Croatia: The Day The Pitch Swastika Attacked

Criminals burn a Swastika Into soccer pitch in Split, Croatia

Criminals burn a Swastika
Into soccer pitch in Split, Croatia


When in 2005 Prince Harry turned up at a party in London wearing a Swastika on his sleeve, the world media was intrigued and critical, however none associated Prince Harry or British Royal Family or, indeed, the British nation with Adolf Hitler and WWII Nazis, despite the fact that the British Royal family was “cosy” with Hitler back in the day, particularly via Duke and Duchess of Windsor/ King Edward VIII, Prince Harry’s great-great uncle who is said to have been a great Nazi sympathiser and also Princess Michael Of Kent’s father is said to have been a member of the Nazi Party. Furthermore, several weeks before Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland King George VI and his wife (Prince Harry’s great grandparents) sent Hitler a birthday greeting. The 2005 incident with Prince Harry and the Swastika was brought down to a “wardrobe malfunction” (!), the Palace issued an apology for the Prince’s mistake and that was that! Having been given, the acceptance of the apology was requested and “required”. No skin off the nose of anyone else in Britain then – not even of any extreme right wing political movements – or Britain in WWII and pre-WWII history and Hitler. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the apology that came out from the Croatia Football Federation even though it’s not even known that someone from within had burned a Swastika into the football field lawn – the world media and, indeed, the left-wing politics sympathising one in Croatia keep pounding and pounding against the whole nation because of an act of one or few!


Prince Harry with Swastika 2005

12 June 2015, a faint image of what faintly appeared to look like the Swastika was discovered on the lawn of Poljud soccer ground in the city of Split, Croatia, during the game of the Croatia v. Italy Euro 2016 qualifier match on Friday. The Swastika sign imposed in/burned into the grass through a chemical agent before the kickoff became visible from the highest stands of the stadium (bird’s eye view) during the match even though the grounds maintenance did reportedly, albeit unsuccessfully, try to remove or conceal it.
Italians present in Split wasted no time to send the faint images of the Swastika to the world, reportedly complaining to UEFA. World media went berserk; almost every mainstream media outlet featured this Swastika image on its front page, thereby suggesting that Neo-Nazism is thriving in Croatia! What an awful, awful world we live in! What happened to: let’s wait and see who did this terrible thing. Let’s wait and see and who is responsible for this criminal offence and vandalism.

To me this act of vandalism (terrorism, more like it) was carefully designed and executed to have maximum political effect benefiting the hopelessly incompetent SDP (Social Democratic Party) and HNS (Croatian People’s Party) political parties – led by Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and foreign minister Vesna Pusic respectively – that lead the hopelessly incompetent government that’s facing annihilation at coming elections. For it was not for nothing that Vesna Pusic, in obviously sinister motives, declared on Croatian TV news, Saturday 13 June, that “symbols of Nazism and fascism do not occur by chance in Croatia, that right-wing extremism which has entered the Croatian political scene has evidently, once again, opened the opportunities for such thinking …”! The possibility that the Swastika was the act of criminal activity and criminal provocation in order to punish the Croatian soccer team for whatever reason or the work of deranged individuals, did not it seems cross Pusic’s mind! How unfortunate is that!
With the world media going berserk and Croatian foreign minister shamefully adding Neo-Nazi twist to be applied to the whole of the nation, to the incident, no wonder this particular sorry image of the Swastika left Croatia players and the country’s soccer ruling body, the HNS (Croatian Football Federation), fearing drastic punishment from the UEFA after the result left them top of Group H with 14 points from six games, two ahead of Italy and four clear of Norway.
This is a clear attack on football and we will without a doubt be severely punished,” HNS secretary-general Damir Vrbanovic told a news conference on Saturday. “We have all been slapped in the face by hooligans and it was not an accident, it was a calculated move. The cameras will identify the perpetrators, but the shame will stay,” he said.
Not only were there fears that the whole Croatian team and the football federation would be punished but that the entire Croatian nation will be dealt a heavy “slap in the face”! I find it disturbing to think that criminal acts of individuals can actually attract punishment for those who had nothing to do with those criminal acts.
For crying out loud: what happened to keeping an eye on justice and concentrating on the hooligan/s or political agitator/s who were responsible for this act of vandalism and/or crime?
Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic demands pitch Swastika culprits are found and said, “this act has inflicted immeasurable damage on the reputation of Croatian citizens and their homeland all over the world. Therefore, we must finally put a stop to such things”. “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the swastika on the pitch. I demand an urgent investigation and a decisive response from the relevant institutions to find and process the perpetrators,” Grabar-Kitarovic said in her statement on Saturday 13 June.
The Police in city of Split have confirmed that criminal charges would be laid against individual/s, currently unnamed, for this act. “Immeasurable damage to the Croatian football, to Split and to Croatia has been caused by this act of vandalism. I’m convinced that the police and the appropriate authorities will swiftly and effectively investigate all the relevant circumstances and find the culprit,” said the Mayor of Split, Ivo Baldazar.
Whoever turns out to be responsible for this horrible act should also be charged with terrorism. While it is obviously in someone’s interest to vilify and muddy the Croatian name, the innuendo from the media coverage and from this pitch Swastika itself have caused a great deal of pain and terror to just about everyone in Croatia and Croats living abroad. The Left wing political parties that control the current government have ensured that more salt is rubbed into the open wound by suggesting that political movements are exclusively to blame for this incident and that wretched pitch Swastika. Shame of the foreign minister Vesna Pusic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic for not standing behind the good name that Croatia is (and insisting that individuals responsible be found) as opposed to muddying it even more. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Stipo Blazevic says:

