Croatians Under Islamic Terrorism Attack

It was in July of 2014 when US Congresswoman Janice Hahn submitted to the House of Representatives a resolution demanding that President Barack Obama appoint a special representative for the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) of the country’s delays in its Euro-Atlantic path and drew attention to the consistent reduction and erosion of rights of Croats in BiH because of which there’s blockades and a political deadlock. I wrote an article about that.

In the Resolution Congresswoman Hahn had noted that the number of Croats in Bosnia has halved from 820,000 to about 460,000. “It is unacceptable that this negative demographic trend is reflected in the reduction of constitutional rights of Croats in BiH, as that reduction directly causes political and administrative dysfunctionality of the country,” Hahn stated in the resolution.

Hahn recognised the poor functionality of the Federation of BiH entity in which Bosniaks (Muslims) are seen as oppressors of Croats and their constitutional rights and that this dysfunctionality only fuels the separatist tendency of Serbs within the Serbian Republic entity, which of course threatens, as she said, the very integrity of the country (BiH) as a whole.

Despite Hahn’s submission former Democrat US President Obama appears to have done the opposite by distancing the US further from issues affecting BiH, thus enabling in my view further fermentation of Islamic threat to Croats in BiH as well as Europe.

Helsinki Commission Chairman, US Senator Roger Wicker (Republican) on September 12, 2018 urged the United States for greater engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

In 2021 the situation with obstructing and oppressing Croats’ rights within the Federation of BiH by Muslims (Bosniaks) is by all accounts no better than in 2014 or 2018. In fact, it is becoming worse by the day as pressure to control and rule grows, thus further eroding one of BiH’s constitutional people – Croats. The earned rights through the 1990’s bloody war where defending life was paramount, the given equality rights to all three constitutional people through the 1995 Dayton Agreement have all just about collapsed for Croats under the smothering, evidently nastily power-hungry Muslim or Bosniak counterpart in the Federation.

While the so-called Croat – Muslim conflict that erupted in 1990’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina has (unfairly and devoid of the truth) largely been depicted in the international media (as well as the ICTY) as an attack on Bosnian Muslims one must sit back today and re-look the truth and reality in the eye. That is, it was in no way an attack against Muslims by Croats but it hid the Muslim agenda to take over the country, especially the part that is post-Dayton agreement in 1995, known as Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosniaks and Croats). It is clear that is why the Muslims/Bosniaks sought to employ in the war, on their side, Mujaheddins from North Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan.   

The foreign Islamic fighters invited by Bosnian Muslims to their battlegrounds as killers, firstly against Serbs then against Croats during the course of the 1992-1995 war, have clearly been reaping their payment for their efforts to help Bosnian Muslims in war all these years since the war ended with the Dayton Agreement. One would be within the realm of absolute truth if one says that such payment was agreed upon in advance, at the start of Mujaheddins’ engagement. Their payment evidently comes in the form of strengthening the Islamic position in Europe while at the same time helping Bosnian Muslims in their abominable building up of superiority over Croats. An example of this is that Muslims rather than Croats elect Croat representatives in the Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency, parliament and people’s assemblies and other places of power. Muslims do not permit Croats to elect their own representatives and only Muslims can elect Muslim or Bosniak representatives (as well as Croat!). All this is happening at the same time as everyone, including Muslims, is saying that all three constitutional peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, viz. Croats, Muslims and Serbs, are equal and have equal rights! Yet, Croats are denied the basic and constitutionally guaranteed right to elect their own representatives! The Serbs have made sure they have their own entity in BiH, Republika Srpska (Serbian Republic) and the path to that meant genocide and terrible widespread destruction of both Croats and Muslims in BiH. In asserting their rights in accordance with the Dayton Agreement they do not depend nor are they impeded by the Muslims there as far as “the eye” can see.

On March 10, 2021 the Croatian World Congress has released its letter to members of US Congress through which it raises awareness of Nino Raspudic’s (Independent Member of Croatian Parliament; born in Bosnia and Herzegovina) recent speech in the Croatian Parliament with a detailed description of the development of Islamic terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, its connections to the ruling Bosniak-Muslim establishment, and the threats it presents to Croatia and Croatian Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Please access Mr Raspudic’s 12 February 2021 speech with link provided above.

Please distribute both the Croatian World Congress letter and Mr Raspudic’s speech as much as you can.

Please act, write you own or share the Croatian World Congress letter and Mr Nino Raspudic’s speech in Croatian Parliament, 12 February 2021 on the threat of Islamic terrorism against Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sharing of those can simply be done by sharing this article or downloading the letter and the speech and sharing them independently. It is hoped that many others around the world will write the same or a similar letter as the Croatian World Congress has to their members of Congress and Parliaments. It is our duty to protect the rights of all people and it is, in this case, to be active and make sure the world is aware of the dire position Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been placed in and continue to painful endure under the aggressive Muslim or Bosniak control in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ina Vukic


  1. I wish you the best in garnering the attention of those who can help you. Sadly, our own US Congress is solidly in the hands of the leftists in the House, and less so, but still with enough to overrule the right in the Senate.

