Gotovina Case: Eric Gordy’s Straw Men

Gordy has obviously become one of those very people he criticized in Nacional, who “celebrate those decisions which appeal to them, and protest those decisions which don’t appeal to them.” Or perhaps he was one of those people all along.


  1. therealamericro says:

    Ina, this is somewhat off topic, but connected to the Gotovina and Markac trial and aftermath as the same wartime Milosevic agitprop and hatespeech points are continually trolled by the likes of Gordy (who was also a guest author for BI), and Balkan Insight which unfortunately has an air of legitimacy in foreign policy circles despite having a who’s who of the worst sort of Goebblesesque Yugoslav ultranationalist socialist “journalists” (Pavelic, Hedl, Dezulovic and the rest of the Seral Fribune crew).

    Regarding this (and other, but her response was for this article in particular)

    The following is my response to Gordana Andric on Balkan Insight, in response to my queries as to why my comments were being suppressed yet blatant hate speech allowed:

    BI is thankful for your feedback and for the fact you are following our website. However, as every credible website, we refuse to allow hate speech. Hate speech comments will not be published, nor the comments that include discriminatory remarks or personal insults. We are also not allowing trolling. This is our policy. Please respect it. (ENDQUOTE)

    My response (which will never get posted as we both know):

    Mon Aug 26, 2013

    So, Ari Rusila’s fallacious and long discredited blatant trolling, Srebrenica-denying hate speech, and regurgitation of pre-war and wartime Milosevic propaganda talking points, which the facts-on-the-ground and voting trends never did and do not support, being posted, don’t qualify as hate speech, nor did these objective gems of “fact” qualify as hate speech:

    QUOTE: This Cro-kurva does not count HSP as a far right party. Even though its ideology is Croat nationalism and pro ustasa sentiment. His silly ass probably thinks himself as not a nationalist. haha ENDQUOTE

    QUOTE: Serbs and Croats both do the same crap. It’s either saluting Mihajlovic or Pavelic. And they always seem to be people born in other countries whose parents from the homeland failed to teach them anything at all. ENDQUOTE

    QUOTE: Thank you for your information. I do not want go in Croatia before second Jesus coming. They believe that they are Christians and that their God is Pope in Rome, what terrible blasphemy. ENDQUOTE

    QUOTE: Because criminals have made law to justify their crimes against other people as legal? Is it productive argue with these Croatians ‘democrats and humanists’, they are already Gay club nation, and do not be surprised if they tomorrow legalize sodomia on demand of their supervisors. There you can not be just one thing – Orthodox Christian Serb. ENDQUOTE

    QUOTE: I want to destroy you and your people you dont deserve to live. Lets be honest here you arent catholic and you arent Croats that is your problem. So please leave my western country alone. Now excuse me I need to fetch some soap and have my priest show me the true power of god. ENDQUOTE; this one had my name on it but I didn’t write it, some troll hijacked my account and or typed in americro into the name field – I never wrote that yet it was posted despite being blatant hate speech (someone putting words into my SN)

    QUOTE: I apologize superiors! Your Croatia is only democracy in Europe the same way as Israel at The middle East. Serbs are welcome there only if they are gays or Croatians. ENDQUOTE Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic and anti-Croat hate speech

    QUOTE: Agreed, and I like big fat orthodox sausages in my tight cro hole while the priest blinds with me his holiness 100%! ENDQUOTE – an obvious troll that hijacked Kandit’s account and or typed Kandit into the field for name, a mix of anti-Gay and anti-Catholic hate speech

    QUOTE: Look at the majority of posters here who basically were too young to fight in the 1990s but carry the mentality of the worst of the worst of the 1990s and in all likelihood didn’t even live in Yugoslavia in the 1990s thanks to their Gastarbejter parents and the little to no knowledge they have for a country they’ve never lived in. ENDQUOTE – A broad brush of anti-gasterbeiter hate speech

    But pointing out the following undeniable F A C T S:

    a) Convicted war criminal Biljana Plavsic was present with Aleksandar Vucic and warmly welcomed by him and mass participants for the Operation Storm Parastos mass in Belgrade where former Milosevic Information Minister Aleksandar Vucic engaged in hate speech himself and not so subtly made a threat to Croatia;

