Croatia: Anti-Fascist Anti-Communist Schism To Wield Final Truth

Croatia victims


There is a repugnant movement by a group of “cultural workers”, so-called “the Culturals 2016”, that’s placing justice for all victims at further peril, gaining some ground in Croatia around this time of commemorating the anniversaries of the WWII murders and Holocaust at Jasenovac (late-April) and of the mass murders and exterminations that occurred at Bleiburg and Way of the Cross immediately and months after WWII (mid-May). The Culturals 2016 or this group of a hundred or so people such as artists, writers, actors…call themselves “the soul of Croatian culture” and, as such, they want Croatia’s Minister for culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic, out!


It’s beyond my decency and common sense to accept the fact that a couple of hundred artists, actors or writers are the soul of the culture of any nation, let alone Croatia. The soul of the culture is all the people of a nation, not a couple of hundred individuals with personal artistic expressions, mostly insignificant in the overall culture corpus of a nation. So, really, the Culturals 2016 represent themselves and appear as an extended arm of still active former communists of Yugoslavia in whose interest it is to hide the truth of communist crimes.


The political, not cultural, initiative “the Culturals 2016” driveled on last week at a gathering in Zagreb they called “the contextualisation of historical revisionism” and attempted to voice a number of implications of what they call historical revisionism in the form of persistent insistence by the “governing elite” to equalize and justify claims of an existence of two totalitarianisms, the fascist and the communist, have, and that the Ustashi regime (WWII regime that fought for the independence of Croatia) can easily be hiding in this rhetoric could have serious consequences upon the general social climate.


The fact that communism was and is regarded as a totalitarian regime worldwide (apart from within the countries still ruled under communism) has no meaning nor validity for these “Culturals 2016”. But, that is not surprising, for their culture is and always was that of the communist ilk.


Djurdja Knezevic, an unimpressive writer and historian, often pushing the feminist hard-line, a member of “the Culturals 2016” said at the gathering that the aim of the group was to “bring down Croatia’s minister for the culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic…”.

Minister of Culture, Croatia Zlatko Hasanbegovic Photo: Screenshot HRT news 9 April 2016

Minister of Culture, Croatia
Zlatko Hasanbegovic
Photo: Screenshot HRT news 9 April 2016

The Culturals 2016 hold the attitude that the reinterpretation of events in the recent history of the region (former Yugoslavia) and their revision, especially through equalsation of the two regimes, e.g. “I am anti-fascist and anti-communist”, seem to be building a new national form that threatens the annulment of all existing ideological divisions and taking the Croatian society into an ideological monolith.
Since justice for all victims defines such a future ideological monolith – it is most welcome and essential!



There is no reinterpretation of the events there is only the insistence on justice for all victims, on prosecuting and condemning communist crimes and showing up communism for what it truly was – murderous regime that murdered innocent people because of their political allegiances – just like the insistence of prosecution and condemnation of the Holocaust crimes had done for Nazi/Fascist WWII crimes.



When coupled with the recent announcement by representatives of the Jewish Councils and Serbian National Council in Croatia that they will not attend the commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust at Jasenovac, and their anti-prosecution-of communist-crimes pal from Israel’s office of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Efraim Zuroff,  who keep banging on with lies about a supposed emergence of Ustashi (read pro-Nazi) regime in Croatia in order to stifle efforts for justice of victims of communist crimes, we see clearly that justice for the victims is not on the minds of these “do-gooders” of the communist ilk. They are bringing politics into what should be an event of regret, sorrow, and piety for victims of crimes regardless of who had committed the crimes.



Croatia’s minister for culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic, against whom the malicious and baseless accusations of “historical revisionism, relativisation of the Ustashi regime and negation of the Holocaust” are being made delivered replies or comments at a launch of a book  purporting to contain the truth of WWII Jasenovac camp as follows: “We need to approach this subject seriously and without political provocation… we need to address not just this topic but many other contentious topics, a kind of historiographical adjudication without any illusion that any one of us has the monopoly on the final truth.”


