Croatia: Taxpayer and EU Funds Help Promote Distortion Of Historical Facts

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By Luka Misetic
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
More Disinformation from Milorad Pupovac & Co.
As Croatia celebrated the 18th anniversary of its liberation in Operation Storm, the Serbian National Council in Croatia issued a press release through its leader, Milorad Pupovac, in which it declared that to date, “none of the direct perpetrators was held responsible” for murders of Serb civilians committed during and after Operation Storm. Vesna Terselic of the Documenta center and Mladen Stojanovic from the Center for Peace in Osijek made similar claims.

These claims are incorrect. Several people–members of the Croatian Army–have been convicted for murder of Serb civilians after Operation Storm. Here are just a few examples (there are more, but I will not list them all here):

1. Mario Dukic, member of the Croatian Army’s 134th Homeguard Regiment, was sentenced to six years imprisonment on 10 January 1997 for the murder of Petar Bota committed on 28 September 1995;

2. Ivica Petric, member of the Croatian Army’s 15th Homeguard Regiment, was convicted on 27 May 1997 for the murder of Djurad Čanak in mid-August 1995, and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment;

3. Zeljko Sunjerga, member of the 15th Homeguard Regiment, was convicted on 29 November 2002 for the murder of Manda Tisma sometime in the first half of August 1995. He was sentenced to four years and eleven months in prison;

4. Veselko Bilic, member of the 15th Homeguard Regiment, was convicted on 2 December 1996  for the murder of Dara Milosevic in September 1995 and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

I have provided only a sample of the criminal prosecutions. There are many other examples. There is no question that many other murders committed after Operation Storm have still gone unpunished, but there are many reasons why this is the case. Milorad Pupovac continues to make gross misstatements of fact in an effort to perpetuate the myth that the Croatian State intentionally refused to prosecute crimes committed after Operation Storm. Even the Trial Chamber that initially convicted Generals Gotovina and Markac rejected this claim (See Gotovina Trial Chamber Judgement, paragraph 2203).

It is time that Mr. Pupovac and others stop distorting the historical record.

Luka Misetic    Photo: Darko Tomas/Cropix

Luka Misetic Photo: Darko Tomas/Cropix

About Luka Misetic: Lawyer, based in the United States of America. Luka Misetic represents clients in state, federal and international litigation, including commercial, civil, white-collar criminal and international criminal cases. In business litigation, Mr. Misetic represents corporations and partnerships, as well as their directors, officers and partners in breach of contract and fiduciary duty claims, regulatory matters, trade secrets claims, fraud and negligence suits, and a variety of other claims. Mr. Misetic represented Croatian General Ante Gotovina before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, The Netherlands



Serbian National Council (SNV) in Croatia is elected political, consulting and coordinating body acting as a self government of Serbs in the Republic of Croatia concerning the issues of their human, civil and national rights, as well the issues of their identity, participation and integration in the Croatian society.  It is an institution of the minority ethnic self-government of Serbs in Croatia, and finally by virtue of the Constitutional Law on the rights of national minorities in the Republic of Croatia. As such it enjoys the funds from Croatian taxpayers, i.e. the government budget.

Documenta (Center dealing with the past) is also an NGO in Croatia that enjoys financial support from Croatian taxpayers (via government budget/ Ministry of culture etc.); it also enjoys financial support from the EU, among other international bodies.

It’s time that the EU and Croatian government assess the work these two organisations do and appraise their support of their work, for, I am confident, no public institution that releases funds to NGOs should tolerate its name being associated with deliberately misleading political grandstanding and blatant distortions of truth and historical records these particular NGOs evidently promote. I say this in the hope that the world has moved forward and away from the days after WWII and totalitarian regimes (such as communism) when history was written with exclusions of important facts. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps (Syd)


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    How do we change the lives of Croatians? What is needed most and first?

  2. Bravo. Keep telling the truth and keep the light shinning bright on those who distort and twist the truth and out right lie to destroy Croatia. Croatia has to transition from passive defence to an offensive strategy that aggressively and proactively promotes truth and pursues justice. It is terrible that Croatia war victims especially the innocent women who were raped during the war have not had justice. It is a disgrace that the current Cro government is even considering dropping the Genocide case against Serbia; that is being used as a political ‘football’ is disturbing. The case against Serbia is based on values greater than any political scheming.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Sunman.

    • The current Croatian Govt considering dropping the Genocide case against Serbia is a total disregard ,disrespect , dismissive irresponsible action against all Croatian people. Similarly to all foreign people ,who supported Croatia through knowledge of Serbian atrocities. These are Political values taking precedence over Humanity`s moral principles regarding much more than genocide..If these Politicians were victims of Serbian atrocities ,would present considerations even apply

      • I completely agree with you JoeGlocken – it’s utterly devastating for the victims and historical record that such a path is even contemplated

      • ICTY has found Tudman and Susak(read Croatia) responsible for everything Gotovina ,Markac were accused of,meaning war crimes,ethnic cleansing etc,It all happened in Gotovina’s acquittal trial.So now I have no idea how you can sue Serbia for something a court has found you guilty of,Croatia was found giulty of aggression on BIH in trials of Blaskic,Rajic,Tuti ,Kordic,Cerkez ,Also in trials of the 6 was found guilty of JCE so far.I hope you will find this info helpful in understanding the moves your government makes.