    b) That the ICTY, after being provided evidence by Milosevic, Martic, Babic, Martic, Mrksic, Hadzic, Perisic, Simatovic and Stanisic joint criminal enterprise (as Information Minister of “Krajina” and as Secretary of the “Krajina) Savo Strbac (who formed “Veritas” under orders from Milosevic, “Veritas” being formed and subsidized by Milosevic’s SPS and government, placing the ICTY in a blatant conflict of interest from the day it began working with “Veritas” in 1993 – as Savo Strbac was a senior “Krajina” official – through to today) via “Veritas,” HHO, Documenta, GOLJUP and other NGOs found that, after combing through a) Pension payments by the Croatian goverment to Croatian Serbs outside of Croatia b) “VRSK” / “RSK MUP” troop rosters c) Visa and citizenship requests by Croatian Serbs at BG embassies and across the Western world d) Individual business, property and reparation request submissions and or home sales of property in Croatia by “dead” Serbs in RS, Serbia and the West – that there were fourty four (44) questionable deaths in all of Operation Storm and its aftermath (please see the Trial Chamber’s initial judgement and the Appeal’s Chamber final judgement)

    c) That GOLJUP, HHO and Documenta are at best disingenuous as they closely did and still do closely collaborate with the Milosevic ordered and financed “Veritas” organization headed by the 7 JCE participant and wartime “Krajina” Propaganda / Information Minister as well as “Krajina” Secretary Savo Strbac as they – GOLJUP, HHO and Documenta – were and remain in a blatant conflict of interest by working with Strbac and “Veritas”

    d) That BI has its facts wrong because i) It can’t be 2000 Serb civilians killed as a result of Storm in one article and than 700 Serb civilians killed as a result of Storm in another article, its either one or the other, meaning BI has to make up its mind as to which figure it will post however that is bad journalism because ii) The ICTY ammended indictment, initial Trial Chamber ruling and Appeals Chamber process and ruling regarding Gotovina et. al. all stated that there were a total of fourty four (44) questionable Serb deaths during and after Storm and, as has been proven by the public record, 29 of those 44 questionable deaths (murders) have been solved, meaning that Croatia during wartime had a better murder solving rate than the US, which is at 64 percent (Storm solving rate was 65 percent), let alone the “Krajina,” which NEVER LAUNCHED A SINGLE INVESTIGATION INTO ANY MURDER OF NON-SERBS OR ANY WAR CRIMES, LET ALONE EVER INVESTIGATING AND OR INDICTING ANYONE FOR COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY for the 400 deaths of Croats and non-Serbs in “Krajina” during the UN’s “peacekeeping” mission, something Babic ADMITTED to at his trial

    e) That 99.5% of non-Serbs were violently ethnically cleansed from the “Krajina” in 1991 (see the Martic and Babic indictments and rulings) and barred by the “Krajina” from ever returning (see the Martic and Babic indictments and verdicts)

    f) That the “VRSK” and “VRS” were under the command of Ratko Mladic and engaged in a joint combined arms operation against the Bihac pocket of 250,000 Muslims, and that Bihac was on the verge of falling and that the potential fall of the Bihac pocket (which both Mladic and Karadzic PUBLICLY threatened would be a new Srebrenica), along with the August 3, 1991 through to August 3, 1995 excessive and indiscriminate shelling of Croatian civilian areas within range of “VRSK” rockets, artillery, mortar and sniper fire (which, the duration of the war, killed 10,000 Croatian civilians of all ethnicities, including over 300 children; maimed over 30,000 Croatian civilians of all ethnicities, including over 3,000 children), and Martic’s refusal to accept Z-4 solely on the grounds that non-Serbs returning to their pre-war homes was unnaceptable to him and the “Krajina” majority that elected him, was the region that Storm was launched, it did not magically “fall from the sky”

    g) That the Oluja indictment was a by-proxy indictment of the US and US military and foreign policy which ultimately ended Milosevic’s genocidal orgies in both Croatia and B&H; and that not “Veritas,” Documenta, HHO or GOLJUP e-v-e-r called for any JNA, TO, Serbian Guard Brigade or VRSK or VRS local commander, let alone general, be held accountable for command responsibility for the “200 meter” rule

    h) Posting relevant links, including the pre-planned, pre-rehearsed “Krajina” evacuation preparations before Operation Storm (, as well as the words of Savo Strbac himself on Banja Luka TV which are exculpatory for both Markac and Gotovina (, as were Milosevic’s transcripts at the VSO meeting in August 1995 after Operation Storm (; all is “hate speech,” but the hate speech / trolling quotes above of the undeniable facts I provided are not.


    Petar Zivkovic, Aleksandar Rankovic and Frenki Simatovic would be proud of BI.

    Anyone with any sense of self-worth and journalistic pride would submit their resignation from BI with this sort of censorship and deliberate evidence suppression and comment management with an obvious revisionist agenda as it rivals the “good old days” of Borba at its worst.