First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia Tomislav Karamako's Facebook status Photo: Screenshot HRT News 9 April 2016

First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia
Tomislav Karamako’s Facebook status
Photo: Screenshot HRT News 9 April 2016

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia Tomislav Karamarko said that “the victims of totalitarian regimes do not deserve boycott,” and called for unity across Croatia. On his Facebook page he wrote: “I call upon all those who have announced their boycott of the Jasenovac commemoration to reconsider their decision and that the respect towards the victims and a repeated condemnation of the totalitarian regime become more important to them than cheap daily politicisation whose effects, at any rate, don’t last more than two or three days…”. A most impressive statement that pours confidence in the pursuit of that final truth Croatia must underline and confront when it comes to its WWII and post-WWII periods of history.


While the communists of Yugoslavia with their allies in the West had usurped and held on to the monopoly of what they called “the truth” of WWII and post-WWII Croatia (Yugoslavia) the final truth mentioned by Croatia’s minister Hasanbegovic accepts no master but the real truth – the one we have yet to stand before. Participating Communists in communist crimes and their descendants have a great deal to lose, particularly if serious research (prohibited under communist Yugoslavia regime) into claims that the communist Partisans murdered more people at Jasenovac than what the pro-Nazi Ustashi did, confirms these claims. Hence, one can understand the vicious energy of hate, falsehoods, jitters and panic emanating from this pro-communist camp in Croatia – but one cannot, must not, accept it nor let it win. The final truth takes no sides only its own! Bless you – Minister Hasanbegovic! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. I agree that a few people cannot represent a whole nation and its culture. This group seems to have an overblown concept of its own importance.

    • Well said, EAM Harris – the culture of every nation is a conglomerate of a great deal of history as well as a great deal of the contemporary. It’s actually quite sad when one comes across the so-called cultural workers (or anybody) engaging in politics that offend human justice

  2. And those in power control the present, the future, and the past – George Orwell

  3. The zombie, brain washed or just plain stupid people that make up this organization, and many others in Cro are beyond comprehension. The fact that Croatia was ruled by a communist dictatorship whose track record of human rights abuses is among the worst in the world is enough to question the validity and accuracy of any information or data that the regime published. Communist regimes the world over simply lied and falsified data to fit their own narrative. Combined with Croatia being under occupation of Chetniks and Greater Serbian hegemony, any data related to Croatian history or it’s place among nations is suspect to say the least. Why these ‘artist’ and their sympathizers can’t see this is just dishonest. The role of the artist is to question, discover and challenge who we are, and the status-quo. These so called artists however, are not challenging anything, and indeed are guardians of the status quo. They are not artists, but merely propagandists. Again, what a sad situation in Cro.

    • Very sad, Sunman. The propaganda that touches on the rights of all victims and tries to differentiate or grade those rights is repugnant at the very least.

  4. The Culturals 2016 are free to protest their indignation at Minister Hasanbegovic’s appointment as Minister of Culture – after all Croatia is a democratic country that respects the rule of law and as long as the protests do not verge on hate speech or incite violence in the populace – there is no problem. So, go ahead and toot your horns, stomp your feet and do what you can Culturals and if you can get enough people to sign your petition than you will be successful. And they just might be successful – after all there is no sure thing as far as the Croatian electorate is concerned and you only have to look to the last election squeaker to realize this. What I, as a concerned onlooker am dismayed at is that it appears poor Hasanbegovic is fighting this political life and death battle more or less on his own. Apart from a handful of public statements of support from Premier Karamarko the last of which was a couple of months ago, I fail to see an overwhelming amount of support from his HDZ party. President Grabar Kitarovic is also conspicuous by her absence from the scene. Why is she not stepping up to defend the minister? If antics such as these were to take place in any other democratic country, the whole political party of which the minister was a member would be vociferously defending him as well as that party’s members of government. But not in Croatia, or “Apsurdistan”, to quote a friend when he refers to the bizarrely inexplicable eccentricities of Croatian politics.
    Secondly, I don’t know why Karamarko feels it necessary to urge anyone, let alone the Jewish or Serbian groups in question to lift their boycott and attend Jasenovac for this year’s commemmorations. If they are stupid enough to refuse to remember who they claim are their war dead – those who they claim died at the hands of the Ustase, then that is their shame and no one else’s.

