Legalising Marijuana Would Solve Croatia’s Economic Woes Says Madcap Politician


Ivan Pernar (L) Zeljko Glasnovic (R)

Ivan Pernar (L) Zeljko Glasnovic (R)

As I watched Ivan Pernar’s televised submission (14 December 2016) to the Croatian parliament on the matter of legalising marijuana it was difficult for me, a qualified and duly licensed professional in the field of mental processes and behaviour, to ascertain whether or not I was listening to an articulation of an intricately florid, clinically driven delusion when he, without batting an eyelid, unveiled his vision for a future where Croatia would apparently turn into “El Dorado” – a country of fabulous and untold riches almost overnight, if the use of marijuana was legalised.


Often impressing as bizarre or odd during sittings of the parliament it appears the Alphabet Democracy party’s Ivan Pernar was either stoned during that Croatian parliament sitting or was suffering some mental aberration, however passing or enduring in nature, at the bottom of which may well have stood a calculating, ill-intended pursuit to insult the intelligence of the Croatian nation as a whole. What’s troubling more, perhaps, is that the mainstream media omitted to show him up as a national disgrace for what he garbled up on a serious matter such as legalisation of marijuana.


According to Pernar life in Croatia, heck – the economy overall and all manner of lifestyle and standard of living-prosperity would be much, much better and all Croatia’s existential problems – solved, were Croatians to freely (legally) consume marijuana and puff away at joints till the proverbial cows came home, or as much as one pleases – thank you very much!

Pernar, straight faced, with a palpably spooky conviction said in his submission words to the effect that legalising the use of marijuana would have astronomically positive impacts upon Croatian economy – almost instantly. According to Pernar, legalisation of the use of marijuana in Croatia would almost automatically trigger a string of occurrences that would fill chockablock the till of Croatia’s struggling economy almost overnight. He submitted to the Parliament that if use of marijuana were legalised it would bring about an instant renaissance of Croatia’s agriculture because the vast mandarin orchards of Neretva Valley and most corn and wheat fields of Slavonia would simply be cleared out and these unprofitable crops replaced by immeasurably profitable cannabis.


He revealed his wild, unrealistic conviction that if the use of marijuana was legalised in Croatia all of the marijuana consumers from all over the world would flock into Croatia for a legal puff at a joint or two or three and thus swell Croatian tourism industry to the hilt. Utterly bizarre!


I am primarily a representative of younger people,” he said, “that is, the young generation, and those generations are not burdened by the issues that burden perhaps most of the people in here. That is, many young people would like marijuana to be legalised because they are exposed to political persecution for smoking it. I say political persecution because politics decide whether marijuana will be legal or not. Since it’s not legal many of them must face infringement courts, get fines, etc. If Croatia were to legalise marijuana we would become the metropolis of tourism just like Netherlands has. Tourists would come all year round, we would have more foreign currency, people say they sell one mandarin for one kuna but that if cannabis were legalised they would all convert to these profitable cultures. Also, many in Slavonia who now grow corn and wheat unprofitably could, tomorrow, earn money and become profitable farmers. I think that legalization of marijuana would bring about a renaissance of our agriculture, a renaissance of tourism and I think that many people would be happier in this otherwise gloomy country. And if young people were asked whether they would be emigrating from this country I believe many would say that there is at least one reason why they could stay.

I hope that the parliament will accept our proposal for the legalisation of marijuana, which we will be sending for processing and that it will have a heart for all those young people because it’s not OK that they live in fear. The other day I was with a group of them who were smoking marijuana and they were shaking, and said – Ivan, what if they catch us. And I said to them that the people from HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union/parliamentary majority party) had robbed the whole country and none of them are shaking in their boots in this parliament (at this point the Speaker warned Pernar not to insult people). I only wanted to say: young people need to be given freedom, but there is no freedom in this country and I say many of them are exposed to that political persecution; can you imagine facing a court just because you had a joint, is that not shameful, they’ve done no harm to anyone and it’s needless to speak about all the useful effects of marijuana. Say, oil heals cancer and you can use it in textile industry… Marijuana should be produced in Croatia and consumed at a small price,” Pernar contemplated loudly.

