituchy have a political interest not to acknowledge the truth because if they did, their own work would be torn to shreds and they would need to admit that they were in the wrong; that they are in the wrong.

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    A must read, thank you my friend

  7. I found this rather bizarre article published by Lituchy.

    In short, this guy appears like a nutjob.

    • Yes Suada, when one sees a man dancing on the grave of killed American officials in a plane crash, like Lituchy does in this article linked via your comment, then “a nutjob” is too kind a description.

    • Yes Suada, and when one sees a man dancing on the grave of killed American (or any) officials as Lituchy is doing in the article linked to your comment then nutjob seems to be a too kind a word to describe.

    • Yes Suada, when one sees a man dancing on the grave of killed American (or any) officials etc as Lituchy is doing in that article linked in your comment, then “a nutjob” would seem too kind a word to describe.

    • therealamericro says:

      Srpska Mreza is a North American Serbian version of Der Sturmer.

      Alas, I support their right to hate and be stupid liars because it is their 1st Amendment right. Freedom of Speech is invioable.

      It is hilarious to me, however, that their hate speech against everything non-Serb (and against any American politician that wasn’t pro-Milosevic or media journalist who wasn’t a genocide-justifier like Mr. Binder at the NYTimes), as well as openly pro-Russian, anti-NATO positions lambasting any US projection of power in the region, and even their not-so-tacit celebration over 9/11 with triumphalist, false comparisons with false associations to their genocidal hate-speech and justificiations for their genocidal aggression coming to the US to “roost” isn’t a matter of interest for the ridiculously over-sized and over-funded and terribly under-overseen US security state; but people with Libertarian and Constitutionalist views – are.

      Veterans are getting PTSD diagnosis from doctors they have not seen over facebook posts critical of 2nd Amendment infringements, thereby informing them of their loss of their 2nd Amendment rights.

      Yet the slavishly pro-Russian, hysterically anti-NATO greater Serbian Lobby keeps spewing its subversive lies and hate speech unabatted.

      Something is wrong with this picture.

      WTF happened to you America?

  8. Michael silovic says:

    You can expect our goverment to say nothing the cowards they are. Myself I will refrain from comment on this so I do not offend anyone and more so to my point why we need an extreme right wing party to defend us even if we are called ustache.I am not ashamed of our history or how we were or are as a people and would defend our country and people under any circumstances including propaganda

    • Yes, Michael Silovic, a conservative stream of political orientation seems the one which would tackle these atrocious lies, however I personally do not go for the extreme, but if I think of a situation when one must say “enough is enough!” then we all must pause and consider what is the best method of getting rid of such hatred and lies that those like Lituchy seem to have made a career out of to the point of apparent and florid psychotic stream.

  9. therealamericro says:

    His letter is as worthy and argued as that of an online PhD student in interpretive dance at Phoenix Online University.

    He appeared as a witness for the defense of Milosevic and, as far as many see, he committed perjury while engaging in genocide justifying (both past and future) hate speech.

    Case closed, no credibility. I hope that you sent your article to FIFA Ina.

    In terms of Josipovic, the problem is that he, and a large and vocal minority if not slight majority of SDP and HNS, along with every single sham NGO and much of Croatia’s “journalists” and Lame Stream Media on foreign intelligence services’ payrolls, agree with ole Barry on most of what he said.

    Alas, Perki is in jail and the Sun is setting on Kukuriku.

    Change is a coming….

    PS: To the NYC Croats over the pond, if a few of you chip in and donate a copy on behalf of St. Cyril and Methodius Church of Serbia’s Secret War (Cohen), The Hour of Europe (Glaudaric), Croatia, A Nation Forged In War (Tanner), The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Central Bosnia 1992-1994, Britain and the Balkans (Hodge), Britain’s Unfinest Hour (Simms), and the CIA’s “Balkan Battlegrounds,” and printed copies of all of the rulings against Martic, Babic, and Krstic (for Srebrenica which was found to be a genocide), you would all be creating a major problem for this lying, perjurous Milosevic boy-toy who is no doubt poisoning young American minds with his primitive, blind hate.

    If you do it in the name of the NYC Croatian Catholic Church, it would likely drive a severely mentally disturbed man into a psychotic rage.

    Give his Uni students the tools to resist and blow his lies out of the water. Used / cheap copies for all of the books save Balkan Battlegrounds, that is a little pricy even on Amazon. That will run well over $100, the others you can probably get for 10 bucks a pop.

    • It almost goes without saying, therealamericro, that the governing and the presidential suite in Croatia (which, by the by house the son of Josip Perkovic who is extradited to Germany for communist crimes, and Dejan Jovic, Serbia’s 10th of 100 most influential Serbs in the world, as advisers, will not comment or respond to Lituchy’s lies about Croatia, but one can hope for a miracle on that count, although such a miracle would probably top all the miracles ever witnessed by human beings. Nice list of publications to check out – I have read and possess most of them and more.