    Za Dom Spremni!

    • Indeed I too am waiting for stronger and directional support to Hasanbegovic from the government and presidential seats, Velebit. It’s blatantly clear that Croatia cannot continue plodding along with such politically ideologically wrapped differences and divisions; while the president had said yesterday that Jasenovac belonged to the criminal Ustashi regime of WWII I wonder if she will say the same for the communist regime and Bleiburg! We wait and see but not much of substance seems to be coming out from those in “power” when it comes to resolving this issue of history; furthermore it’s beyond me to understand why there hasn’t been adequate reactions to Serbia’s PM Vucic’s talk of Jasenovac and its victims but not a peep for extermination camps in WWII Serbia… sad sad sad

  5. HonestSerb says:

    Zlatko Hasanbegovic is a … DELETED AS OFFENSIVE

  6. HonestSerb says:


    • HonestSerb – please refer to comment policy on bottom of page – personal attacks are not permitted, verifiable corroboration is needed or sources of information needed for any statement regarding any individual – otherwise comments are moderated or deleted

  7. HonestSerb says:

    he is not a war criminiel and I never said he did any crimes but he a proud croat nationalist or is that also wrong ? just look at all the papers he has been written since 90s

    • There is nothing wrong with being a nationalist as nationalism is patriotism and to love ones country and ones people is good, Honest Serb, it gets bad when one nation starts to take other peoples territory and land

  8. HonestSerb says:

    “In the name of those true heroes… who gave their lives for our Homeland… we, the true Croatian nationalists… the deceived and defeated Muslims and Catholics, should expose those hypocrites and moral freaks for who they really are, and show the people the way out of this dark tunnel towards peace and unity and religious tolerance which can only happen in a truly free and unified Homeland, stretching from the Mura, Drava and Drina rivers to the Adriatic,” he wrote. – See more at: LINK DELETED AS BIASED AND TEXT TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT

    • Sorry HonestSerb, the link you sent is deleted because that portal balkaninsight has often been biased and pushes anti-Croat propaganda, that is the opinion of many – that what you quote has been a matter of recent public discussion and the minister pointed out how that article took words out of original context to twist the truth. I do not doubt why you chose to try and post that balkaninsight link and not with it a link where the minister refers to it and defends himself. But it may not be to your advantage to offer both sides to the public. So you keep your opinion of the minister and I will keep mine and I for one hope he will endure attacks like yours and we will know the truth of WWII for all sides.

      • HonestSerb says:

        All the articles the balkan insight are writing are about serb war crimes in the 90s

      • Rubbish – read them again, HonestSerb, the one about minister Hasanbegovic you mention is deliberate smearing and attack without provocation of an individual in biased out of context material

  9. Dragovoljac says:

    ZA DOM! These Culturals are the usual marxist no marks that I risked my life to defend during the war. They should be locked up.

  10. Socialists are always about bringing someone or something down, never about BUILDING UP and helping individuals or communities grow and thrive. Tells you everything you need to know about today’s hard-line leftists and their influences.

    Every year, every anniversary, all the same bullshit. Lack of respect for victims on both sides. Obviously politicising is more important than commemoration. Lukewarm defending of truth from Croatian political elite. For the love of all that is good, can Croatia please start giving a damn about all victims of shitty, inhumane regimes? Why is this so difficult for the supposed intelligent, enlightened artists and thinkers? Why is it so damn hard for our supposed pro-Croatia leaders to have an actual backbone?

    You have to give communists credit – they really knew what they were doing when it came to historical revisionism and propaganda, because here we are in 2016 and they still hold control. What will it take for those in power to question the communist version of history and put the truth on the table? What will it take to do the research and educate people with a balanced version of history that is as close to truth as we can get?

