Croatia: Root Out the New Left And Its Kin


On approach to Christmas Day – looking back and looking forward with this brief post.

Many would say: deservedly, not a good wrap up for 2016 for the liberalist side of the political field throughout the world and major events and trends of their own making are, hopefully, to cause irreparable damage to key liberal government holds in not so distant a future. Things didn’t go well for the liberals this year: there was the shock of Brexit, there was Germany’s Angela Merkel’s open invitation to all and sundry flocking into Europe in their hundreds of thousands from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan turning now into a crescendo of her party’s imminent demise, France’s François Hollande’s Socialist government sparked the beginning of the worst political crisis France has had in decades and Donald Trump won presidency in the US. This week’s assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey by a Turkish policeman outraged by the agony of the siege of Aleppo, the mosque bomb in Zurich, the truck careering into a Christmas market in Berlin killing 12 people…all add up to shaky grounds for the liberals and left oriented political parties.

As far as Croatia is concerned the significantly weakened power-base of Social Democrats during the year has now, in the past week, seen the surprise emergence of a “New Left” party led by the most socially obnoxious, scumbag anti-Croat pro-Yugoslavia communist fodder, masquerading as liberals, a normal person couldn’t even conjure up to his/her worst enemy. I shall steer away from even mentioning here the names of all the leaders of this new left party in Croatia. I am still in shock after hearing its president Dragan Markovina (an arrogant, irritating, self-important historian and a cemented communist) say: “I am still the fiercest Yugoslav than anyone else…Today when I hear the Croatian anthem played I like to watch Croatia losing (sport games) … Croatia represents nothing to me …”

The mind-boggling and absolutely unacceptable thing in this is that there does not seem to be any official initiative to revoke the registration of this “New Left” political party in Croatia. How could it be possible for a political party to be registered and continue being registered when its leader does not recognise or accept his political party’s country itself, when that country represents nothing to him and yet he aspires to compete for parliamentary seats at next elections?

The world has gone mad and Croatia is no exception. But it’s wrong, very wrong to shrug ones shoulders and say things cannot be helped, the world is mad, nothing can be done about that. Everyone who loves Croatia needs to say “No, no, no!” Those with clout and leadership among the people, the patriots and the conservatives, must reject this political and moral crisis enveloping Croatia. They must root out these communist agents of despair masquerading as liberals. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A.,M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Interesting…..I am waiting to see if the “Left” in the US finds its new voice….have a great Christmas and I will look for you later….chuq

  2. Very eloquently said Ina.Hopefully at the polls they’ll win no seats.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • I’d like to see the back of them way before next elections, David. Hugs to you too and hope Wales serves you up a yummy Christmas Day as things should go on that day 🙂

  3. Well said

  4. Marlon Sneog says:

    Woohoo – Ina – you’re on fire! Love the article. Thank you a the year’s great posts and articles. You are much respected and loved for what you do here. Keep it up.

  5. What president says that about his own sporting team?

  6. Stevie10703 says:

    Fascism? Nazism (Socialists), and Fascism are all leftist ideologies. Watch a documentary called “The Soviet Story” and you will see that there is no difference between their version of socialism/communism and Nazism and its the left that always ventures towards fascism. Of course Donald Trump is “scary” because the media which is in the hands of the Democrats (just read WikiLeaks and learn a little bit about the Democrats) says so? The Democrats and the American left are puppets of the most evil and vile person in the world and that is George Soros. Who is committing acts of violence? It was the far left protesters. Who is dividing the US in terms of color and race? It is the far left. Who has hijacked the Democratic Party? The far left as there are no moderates in that party any more. Who has destabilized the entire Middle East but trying to force “regime” change which turned out worse than what they had before? It was Obama and the far left who destabilized Yemen, then Libya, then Egypt, and then Syria. The same Obama who tried to interfere with the Israeli elections and then blames Russia for trying to do the same (a lie) in the US. I’m no Trump supporter but he’s not anti-immigration rather he is against those coming into the country illegally….he’s not anti-refugee, rather he wants those refugees vetted properly before being allowed to enter the country. If you’re not blind, you can see what these people are doing throughout Europe and that’s the far left for you and then they are shocked as to what is happening around them.