Many I have come into contact regarding Pernar’s submission for the legalisation of marijuana in Croatia found the whole speech difficult and painful to digest because of its dumb, bizarre and insulting nature – just as I did. While most of the world’s parliaments engage in consideration of marijuana legalisation (and in Croatia its medicinal use is on the legalisation books), or the more advanced countries on carefully deliberating on regulations for medicinal use of marijuana, the Croatian parliament and nation were, without interruption in the parliamentary chamber, exposed here to an appeal for the creation of a legal framework that would facilitate cheap cannabis smoking habits in the young with a crazy and psychotic projection that Croatia would become a rich and prosperous country simply because of legal marijuana – to smoke and get high on.

Given this submission by Pernar for marijuana legalisation it would seem that General Zeljko Glasnovic’s loudly articulated opinion in parliament, on the same day, that Pernar was suffering from a bipolar disorder may not have been too far off the mark even if it was delivered in relation to Pernar’s reportedly flippant attitude in the chamber during discussions on key and important issues for the country. Certainly, close attention to Pernar’s speech in parliament on the benefits of legalising marijuana justifiably leads one to conclude, professionally qualified or not, that Pernar’s expressed thoughts are strongly suggestive of some mental aberration – perhaps more serious than a containable bipolar disorder.

Much of the media, though, went on to say how Glasnovic had insulted Pernar and yet failed miserably at noticing that Pernar with his submission to parliament regarding legalisation of marijuana actually insulted the prevailing morality and the intelligence of the majority of Croatian people. Double standards astound – always.

So much for a large part of the mainstream media in Croatia, which seemingly thrives on or makes up scandals on a national scale where there are none, but fails gut wrenchingly as a gatekeeper and watchdog of sound national intelligence and decent morality. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. It’s funny you should mention marijuana smoking Ina. Last night I was having an intimate dinner with the President of Croatia in a small but extremely exclusive hotel on the Dalmatian coast. Following our dessert, I asked her what her thoughts were on legalising the weed. “My darlinks” she said (she has a Croatian accent) “If marijuana be the food of love let us gorge ourselves tonight my darlingest darlinks!”
    I immediately called the police and left.

  2. The man obviously can’t tell the date and though it was the First of April. Unfortunately he turned out to be the joke/
    While I know that there have been many discussions on changing the classification of cannabis so that possession is not illegal, I think said discussions are usually undertaken in a professional manner and not brought before our Parliament in a frivolous or insulting manner.
    I suggest someone remind Mr Pernar that he is supposed to represent himself in a professional manner in his position as a Member of Parliament.. This starts by showing respect to the Parliament itself and it’s other members.
    xxx Massive Hugs Ina xxx

  3. hmmm….sadly some of us missed the mark here ie; the point of the article was to expose a manipulator, an apparatchik, a tickler of the ears of the growing apolitical-anational-asexual-amoral-atheistic, newage, newleft, green, quaziCroatian, pro regional expansionist movement riding on an ex UDBA blueprint brought to you and our sabor in the shape of a populist anti NWO manifesto for a revived socialist Balkan confederation and sponsored by your worst nightmare ie G. Soros, Open Society or Civil Society EU signed and approved funds.

  4. Oh my… the dumbing down of Croatia continues. This is the problem with the world in general – all value and moralities seem to be decaying. Let pot be legal then what next? A good chunk of society are already walking around slowly in a pot induced haze. How much more stupid will people become?

    • I wonder too Anna, shaking my head in disbelief. So infuriating to be associated with such dumbing down even if that association may be involuntarily vicarious i.e. I refuse to be slotted into his pen and permit his dribble and drivel, hence my saying of my piece here

      • Its great that there are people like you out there who can use this platform to express their thoughts and opinions and to share news like this with those of us who would never have heard otherwise. x

      • Thanks Anna, that was the idea to start with – “Real News with views”, good to hear your feedback

  5. What a great article, Ina, you’ve proven once again your astute mind picks up on the writing between the lines. It’s hard to believe that a parliamentarian can deliver such a dumb speech in parliament, to the people, without having ill intentions towards the people and nation. Civil society’s paws get into everywhere – Pernar appears a political prostitute so lots of joints from those riding on his back. As to General Glasnovic’s comments no wonder, who wouldn’t blow his/her stack at attitudes such as Pernar’s seeping through in that very important place – parliament. Croatian mainstream media has gone to the dogs (Civil society & Co) and it isn’t going to be easy making a turnaround.

