If you live outside the Republic of Croatia and you are a citizen eligible to vote and you wish to vote – and I trust all do – then you must register to vote in these elections.

Registration to vote expires on 15 May 2019 (hence, register before that date)in order to be able to cast your vote for European Parliament representation to be held on Sunday 26 May 2019 on the premises of your closest Croatian consular or diplomatic office/mission.

ACTIVE REGISTRATION FORMS (ZAHTJEV ZA AKTIVNU REGISTRACIJU) are available on Croatian government’s website, at the Embassies of the Republic of Croatia across the world and in all diplomatic and consular representations of the Republic of Croatia. You can download the form from the website here.

For voters who do not have a permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia registration is done by submitting an application for ACTIVE REGISTRATION to your Croatian diplomatic and consular office. An already downloaded pdf copy of the Active Registration form can be found here.

Please print, fill in (or fill PDF if you have the software capability) and contact your nearest Croatian diplomatic/consular office. You can post your form to them, email it or deliver personally. You will need a scan of your ID (with photo).

Voters who have credentials and access to e-Građani (e-Citizens) can apply for a prior and active registration via e-Citizens’ System.

If you are a citizen of Croatia living abroad and you are not on the Electoral Roll/Register there (Registar Birača) then you can apply to be included on the Roll by filling in Request for Enrolment into Voting Register (Zahtjev za upis u Registar birača) and you can access that form via the above Croatian government website

In the alternative click here for a pdf version of that Form, which is also to be processed via your local Croatian diplomatic or consular office.



Thank you! Ina Vukic


  1. I am afraid I will not be voting this time around in the UK Ina.. What a farce the British Government have made of things.. Good Luck to Croatia 😀
    I hope you are well Ina… I have been a bit busy with Spring, planting and other projects, so I have not been in WP as often..
    Much love your way my friend, and take care. <3

    • Well Sue, if we don’t vote then we can’t complain about who gets in etc. Yes Brexit especially is a mess. Am well thank you Sue and wish the same to you! Head up and onward we go 🙂

      • I meant about the EU votes only Ina in May .. Though even when the British voted its being sabotaged at every level, and one seriously wonders about democracy… And I have said the same to others about voting in the past.. But it seems there are those who want us to keep voting till they get the results They want.. That is not democracy…
        Much love Ina… glad you are well… <3

      • Yes, know what you mean Sue – certainly, given Brexit postponement date anything can happen in that crazy EU set-up, but it’s there so need to push on I think.

  2. Disgusted with Democracy In U.K. and can see the division of parties to water them down to many who want their own way ….not for the people but for their own self-image and they should stop protesting what they cannot change as politicians are using this nanny state to change what they want by providing what others want and personally it should be need for others not themselves.

    • Don’t blame you, Ian – need for others, especially those that elected them should be No. 1 priority. One wonders what it will take to get to that point

      • I took time to research the various differences between the withdrawal agreement and political declaration and what was proposed by AG on her final Brexit vote made sense and this is all about SNP, DUP and others wanting their own way.
        If you want to derail a way to leave the EU then you make it as difficult as possible and never forget Theresa May was a remainer and not a leaver as are so many blocking any deal. Finally we reach the words ….NO DEAL ….when there is NO DEAL that is the deal ! I wrote contracts for years and a contract is an agreement as in the word were both sides agree or not as the case maybe and a declaration is an intention ?

      • Yes, most complex and yet so transparent. So frustrating for people who just want to get on with life


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