Is Defending Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic At Srebrenica The Same As Defending Adolf Hitler At Auschwitz?

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic (Centre) Whisked Away From Srebrenica, Bosnia, Mourning Graveyard Amidst Pelting Of Stones And Bottles Against Him Saturday 11 July 2015 Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Serbia’s Prime Minister
Aleksandar Vucic (Centre)
Whisked Away From
Srebrenica, Bosnia, Mourning
Graveyard Amidst Pelting Of Stones And Bottles Against Him
Saturday 11 July 2015
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

You create the slogan that fuels genocide, you must move away in shame – disappear! You cannot be an agent of reconciliation or forgiveness until and if the victims say you can.
Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksanadar Vucic said that he had the best intentions of seeking reconciliation and peace when he went on Saturday 11 July to Srebrenica to attend the 20th anniversary of the horrible crime of genocide perpetrated by Serbs against Bosnian Muslims, but I find it difficult to accept these words of his as honest and as having the interests of the victims in mind. On the contrary, what Vucic says was done for the sake of peace seems more like an act actually done in order to provoke violence among the grieving crowd at Srebrenica on Saturday when beside the 20th anniversary of the genocide recently released remains of some 130 butchered Muslims in 1995 were being buried at the site on that very same day.

We should live in peace … if you want me and my offered hand I’m ready to come to Srebrenica on July 11” for a commemoration ceremony marking the massacre’s 20th anniversary, Vucic said a couple of weeks before the 20th anniversary. Since that date he was among Serbia’s leaders who worked hard in order to achieve Russia’s veto at the United Nations Security Council against UN proclamation of 1995 Srebrenica massacres as genocide (about which I wrote in my two last posts). Vucic’s move to attend Srebrenica on Saturday did not seem lined with true remorse on behalf of the Serbs who committed the atrocities as he said in an associated statement: “We Serbs show our greatness also by being able to bow before the victims of others as we do before our own, before the hundreds of thousands of who died in all the fatherland wars. But don’t make us feel humiliated because we are Serbs and because we fought valiantly for our freedom.”

There was absolutely no freedom to be fought for in 1990’s Bosnia and Herzegovina for Serbs, it was the Serbs who started ethnic cleansing of non-Serbs and genocide against non-Serbs in order to grab land for Serbs and Greater Serbia. Much of this heinous criminal activity was, to my belief, fanned by the slogans such as the one the very same Vucic pronounced against Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbia’s parliament in the early 1990’s: “For one Serb, we will kill 100 Muslims.”

Srebrenica Memorial Cemetery Saturday 11 July 2015 Several banners were held up with slogan or quote of what Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in 1990's: "For Every Killed Serb, We Will Kill 100 Muslims!"

Srebrenica Memorial Cemetery
Saturday 11 July 2015
Several banners were held up
with slogan or quote of what Serbia’s Prime Minister
Aleksandar Vucic said in 1990’s:
“For Every Killed Serb, We Will Kill 100 Muslims!”

Aleksanadr Vucic went to Srebrenica on Saturday 11 July despite warnings by even his own security that risks were too great; that it would be dangerous for him to turn up at the event at that particular time – only three days after he and his government and the whole of Serbia’s leadership fought hard to make sure Srebrenica genocide was not named “genocide” at the UN SC. But since he decide not to heed the warnings one would think that he would have turned back at the site of large banners with his 1990’s slogan: “For one Serb, we will kill 100 Muslims.” Surely, he knew then that his presence was not welcome at that time!
So until the rocks, shoes and bottles started flying at Aleksander Vucic from the enraged crowds whose grief at that mass funeral and 20th anniversary was further deepened by the very Vucic among them, who only three days before worked the international scene for the event they were commemorating and grieving not to be called genocide, even if all know it was, the proceedings were peaceful, solemn and respectful.
A mass of angry folk began to surge forward, a chant of “Allahu Akhbar”—God is Great—went up and the security services finally began to do their job. The Serbian prime minister, who had been hit and whose glasses were broken was hurriedly evacuated.

Most unhappy crowds at Srebrenica Saturday 11 July 2015 at seeing Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksanadar Vucic there

Most unhappy crowds at Srebrenica
Saturday 11 July 2015 at seeing
Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksanadar Vucic there

And, now, while the Serbian government representatives are saying this was an attempted assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Vucic, are calling for Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities to locate, arrest and charge the culprits with attempted murder, Aleksandar Vucic keeps playing his obviously falsely compassionate card for the victims of Srebrenica. “There are fools in every nation, there is no deficit here either,” he said, stressing that he “knows that a majority of Bosniaks do not agree with what happened today.”
Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has shown by his presence the readiness to bow his head to Srebrenica victims and stepped forward to improve relations both with the region and the whole country. We expect public condemnation from officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina of Serbia’s prime minister’s attempted assassination,” said a diplomatic note from Serbia.