  7. Ina, you are asking how in Croatia it could be possible for an anti-Croatian political party such as the “New Left” to be registered? Well this is just one more absurdity to add to the mountain of absurdities that have occurred in our poor country since it’s rebirth. We can and have asked “why” for the last two and a half decades and all right-thinking individuals can now with certainty answer. We have been misled, betrayed, lied to, manipulated and hoodwinked by those we entrusted to lead our country. They have been playing us for the fool for the last 25+ years; feigning patriotism, feigning nationalism, feigning capability and willingness to put the country and its people before all else….. this is yet another indication of where their results as leaders and diplomats have led us.
    Croatians live in a country and in a democracy that is Croatian and democratic in name only. The Constitution of Croatia itself and its first govt. under President Tudjman was the forebearer of all these things that have resulted afterward. You cannot have embedded in your most sacred document that one of the founding pillars of modern Croatia was the victorious battle for Communist Jugoslavia, and think that that will bode well for a newly established modern Croatian state. That is a big deal. You cannot embed in the first federal govt. administration as well as subsequent ones, those Jugoslavs whose hands were still unwashed from the blood of so many Croatians during that battle for a Communist Jugoslavia, and expect that that will go without consequence. You cannot postpone the great need for a Lustration within all political, governmental, public service sectors and expect that that will have no effect on the future of the country. All the rest of it; the media, the judiciary, the educational system, the private sector economy, the unemployment, the NGO’s, etc. the branitelji – these are all controlled or influenced by the leftists/communists/partisans/jugofils because they were ALWAYS in control – both during and after Jugo. We as a nation, as a culture are being eradicated. Croatians were demonized during Jugoslavia by our enemies and they continue to do so now, during this age of modern Croatia. Then they brazenly killed us in the hundreds of thousands under the guise of “liberator”, today they kill us cunningly, in small increments, mentally and verbally and throw us on the dung heap to rot.

    Za Dom Spremni!

    • I still think the wording and intent of founding pillars slotted into the original constitution, Velebit, was and is not the problem as much as the fact that antifascism in there had been twisted to mean communism (Yugoslav garden variety) by those who came to power after Tudjman’s death and these were unstoppable leading to what we have today – an intolerable situation

      • Do not wish to belabour the point, but with all due respect Ina, I stand by my statements. The wording of the Croatian Constitution is clear; if it was imprecise or was capable of being misconstrued, then the subsequent several majority HDZ administrations of the past 25 years could have easily corrected it. Tudjman(HDZ) crafted the document to purposefully include those groups/organizations which he/they believed illustrated historical examples of Croatian sovereignty throughout various periods of time.
        The millennial national identity of the Croatian nation and the continuity of its statehood,
        confirmed by the course of its entire historical experience in various political forms and by the
        perpetuation and development of the state-building idea grounded in the historical right of the
        Croatian nation to full sovereignty, has manifested itself:……….

        – in the establishment of the foundations of state sovereignty during the course of the Second
        World War, as expressed in the decision of the Territorial Antifascist Council of the National
        Liberation of Croatia (1943) in opposition to proclamation of the Independent State of Croatia
        (1941), and then in the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Croatia (1947) and in all
        subsequent constitutions of the Socialist Republic of Croatia (1963-1990),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
        Who were the Territorial Antifascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia (1943)? In Croatia antifascists and communists were one and the same – they were all Partisans, and if, as they would have you believe today, they were an entity in and of themselves, then how did they differ from the communists in word or in deed? They, as their communist counterparts fought against the Independent State of Croatia and the Croatian supporters of that state did they not? Were they not equally responsible for filling over an estimated 1700 mass graves with the bodies of Croatians, as were the communists? If they were indeed a separate, distinct entity which distanced itself from such mass killing, then one would expect to hear some protests, some public demonstrations against Tito, against communism, in order to in the very least, justify the “antifascist” cause. When did antifascists ever attempt to separate themselves from the Partisans before now? Never.

        Za Dom Spremni!

      • Velebit – of course you must and you should stand by what you say otherwise it has little true meaning regardless of whether in agreement with others or not. One of my perspectives is to consider the times and the circumstances the new constitution was written – transition away from communist Yugoslavia at the time did whether one likes it or not, depend to a relevant degree on utilising existing resources/ human,intellectual, experiences, influence etc…furthermore the most relevant issue was that communist crimes were not dealt with then, heck they’re still not and that influenced how things were set up whether we like it or not. Having said this I completely agree with you that subsequent governments and presidents have failed miserably at removing the phrases from constitution because of communist crimes if for nothing else – today’s Croatia was established defending itself from communist and Serb crimes and that should become clear in the constitution itself…I’m sure you get my drift here 🙂 So lots of work ahead

