Croatian Campaign “Don’t Touch The Children” Goes Global



A logo of Croatian Citizens' Initiative "Don't Touch The Children"

A logo of Croatian Citizens’ Initiative
“Don’t Touch The Children”

On April 23 of 2014 the United Nations granted special consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the UN (ECOSOC) to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

It is held that this status gives the Kinsey Institute an important voice in global public policy. However, it is also held that the UN failed to examine either the scientific basis for the Kinsey Institute’s most fundamental research, nor to address its involvement in the criminal sexual abuse of infants and children.

Launching the global campaign  "Don't Touch The Children" in Croatia, May 2014 From left: Borna Jurcevic from Croatian Citizens' Initiative "Don't Touch The Children" with dr. Judith Reisman and Timothy Tate Photo: CI "Don't Touch The Children"

Launching the global campaign
“Don’t Touch The Children”
in Croatia, May 2014
From left: Borna Jurcevic from Croatian
Citizens’ Initiative “Don’t Touch The Children”
with dr. Judith Reisman and Timothy Tate
Photo: CI “Don’t Touch The Children”

American scholar dr. Judith Reisman and British journalist, filmmaker and long-standing researcher into the works of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute Timothy Tate were present with Croatian journalist Karolina Vidovic-Kristo at the press conference at Zagreb airport on Monday 26 May 2014 to mark the launch of the Croatian citizens initiative for the global campaign “Don’t Touch The Children”. Timothy Tate, in the video release of the press conference embedded in this article below, said:

Timothy Tate

Timothy Tate

Last month the UN, an organisation founded on and dedicated to human rights, granted to the Kinsey Institute the status of official accreditation. Why does that matter? It matters because it gives the Kinsey Institute official recognition and a seat at the table where policy, global policy is made; policy about the law, policy about sex, policy above all about the children.

Why is it wrong for Kinsey to be there?

Because this is an organisation founded on crimes. Founded on crimes against the most vulnerable in society – the children. It’s an organisation, which has refused to apologise for or to walk away from its crimes. And it’s an organisation, which continues to make money from the reports of those crimes. How can the most important human rights organisation in the world allow an institute founded on the crimes, founded on the pain and the tears of hundreds of children, how can it be granted the honour, the importance and the power of accreditation.

Today, here in Croatia, we’re beginning a campaign to demand that the UN re-examines its decision to grant that accreditation.

Why Croatia?

Because this country alone in the world for the first time in 70 years last year stood up to the power of the Kinsey Institute. No other country has ever taken a stand against Kinsey. You did it. That is why this resolution, this initiative starts here.

I hope over the next few days Croatia’s voice will ring out across the world. And it will be heard I hope, by those in the UN who made that decision to grant the Kinsey Institute that accreditation. But over the coming days you may hear allegations that this campaign is not about the protection of the children, or about the UN or about the Kinsey Institute, you may hear allegations and claims that it’s a campaign of homophobia, it’s a campaign by right-wing people or religious activists. Those allegations are lies. I have no religion, I have been and remained a left-wing socialist and for more than almost forty years I have campaigned for equal rights for gay and straight people. This campaign in this brave country is about demanding change. It’s about demanding that the world’s most vital, most important human rights organisation holds an inquiry into the Kinsey Institute and the crimes it committed and those that continue to profit from and above all it’s a campaign for the children abused by the Kinsey’s pedophiles and for the victims of child sexual abuse everywhere. It starts today and it starts here.”




Dr. Judith Reisman

Dr. Judith Reisman

Dr. Judith Reisman, for this occasion, led a prayer in Zagreb 27 May: “Let us pray, for and the victims, the children and the infants who were abused by Kinsey and his associates for the purpose of so called science, for initiating and conducting a fair criminal procedure against Kinsey’s institute and true facts about the Kinsey Institute and its influence on sex education, to be revealed to the public for the presidents of 192 UN member states to be wise and bold when they receive the resolution, which will be sent from this place for the Kinsey Institute to be expelled from the UN membership, to be closed and its so-called science to be declared null and void, for the current so-called sex education to be abolished in Croatia and globally”. After the prayers the Judith Reisman Resolution was read out and it states:
“All of us, citizens of the world,
all of us, regardless of the age, nationality, ideology, faith, colour of the skin, political option, regardless of all the rest – we stand united against the criminal act of pedophilia.