    • Croatian leadership must really pick up on its act. I agree Kat – even though keeping divisions alive is a scenario that gives politicians platforms to engage in rhetoric that might stir voters towards them. A pathetic lack of control even if it all looks perhaps impossible to control

  11. Ok, I can’t help it, I’ll take the bullet Ina and am expecting you to delete this but here goes…..HonestSerb = definition of an oxymoron. Just a bit of fun.

  12. Veronika says:

    HonestSerb – there’s an oxymoron.

    • Especially when it comes to the 1990’s war of Serb aggression in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Veronika…

      • The issue is that there has never been a ‘truth and reconciliation’ process in the former Yugoland. All we have is 50+ years of communist and Greater Serbia/Chetnik propaganda, lies, deceit, twisted ‘facts’ and other distortions, but no TRUTH. Everyone believes what they are fed; and to increase appetite fear-mongering is always added to the menu. Moreover everyone sticks to their position because of their vested interests. So even a process to truth is difficult, but always necessary. The ICTY and the genocide trails could have been an excellent venue for this, but political agendas prevented this. I am hoping that the Stepinac commission by the Pope will be a good start for this process…hopeful but not optimistic because their are larger forces at play.

      • Totally agree Sunman and some of those larger forces are appalling

  13. President Grabar Kitarovic:”Da budem sasvim jasna, NDH je bila najmanje nezavisna i najmanje je štitila interese hrvatskog naroda, a ustaški režim bio je zločinački režim. Antifašizam je u temeljima hrvatskog ustava, a moderna hrvatska država izrasla je na temeljima Domovinskoga rata pod vodstvom prvog hrvatskog predsjednika, doktora Franje Tuđmana”. Predsjednica je pozvala građane na ukidanje podjela oko ideoloških pitanja.”(Vecernji List 11.04.2016)
    Sram Vas bilo, Predsjednica Kitarovic! Shame on you! Your true colors are showing now for all to see. You have erased all doubt in the minds of Croatians as to what your political ideology was and is.

    NDH je bila najmanje nezavisna. Was Republika Hrvatska in Yugo nezavisna? Tito and his partisans fought against Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatske in order to create what? A Communist dictatorship! Was that independence?

    NDH je najmanje stitila interese hrvatskog naroda. Yes NDH was not able to defend the interests of the Croatian people from the clutches of the Partisans! Unbelievable to me that yet again, those Croatians who were killed by Tito in the hundreds of thousands seem to dwarf in her estimation – she still regards the crimes of the Ustase as being of a greater degree.

    Ustaski rezime je bio zlocinacki rezime. In what way? Why? Prove it! Substantiate it! Verbal diarrhea such as this is what has kept the crimes of communism under wraps for 70 plus years. Communists/antifascists or whatever they are calling themselves these days are counting that the lies and deceptions of their propaganda over the last seven decades will now exculpate them from the growing mountain of evidence that is pointing a finger directly at them and their crimes! And here is OUR president; upon her inauguration of a little more than one year ago, she promised to be the President of ALL Croatians! is she the President of the Ustasa dead as well as the President of the Partisan dead? It would appear not to be the case. So much for her supposed piety for all victims.

    Antifascism je u temeljima hrvatskog ustava. Well, so much for all the backpeddling of those in HDZ for the past 20 years on this very subject .President Kitarovic is once again underlining the fact, for those that don’t already know. I do not understand why it was necessary to even mention antifascists in our constitution in the first place, but thanks to Pres. Tudjman et al. its in there. I will make no further comment.

    She wants the Croatian public not to ideologize, but isn’t it very clear that she is doing just that? She is publicly, openly stating her position regarding NDH, regarding Antifascism and there can be no doubt – she knows, as do we all now, what “side” she is on.

    In closing, I say good luck to her and those of her ilk, Godspeed to you, I wish you no harm, but DO NOT pretend to have pity and understanding for the BLEIBURG victims and for all the victims of Tito and your antifascists….now our suspicions have been realized.

    Za Dom Spremni!

    Za Dom Spremni!