    This is not really a news worthy item. I think it really is insignificant.

    • I think so too, Stipo, but given just about everyone has written about it in the world I felt it a duty to write the post and give other details others in the English speaking world haven’t. Cheers!

  2. I understand that in some cases of hooliganism the “punishment” of all and mainly innocent fans has helped. While morally questionable it may make the problem go away through peer pressure.

    Personally, I have a very positive view of Croatia and its people and would not believe that these acts (or the government statements you refer to) are representative of the modern and diverse nation.

    • My convictions are same, Christopher – it just hurts when nasty innuendos are made towards all for acts of few, whatever their motives.

  3. I checked the UK press (on line). Most newspapers reported the incident but it didn’t really make front page headlines. The BBC reported it in the Sports pages and concentrated mostly on the issue of crowd misbehaviour
    In terms of crown misbehaviour I think Edward VIII was largely disowned by the Royal Family and the country after the abdication.
    I think Prince Harry got a good telling off from his grandma!

    • I found quite a few, Andrew, and perhaps not all Front Page but certainly prominently featured, I felt rather unpleasantly inundated with articles on the matter when I just Googled “Croatia news” yesterday – the Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Telegraph, BBC…Reuters…Al Jazeera, Italian Press, US TV outlets etc and for instance I did not come anywhere across even an idea that Britain needs to be punished for Prince Harry’s behaviour with the Swastika…perhaps Croats are too sensitive but with good reason I think, it takes a lot of work to correct the wrong doings, why even the plight for freedom from communist Yugoslavia and communism was labeled as ultra-nationalistic particularly by some Western leading countries but yeah, I thought it only too appropriate for Britain to disown Edward VIII from the Swastika-sympathising point of view in particular.

      • Ina, why do you think that it is possible that such incident may represent a kind of “political statement? Do you really think that an extreme right political views are not on increase in Croatia? If you do, then please get real! We Croatians have a tendency to imagine some “World is against us” plot. In reality, we are not significant subject. Yes, World media brought the news, but it was more “curiosity” in style of Ripley’ “believe it or not” . Nobody was talking anything against the Croatian State, Government, people….etc. And at the end I don’t need an excuse saying: ….well Hitler killed millions…so my one is not so bad…. . Remember, murder is a murder, bad act is a bad act regardless of what the other did or do.

      • The point I was making, Ivo, is not that there is no extreme right wing politics on the move, they’re occurring everywhere, but they are not as mainstream as the Social Democrat and Croatian People’s Party make it out to be in order to win political points of course. Once the person’s responsible for burning the Swastika into the lawn is caught and if it turns out to be a right-wing excess then minister Pusic can go all the way she wants, this way she to many just comes out stupid and politically malicious. Regarding your comment about Croats having a tendency to think that the plot of “World is against us” exists let me just remind you of an absolute truth, clinical or otherwise: “If you are diagnosed as being paranoid, that does not mean you do not have real enemies”. Look at the history, even the last two + decades will show you that to many in the world Croatia’s plight for democracy, self-determination, freedom from Yugoslavia was an ultra-nationalist rather than an event to be proud of (as is the case with most who fought for their freedom).