    Which is why I expect entirely discredited by the Gotovina and Markac ruling Boris Pavelic, Drago Hedl and the rest of the recycled Borba news of the prior week Feral Tribune crew to continue their jihad against elementary logic, reason, and the chronological order of historical events at BI….

    Every organization that funds BI is entirely compromised by default with this sort of selective censorship – though that is no surprise as certain BI financial backers have long sought to rehabilitate their and their national governments’ shameful roles in openly and tacitly backing Milosevic’s genocidal aggression in the 1990s for very selfish, undemocratic reasons.

    *** I would add that multiple Serbian media outlets as well as “Krajina” organizations and books interviewed Serbs who fled under their war criminal leadership who admitted that those killed in Zirovac were run over by General Novakovic’s “VRSK” tanks.

    Feel free to make this a separate post entry if you like.


    • Thanks therealamericro – I have been following the Balkan Insight from time to time and indeed the hate speech and “trolling” signed by their authors is simply beyond contempt – for instance, in that article their author talks about “beliefs”of how many Serbs were killed during Operation Storm, how many were forced to flee their homes etc without actually providing some examples of sources of such belief, without even mentioning that ICTY Gotovina & Markac case saw acquittal which said that there was NO FORCED deportation of Serbs from Croatia. To me any media outlet including Balkan Insight spread hate speech by publishing untruths and half truths and “beliefs” that one can easily conclude are formed ion bad faith, knowing very well that truth is different. I do aim to write about Balkan Insight and their comment “policy” which seems to be like this: don’t publish your policy so you can change it as you like… I plan to use your comment or part of it in my article on this issue – need a bit of time and thank you on your comment

      • Battle cry and call “The House”, known in the final chorus from the opera “Nikola Subic Zrinski” Ivan pl. Zajc 19th century, thundered in the 21st century and the Mark of the throat, to a hundred thousand answers: “Ready”. Battalion Čavoglave again and literally shook the ancient land of the murdered King Zvonimir Dmitra, embraced by an impressive number of red smoke ‘flares’. Sing Čavoglave in Cavoglave …

        Indeed Battalion Čavoglave is still an eyesore and Croatian Serbs and their servants, and all who have benefited from promoting the Greater policy in Croatia.

        In a situation when they got hold of these, and government and all the major media remains for us only to make fun of all of them for never in history nobody showed such cowardice as Serbs in the war, so they’ve Milosevic because of their unplanned bjegstava (when tanks and trample their people in from prosecution) compared with rabbits. And really, is to be said for domestic servants and thereafter serve their Belgrade bosses say anything except that the most heinous among the most heinous members of the human race?

        Thompson had just Battleplain Čavoglave predicted final outcome of the war and in times when Croatia was disarmed. Its psychological impact on those most disgusting among the most heinous today when we see them in the role of rabbits in from prosecution is easy to know.

        But you should never forget psilološki effect on ourselves that we ultimately had to make them from prosecution in rabbits. So I’m really grateful to prof. Dr.. Francis Plavsic who sent me one of his text that talks about it.

        Prof. Plavsic was born in 1946. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology in Zagreb in 1970., MA in 1973., Ph.D. 1981st, Full Professor of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb since 1990, worked in Pliva, IRB, the Rib head of the Institute of Toxicology and Clinical pharmacokinetics, as Head of the Centre for Biomedical Research KBC. Since 1998. Director of the Croatian Institute for Toxicology. Lectured on toxicology at the undergraduate and postgraduate studies more colleges (Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Medicine, Science, Technology, Forensic Sciences in Split, etc.) He is or has been a member of numerous national committees and staff (eg, HQ Medical Corps, the National Eco-headquarters to abolition, Headquarters of the National Protection and Rescue, Emergency Headquarters of Ministry of Health, etc.). Volunteer in the Civil War! Founded in May 1991st Toxicological Service Chief medical staff and was its commander during the war, and to the violent abolition in 2000. served as head of the Department of Toxicology of the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health. He participated in all defensive and liberating actions of the Croatian Army and all major organizational tasks toxicological protection since 1986. to 2005th (Universiade three visits St. Father Pope, Parade of the Croatian Armed Forces, waste accidents with chemicals such as Plitvice 1997th or fire II World Military Sports Games, dijalizacijske disasters, etc.) by about 170 printed scientific papers, of which over 50 in the journals cited CC, editor of a dozen professional books, the author of three international patents, authored or co-authored more than 250 reports on conferences, author of dozens of professional studies, mentor more than 60 theses. Actively engaged in environmental protection and other public services. One of the founders of the movement for the protection of nature, “Our Beautiful” and a member of its first presidency, was a member of Parliament or municipal committees for the evaluation of environmental review or environmental studies. He has held a number of public lectures on ektotoksikološkim problems in Croatia. Member of the Croatian Writers and holder of a number of literary awards.