  14. This is the new agenda – allow the minority to dictate the majority and it has taken hold of universities, communities, and countries…

    • So true, all one needs is a loud voice and no regard for truth or decency, spin it politically attractive to someone – and there’ll always be someone – and away you go, Helena…soon it’ll be like in Spartan legend: you’re born then placed naked outside on a rock for few hours/overnight if you survive you got what it takes if you don’t you’re born weakling who’d get gobbled up sooner or later…

  15. therealamericro says:

    Re: honestserb &

    Balkan insight had before and as of March 2013 a full time state dept employee of Serbian descent, 1st name Alex, working there engaged in content creation. All the golden girls of seral fribune were hired by Balkan dimsight, along with a new young yugo named sven.

  16. Veronika says:

    I think Tomac sums it up in this fine article:

    Chetniks are being rehabilitated/revived and the Ustase are being
    invented in Croatia.

    “…in these turbulent times (Croatias’) president under pressure, gave some statements that do not help defuse the situation but aggravate it some more….”

    Croatia needs it’s own Orban to say enough is enough already. Hasanbegovic’s statements are a lot more clear than President Kolinda’s and Premier Oreskovic’s. The historical truth shall set us all free not this placating business. Enough repeating the Communist propaganda from 1945 and onwards. Open up the Archives, put funds towards commissions on excavating mass graves, and mass killings by the Communist regime…etc…etc….
    If Kolinda is going to criticize the regime of Ante Pavelic (even though the history of that time is NOT definitive), and then, in the same breath, not criticize Tito’s mass killing regime, then we are as we say ‘nitko i nista’…nobody and nothing.

    In the above article, Tomac writes:
    “The truth was best expressed by (Blessed) Cardinal Stepinac, and the first Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, who said that NDH was not only a criminal creation, but also an expression of the historical aspirations of the Croatian people for their own sovereign state. This means that you cannot erase the fact that in the maelstrom of World War ll and after the brutal (Serb) dictatorship in Yugoslavia, Radic’s assassination and terror against Croats, the Croatian people wanted their independent state, they did not want any Yugoslavia, monarchist or communist.”

    • Thank you Veronika, I agree Croatia must have a stronger voice in leadership or at least one that knows how to say unpleasant things in ways that don’t cause so much distress, or perhaps advisors that know what they’re doing…Cheers and thank you again for this

  17. Veronika says:

    “Velebit” – Sve potpisujem. Well stated.
    Sadly I sometimes wonder about the pressures on Pres. Kolinda, like on Pres. Tudjman by the US State Dept and other players. Not excusing this nonsense though.
    I am appalled that people have left Hasanbegovic out to dry.
    Shame on them. He is a shining light.
    We need an Orban. Even Poland’s leadership is showing some real teeth. We need this in Croatia.

  18. Didova Konoba says:

    I don’t quite understand the controversy here. Shouldn’t the Jasenovac-Holocaust victims be entitled to a separate memorial commemoration should they so wish and demand? Why the need to link Communist victims with the tragedy that was the Holocaust?

    How would we react if in preparation for a memorial commemoration for the victims of Vukovar or Srebrenica, our neighbors insisted that the event be expanded to honor the memory of all those that perished or otherwise suffered during the wars of the 90’s and local politicians acquiesced?

    • Well Didova Konoba, that is what Jasenovac commemoration has always been – in honour of Holocaust victims. It’s an entirely different kettle of wish if those commemorations believed they stood on the ground of Holocaust deaths but what if that is actually not the truth – what if it is true that in that ground lie victims of communist crimes – where do those victims need to go for commemoration? Or should they all get a different date? I agree if victims of Holocaust want a separate commemoration they should get it but it will still be in the mood of which side killed more or killed harder – terrible and sad and it’s because justice for all victims has not been achieved as yet regardless of who the perpetrator was. Thank you

  19. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    “The soul of a country is all of the people”. Yes, and you have said it very well. Blessings to Croatia and to all those who suffered from genocide and to those who fled for their lives. Hugs, Barbara