  10. therealamericro says:

    I would add the seminal work, when Courage Prevailed by Dr. Esther Gitman.

    A DVD of Sedlar’s Film would be a coup.—film-by-Jakov-Sedlar-produced-by-FILMIND-Tel-Aviv.html

  11. What really angers me about people like Barry and their comments, apart from the obvious anti-Croat lies and hatred, is how they so blatantly and shamelessly pretend they care about victims of genocide; that is Jews, Roma or Serbs. No, they do not care. The Jasenovac Research Institute does not care about victims; how can it, when it allows Milosevic worshipers and Bosnian genocide deniers amongst its ranks? How can they care about genocide when they clearly think one group of victims is apparently not human enough to have respect? How can they care about humanity, about victims of war, about history, when they disregard and fabricate huge portions of it? They have no shame about using the victims of the Holocaust to serve their hateful, deceitful agenda and yet there are people out there who still think Barry and his ilk are credible. This is absolutely disgusting, but lying cowards cannot hide forever.

    • Needless to say, Kat, I agree with you totally

    • therealamericro says:

      Great points Kat.

      Their sole reason for existence is to a) Inflate Serbian victims, b) Draw false parallels between Serbs and Jews & Gypsies (Jews didn’t occupy Croatia, they didn’t colonize it with toothless Gendarmes and their extended families, they didn’t strip Croats of their properties and businesses, they did not set up a false echange rate that bankrupted Croatia, they didn’t strip industry across Croatia and move it to Belgrade, they didn’t rape it economically, they didn’t drive 1/6th of the population into emigrating, engage in state sponsored terrorism against Croats, legislate the denial of anything and everything Croatian in terms of history, language and culture, declare a dictatorship, arrest 30,000 Croats for political views, and didn’t begin slaughtering Croats and non-Serbs en masse while retreating advancing German forces, and didn’t commit a genocide against Croats and non-Serbs across the fmr. “Yugoslav” “”kingdom”” the duration of WWII), the intent of both being to c) Openly justify past, and future crimes against Croats and non-Serbs.

      • therealamericro well said. I think it would be an excellent idea that you, Ina and other well informed Croats and seekers of truth participate in the Genocide trial against Serbia. Can either the Cro government or the court be petitioned for your participation as exert witnesses, or court advisors?

    • I agree, Kat. Well articulated. We need to call out these people and challenge their hypocrisy.

  12. Hello how are you. I would just like to make a suggestion. The posting today made me realize how little many Americans understand about the war in the nineties. What started it and how was committing the genocide? I talked to another friend who has Croatian roots and she know as much as I do. So perhaps you could write a post explaining these things to those of us who know much less than you do. Hugs my friend, Barbara

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  14. Branko Kramaric says:

    the reason why the Croatian government hasn’t responded to this fools comments is because, deep down they want the State of Croatia to fail and be forced into a new type of Yugoslavia again, this Barry Lituchy, appears nothing more than a charged-with-hate Serb who has changed his name to continue his vile hatred to anything anti Serb. If he is a Professor at some American College/University. The Campus board should be fired for allowing him to continuously preach his crap and anti Western statements.

    • Thanks on your comment Branko Kramaric, it’s beyond my comprehension how someone who comes out with such material, who incites hatred by publishing blatant lies about nations can hold an academic post. True, he is said to be an assistant professor, not a professor, but even that position should not in my opinion be filled by such individuals whose professionalism is significantly compromised by his extra-curricular activities – lies and hate!

  15. Hi Professor,
    I’ve been thinking of you. The latest news from your beloved region of the world is unsettling. I hope all of this gets ironed out before it gets to be a larger crisis. Best wishes, my friend.

    • Thanks Donald, yes the riots in neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina are very unsettling and difficult to watch – so much pain, so much anger, so much desperation…

  16. Zlatko Vičić says:

    Dear Mrs Ina Vukic
    I appreciate your intent and fight against lay and communist manipulation. UDBA KOS SDB SRBS and others
    But You will be soon very tired and maybe sick, because of large amount of a such pamphlets and fakes-falsifications.
    So I suggest this:
    1. You have to initiate and organize real organization-Association with clear mission and people.
    2. You have to build “Register of fake literature about Croat and Croatia” in the first moment.(just to name them)
    It will be enough for the first moment, but then do serious review (for ex. Against Norman Markowitz)
    3. You have to find patriotic people.
    4. Open in your site part “Fake literature”
    I completely agree with content of your opinion and statement (what I have been read).
    Good luck and God bless You.

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