What utter rubbish! Serbia must know that reconciliation and bowing heads to victims is only possible without the people whose slogans fueled genocide in the first place.

Given what had occurred against calling Srebrenica 1995 a genocide in the days leading up to the 20th anniversary of the genocide Aleksanadar Vucic knew he was walking into a fire at Srebrenica and that his presence would only fuel that fire.


He had made his mind up to provoke victims of genocide into rage and anger. What a low act!


In my eyes he does not deserve the political points he seems to be gaining from those who think that reconciliation is a matter of heartless logistical steps rather than involving consideration of the emotions of those who had suffered.

Just imagine this: would you defend Adolf Hitler if he had survived and attended an anniversary of Auschwitz death camp and was pelted with stones by the grieving, angry members of victims’ families? The hard truth here in Srebrenica is that Aleksandar Vucic did utter the slogan in Serbia’s parliament in early 1990’s “For Every Killed Serb, We Will Kill 100 Bosniaks” and it must be obvious to all decent human beings that he cannot be a part of true reconciliation unless he resigns from political life in profound remorse of what he stood for in 1990’s and perhaps still does. To me he seems incapable of such remorse because his national pride and the reason for his existence seem to lie in achieving a Greater Serbia at any and all costs. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. >>> “… Vucic knew he was walking into a fire at Srebrenica and that his presence would only fuel that fire.”


  2. Unbelievable that someone who said “For Every Killed Serb, We Will Kill 100 Bosniaks” should be treated as anything but a criminal. ‘Fighting for freedom valiantly’ has nothing to do with that. Your comparison sadly holds truth in my eyes.

  3. The killer attending the funeral of his victim would be possible only with the strongest indications of remorse, only if that remorse was completely unqualified.

  4. I was waiting for your post on this. I saw it today on the news. Utterly disgusting. Its like he just went to rub salt into the wounds. I would of killed him if he came near me while i was grieving a son or a husband. What an animal.

    • So true, Anna – Vucic knew what his presence would cause the grieving crowds so he should have been”big” enough to not go. He obviously is not the person to achieve any reconciliation – others,not Serb radicals like Vucic might be able to at least get people considering forgiveness…

  5. It’s disgusting that media and official statements are already spinning this as being “embarrassing” to Bosnians, but I say screw that! What’s an embarrassment is that Srebrenica is located within the republika srpska. Even worse, the fact that RS exists at all! An embarrassment to humanity. What’s embarrassing is that Serbs have worked for twenty years to deny their crimes, spin bullshit within world media and international courts & rehabilitate genocidal maniacs, but then turn around and play the victim when the REAL victims finally snap as a result of the psychological torture. Boo freaking hoo Vucic. The treatment you got is nothing compared to what you deserve. Enough is enough.

    • So true Kat – this awful stunt of Vucic’s is just a feather in Serbia’s play for victim-hood… Some major world media are saying he provoked the violence there with his mere presence at that time…so while Serbia will play “porr us” card and Vucic will try to make people believe that he is truly sorry for the victim I would not trust him at all on that, his past political agenda and present activity confirm that to me.

  6. Well said!

  7. Isn’t is always amazing how the Media always manage to twist things around? Appalling that he was even allowed to attend.. A leopard like that very seldom changes their spots!.. And it seems he has sights only for his political career ..
    To be honest dear Ina.. there is still much healing to do before TRUST is given to such leaders who insight Killing a 100 to One!..

    • Oh yes, Sue, much much healing still to be done. Vucic certainly presents only interested in his political advancement and under his skin his politics are radical and downright dangerous. He obviously planned this to the last stone thrown at him. Sad for the victims and the day of remembrance

      • Yes very sad Ina… We as a world have So so much more to do.. I often wonder why? so much pain is inflicted, And pray one day we can all overcome these obstacles as we hopefully abolish evil intent and evil acts.. But so much more Trust has to be gained before that day emerges.. And I doubt it ever to be within my own life time. But I pray non the less for World Peace!

      • Perhaps for our grandchildren, there will be good will,no pretense, no evil…Sue…

      • I so hope and pray for this Ina.. the consequences of thinking of the alternatives are unthinkable!

      • Indeed, Sue

  8. BBC World News here reported this incident and the pelting from the perspective of the mayor of Srebernica who was quoted as saying that this act was perpetrated by a few “foolish” individuals, and that this display did not in the least represent the feelings of the Bosnian people who had suffered in the wars. One wonders where the BBC reporters were standing?