  20. American historian James M. McPherson said “Interpretations of the past are subject to change in response to new evidence, new questions asked of the evidence, new perspectives gained by the passage of time. […] The unending quest of historians for understanding the past — that is, “revisionism” — is what makes history vital and meaningful.” Given that Croatia was subjugated by a totalitarian communist regime for over 50 years and Greater Serbian hegemony, we all should be questioning historical “facts”. After all the ‘winner’ writes the history, and Communist regimes around the world are well know for their manipulation and distortion of facts, and simply outright lies which were wrapped in layers of propaganda to create a utopian society. Communist regimes certainly didn’t have any respect for human rights, what makes you think they would respect the truth? So, Croatia is at a cross-road – legitimate questions are being asked and search for truth is being undertaken. This makes people feel uncomfortable for various reasons, but why does a re-examination of something so important trouble people? The answers will only support the existing facts, or truly uncover new evidence to reveal the truth. A truth and reconciliation process is vital for peace, but it is also a very difficult process. Vested interests should be put aside for a pursuit of truth. Let’s get on with with a truth and reconciliation process in the entire Yugoland region.

    • Hear Hear, Sunman. I do hope Croatia makes better progress towards revealing the full truth of WWII nd the period after and doesn’t buckle at the knees due to current heightened pressure from the communist lot and their cronies.

      • As obvious as this is, it just dawned on me that the truth is a threat to many people. It risks disrupting and destroying their world view. The Serbs are especially wary of the truth and will fight bitterly against it because their entire society and political system would be jeopardized. For us the truth cannot be any worse than what the Serbs have already thrown at us. For us the truth is liberating. For the Serbs the truth will hurt them more than it will help them. It’s funny how Serbs can proudly pound their nationalist and imperial chest with no consequence even though it is based on falsehood. Yet, Croatia can’t manage to be a torch bearer of truth without our nation being divided and in disarray. Since when is it a crime to seek truth – only in Croatia under the tutelage of Serbia.

      • We think alike Sunman – time for a new stronger generation of pollies in Croatia who are not afraid to trample on others and show some teeth for the sake of truth.

  21. Didova Konoba says:

    Ina, I still don’t understand the controversy here. Why can’t the Jasenovac commemorations continue to separately honor Holocaust victims as they have throughout the past? Can’t we just let the Communist victims have their separate day? It seems to me that you would wish that to be changed based on a what if scenario and insist that all victims should be memorialized jointly. Am I missing something here?

    • Victims Holocaust have always been commemorated at Jasenovac and that should stay, I too agree and I think nobody is thinking differently. This year I think because of pursuits to uncover the whole truth of Jasenovac there will be two or three Holocaust memorials at Jasenovac week or two apart. There you go. So I guess if some bones resulting from communist times lay there then they will be commemorated at a different time? Reasons for that are clear ?

  22. Didova Konoba says:

    Okay, Ina. So, there will be separate commemorations for Holocaust victims and then for Communist victims? Is that how things are worked out? Then, why is there any controversy over any of this? Please explain. TY.

    • There will be no commemoration for victims of communist crimes at Jasenovac at this stage nor have there been these there so far – I am sure you do understand the meaning of research, so for now just for victims of the Holocaust but different organisations want their own rather than joining in the official one

  23. Didova Konoba says:

    But isn’t that what Karamarko was clamoring for ; to have victims of all separate regimes commemorated in one service? Jasenovac is a symbol of the excesses of WW2 violence, Bleiberg a symbol of WW2 retributions, and Goli Otok a symbol of Communist crimes? Why should Jasenovac become a focal point for remembering all who perished under separate regimes? What’s the issue with giving Jasenovac it’s day and allowing it’s meaning to be memorialized in the manner which is rightfully due? I still don’t understand the issue and I don’t understand what you’re trying to get across here.