      • braco pd – you are either stupid or on a mission to promote lies. Have you actually slept through November 2012 when ICTY Appeal tribunal acquitted Gotovina et al (including reference to Tudjman & Susak)of all those crimes you list and live out your wishful thinking. When it comes to BiH due process isn’t over yet, but even if court decides against an appeal there are still grounds for lawsuit which by the way has been filed in 1999 with ICJ. I have all the information I need to form my opinion and certainly won’t be taking any you have to offer – these matters are no child play, they are serious

      • You have to start informing yourself ASAP and stop watching edited ,cutout tapes on youtube,Blaskic,Rajic,Tuti have already served there time and Kordic is about to get out and all are war criminals,But you are apparently going to file an appeal 10 years later even though you have only one month from sentencing date to do so,Farther more you can appeal it only once and I guess you will do it second time only 10 years later.It sounds as you have no idea that Markac,Gotovina have been acquitted on appeal .Now Rajic,Blaskic have pleaded guilty on there own admitting nobody forced them,Also if you inform yourself you will learn that Cro-Government was denied part taking in the trial of 6 in 2006.Also lawyers of the six said “WE HAVE EXPECTED JUDGMENT OF THIS NATURE’which is not optimistic sounding.But hey you will spin all of it to make it work for you.Now even if you are right”how in bloody hell is Milanovic,Josipovic going to sue Serbia at this point.”

      • No braco pd – you have to start informing yourself and stop being a bully – otherwise your comments will continue running the risk of severe moderation. Intelligent and informed people know the difference between ICJ and ICTY but you do not. Intelligent people respect the fact that jusatice comes in various avenues one only needs to find and apply them. It takes determination – “We have expected judgment of this nature” can refer to all sorts of things including political slants

      • On other hand can you tell me what type of appeal you have filed in 1999 When every moron knows that Markac,Gotovina,Rajic,and many others have been caught and sentenced after 2000.If I remember right Gotovina was on the run until 2004 ,same for Rajic,So your appeal is most likely propaganda ,It’s worth noting that you didn’t get a court date after 14 years,Well good luck to you.

      • braco pd – what appeal of 1999 are you talking about? Obviously your previous comment/opinion was made without any knowledge of facts about state lawsuits to which you refer. The 1999 lawsuit for genocide filed in 1999 was filed in the International Court of Justice not the ICTY – if you are so clever as you pretend to be you would realise that since then there have been a number of court hearings in the matter including the one where ICJ ruled it had jurisdiction over the case. Furthermore the pretrial process and submissions and replies to submissions etc have been happening as per court procedures.

      • I have no idea why you are bringing up a lawsuit from 1999 when you know as everybody else it was taken back,put on hold,and you will never move forward with it.All im trying to tell you all is the fact….legally everything has gone downhill for Croatia regarding the war ,ICTY and yet you sound mad ass hell at the current government .That case could have been dropped years ago by the government because 14 years is way too long for the ruling ,Either way its hard to cry wolf when you are being convicted of the same thing you are suing Serbia for.It seams that cro-government got that point and you are logging behind.It was just another brilliant strike of Tudman in order to fool somebody or to cover up his wrong doing.Besides Croatia has paid or is paying to serb victims of the crimes,it also has renewed .rebuilt houses so in a way it’s admitting to the accusation ,I don’t think I would ever pay them for leveling Vukovar with the ground.

      • braco pd – you seem to be as thick as a plank. As far as Croatia is concerned, crimes committed in Croatia the ICTY has in Nov 2012 ruled there was no joint criminal enterprise committed against Serbs and it’s people like you who disregard that fact and pursue your own agenda of hate. You clearly have no idea about the ICJ lawsuit for compensation, so don’t pretend you do. As far as restoring homes etc to those who fled Croatia that is another matter and the same goes for homes destroyed that belonged to Croatians and it has nothing to do with admitting any guilt. As far as Croatia is concerned – and this blog is concerned about Croatia – Tudjman has done no wrong and that is what bothers you.

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    Who are reading or believing these lies by pro Communist/Socialist Serbian Political Propagandists.?? The brainwashed mislead Serbian people , North Koreans etc plus those with an anti Catholic premeditated agenda .
    The current Croatian Govt considering dropping the Genocide case against Serbia is a total disregard ,disrespect , dismissive irresponsible action against all Croatian people. Similarly to all foreign people ,who supported Croatia through knowledge of Serbian atrocities. These are Political values taking precedence over Humanity`s moral principles regarding much more than genocide..If these Politicians were victims of Serbian atrocities ,would present considerations even apply .
    Za Slobodu

  5. Pupovac, former president Mesic (and few others) who are making daily provocations and insults, are the same MUD who are paid by the Croatian taxpayers, and I am asking for how long this is going to last??