    • Hehehe, Jasna – it’s not hard to guess where the BBC reporters were/are standing, certainly they must have become suddenly blind when banners with the quote from Vucic 1993 “For Every Killed Ser, We Will Kill 100 Muslims” showed … and the Mayor of Srebrenica were quite bitter on Friday as response to UNSC Russia veto on “genocide” name: “This is a defeat of justice,” said Camil Durakovic, the mayor of Srebrenica. “The world has lost. The world — and especially Serbia — will have to face the truth sooner or later,” he said. So really, what he said in his apology on Saturday does not stand as he himself said on Friday suggested Bosniaks as a whole were embittered by Serbia’s lobby with Russia against Srebrenica massacres being called genocide as the ICTY court found. So BBC it seems also suffers from short-term memory loss and so does in this matter the mayor of Srebrenica. People, though, are never wrong about intentions of their “hangman” when they suffer…

  9. Serbia’s false flag of reconciliation would be so humourous if world would just call their bluff. Strategically is it a deception and cloak to further its greater serbia plan. First they portray themselves as the victims and equalize guilt – so simple to get everyone to agree with this because war is dirty and everyone does bad things; deceptive tactic to divert attention from the fact that 90% of war crimes were committed by Serbia; that Serbia started the war for territorial conquest, but successful plan to control the narrative. Then they profess to offer reconciliation, but it is hollow and false. You can’t reconcile unless you recognize your role and accept responsibility with genuine remorse and reparations. None of this has occurred. Instead Serbia continues its aggression but couches everything it says and does with statements about how they want friendly relations and reconciliation. Like in the situation with Stepanic, they spit on him and lobby against his sainthood and then say we want reconciliation and friendship. Well that starts with a look in the mirror of truth and the acceptance of truth, not the continuation of lies and propaganda. The only thing Serbia is remorseful of is not winning the war and not killing every Croat and Bosiniak…their reconciliation will come when they achieve their strategic goal of creating a Greater Serbia – to which the end justifies the means. I am sure that Hitler would be just as remorseful as Vucic…that he didn’t win the war.

    • To the point, Sunman – yes. It’s getting sickening to watch their denials of the crimes and nature of the crimes but we need to keep on showing them up

  10. Aleksandar Vucic is a fraud. Serbian government is a sham. They celebrate anti-semitic Nazi-Serbian chetniks and promote never ending hatred against Catholics and Muslims in the Balkans. Serbian government continues denial of genocide even though they accepted it several years ago. It shows that even resolutions passed by their own government are being ignored and worthless. The fact is that Croats and Bosniaks are not as bad as Serbian leaders portray them in the history and media. Preaching peace and promoting hatred at the UN, by lobbying against Srebrenica Genocide resolution, don’t go together well.

  11. Rex Croatorum says:

    Vucic knew exactly this was going to happen, exactly the reason he went – shift the narrative from genocide, to look the victims do not want reconciliation. Serbs always were and are PR, propaganda masters.

  12. But what would have been the response had he not gone? Wouldn’t he be vilified for refusing to try? Wasn’t this a no win situation?

    • Helena, I believe if he sent an envoy, someone who had not been a radical untra-nationalist anti-Croat anti-Muslim someone who had not been winding Serbians to kill etc then then the gesture of offering a hand of reconciliation despite the fact that Serbia fought not to have it called genocide at UNSC would have come easier. The issue was and is reconciliation and there is a way to achieve it and a way not to achieve it – truly.

  13. ..the way that the Serbians behaved in the Homeland, Bosnian and Kosovo wars, is the same way that they behaved during WW2! The way that the Croats behaved in the Homeland war is the same way during WW2!…an interesting point on how the serbs treat animals, is the same way that they treat people!….when the Chetniks stole the Lippizanner horses from the Osijek stables in 1991, they returned the horses 7 years later , but these poor horses were totally emaciated and starving, so these chetniks should NEVER point their claws at the Croatian or Bosniak behavior, but look at themselves!

    • All should look inward and see what others see from outside, Tempus Fugit – I guess those horses looked no better than the Croats and Muslims kept in Serb concentration camps during 1990’s …

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  16. While I don’t condone violence towards anyone, he made a lot of people angry and I find their anger justified. What does one expect? Resign, goddamnit!

    • Yep, you’d think he would have mellowed with his ultra-nationalism after all the carnage of the 1990’s, Kev – but nah – as repulsive with that as ever

  17. Orthodox Serbian says:


  18. Thank you Micheline


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  2. […] stones, shoes and items of rubbish thrown at him at the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, when he had to flee the gathering. The reason for this was mainly in his and Serbia’s twisted political course in […]

  3. […] stones, shoes and items of rubbish thrown at him at the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, when he had to flee the gathering. The reason for this was mainly in his and Serbia’s twisted political course in […]

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