Croatia’s UN Secretary General Candidate Vesna Pusic – Trampling On Human Rights


Vesna Pusic facebook

What a miserable wretch! She actually thinks her persona is the same as the country of Croatia! That she is Croatia! The world’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has yet to classify this delusion, as far as I am aware!


Reacting to criticisms from Croatia regarding her unsuitability as candidate for UN Secretary General, from people who know the alarmingly and painfully detrimental work to democratic processes and freedoms she had performed as public/political figure in Croatia over the past decade or so, Vesna Pusic has actually proven herself during the past week that she does not deserve to be selected into the UN high office. Indeed, her candidature should be withdrawn or thrown out for reasons of blatant denial of rights to opinions and freedom of thought in a democracy, at least.

On Thursday 28 April 2016 a group of 22 Parliamentary Representatives from the conservative coalition, headed by Mr Pero Coric (HSP AS/ Croatian Party of Rights dr Antun Starcevic), had signed and sent a letter addressed to the member states of the UN Security Council and the Croatian government protesting and questing the legality and legitimacy of Vesna Pusic’s candidature for the UN Secretary General position.

Left to right: Ivan Tepes and Pero Coric At reading the letter protesting legality and legitimacy of Vesna Pusic's candidature for UN Secretary General Photo: Screenshot 24sata 2 May 2016

Left to right: Ivan Tepes and Pero Coric
At reading the letter protesting
legality and legitimacy of
Vesna Pusic’s candidature
for UN Secretary General
Photo: Screenshot 24sata 2 May 2016

On the same Thursday 28 April 2016 Vesna Pusic wrote on her Facebook page the following miserable and floridly delusional words (translated into English from Croatian):


For the first time in history Croatia has a chance for candidature for the position of UN Secretary General. According to the existing rules Croatia will have that chance again in 50 years time. The person in that position must represent the universal human values: peace and security, human rights and the right of all to development and advancement. To agitate against the representative of Croatia means to agitate against Croatia. People who do that do damage to the reputation of my homeland Croatia. However, given that they are the people who promote and utilize hate speech, fear, threats, discrimination and exclusion, they do not damage me personally. Because I promote everything that is opposite of this and that, among other things, recommends me for the job of UN Secretary General.”


You may have gathered by now that Vesna Pusic is nothing more than a political lunatic who threatens the world’s democracy and peace if she were by some calamitous error selected as UN Secretary General. Every decent and fair human being in the world would consider the job of UN Secretary General without subjective bias towards his/her own country. UN Secretary General is a job for the world not one country and everyone has a right to give opinion about any of the candidates. I am more than certain that those in Croatia who have and do criticise her and say she is not suited for the job do so with significant consideration of better qualities of other candidates and requirements for the position. As Croats, or as citizen of any country, people have that right because in this circumstance, being citizens under the UN umbrella, they have a right to such opinions without being branded and vilified as “ruining” their country’s reputation because they criticised one citizen of the country – her, in this case!


It was like that in communist Yugoslavia: you criticized one Communist Party official, you were liquidated or placed in prison on political charges or your life was made so difficult that it was not worth living so you fled abroad if you at all could. Looks like it she still lives for communist times and ways.


I think that people in Croatia who criticize her candidature, who agitate against Vesna Pusic becoming UN Secretary General should be commended for they, unlike Vesna Pusic, have the whole world’s interests at heart.

Universal Daclaration of Human Rights

To speak your mind about a politician or his/her deeds is branded as “hate speech, promoting fear, discrimination…” by the very person who has lodged her candidature for a position that must, according to her own words, represent human rights … Now, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN) – the Declaration the UN Secretary General must uphold, in its Article 19 states the following:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Well now, Croatia’s candidate Vesna Pusic has in her statement taken at least one human right away from Croatians expressing an opinion about her candidature – the right freedom of opinion and expression.


Absolutely unacceptable. Absolutely repugnant!

dr Zdravko Tomac Photo:Davor Javorovic/Pixsell

dr Zdravko Tomac
Photo:Davor Javorovic/Pixsell

In light of the overwhelming opposition from distinguished Croatian citizens to Vesna Pusic’s candidature as UN Secretary General I do also like the move made on Friday 29 April 2016 by dr Zdravko Tomac (a retired university professor, a former politician and deputy-Prime Minister of Croatia, writer of many books) with his Open Letter to Croatia’s Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic suggesting an appropriate discussion/debate in front of Croatia’s Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Council on the pros and cons of Vesna Pusic’s candidature; that opinion be sought from the President of Croatia and heads of coalition parties before a decision is finalised on the pros and cons of the candidature.

Dr Tomac writes a compelling case in his open letter and among other things he says (to the Prime Minister):
If every Ambassador must receive agreement from the President of Croatia and from the Croatian Parliament in order to be appointed as an Ambassador then it’s impermissible that Croatia does not seek agreement from the President of Croatia and all important elements of the Croatian society before a nomination is given for Croatia’s candidate for the biggest and the most important position Croatia has ever had the opportunity to offer a candidate for. For the matter to be even more serious, Zoran Milanovic and his government sent that candidature while they were only a technical, a caretaker government and had no rights making and sending such a nomination for candidature.”