  6. Hi Ina! Yes, let’s stop all the international liars and manipulators!!! But when?!… 🙁
    – – –
    Thanx for your stop-over(s) at the NP, my very best and have a peaceful evening! Good luck in all your endeavours, cheers! Mélanie NB, Toulouse, FRANCE

  7. For those who don’t know you can subscribe to all TV programs in Croatia for about $6 per month,,,take a look

  8. It looks like you have started mixing legal definitions ,ICTY has in fact found that JCE did not exist ,didn’t happen.Only the problem is they have found that war crimes have indeed happen,and the best proof of it is your own post where Luka names at list 4 people who have been already sentenced for war crimes.If you watch uncut,unedited tape of Gotovina’s acquittal all the way to the end ,you will be able to hear exactly what ICTY said.Then if you figure out that Milanovic said “He does not want to sue Serbia “just couple of weeks after Gotovina’s acquittal ,Then and only then you will be able to tie it together.If you have idea of ICJ case,well why don’t you tell us ,Why after 14 years there is no rulling,Why no witness was invited,And on the end you even don’t know a lawyer representing Croatia.

    • braco pd – why don’t you visit the ICJ website and search for submissions on the case etc – this blog will certainly not solve it and it’s not the place for it. Of course crimes were perpetrated by individuals from both sides and that fact remains a fact which no one in their right mind would deny however, when it comes to compensation then everyone who was involved needs to pay, not only one side. And you and many seem to forget the reason why the aggression started: Croatians wanted to assert their right to self-determination and the Serbs did not want to let them… you might not know the lawyer representing Croatia or the ones involved in putting together submissions but I do know because I have taken an interest in researching the matter as a free citizen who wants justice. On Milanovic or anybody else in the government, frankly, I do not think that their opinions should count in this matter – they were not victims in the first place.

      • There is no such a case,it was frozen or it was put on hold otherwise you would have at list one hearing …deleted

      • braco pd – as is obvious most of your last comment was deleted for personal attack reason. I will stop any discussions with you on the matter of ICJ procedure and at which state the proceedings are. I follow the matter with interest but the case is certainly not frozen as submissions are still required or other procedural matters. Croatia was to file a reply to Serbia’s submission by 31 Aug 2012 – I do not know if that happened or if an extension was granted – that information is not public as yet but just refer to this link to inform yourself although that may not make you realise how silly you are

    • Spectator says:

      oh, braco pd – if anyone is mixing legal definitions it certainly looks like it was you – it’s a pity we don’t know who you are so that we could see more, but you must feel good hiding behind a pseudonym in such important discussions and when you give yourself the right to criticize the author of this blog without revealing yourself so you could truly get your deserves. If any lay (non-legally trained) person is to be accused of mixing up legal definitions, as you are accusing, then it certainly cannot be Ina Vukic. I believe she has made history in Australian and wider legal practice circles some years back and the case she mounted for an appeal in Supreme court for her elderly friend was actually used in training judges and legal professionals in matters of “apprehended bias”. Although not a lawyer Ina Vukic is astute, clever and courageous on many fronts of justice and pursuing it on objective levels. For the sake of this here is an example of her determination to achieve real justice:

      • Oh, thank you Spectator – it looks like you are well read – and yes I do feel proud of my battles for justice. Thank you on your compliments. Beside the case you quote I have been involved in others as well – knowing fully well that the laws and courts of justice are there to be used and at our disposal, it’s a matter of treating them as vessels for justice and that justice can often take a very, very long time to appear.

      • What do you want to know my friend,feel free to ask and I will answer you without hesitation,In Australia you can’t practice a law unless you have a law degree so I have know idea on how Ina did such a amazing law case ,when we both know she is not a lawyer by profession and that she can’t practice law in Australia.But I do believe she is familiar with the law after all she has sued great HDZ … deleted by admin (commentator braco pd falsely represented the issues of lawsuit against HDZ in Australia, which was about regaining HDZ membership and no other issues/ the plaintiff won the case in Supreme court, was readmitted to HDZ membership and then like every grand lady would she left HDZ on her own terms) But anyways if you read carefully to what im saying you will be able to understand that im trying to point right direction for you.

      • braco pd – perhaps you may not know as much as you do regarding the law that guides representation in courts. In Australia and all developed democracies lay people can prepare court submissions, they do not need a solicitor if they do not want, they can represent themselves in court or ask for courts permission or leave to have a non-lawyer represent them. This is not considered law practice as in solicitors for a fee but every citizen can practice such “law” and a non-lawyer can represent someone but not charge for it etc etc. Obviously you need to learn a great deal about how the court system works in the world. How did I do this case you reply to? Sheer intelligence, hard work and courage.

  9. Will we ever stop the lies? I don’t know.
    It would perhaps take one huge human get together to change this..

    Like x

  10. In a global innovation index Croatia is not doing badly, considering the horrible war, carnage and destruction country went through…take a look

  11. Amo a la gente de Croacia!!!!


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