We therefore address you, the presidents of the world states member countries and leaders of the UN:
Ban the Kinsey Institute from the UN.

The Kinsey Institute and its founder Alfred Kinsey incited and paid pedophiles to abuse children. All this has been proved, yet never prosecuted and no one has ever been sentenced.

The Institute, which along with its activities abused children and infants must be investigated, prosecuted and sentenced; it must not be a member of any human organization whose imperative is the welfare of man.

According to its own charter and respecting the general human need for protection of children and processing the criminal acts we appeal to the UN to ban the Kinsey Institute from its membership.

To this resolution we enclose the evidence (PDF) of monstruous acts of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute and encourage the UN to initiate also the legal prosecution of the Kinsey Institute according to its authority”.



Croatia, with its distinguished journalist and recipient of the Howard Center/World Congress of Families Global Leadership Award Karolina Vidovic – Kristo has in this “Don’t Touch The Children” campaign become the leader of the global movement against the Kinsey Institute.

Karolina Vidovic-Kristo

Karolina Vidovic-Kristo

One cannot but marvel at Vidovic-Kristo’s tenacity and steadfastness in her path to contribute to the global endeavours to protect the children from being exposed in schools to teachings that are based on the work of Alfred Kinsey; the research work that evidently sexually abused children and infants. For her determination to show the Croatian public the truth about the research done by Kinsey and his associates she has suffered greatly, to say the least her popular TV show “Portraits of Croatia” was axed in 2013 after she presented the truth about Kinsey and was suspended from her job on Croatian government controlled TV station HRT. Not one to be easily intimidated (as it should be with all who fight the good fight for human rights), she kept up with her work in exposing Kinsey’s work and, indeed, her claims that Croatia’s school sex education program was based on Kinsey’s research and pedophilia. The sex education program (mind you, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic sat on the curriculum board!) divided the nation in 2013 and eventually the Constitutional court abolished in May 2013 the sex education program as it stood. It was back to the drawing board on the sex education program, but not far enough as traits of and persons associated with Kinsey’s research still linger in the realm of sex education. Saturday 28 June, the Croatian portal Dnevno reported that Croatian HRT TV had banned Vidovic-Kristo from giving or speaking out her personal views and opinions in public! At the beginning of June, Vidovic-Kristo was filmed for a talk-back private TV Show “Visible Traces” in which she appeared as a private person, a mother – talking about Kinsey and sex education and the need for the protection of children, but Croatia’s HRTV made moves to place an injunction against the televising of the show; the show was nevertheless televised in last week of June.


Croatian HRT television is funded by the taxpayers of Croatia, both through the state budget and from monthly citizen subscription fees and since it seems to be a law unto itself (communist leaning, to boot) I hope a new citizens’ action arises that will see to a change of the station’s leadership and freedom of speech and truth. Croatia at this moment seems to be a place where journalists are ostracized, suspended, gagged, threatened…if they dare to speak some truths and express concerns which touch the nation or a great deal of the community, when that truth does not agree with those in power.

The “Don’t Touch The Children” campaign seems to me a most worthy global campaign for children everywhere are abused and/or exposed to education programs that could easily be construed as some kind of grooming, be it succinct, indirect or direct, of future pedophiles, sexual abusers and predators; weakening defense mechanisms against abuse and thereby setting a stage for victims of the future. Indeed, not only journalists but all of us have a civic duty in ensuring that our children are protected from that which endangers their moral and physical well-being and with which their developing minds cannot fully deal.