Indeed, in a previous article I myself questioned the legitimacy of Vesna Pusic’s candidature for UN Secretary General on account of it being made by a government in exit, so am very glad to see other people have assessed the situation the same way as I have. How can one think otherwise than what facts dictate: Pusic was nominated by caretaker government that had no power to nominate her in the name of Croatia at the time, therefore, her candidacy must lack legitimacy and legality. There is no information as to whether Prime Minister of Croatia will respond to the open letter from dr Tomac or from the parliamentary group but I do hope he does. The letters are an expression of fact-based opinion of many notable Croatians who hold democracy and fairness as high values of a society. Vesna Pusic’s latest appalling denial of human rights to people criticising her (for the benefit of the world where the UN Secretary General position sits) surely must be among the reasons to re-examine the suitability of her candidature for UN Secretary General on behalf of Croatia! To do otherwise would be immoral and unjust – on a world scale. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. excellent post

  2. Weiss Jermaine says:

    Read somewhere Vesna Pusic said that she is Using her understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the UN, gained during her country’s period of war, to reform and strengthen the organisation – OMG OMG OMG OH MY GOD – is that nutter for real! It’s because of politicians like her that were pro-communist Yugoslavia and not free and democratic Croatia that the war started and raged on. She has absolutely nothing to offer the UN except further ruin.

  3. So proud of these people who protest against her candidacy.

  4. Pero Sutla says:

    Vesna Pusic’s father was a judge in the WWII Ustashi regime! Had Ustashi won the war she would not probably be a communist but hey to political opportunists who don’t seem to know their personal limits anything goes. Trash! Any way you look at it.

  5. It is absolutely incredulous that any Croatian government could nominate Vesna Pusic for this position. Perhaps she is not the only one who is seriously delusional and needs stopping but also the government that nominated her and anyone from the new government that supports her. Surely a government’s duty in this case is to act as a responsible world citizen not a citizen of a single country. Well spotted Ina Vukic.

  6. Great piece Ina. I’ve forgotten how to ask for more beer in Croatian; but there’s no need to panic as I have it written down on a piece of paper which I have tucked safely inside my passport. 🙂

  7. Veronika says:

    Dear Ina, I would hope that after 70 years of this filth, Croatia would be more pro-active than reactive in her diplomacy.
    See below.
    I am disgusted by the hacks I see out there and it’s worse now than ever before with social media.
    I wonder if Croatian diplomats in the US and Canada will respond but all I hear are crickets.

    • Hi Veronika – thank you, you are the third well-meaning person to send me the link of that atrocious article against Croatia, the other two asked not to publish it here and indeed I am using it for my next article so please forgive for removing the link here. I so agree with you – there’s great lack of leadership when it comes to defending Croatia and Croats from such filth in media that wrongly accuse it of fascism revival.

  8. Buna dimineata Ina !
    ” In vremuri ale inselatoriei universale, a spune ADEVARUL, e un act REVOLUTIONAR ” ( George Orwell) si de mare CURAJ adaug EU ! 🙂
    Prin postarea de fata este o dovada de mult CURAJ iar EU, apreciez fiintele CURAJOAE ! 🙂
    Sincere felicitari ! 🙂
    Din pacate, si in ROMANIA avem situatii de genul celei prezentate in excelentul dumneavoasta post .
    Un sfarsit de saptamana cat mai placut ! 🙂
    Cu stima ,

    • Translation of Aliosa’s comment in Romanian: Ina Good morning! “In times of universal deception, telling the TRUTH is a revolutionary act” (George Orwell) and high COURAGE, I add! 🙂
      By posting this you are a woman with great courage and I appreciate the courageous beings! 🙂 Sincere congratulations ! 🙂 Unfortunately, in Romania we have situations like the one presented in this excellent post. A pleasant weekend! 🙂 Regards , Aliosa.

      REPLY: Thank you very much Aliosa. I do like your reference to Orwell’s quote here and I have used the same in other posts. It is a sad world to need courage in order to speak truth or seek truth so I hope there will be more courage to go around, otherwise we will suffocate in lies.

  9. Ante Saric says:

    I remember Vesna Pusić well when I lived in Croatia between 2005 and 2011. I concluded that she is just a careerist.
    I couldn’t stand the way she just lectured everybody on human rights and democracy. I was thinking to myself, “who are you?”.
    She is so arrogant and narcissistic and that is why is she running to be head of the UN. God help us!!!
    It is not just her but that generation of Croatians brought up under the communist system who just can’t let go of the old system. Zoran Milanovic is another example.
    These people are the real reason why Croatia is having such a hard time making the transition to free markets and democracy.
    Let’s just hope that this piece of garbage and her fellow travelers fail in their bid for the UN and she can retire in the country of her dreams: Serbia.

  10. I have to admit your commentary made me giggle – it was brutally honest!

  11. I just found out about Vesna today, add to delusional, she is a narcissist! In an interview she describes herself as above all other voters in Croatia, intimating that the nation is full of crooks and uneducated. She would make a great dictator. What a reprehensible woman.

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