  4. Povijesne, obavještajne, policijske, sudske i stručne analize morati će dati objašnjenje jesu li neke osobe u hrvatskom državnom vrhu i državnim institucijama, neki utjecajni hrvatski mediji, neki hrvatski intelektualci i pseudointelektualci djelovali ili nedjelovali na način da je to išlo u korist specijalnom ratu protiv Republike Hrvatske iz razloga: veleizdaje, plaćeničke poslušnosti inozemnim nalogodavcima koji su im dali moć, izdajom Hrvatske za novac (prodajom hrvatskih interesa za osobnu korist), protivljenju suverenoj Hrvatskoj kao takvoj, kukavičluka, oportunizma, snishodljivosti, poltronstva, nesposobnosti, politike nezamjeranja, politike nečinjenja ničega, smušenosti, neznanja, nepripremljenosti, lakomosti, površnosti ili možda čak osobnih prijetnji tim osobama (koje su djelovale u korist istog, a protivile su se tom specijalnom ratu) i njihovim bližnjima (obiteljima i prijateljima) te inih razloga.

    • Translation of comment by CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES: The historic, intelligence, police, judicial and professional analyses will need to provide explanation as to whether some persons at the top of Croatian government and government institutions, some influential Croatian media, some Croatian intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals acted or omitted to act in ways that favoured a special war against the Republic of Croatia from reasons of treason, paid servitude to foreign givers of orders who gave them power, betrayal of Croatia for money (the selling of Croatia for personal gain), opposing sovereignty of Croatia as such, cowardice, opportunism …ignorance, the politics of doing nothing, greed, naivety, superficiality even personal threats or threats to those near one…and other reasons.

      REPLY: I would love to see such a day – to see real caring among politicians about Croatia and its future

  5. You think Pusic and Milanovic aren’t using instances like this to sully Croatia’s fight for justice and socio-economic freedom? You think the anti-Croatian media croonies of the left-wing politicians won’t use EVERY opportunity like this to damage Croatia’s reputation in the world and thus punish every decent, normal Croat who is trying to have their voice heard against the maddening screeching left-wing loonies? You think Pusic, Milanovic et al, won’t use this to buy votes from a naive, willfully blind public? Is is the media attention to this, the calls for unfair punishment on all Croats and our football team, that makes this newsworthy. When “our own” politicians use every institution imaginable to destroy the morale of Croatian people, it is newsworthy. Only a few decades ago, Croats as far away as Australia were deemed fascists, Nazis and terrorists for standing up against communist left-wing loonies…and history has a funny way of repeating itself. Propaganda is not something you want to be on the wrong end of, and Croatia has had to fight an uphill battle against propaganda for a very long time.

    • Know it well, Kat – regretfully history is repeating itself I’m sure of it even ion this instance otherwise minister Vesna Pusic would have drilled about looking for the culprits of this criminal deed not banged on about some political extremist right wing politics – she should hang her head in shame

  6. Branko B. says:

    From Facebook: The volley of drivel from the Italian media surprises me a bit. For one because Italian strategy on the field revolves around bunkering around their own net and not involving hardly any offense at all. But more importantly, the generalizations they are making based on one incident, quite likely a political inside job, are ridiculous.

    A lack of offense from the Croatian coastal fans and media is also kind of surprising. With all the ranting lately about antifascism, have Croatian “antifascists” considered how the original fascists who terrorized our Dalmatian coast for years or decades shouldn’t have the moral authority to be firing these kinds of insults our way ? Why don’t the “antifascists” direct the same hostile verbal clobbering that’s usually reserved for Ustase on the REAL, original fascists…

  7. Stevie10703 says:

    Something doesn’t smell right here at all. First, the game was played in an empty stadium and it was an international game which means the Croatia Soccer Federation took over the stadium and the police most likely had it secured. I would also believe that the stadium has security cameras and organizers have a manifest of everyone who was inside the stadium and had access to the grounds so, it really shouldn’t be difficult to narrow down who might have done this.

    For me, this sounds very much like an old communist tactic which is create a diversion and then plant the evidence on someone so that person becomes the scape goat. Remember, the elections are coming and they already lost the Presidency so they are like wounded animals who are cornered so now they are creating diversions and straw men. I believe their hero Karl Marx once said, “Blame others for what you yourself are doing.” In psychology this is called projection. This has all been building up to this moment as it first started with taking down a sign before a game in Zagreb that said, “Zapamtite Vukovar,” then they reported Joe Simunic to FIFA for his leading the crowd in a “Za Dom Spremni,” chant calling it fascist, and finally in the Norway game in March, the fans started the “Za Dom” chant and once again FARE reported this to UEFA and thus we play in an empty Stadium and suddenly a swastika appears on the field. But, the funny part in all of this, I don’t remember if it was back in March or during the Joe Simunic incident but, at the same time the far left was arguing that “Za Dom Spremni” was fascist in nature, there was a group from Japan performing “Nikola Cubric Zrijnski’s,” “Za Dom” in Dubrovnik. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • You are right I believe, Stevie – I too think it’s a political plot no matter who carried it out. And yes, the Japanese did perform the Croatian opera at the time which has in it “For Home…” ‘salutation’

    • Unimatrix says:

      Spot on! First, they said that those particular security cameras were out of order and then a few days ago a miracle must have happened because the police showed the recording of two guys in hoodies jumping into the stadium. They also asked if anyone knew who the guys were although it’s completely impossible to see the faces and the overall quality of the recording is so poor and definitely produced by the same people who staged the swastika incident for whatever purposes.

