Croatia: Presidential Elections And The Light Of Lighthouses

As the final voting for new president of Croatia on Sunday 11 January nears, the electoral blackout has begun. And so, all I can say is to wish for the voters to find their way to the home they wish to have through voting. A home that unites all of its people whether they live in Croatia or abroad, a home that will not have such unacceptably high percentages of people living in poverty, a home that will not have such high and debilitating percentages unemployed, a home that has its clear vision as part of the democratic world and invests visible efforts into getting rid of the destructive political protectionism inherited from the communist totalitarianism of former Yugoslavia, a home that will put a stop to harsh and unfair bank account blockages for the unfortunate citizens in difficulties with debts and release the capacity for the people affected by the blockages to feed themselves … I could say much more about the vision of the Croatian home that existed in the early 1990’s when, for this vision, Croats paid dearly through Serb-aggression and the war of aggression against freedom and self-determination…May the beautiful lighthouses of Croatia guide every voter’s mind and decision on Sunday 11 January and bring Croatia back onto the righteous path of democratic freedom, economic recovery and unity towards finally working at completing or achieving to the fullest the common goals set way back in 1990!  Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Here are some lighthouses in Croatia – traveling North to South – click on image to enlarge and enjoy even more!

Savudrija (Northwest Istria, Croatia)
Lighthouse Savudrija Croatia

Sv Ivan na pučini (St John on open sea/ Rovinj Istria, Croatia)


Porer (near Pula, Istria, Croatia)

Lighthouse Porer Croatia

Veli Rat (Big Headland/ Dugi Otok Island Croatia)

Veli Rat lighthouse Croatia

Tajer (National Park Kornati Island, Croatia)

Tajer lighthouse Croatia

Prišnjak (Prisnjak/ island of Murter, Croatia)

Prisnjak lighthouse Croatia

Sv Petar (St Peter/ Makarska Riviera, Croatia)

St Peter lighthouse Croatia

Pločica (Plocica/ Island of Korcula, Croatia)

Plocica lighthouse Croatia

Struga (Lastovo island, Croatia)

Struga lighthouse Croatia

Sušac (Susac/ Island of Susac, Croatia)

Susac lighthouse Croatia

Palagruža (Palagruza/Croatia’s most remote island catch Ferry from Korcula)

palagruza lighthouse Croatia

Sv Andrija (St Andrew/Dubrovnik Croatia)

St Andrew lighthouse Croatia

Host (Island of Vis, Croatia)

Host lighthouse Croatia


  1. Ina,
    Thank You for sharing these thoughts and these absolutely beautiful photographs.

  2. Michael Silovic says:

    I have a lot of concern abut ballot counting. When you have an incumbent president assuring people that he will be re-elected when the run off was less then one per cent it has to smell of corruption of the ballot count. This needs to be watched very carefully. I hope that Croats voted for Kolinda and start a new journey on the road to success.

    • I agree, Michael – and I do trust figures will be overwhelmingly in favour of Kolinda, otherwise there may just be a revolutionary move to get rid of communist mindset once and for all

  3. What a beautiful metaphor to use the lighthouse to guide Croatians in their choice of a new president. These photos show the beauty of your country. 🙂

  4. Superbe locatii ! 🙂
    Felicitari pentru postare ! 🙂
    Cu respect,

  5. Lighthouses are a great way to stabilize us, aren’t they? Thank you for the quality posts, Ina!

  6. Happy new year and best wishes to you and yours for health, happiness, peace & prosperity in 2015!

  7. As Carol said above, what a beautiful and fitting metaphor.
    But I have a lot of concern about the outcome of the elections…I would not put it past Josipovic and those who work for/around him to use dirty tactics. I know that people want change. No one is so dumb, so blinded, that they cannot eventually see the root of their problems. But there is still a population in Croatia that refuses to open their eyes, there are still those who are too apathetic to do anything political and it makes me really concerned and anxious.

  8. I hope the people of Croatia make a decision that leads to a bright future for then and for the Country. One that removes any corruption from Government and that leads the people into full democracy and peace with all it’s neighbours.
    xxx Huge Hugs Ina xxx

  9. Hello Ina:
    Kept an eye on Paris this morning, and now waiting to hear about Croatia… Let’s hope for the best – go Kolinda!
    Fingers crossed.

  10. What a wonderful New Year’s wish to impart for all Ina.. And you have given us the Light of Hope.. along with your beautiful images of Light houses.. Croatia is indeed a beautiful homeland.. Thank you for sharing..
    Blessings Sue

  11. The photographs of lighthouses are beautiful. Congratulations on your first woman president.

  12. A lovely selection of lighthouses!

  13. Beautiful photos!

  14. Most interesting article, Ina, thank you!

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