    • Much appreciate your feedback, Vattio, one cannot watch this garbage peddled by Pernar or his political kin and take it lightly, not if one has pride in ones people.

  6. just imagine
    what tragedies get done
    to a happy, stoned
    population 🙂

  7. The very idea of El Dorado has been in moth balls for decades – trust the madcap to take it out. What a sad joke of a speech in a parliament

  8. missioncontrol says:

    What a thoroughly well presented piece on issues between the lines, especially. There’s a need to stand on guard and fight this kind of assault on our intelligence. There should be more General Glasnovics there, although, I do assess him to be most competent and with stamina that’s required to keep in check the types of Pernar’s caliber.

  9. Croatia shouldn’t be hopping on the bandwagon for legalizing weed. Here in the US, synthetic marijuana has been problematic as the actual one.

    • So agree Elisa, once the real one gets the green light the cheaper synthetic one sneaks in and the cheap become very expensive for all sorts of nasty reasons.

  10. Well here in Canada journalists are uncovering that the pot content these days has only THC in it which causes psychosis, addiction and memory loss and motivation issues especially among young people. That guy is so unaware and stupid actually. FB comment

  11. Hello Ina,

    this is one more crazy idea from Ivan Pernar, who does not like a democratic Croatia and is trying to figure out ways to harm it . I am not surprised at the attitude of the Press though, since most of it is led by “former” communists.

    Best regards,

    Hilda Marija Foley, California

  12. Totally irritated by that idiot Pernar! Not hard to see on whose payroll he is. One tends to think that many from former communist systems used to secure jobs without securing earning for their pay learned to dream big, dream stupid and work little.

    • I guess, Wilkinson, there will always be idiots but let’s pray there will always be those who will give them a run for their money and show them up, boot them out in one way or another.

  13. Referring to Netherlands and it’s riches from cannabis, Pernar is a total lunatic and in parliament lies. In 1976, the government of the Netherlands formally adopted a written policy allowing for the sale, possession and consumption of personal amounts of cannabis to the general public. Since then, the nation’s world-famous coffee shops have supplied cannabis to millions of customers from destinations all over the world. Cannabis remains technically illegal, but it is tolerated for customers to purchase up to five grams per day.

    No riches there

    • Thanks newsdesk on that info, most useful

    • Robert Seal says:

      Good point Newsdesk. It’s scandalous how the mainstream media in Croatia picked up nothing of the facts to show Pernar up as lying through his teeth to the nation from a lectern in parliament. Just atrocious.

      Netherlands is no big cannabis plantation as Pernar portayed. While regular folks can grow up to five weed plants, law enforcement authorities are very active in trying to stamp out commercial growers, usually criminal gangs, who cultivate cannabis on industrial scale. One power company even introduced a “scratch-and-sniff” card to some residents in The Hague and Rotterdam so they could identify the smell of marijuana and report possible illicit growers to police. Energy network company Stedin said it introduced the cards in part because cannabis growers often illegally syphon off electricity to power lights, fans and other machines used in large-scale, indoor weed growing.