  8. Michael Silovic says:

    I was going to post here on this topic but instead wrote on my Facebook page to express my opinion as not to offend anyone on your site. You are free to read it and to attach it to your site if you want to edit it I am fine with that….

  9. Brankec says:

    Our squeaky-clean Italian neighbours who can often be seen on the Dalmatian coast or especially Istra, pompously grandstanding as if they are on home soil, (rather fascist I’d say) could benefit from looking into their own back yard before sticking their noses into others. See, we can generalize too if we want to!

  10. Michael Silovic says:

    From Facebook: I have no idea why the Croatian goverment is apologizing to anyone for this incident other then for political reasons that benefit SDP. Anyone in their right minds know that this was an act of vandalism that I highly doubt was done to shame the Croatian people but created more so for political reasons and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the agents for SDP actually constructed it. I personally do not find the Swastika offensive nor do many other people as it is a symbol that continues to be commonly used as a religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism and other religions to this day. There is however a certain element in society that wants to use the symbol as a weapon of guilt on certain peoples and countries. Further to address the issue of the word NAZI I do not find that offensive either because the word Nazi was used in short to describe a political party that was called Nationalist Socialist Party. What really irks me is that people want to quickly condemn those who they called Fascist, Neo Nazi ,Nationalist or right wing. In a free society everyone has a right to be one of them if they so chose to be. While the symbol may be offensive to some people for one reason or another due to the fact that it was stigmatized after WW2 as it related to Hitler you can not condemn everyone who belonged to or associated with the Nazi Party as it was their duty to serve their country or be put to death for treason. Also understand that a majority of people that would be offended by the swastika is more than likely a Jew as the symbol has been used as an irritant against them. We must also remember that the symbol is also used as a form of protest to let Israel know that they are seen as just as guilty for their war crimes as was the German government under Hitler. One thing that We know as Croatians is that we have people inside and outside of Croatia that would like to do our country harm in any way that they can. I make no apology for our countries history and am proud to be a Croat whether or not you like my affiliation or position on the issue….. ~Za Dom

    • I do not believe your comment is offensive, it states things as they are/were and your opinion attached which actually tells us that it is a terrible shame that all suffer because of acts of a few or some.

  11. I wouldnt be surprised if this was planned and executed by the SDP/HNS as an election ploy. Wouldn’t put anything past the communist horde in Croatia.

  12. Perhaps someday, reality will set in that the Nazi’s were a Leftist/Socialist organization nor Right wing….Nationalism tried to meld with Russian Communism for awhile before Adolph went his own way. Papa Kennedy enjoyed loyalty to the early phases of Nazism too.

    • Points well taken, SwittersB – thank you. Perhaps that’s why the Left wing makes so much negative noise against “nationalism”, which by the way I see as patriotism, surviving politically is a dirty game

  13. On the birthday greeting, we were at peace with Germany at the time, and it was a normal courtesy between heads of state. More serious are the discussions in the British cabinet about seeking peace in 1940.

    Jewish cemeteries are vandalised with swastikas sometimes: we blame the vandals, not the whole nation.

    • That’s why Britain and other democracies are so much far ahead as far as Britain is concerned – collective guilt doesn’t really come into it. Which is a nice way to be, the only way to be.

  14. Stevie10703 says:

    @switters, I’ve been saying that for a long time now that the Nazis and the fascism were left wing ideologies, the only real difference being was that the fascists were ok with privately owned businesses but they had to be heavily regulated. The difference between the Nazi’s and say the Soviet Union was that the Nazi’s were National Socialists (basically blending nationalism with socialism) while the Soviets were international Socialists. There’s a great documentary called, “The Soviet Story” which details the similarities between Nazi Germany and the USSR even down to the propaganda posters. I believe it can be found on youtube. Let’s also not forget that the American left loved Hitler when he came to power and the New York Times wrote glowingly of him

  15. I’m not Croatian, but my best friend is and he has educated me a lot on your history. I’m so sad to see this when it wasn’t that long ago that Croatian pride was everything. (He’s given me a taste for Thompson–grin.) I wish it weren’t also happening in our government here in the US. I look forward to the day I can visit your beautiful country, and I pray for the best for you.