      • Croats entered the EU recklessly, sovereign and independent state of Croatia gave its sovereignty and independence of the Union in which the Croatian people have far fewer MPs than 1.6% in the former Yugoslavia 23.4%, but also if we entered the EU, then the EU observe and Croatian national language. I can not write English, German, Spanish … but because I want to, not as a means of communication, which has bothered here Google translator who will each be the word to translate into English or another language

      • koca111 – it’s a credit to you for taking the effort to use google or other translators online. They are not perfect but still they give an idea of what’s being said.


      Aggression on the newly created Republic of Croatia persists Serbian Chetniks volunteer-provoking day, provoking night. In smaller villages Croatian happen horrific crimes all under the supervision of so-called Yugoslav People’s Army and the European Union Croatians introduces an embargo on arms and military equipment, while the Serbs were armed to the teeth of infantry weapons to howitzers, cannons, tanks, planes, war Shipping. From 1991-1994 Serbian criminals along with the fifth column of Croatia (Croats, Orthodox faith who of Serbian targets, and security against Croats and other Croatian citizens) slaughtering, raping, killing, looting, and destroying the world heritage monument, intersecting communication .. . the only note of all Croats were “at all costs to get rid of ticks,” and we are now freed action called Storm. “Who is liable for CROATIAN victims in occupied CROATIAN TERRITORY OF 1990-1994? NOBODY!” Commanders of these terrible crimes to this day sitting in Belgrade and they are: SANU, SPC, AASR. Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic … the only perpetrators of orders and nothing else. At the beginning of the democratic changes everyone’s mouth was full of the rule of law and the rule of law, which should be understood as equality of citizens before the law, independence of the judiciary in relation to the executive and legislative branches as well as the power of law and the rights of anyone’s subjective will. Courts would have to keep the law regardless of their different interests and influences, as well as regardless of any social circumstances and consequences, according to that which should not be taken quite literally, fiat justitia pereat mundus. Not in vain goddess of justice covered his eyes with his hand. But it happened in this country, where everything somehow goes wrong and wrong and whose fate in their hands kept getting worse as bad, or that theorem about the rule of law is not understood, although it is easy, or its application to many is not going to account what day can attest. The Constitutional Court has seriously infuriated Education Minister Zeljko Jovanovic, disputing his several acts under company education reform engendered by his ministry. So they fell rules on the selection of scientific degrees, making the alignment of textbooks with the new (yet non verified) spelling and sex education program in schools. And instead of having to cover their ears and accept the opinion of the Constitutional Court, Jovanovic at him fiercely attacked inatski insisting that the envisaged programs, regulations and decisions will not even for a dead head for either letter waived. Who is this court to disturb his ingenious ideas, his life’s masterpiece! Judges called black toga and connects them with black frocks with a clear allusion to the “klerofašizam”, which is a lot harder than he insults him by Zdravko Mamic. Disqualifying them as exponents of the former government, says that soon followed by selection of a new band and that the Constitutional Court then sit back more moral, more professional and more professional judges. In other words, there will come our people, who will make decisions that we do. Judge called a cow (after rhetorical pause holy) “that we protect,” which can be easily interpreted as a threat of losing their jobs. Responding to a suggestion of reviewing the constitutionality before they heard the opinion of the Constitutional Court, Linic actually shows that he himself is aware that the law is unconstitutional mentioned him as the Minister of Finance gives enormous power to a company saves, and some, according to their affinity, drowning. This same owner long boat, here and called for bribery, in a TV show is admitted to the bars are closing hundreds of undocumented Cro-kuna, but not retail chains when caught with a hundred million cash surplus. Although neither of them, nor even Linic and Jovanovic, have no legal training are able to share the lessons of the judges of the highest courts. It is this arrogance and conceit that produces political position, giving individuals, especially those with a reduced ability to reason and self-control in countries with underdeveloped political culture heritage of revolutionary terror, feelings of omnipotence and omniscience, and that illusion can dictate not only social, but also the laws of nature and interpret them according to his will. About this treason will go down a lot, but – I think – the most in a letter to his daughter’s deceased father. My dear father, I do not know who to turn to in this world, so you write a letter through our portal Although I was a little girl when you left us, what we have left in your memory is your patriotism, uniform and crown that gave you late grandmother when you went to war. I remember that we are the bloody war had to leave his home in exile. Although I was a child I remember that day and in the Sibenik hotel when I saw you last. You told me: Gold mine when our Croatia will be free to enjoy in this same Sibenik and Slavonia, as well as in our Herzegovina at Grandma and Grandpa. I remember my mother’s tears when you left and your waving from a camouflage vehicles. Twenty days later came the sad news of the world to me and my mom, and she was that you died, or how was it popular to say that your life laid on the altar of the homeland. After that, I do not remember a lot, in my head there was a vacancy choppy picture mother crying in the corner watching your family albums and photos. In our house in Slavonia is not never came back, mom later said she could not live without you in our old home. One time I dear dad was proud when the school is saying that we are free thanks to our veterans who have given their lives for that freedom, and I know you’re the defender was you. At that time, I often talk to your picture in the uniform of the Croatian Army, which is located at a central point in our room. I lived those days and years in the belief that we are free thanks to you, and that we’re living your dream of a free and independent Croatia. Dear Dad is all changed now. Now that I get to our Sibenik have to wait at the border of the country for which you died a few hours. That’s not the biggest problem, waiting for others, and so do I, but the problem is that our freedom and independence day in the hands of strangers. Dear Dad ones you called mice come out of their holes and are now selling our treasures and our independence. My dear dad too long I hid it from you, but here today I have to say that the state in which you have fought and died over there. Dear Dad your gold does not enjoy the freedom simply because there is no freedom, they sold the children of Judah. This letter I write to you after the Victory Day and Veterans Day, and I am ashamed of those who talk about you and all those who gave life for the country that has these same now turned into their property. All day I have my dear dad yesterday wept for those who have trampled on all our sanctities. Dear Dad I’d still much to write, but I do not believe that power. He loves you and loves your only gold. Yes, the rats come out of their holes now selling our treasures and our independence. Maybe it’s an understatement to say that this is high treason, is not it?