  14. That General Zeljko Glasnovic is such a smart, capable politician – a people’s person with profound understanding of needs and ways to attack major issues for Croatian society and future. Wish him great success – as for insulting someone in parliament or dishing out political insults, if he did that at all in this case, the West is well used to that and most stick in memory as powerful steering modems to demonstrate incompetence of the politician insults are directed at or simply to move forward with agenda …

  15. I had to read twice to see it what i was reading was correct.. Goodness Ina.. Makes one think he could be speaking under the influences himself. Lol..
    The mind boggles…

    Much love to you my friend.. And I so thank you for the love you left me recently xxx
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a most Happy New Year xxx
    Hugs Sue xxx

  16. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I am not fond of legalization. People will only grow their own to bypass laws regulating and taxation. In the 1980s, when I was going for my certification in Narcotics Investigation, part of the training was old government films that stated the US Government knew, in the 1920s, that marijuana, in some people, causes psychosis. Doctors were quiet about it because they made money from treating psychosis patients, who, over time became worse, and needed long term and possibly permanent, hospitalization and ultimately interment in mental facilities. Profits. Paid directly from the government. Judges sending people to, mental institutions.
    It is my personal opinion that there is a risk of poisoning or ruining, a People, involved, and unless under a supervision, it could be harmful to the tax payers, if abuses take hold, and abuses will, take hold.

    • Your comment is very relevant Brittius and points out facts, especially the effects of marijuana on health and, wouldn’t you know it, of course people would start growing their own for their own use…just a mess…except of course for medicinal use that as been proven useful in some cases Thank you for the reblog and hope you have a happy Christmas and New Year

  17. There is room for marijuana. It has medicinal qualities. If it can boost an economy, why not use it. A merry Christmas to you. Micheline

    • Merry Christmas to you too Micheline. Agree with medicinal use of marijuana have seen it work in many cases of otherwise uncontrolled epilepsy etc but to legalise its use for purposes of boosting the economy is rather mad in my book because once used freely on the streets soon one gets health problems in regular users that drain the budget and therefore the economy…probably gets to more expense than profit in the end…

  18. Ina, Words are so powerful. To legalize has started to suggest a “free for all” if you place it next to a controlled substance.

  19. I haven’t seen pot destroy any lives, like I have booze–unless you count getting busted and having a criminal record for the rest of your life for having a joint in your pocket. I haven’t heard of people getting high on pot and then beating their wives. Mostly it just makes a lot of nothing happen. Until you’re ready to get booze off the market, I say let the good times roll. Worry more about what your petroleum based society exposes me to than what I expose myself to.

    • You’ve been among the lucky ones not to have seen pot destroy lives, Rob. True, has not the same effect as alcohol abuse smashing others around…but consistent use over a number a years can cause lots of damage to the user health-wise. Again, it’s a personal choice to use or not to use like much else but presenting such use as the saviour for a country in economic terms is pure madness in or verging with the pathological

      • Well, ingesting anything over time will cause health problems: eggs, coffee, tobacco. And no, legalizing pot won’t cure any economic problems. But it might free up some jail space for more deserving occupants. And it might free up the cops to focus on more important issues. Not to mention saving a lot of money that is best spent on other things. Anyway, I’ll have a couple of shots of whiskey, smoke a couple of cigarettes, and down some prescription pain killers while I wait for the good things to happen from the legalization of pot. 🙂

      • You said it Rob 🙂 I hear you

  20. Still Pernar is a young guy who is a politician. I was working in the elections in Cyprus and i saw only people over 50’s coming to vote. That’s sad. We might not agree with all what he says but he has his own vision of how things should be. Who else from the youth in Europe has a plan or a vision ? Leave the young people come close to the politics. After all is their future…

  21. I believe legalization would be a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I am against harsh penalties for minor things. However, if Croatia were to unilaterally legalize it, the nation will immediately be swamped by wastrels/criminal elements and become a hub for illegal business. The reason is that as the substance remains illegal in all other countries, criminal elements would set up shop in Croatia and secretly export part of their stock to other countries for the price difference (aided by Croatia’s excellent logistic location). As a portion of their business is legal, they can hide behind that. The end result is that Croatia will be blacklisted by neighbors and the poor would have no food.

    I believe Croatia needs to focus on Education, the only asset of a small country is its people. If the next generation can all be extremely highly educated and multilingual, you can become the Singapore of Europe. Businesses who need the EU single market will move their HQs to Zagreb, and the coastline will attract wealthy entrepreneurs and executives who can now live and work in paradise.

  22. that’s what they said here in Colorado – but the tax revenue is so small it doesn’t even dent the budget needs.bringing in roughly 2%


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