It’s up to all of us, around the globe, to make a difference in our children’s, our grandchildren’s future and the least we can do as citizens of the world is to write to our countries’ Presidents or Prime Ministers and inquire as to what they intend to do about the UN’s decision to grant accreditation to the Kinsey Institute. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A.,M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Further recommended material:
BRIEF The Kinsey Institute Exposed (PDF)
27 May 2014 Lecture and Panel discussion in Zagreb with dr Judith Reisman, Timothy Tate and Thomas Hampson (an investigator) VIDEO:



  1. Veronika says:

    Ina thanks a lot for posting this extremely important issue. Dr Reisman is a powerhouse of information and righteousness and Karolina’s career has suffered because of her bravery in reporting the truth. Kinsey was a pedophile/child molester. He and his associates should have been tossed in jail. Instead Hollywood makes movies about him and his so-called work is regarded as ‘scientific.’ Sickening. He is a criminal and I am grateful to these people for exposing him and his ‘institute’.

    • Very important indeed, Veronika, to expose and fight for the children’s rights and for the victims of such sickening research methods

  2. Bravo to Croatia for taking such an important stand. Hopefully, other countries will support and follow Croatia.

  3. David B says:

    Even if one were to accept Kinsey’s approach as valid, and even if one were to credit his research with some possible merit, there remains the inescapable fact that his data is limited, his scope is skewed, and his results are not and never were “scientific.” Further, even if they were “scientific” observations, Kinsey’s work has no place in the secondary or undergraduate schools of Croatia nor of any other state. Even in graduate studies they should not have any interest except at best perhaps as one more rather odd study study of the subject. Certainly this work has no place in any transnational venue were policies are being established. The conclusions drawn from Kinsey’s purported observations are no more valid than should one have observed that some people walk immediately in front of moving trains and then concluded that therefore it is quite alright to walk immediately in front of moving trains without noting the usual consequence of such an act. I am thankful that my Baka provided some information concerning the consequences of walking in front of moving trains, tractors, trucks, horse carts and the like. It occurs to me that the Croatian peoples, whereever they are in the world, as well as other peoples, have done quite well in replenishing their populations for a rather long time according the manner of their resilient and enduring cultures without instructions from any state. I conclude therefore that the state should likely keep the hell out of a matter, which I prefer to leave to the parents, the grandparents, to tradition, culture, and to the church. I ask the state not to touch the children and I ask the state to keep its repulsive hands off me in these matters also. So there!

  4. what a fascinating campaign. I spend some time at the UN, I will look further into this.

  5. shame on you for spreading such a lies and misinformation. this campaign has nothing to do with fighting pedophilia, but just making hysteria in already such a confused society, it is all to do with politics that few individuals and church are hiding behind this so called campaign. DELETED as offensive …
    if you love croatia so much, why don’t you come and live in croatia? move to croatia, do something for your country, then you can call yourself patriot.

    • Vanja, the article actually reports the truth as it happened and I for one am not going to make up things as you are doing. Croatian authorities and associates should be the ones to be ashamed including the HRT TV. I have it on good authority that you do not live in Croatia yourself or at least you are not writing from there. As to patriotism one does not need to live in a country to be a patriot, really…more good is and has been done for Croatia living abroad than living under communist constrictions…and we all know how communist Yugoslavia chased Croats out for decades and decades after WWII…it’s much harder to love Croatia from afar than living in it … the diaspora has done and is doing its bit, even you should know that. When commenting please respect the rules and policy of commenting otherwise offensive or insulting comments, without providing any corroboration or verifiable facts will be moderated or deleted.

      • DELETED ….
        and yes, at the moment i am not in croatia, but i was born there and live there and know pretty well what is going on.

      • Vanja, much of your comment was deleted as incorrect and as assumptions made about matters not associated with the article. As knowing what is happening in Croatia – there are many Croats abroad who spend more hours every day following news and event from Croatia than those living in Croatia.

      • yes, great! just delete the truth. it is to offensive for you to read the truth. even the comment where i wrote my personal things such as that my parents or grandparents were never members of communist party is offensive to you?!?! and that as such nobody ever chased them out of the country?! what is offensive about that?! you also didn’t answer the question i asked you about patriotism. no wonder why!
        you know better than me what is going in croatia and i don’t read news as much as you do?! and that is not offensive of you towards me?! better delete your articles, because they are full of lies. you follow, narod, as alija already wrote which is mostly full of misinformation. DELETED AS OFFENSIVE
        and just for your information, writes pro-ustasa news and pro-cetnik news. great sites, aren’t they?!