    • Enlightening. Great stuff you posted…it’s amazing how Croatia is criticized and blamed for defending it’s land which is a reaction to an aggression, but the aggressor never has to answer for its crimes. Action leads to reaction…funny how the action is never criticized and brought to justice. Why is it that we never hear journalists tell the truth of the Krajina government like you listed above. Why hasn’t anyone brought an indictment against the ICTY for conflict of interest through its involvement with Strbac/Veritas. What justice would there be had the Serbs won?

      • Sunman- I shudder to think what would have happened had the Serbs won – among other horrors it surely would have been what they/their leaders falsely accuse others of doing to them… and yes, your observation is correct: the world or at least much of it has conveniently “forgotten” that all Croats wanted was to assert their right to self-determination and democracy and that’s clouded over with focus on who did what in the war, forget the right to defend yourself, that too is prostituted but there are many of us who have not lost the focus on truth.

      • therealamericro says:

        The real problem is that the Lame Stream Media in the West has a vested interest in spinning the conflict and equating guilt, especially in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and France. as all of their governments in the 1990s were complicit in aiding and abetting Milosevic, and their papers were openly cheering for Serbia.

        In terms of the US, where the Liberal media is hell bent on propping up the UN and internationalism, the UN can do no wrong, and by pointing out the obscene (and quite frankly, criminal) conflict of interest by the ICTY in working with the eight JCE participant and public, hysterical Milosevic apologist Savo Strbac, it would debunk the saintly image of their beloved, corrupt UN.

        I think contacting credible independent journalists at either Fox or CNN and pointing out the ICTY’s ridiculous compromise(s) with Serbia, starting with working with a known 8 JCE participant and fascist “Krajina” government member in 1993 (and working with him through to today), to allowing Serbia to redact and or suppress documents from the ICTY, might be a good way to start an investigative report, especially considering the frivilous, racist (as they in a not so veiled manner insinuate Croatian genetic inferiority), revisionist class action lawsuit against MPRI and L3 Communications authored by Savo Strbac under review in Chicago’s second circuit court.

  2. Good writing. Ann

  3. therealamericro says:

    In terms of the article about Mr. Gordy and his “friends,” this “friend,” Mirko Klarin, runs SENSE news agency, the ICTY’s mouthpiece for the Office of the Prosecutor:

  4. Some EU countires are whitewashing Serbian warcrimes in order to whitewash their complicity in genocide and their support of Slobodan Milosevic.Namely UK.

  5. Mario Misic says:

    Ari Rusila most of what u write is absolute rubbish.. So u were there in WW2 ???? And the war of independence ???? There is no mention of any Serbian genocide ..or what the Slovenian,Croatian and Bosnian people had live like under the Serb controlled Yugoslavia…No mention of Israeli occupation of Palestine… What about Mossad? When will they be indicted for murder…

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