Zeljko Glasnovic – On Erasing Of Collective Memory Of Communist Crimes



  1. I hope his truths are hitting home in the consciences of the non-Communists .
    Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Very important!

  3. Keep reminding them General Glasnovic! Thumbs up for a better Croatia

  4. Communist crimes crippled nations! Time to stand up tall against them

  5. I had the chills the other evening when our News mentioned the mass graves.. How can they Not mention those who perished. It can not be forgotten by ignoring it.

  6. Hi, Ina,
    That is so scary! I hope people heard him!

    I just finished reading George Orwell’s “1984,” written during Stalin’s regime. That is a very scary book, and unfortunately, liberals don’t think something like that could happen, but it has, to the extent possible with the technology available at the time.

    How short our memories are! Here in America it’s like 9/11 never happened. The school children do a program on September 11th, but that is the beginning and the end of remembering that day and it was only 16 years ago! I can only imagine how the families of the 3,000 people slaughtered that day feel about the rest of their countrymen forgetting–especially the leaders of the country. Thankfully, Trump won the election, but he is fighting an uphill battle with some of his opponents being spoiled babies from his own party.

    God bless both our countries!

    • Very scary, indeed, thepinkfeline. Much fighting for human decency is still in front of us. God will provide strength if we listen to his guidance.

  7. Stevie10703 says:

    Unfortunately, our people have forgotten what happened to us in the first Yugoslavia so, its not surprising we either have forgotten or tend to ignore the crimes committed by the Yugoslav communists against the Croatian people which were happening both during and after WWII. Heck, University students in Zagreb were asked and many did not know what happened in Vukovar and Ovcara. The problem is, the people teaching as still parasites from the Yugo days.

  8. I’m really sorry that the people want to cover up and not expose the truths, Ina. Thank goodness for Zeljko Glasnovic!
    I think that this is a big step towards becoming open and showing communication.
    I am in disagreement with “thepinkfeline” and how people seem to think Trump deserves respect. He needs to earn respect!
    Hope you and yours are well, happy and keeping your belief in Croatia and her future! 🙏

    • Thank you, Robin. Respect is indeed a product of track record.

      • Yes! Hoping somehow for your country to find someone to lead you into the future with remembrances of the past pains and anguishes. 🕊❤

    • Respectfully, Reocochran, I didn’t say anything about Trump deserving respect. I agree that respect needs to be earned. So he has earned it from me for bucking the system. Just because there isn’t precedent for his style of presidency doesn’t mean it’s wrong–someone had to be first, and I’m ever so glad he took on the establishment “swamp”–especially the RINOs. The people have spoken, and those of my like mind are tired of being told what to think, where to stand, and what to do in THE only land of freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. We don’t want to become European socialists, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting that.

  9. The General is one a few sane/sober people of any substance in the Croatian Parliament.
    The question is what are we Croatians outside Croatia doing to bring Communist crimes and Crimes by Serbs in Croatia into prominence within the current HDZ Croatian government.

    Croatia has a parliamentarian form the Zvi Zid party call Ivan Penar, who said in Parliament only last week “my grandfather (a Partizan Communist Architect) told me that villages (Selo) had a great life in the period after 1945”. This outrageous comment made my blood boil on so many levels. If that where the case my mother and farther would not have left, I would not be living in Australia! This is a lie, a rewriting of history and facts!

    We need to tell the world openly Croatia is being lead by Communists and European Union has allowed this to occur for their own ends.

    Has anyone written to either HDZ Party, Kolinda or Andrej? What was discussed on the boat cruise on Sydney harbour when Kolinda was in Sydney? Nothing of any substance was discussed at the dinners. My concern is who is representing Croatians in Australia and what issues are they prioritising or presenting to the Croatian government? Are they representing themselves and their business links?

    When I think of all the patriotic Croatians, immigrants of the 60’s & 70’s laying in Rookwood Cemetery, they would be turning in their graves.

    Mr Penar, they are laying here in Sydney because of your fathers Yugoslavia could not provide them a future and they were hungry.

    I am particularly upset with this comment as nobody in parliament said a word in protest. In addition, while the General spoke of Communists crimes, the HDZ speaker of the Parliament was actually laughing with his colleague in the back ground.

    • Certainly, Splithead, it looks not many in Croatia will pursue communist crimes and crimes against Croatia in 1990’s let alone condemn them on official level. General Glasnovic is about the only one in the parliament keeping these vital issues alive. The day will come! Strength in unity so we build unity against communist crimes and crimes of Serbia against Croatia…

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