      • Vanja, I deleted no truth because what you wrote CANNOT be verified by readers of this Blog and your identity is not public for readers to check in the truth of what you say. Besides the deleted parts were actually offensive and personal attacks, which I shall not dignify by publishing. The point about truth is that it must be verifiable while opinions are just that – opinions and people can either take them on or not, think about them etc. You, however seem to think that your opinions or views are the truth. How sad that you do not seem to be able to separate the two. What I extracted from Dnevno I provided a link so people can verify that independently, while you give no such possibilities but expect people to take to at your word even if they do not know who you really are. I have answered your question regarding patriotism and that is that one does not need to live in a country to be its patriot and to love it. The facts that were taken from dnevno are facts, nothing more nothing less and have absolutely nothing to do with pro-ustashas – they are related to Kinsey’s research on children and infants and that research was not done in Croatia but its findings may well be imbedded in one way or another in Croatia’s sex education program. So get a grip on yourself and read the article again if you wish, if not that’s OK too. Never read but I do just as I do all other sources there, or most, anyway.

      • so if something can’t be verified by readers of your website than that is not truth?! all what i wrote can be verified, you just need an open mind for that.
        what you are writing on this website is just an opinion, not the ultimate truth as you want it to appear. i am telling you how things are in croatia, but you decided to pay a deaf ear and ignore it by deleting my comments and trying to humiliate me. that is indeed sad. please, don’t patronize me, because that is offensive, not all the truth i wrote here. you were probably not even born in croatia, neither lived here, but you know everything better!! oh, please… you just admitted that you are reading dnevno and that is the source of your “truth” and information. and you don’t even understand what i have tried to tell you about dnevno. how can you trust source that writes one thing in one country and the same thing just with the different facts in another country. although jutarnji is also not my source of information because they usually write according to the political party that is in power, here is just one example for you about dnevno, your source of TRUTH!! 🙂 so, please you get a grip of yourself and be careful whom you read and trust.–a-hrvatska-verzija-osuduje–pisanje-srpskih-medija-/1162235/

      • You are a very sad character, Vanja, whoever you are. Facts refer to things as they actually happened. My article had links to Youtube videos, Evidence against Kinsey research, the actual JR Resolution read out in Zagreb, a link to dnevno article which writes sections from the Croatian Constitution, facts about the campaign “Don’t Touch the Children” that are public. Now – that is what I mean facts – there’s is nothing in facts that depends on opening minds for them – they are simply there. That is not patronising at all. As to my living in Croatia and being born there I have most likely lived there longer than you, but that does not really matter. You are free to get your news from anywhere you want just as I am as long as that news did happen and is not made up. I understand what you are saying and your or anyone’s comments will be and are deleted if they offend and attack people without any cause. You may wish to start your own blog and write your own views… I will take the news and facts from any source that I find in Croatia or elsewhere and to me personally I steer away from Jutarnji, dnevno I will take any day over Jutarnji. That is my right just as yours is to choose your sources. My blogs actually source information from various sources. I do not need to understand what you are trying to say about dnevno because the facts that I extracted from it did not happen in dnevno nor did they make them up. As to my knowledge I have plenty but at the end of the day I always put links and sources so that readers can check for themselves while you use a pseudonim, hide behind it and try to convince people you are “true”. Perhaps you are, perhaps you are not. It does not matter nor does it change the facts that occurred regarding Kinsey’s research and the campaign that is mounted to try and protect the children.

    • Alija Derzelez says:

      The problem is ,you are fallowing too much.

      • Alija, what does it matter where the source is from if it reports the facts as they occurred? The facts touch people and reality and in that sense I am happy to follow any source that offers the facts, the verifiable facts. It does not matter at all as far as the facts are concerned who reveals them and often one may find that some facts are revealed only by the brave ones. On the other hand, the fact that other news media do not report on some issues only spells attempts to cover-up etc? By your thinking it would seem for example that we should not pay attention to the facts that some 50,000 people protested at the UK parliament last week against austerity measures because the event was scarcely reported by mainstream media but the fact was revealed by others. There is no source that I know of, so I shall take your comment as blatant cynicism and perhaps bitter anger at the fact that the facts did come out about this campaign, which, by the way, I think is very important not only for Croatia but worldwide.