    • Well said Velebit. The Communists thought they could slaughter us all post 1945 with the Bleiburg massacres, the death marches, the executions, and jailings, then when Tito ‘opened up the borders’ due to ‘an excess of workers,’ people fled and most never returned and integrated into the places they fled too.
      They then tried to slaughter the rest in the 1990s wars of aggression and failed. Seeing this, they are now attempting to eradicate all things Croatian through quiet political methods and economic ones. More than 2,500 Croatian defenders have taken their owns lives in despair because they did not defend Croatia only to live in a Third Yugoslavia or Cetnik/Partisan colony. Just like after Bleiburg, they will continue to jail defenders or wait until they take their own lives in despair or simply die off.
      We are not the captains of our own destiny and until people there stand up to these pathological Croatia-hating lefties in Sabor and elsewhere in the country, nothing will change. Too much political correct BS.
      We need a Glasnovic or a Hasanbegovic in charge to shake things up and clean things up. Enough polite diplomacy and photo opps, people are leaving Croatia, taking their own lives, the birth rate is abysmal, the fields are empty, there is no manufacturing sector…..
      God help us.

  8. I was a Danish aid worker in Southern Bosnia early in the war of 1992. I was working near this Croatian village who was taken by Serb troops, what happend after that was so disgusting. They will take the females out in the woods rape them and return them to the Croatian men who had been taken into a prison. One day they had taken a 10 year old and brutalized her so much that she died. Sometimes they will even rape old Croatian ladies not out of sex but because they will try to ruin the mental stability of the Croatian men. The Croats were then deported with buses I stayed in the area to take care of the Serb civilians who had moved into the homes of the Croats. I stayed in the area until the summer of 1995 when a Bosniak militia took the area and killed many of the Serb troops I had seen commit rapes early in 1992.

    • Simply awaful, Kasper, witnessing horrors and not having the power to do anything about stopping – evidence of uselessness of UN

    • Kasper you need to report this to the ICTY.
      These are war crimes. Period.
      If not, please write about your experiences and have them published. This needs to be out there.

      • I did report it back in 2002. I have been tv interviewed back in the early 90s by Danish TV where I told what happened. I even talked with some top EU politicians in 1993 conference. Nobody cared about what the Serb were doing. Very cold truth but Europe was not giving a damn about the genocide. I have a brother who works for NATO in Bosnia, the Americans have been arming the Bosniaks to the teeth. If a war breaks out today they are able to take the lands back they lost in 92 in eastern Bosnia. And there will be a new war in the near future….

  9. Congratulations, fellow blogger! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Enjoy a moment to shine then spread & share the love! Thanks for being a part of my little blogger-sphere. You have expanded my world & my perception of it. Thank you.

  10. It’s a shithouse mess all round.

  11. Sickening to see Communist parties (under new ‘progressive’ names) ALLOWED to be formed in the 21st century. Could you imagine a neo-Nazi group in the government?
    Communism is alive and well and still killing, (last count more than 100 million on the globe), yet all we hear about in the mainstream press is the far-right or ultra-conservatives, etc. etc… Croatian communists hide under the term ‘anti-fascism’ which is basically a polite way of hiding ardent communists and their killing machine.
    Sadly Croatia is a schizophrenic place where a member of parliament can shout out in parliament ‘Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People,’ (the motto under which the commis killed more than 568,000, according to their own numbers), yet the centuries old motto, ‘Ready for the Homeland’ is referred to as fascist, banned in some jurisdictions, and ‘debated.’
    When in the hell will Croatians there spill out on to the streets and demand better? The communists tried to kill almost all the good and decent Croatians there, the rest escaped to the diaspora, now the commis expel through economic means.
    I pray 2017 finally brings lustration laws to Croatia and that she can be free, patriotic, prosperous, peaceful, and successful.
    Ina thanks for all that you do.
    Neka Vas dragi Bog blagoslovi i cuva. Sretan Vam Bozic i blagdane i Bozjeg blagoslova u Novoj Godini. We love you.

  12. How is that such a small country as croatia has so many idiots. What a mess. This guy should be stripped of his citizenship and sent into exile. Enough is enough.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, the Croatian constitution itself contains a clause meant to guard against such subversion of the nation that might occur through hijacking the democratic process for malicious ends. The Constitutional Court was vested with the power to declare political parties unconstitutional under certain extreme circumstances. An explicitly anti-Croatia political party, or a political party with an explicitly anti-Croatia president could indeed fit the description outlined in the constitution.

    Članak 6:
    Protuustavne su političke stranke koje svojim programom ili nasilnim djelovanjem smjeraju podrivanju slobodnoga demokratskog poretka ili ugrožavaju opstojnost Republike Hrvatske. O protuustavnosti odlučuje Ustavni sud Republike Hrvatske.

    Article 6:
    Political parties which, in their platforms or by violent action, intend to undermine the free democratic order or threaten the existence of the Republic of Croatia shall be deemed unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia shall decide on such unconstitutionality.