    • Well Didova Knoba I haven’t been aware of that particular scenario you say Karamarko is clamoring about about same place…so it could be true or it could be your interpretation. Bleiburg is not symbol of WWII retribution but of cold murder by communist criminals. Goli Otok is not the only symbol of communist crimes there are about 850 mass graves of those across Croatia so you pick. You are the one who brought up the issue of all victims at one place to be remembered – Jasenovac – not anyone here So i Suggest you take a few steps back read the article again and then you will understand the issue: the main issue is that Jewish councils and Serb National council in Croatia don’t want to come to the official commemoration at Jasenovac for Holocaust victims because they are saying that the government is Ustasha because it wants to investigate the truth about all victims from WWII. If that is not understood by you then I cannot help you here but maybe someone will from readership if they choose to. Thank you

  24. Didova Konoba says:

    Sorry but I’m not aware of any Jewish or Serb council saying the HRV govt is Ustasha (as a matter of fact it would seem recent pronouncements by the Pres and PM would negate any such nonsense). If there is any real issue then it would be potentially with certain groups having am issue with Hasanbegovic, and could you blame them for those concerns? I don’t think these groups are actually standing in the way of “the real truth” as you would have it, but are simply standing for the point that they don’t appreciate efforts to have their commemorations diluted by efforts to place all victims together. They object to that, and I can’t blame them. I would too if the tables were turned. A little sensitivity would go a long way but I don’t suspect any of this is about that.
    Truth of the matter seems to be that there is little appetite for ordinary Croats to participate in any commemorations honoring those that suffered under Communism. My family did as did the families of many of our neighbors. The attitude I see is “sto ce mi to? Nema tu nikakav korist za me.” Cynicism toward any emotional currency that feeds the politicians seems to be the order of the day in HRV. I don’t think anyone would come out publicly against the creation of a memorial to commemorate those that suffered under Communism. I just think that few would actually care to attend or to give it more than a passing due, and that’s what the politicians are afraid of.

    • As I said, you can view it all your way Didova Konoba, but you are wron on several fronts here including re communist crimes memorial – there has been one monument for victims of communist crimes buil so far in Croatia (besides the smaller ones at hundreds of pits and mass graves) – I have written about those many times and so have others and you are miserably wrong that people don’t care in Yugoslavia Tito built a huge monument to victims of Holocaust at Jasenovac so now we need an equally large one for victims of communism at least, because there were many more of those. Communists or former communists of their descendants do not want that truth out fully and that’s why all these issues no matter what you say.

  25. Didova Konoba says:

    Great! So there’s a memorial in Vodice where victims of Communist totalitarian violence can commemorate past indiscretions every August. Honestly did not know it existed so I thank you for letting me know.
    Now the question is, why can’t the Jasenovac commemorations in April be limited to the victims of WW2 fascist regimes as had been commemorated every spring? Why must politicians, including Karamarko, conflate the issue by addressing the April commemorations to include victims of all totalitarian regimes? Seems a bit unnecessary since separate events at separate locations and times are planned and/or scheduled already. Why detract from the original purpose of the yearly Jasenovac commemorations?
    BTW, what are the “several” fronts that I am wrong on? I am “miserably” wrong that people don’t care? Please tell me the attendance figures for the Vodice August 2015 dedication.

    • As you may well know the largest and most symbolic commemoration of victims of communist crimes is always held at Bleiburg, Austria and Holocaust at Jasenovac and that should remain so to my view. As to all your other questions please do research for answers as I or anyone else cannot give answers to questions you concoct yourself on concocted premises. Good luck, Didova Konoba.

  26. Didova Konoba says:

    Well, I did ask you questions that simply ask for your opinion on the topic at hand; why can’t the Jasenovac commemorations in April be limited to remembering the victims if the WW2 fascist regime? If others victims want their day at Jasenovac, give them another day.
    Also, you completely ignored my questions about Vukovar and Srebrenica. And, again, what are the “several” fronts that I am wrong on? Please explain.

    • I have answered your question regarding Jasenovac as far as I am concerned commemorations can happen any which way people want as long as the reasons for that are respectful and don’t involve accusations and lies against another group. I am not about to repeat myself, you were wrong in making readers believe that article to which you comment wrote about someone wanting to commemorate at Jasenovac both victims of Holocaust and victims of communist crimes when that was not the case – there was no question regarding Vukovar and Srebrenica – I will not therefore be answering any of your further questions – you are increasing getting to resemble a troll

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