      • Alija Derzelez says: is very well known in Cro by copy pasting stories from satire portals like news bar and running it as valid . DELETED

      • Alija, a link would be nice for the readers to demonstrate that “copy pasting”, as to deleted section regarding alleged lawsuits – a link is required as to where and the outcome etc otherwise cannot publish claims that lawsuits existed without verification. As I said before, I am satisfied that what I published are facts and these are reflected in truth anyone can read the Constitution out of which the linked article part was extracted, anyone can watch the TV show where the journalist was interviewed…anyone can read Kinsey’s research in other sources… generally even satire can contain valid material and it almost always does, otherwise it would not be satire – satirical articles usually refer to true events and add satirical spin to them, or it’s like “news or current affairs with satire or opinion attached”…

      • Donald Don says:

        I hope, Alija Derzelez, you are not suggesting that satire is not valid or that it does not contain actual facts. Satire writing is a particular genre of humor in which the writer uses his or her humor to criticize some part of human society. The presentation can be harsh or gentle, but the aim is always to draw attention to some flaw in need of correction. I think Croatia’s great man Ante Starcevic, most refer to him as the father of the Homeland, used satire in his newsletters all the time – very effectively I might add

    • Kinsey is an interesting character. From what I understand of him, he did “cook the books” regarding some of his findings. For instance, the “research” that he did on pedophilia apparently came from one source, and yet he stated that it came from several.

      Considering the time and cultural environment in which he did his research, he IMO can be considered a pioneer. I don’t think it’s at all fair to call him a pedophile. In fact, I find the approach of interviewing a perpetrator as quite important and informative. The one department in the US government that has an excellent reputation — and rightfully deserves it — is the FBI. They have a criminal profiler’s unit that is quite astonishing in how accurately they can profile a perpetrator of a specific crime.

      Also find it a bit disappointing that the much of the dissenter’s statements were deleted. There’s an instance where even us amatuer “profilers” — everyday folk with critical thinking skills — can better weigh the validity of a person’s position by the tone they take and whether or not they oversell their argument.

      About the contention that only a patriot can live in one’s mother country: well, that just seems ridiculous to me. There are many reasons why someone might live abroad: and whatever they are they aren’t relevant and nobody’s business. It’s the weakest point that (of what was posted) the dissenter made.

      Politicians like to say that sort of thing. “If you don’t like the way I’m doing things, you can run for office.” Nice try, but *nope* — that just doesn’t wash. I don’t have to run for office to like or dislike someone’s policies.

      Interesting discussion, made more interesting by a back and forth of opinions and perspectives, IMO.

      Haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with Ina for a bit, so I thought I’d stop by and say “hey.” Naturally, me being me, I found this debate irresistible.

      But I must give you the address of a project I have been working on about the Middle East. There’s a website and a Google Community. The website, ironically, is the first one I’ve made where I don’t allow comments, for I can see it quickly getting out of control due to the highly emotional nature of the subjects — and the lack of a good grasp of the known facts (especially by me, which is one of the reasons I’m taking on the project: to better educate myself on the complex subject). The Google Community, a private community, is for opinions. Join if you think you have time, professor.

  6. This is an important issue to bring up – great job, Ina.

  7. Great article specially the part about the children in genera everywhere in the world,they deserve world ‘s attention.Regards.

  8. You’ve received an award from Idealistic Rebel. To see the award, click this link:

  9. I am so proud of Croatia. I had never heard of this Kinsey Instuite. Children need to be protected. I am also proud of you for writing this article
    Love and hugs, Barbara

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  11. When it comes to kids rights, it’s important they get addressed properly…


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  13. so critically important! thank you for posting!

  14. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    All children to know safety of shelter and food. Abuse of children need to be considered a lifetime crime.

  15. My heart is with the children. Thank you for helping bring this issue to light. I will remember.


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