    Not that I’m suggesting that such a drastic step is necessary or even necessarily desirable. Hopefully this “New Left” nonsense can be effectively countered in the realm of ideas and not in court. I could see it potentially backfiring spectacularly as it alienates people away from the political left.

    • Someone will need to take particular measures on to achieve a result of booting them out of political arena that races towards parliament seats – they can drivel on the streets as much as they want but not in the “big house” – I reckon, Konrad

  14. Great read. In America we are also rebelling against our radical left. And they have lost their mind.

  15. Good friends , globalism is communism .
    Even in Oz these days we are a state of the CCP .
    Multiculturalism and mass migration destroys nationalism history language and culture .
    The only way to preserve Hrvatska is to close the borders and only allow the diaspora in . Announce its Christian heritage to the world and expel all communists to the globalists .
    Kolege are fakes just like the far right as they are both part of the military industrial complex .
    The middle way is the best and that is the True Teachings of Our Lord Isus Krist .
    That shouldn’t be hard as our ancestors have already laid the foundations .

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    2016 has been rough for the whole world. If liberals in Croatia feel as they do in America it is a difficult time. Happy holidays. Hugs dear friend, Barbara

  18. Croatia needs another conservative party, de-void of communists, Yugo’s and non capitalists. If needed, financed by the Diaspora as the local population doesn’t have the ability to form such a party. General Glasnovic would be a prominent member although the message needs to focus on structural economic reform first and foremost.

    • Agreed Splithead, however the economic reform to be effective needs to find fertile ground and the latter is found with people of good will which means other matters need attention at same time

  19. The world has indeed gone mad, How else can we describe the emergence of terrorists and extremists. There has to be a cause we have yet to determine. As for the cure, for the time being all we have is unconditional love, the only teaching of the humble Jesus of Nazareth. Warmly, Micheline

    • Jesus’ teachings hols us close to humanity and peace, Micheline, regretfully not all follow them especially not communists and the like but, His ways are mysterious indeed, so who knows…

      • Ina, I can’t look anywhere else for guidance. But the current wave of violence and hate nearly defeats me: the migrant crisis, Brexit and the US election. I’m thankful for the fact that there will be no drilling in the Arctic and hope Mr. Trump wants to ignore President Obama’s executive orders, but companies were drilling in Canada and Canada ordered the freeze. What can Mr Trump and Mr Putin do? We are off-limits. Well, I’m praying. Merry Christmas Ina (By the way, have you read Tony Fabijancic’s book on Croatia. Britannica quotes him. He was my student and friend and his mother was my colleague.

      • Some of the advisors Trump is choosing creating waves of unease, I’m waiting post-20th January to see what unravels under his fingertips as to off-limits I think it can only exist for a while and then masses start showing the way to another direction. Good to know your connection with Fabijancic, have not read his book yet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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  21. Peace Inavukic, hope you and yours are healthy and safe…what we are seeing is something many of us are privileged never to witness…someone, something dying…those final moments are often very violent as the body tries its best to hold onto life…a life its owner had spent so much time destroying…whether it’s extreme Left or extreme Right, this what each side foresees as its future, some form of Death (great change)…merely meaning those who have power now fear losing it is becoming imminent…that is why those at the top are alienating themselves from their ‘followers’, adherents, believers, etc…the fear of losing power is worse than actually losing power…what is worse watching a woman raped or listening to it happen in another room…change is coming, the last trick of the extremist is to get the bottom dwellers to believe they will ‘finally’ benefit, immensely from this new change…however, they are merely selling hope to buy time to reacquire a firm grasp upon power, while realizing the ensuing disappointment will exacerbate the situation…America is so broke, anything she borrows you know she has no intention of paying back…but Trump has promised them utopia, but never explaining how…I believe the how is finally assisting Russia to exploit the vast oil reserves in Siberia, while flooding the world market with cheap oil…oil, that under the Bush administration we were told was running out (Peak Oil lie), driving barrels toward $200 plus…the price has dropped as low as $25 per barrel, rebounding up to $53 now…they cannot stop lying, killing and stealing…it is how they got their power and how they must keep it…even to the point of having nuclear war with Asia…be safe…RD Revilo

    • So much relevance in your words RD Revillo – yes peddling hope to retain power is increasingly being polished and developed…it’s obscene. Perhaps there will be a widespread awakening in the people as they actually see the truth in the old proverb originating from Europe (Italy I think) : he who lives in hope, dies in despair. When they realise this truth they may do something about the way things are done by their political reps. Merry Christmas and a grand New Year

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