    If President Trump had won a second term, I think you would have gotten more attention then. He had his hands full repairing the US for the past four years, but as a “lame duck” president, he could have done a lot more to help in a second term.

    We, on the right, are fairly confident that we will win both houses in the 2022 elections. Sadly, you may have to hang on with the US populace until then.

    Good luck to both of us!

    • I mirror, agree, with your views Jolene! We must press on, this cannot be permitted to go on in BiH! If it does might as well pull it all apart now and give each their share. The world shunned Herceg Bosna to make way for growth of Islamic terror there even if the world or part of it may not have been aware of what they were doing.

  2. Islamist vanguards have succeeded in attracting some young Bosniaks who abandoned their traditional beliefs, accepted more a puritan and less tolerant form of Islam, and became potential manpower for Islamist extremists. Constant political confrontations among Bosnia and Herzegovina
    politicians representing different ethnic groups have led to political instability. The country has neither the coercive nor the administrative capacities to provide a safe and stable environment, permitting the development of terrorist cells and affiliates. Even though Bosnia and Herzegovina has a permissive environment where extremist vanguards promote radical ideologies and call for jihad, the Muslim population generally
    does not support these groups or extremist violence, however they condone the oppression of Croats! What’s the difference!

    • True, Alan, there is aggressive aggression and passive aggression. Don’t see any Bosniaks protesting in the streets for Croats to be given their rights!

  3. Master Lodger says:


  4. Hope people wake up especially Croats in BiH! Otherwise the Bosniaks will wipe the floor with them. Why was so much blood lost to defend the Croatian soil and people there if they get this!? Tragic and unacceptable

  5. Matt Covich says:

    HDZ is to blame!

  6. bobomostarac says:

    Thank you, dear Mrs. Vukic!
    It is very important and necessary to know this !

  7. bobomostarac says:

    This is the “vertical” that judges and condemns us!

  8. Stevie10703 says:

    Back in 2018 I was at the local home improvement box store near my house when I heard a husband and wife talking Croatian with each other and it threw me off a bit because of the way they were dressed. The wife was covered from head to toe and the husband had a shaved head, a beard, and dressed in Islamic garb. i was curious so I asked him how he spoke Croatian so well and his reply was that he was from Bosna and that his wife was from Crnogora. The more i spoke with him the more I realized this was a radicalized person, he started mixing Arabic words, started telling me about how his holy book was perfect, etc etc. He mentioned how his town in Bosna is filled with foreign fighters who remained in Bosna after the war and that he is now a wahabi which is basically the branch of Islam the Saudi’s practice. As I left, the only thing that ran through my mind was that we can’t live with people like that and yes I know a lot of good people of the Muslim faith from BiH and Sandzak who consider themselves Croatian and in fact one of the best Croatians that we knew here in New York just so happened to be a Muslim,and he passed away in the 80’s. But my feeling was that we really do need to carve out and push for a Croatian entity in Bosna i Hercegovina and make that country and cantonize that country before the extinction of the Croatian people there. I cannot help but think of that video from a few years ago where a Croatian women in Sarajevo was attacked on the bus when she made the sign of the Cross when the bus passed the Cathedral in Sarajevo and how sad it was that no one had come to her defense as she was getting threatened and verbally abused.

    • Indeed Stevie, many good people of all faiths. It’s the nasty ones that breed intent to damage, intent to convert us “infidels” etc that are the threat. Sad story about the woman on bus in Sarajevo and I imagine such stories are quite common, sadly. Strength and resilience!

  9. Awful!

  10. I’m afraid we can’t make much of a difference. Even if it is true that muslims in Bosnia and Hercegovina are becoming increasingly radicalized, it doesn’t fit in the current left wing narrative of muslims being the only victims in the war. Ironically, Extreme islamism stands for everything the left wing claims they’re against. And if you dare to say anything negative about islam, you’re automatically a fascist, a bigot, and a nazi sympatizer. I’m not against helping people fleeing from war just because I’m concerned about militant islamism. The world is not as black and white as politicians make it out to be.
    Even though I do not know much Croatian, I really like Mr. Raspudic. The world needs more people like him 🙂

    • Indeed Salli – at the end of the day safety is paramount and in ensuring that one simply cannot walk on eggshells so as not to “offend” anyone

  11. This is disturbing news Ina… The world is going to pot in many respects …. And just who is in charge in USA right now is anyone’s guess…
    Sending love your way and good to be re-joining the blogging community once again..

    Love and Hugs your Way <3 <3

  12. PS… Love your bottom flyer… SEEK TRUTH….. we all should be digging for that right now.. and not believing what the media spouts out.. <3 Stay strong <3.. but I know you are … <3


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