  16. Reblogged this on Ace World News and commented:
    Real world news as Ina has written it – as on this day the Queen revisits Runnymede and the signing of the Magna Carte 800 years ago – ask yourself this …..

  17. Rex Croatorum says:

    UDBA is alive and well. Sabotage. The Croatian national team is continually targeted for its once cult status and as it is the last vestige of public national sentiment. All other forms of patriotism have already been systemetically stamped out by the anational authorities.

    Its also funny how no one noticed that ‘ swastika’ during the game, only after did the leftist yugophile media (probably under directives as no one noticed it) jump all over it.

    The HNS also showed their incompetence in organizing/securing the venue which was behind closed doors, along with their idiotic response to the media.

  18. ..the swastika could have been drawn, either by trouble making “Serbs” or very stupid Croatians! For you see, that poor Croatia is scrutinized for every little event, such as this, but the serbs get off “scott” free! The serbs seem to have a “hot line” to the various powerful organizations, and they know it!….that is why you have to very careful and inform their organizations of serbian plots beforehand! The serbs are the classic Byzantine politicians, and NOTHING comes close to that type of politics…not even the British!

    • Exactly, Tempus Fugit, had a similar Swastika appeared in a lawn of another country’s football field or anywhere things would surely pass over in a quieter manner, or not linger on, not letting up…

  19. I always enjoy visiting your siteInavukic. Very informative, and filled with interesting conversations/feedbacks.

  20. Monstrous! 🙁

  21. Ina, do you follow nogomet? This is not the first instance of Nazi/Ustaša symbols or chants accompanying the national team. Šimunić was banned for 10 matches (including the World Cup) for the vile chant he led following a match in December 2013. Additionally the match was played “behind closed doors” because that same “Za Dom, Spremni” chant was heard during the Norway match na Maksimiru. This is not an isolated incident–the global media is writing about it because it is not only disgusting, but consistently happens in Croatia.

    • Well Duso, the chant Simunic voiced has been written about on this blog and it is not considered disgusting at all – only by people who want to make it a WWII chant and not for what it really historically stands for much before WWII. As to Swastika’s on the lawn or people people chanting from the stands, watching the game, I have not seen a single effort to actually identify and blame or punish a single one of them, which begs the question why and could it have not been Croats or well-meaning Croats but others wanting to cause damage to Croatia. In any case I do not agree that all must suffer because of the actions of individuals.

      • Ina, your response is slightly alarming. Any chant or reference to the Ustaša regime should be labeled what it is–hate speech. You are free to believe what you like, but there is a reason independent investigators took action against Simunic and Croatia following the incident. Racism is still alive in world football, and unfortunately Croatia continues to be a major offender.

        The Croatian Federation has been fined and punished numerous times over the past decade as a result of racist, and unruly fan behavior. The inquest from “well-meaning Croats” such as yourself should begin with the Federation–why they have failed to identify the perpetrators who consistently cost them money? There is no plot from “others wanting to cause damage to Croatia”–the damage is coming from Croats as a result of a dangerous ideology linked to their brand of nationalism.

        What of the “ubi Srbina” chants prevalent at other matches? Outsiders making trouble?

      • Duso, don’t start on racism for you will find individuals and groups everywhere. Any decisions made by FIFA don’t hold water for me or most of the world at this time now that we know how corrupt they have been and I am sure their decision to do with Simunic had brushed upon political corruption – Simunic “For Home” “Za Dom”chant had everything to do with strong and binding love of homeland Croatia and nothing with WWII that you and FIFA and others are turning it to be. And I speak from solid and objective experience. I am not worries about chants of individuals who don’t seem to get arrested or taken to court even if they act “illegally” eg wearing banned WWII insignia, flags, etc etc chanting banned stuff so it makes me think that there may be authorities in whose interest it may not be if individual scum are arrested and prosecuted – who knows what could come out

  22. Strong and binding love of the homeland? The first independent Croat-state allied with the Nazis, right? After all, that’s where the chant gained popularity among Croats.

    The chant is odd coming from someone not born in Croatia, but born and raised in Australia to Bosnian-Croat parents. If not for Croatia’s extension of citizenship to those in Hercegovina, he would not even be eligible to play for Croatia. Yet, he feels such a deep love for a homeland he never lived in that he chose to use a chant that represents the murder of thousands.

    FIFA is not the only governing body to punish Croatia–UEFA are responsible for the recent punishments as the actions took place in qualifying for the UEFA European Championships, not the FIFA World Cup. Croatia has been punished as a result of crowd behavior during the 2008 European Championships, 2012 European Championships, and the 2014 World Cup. These events didn’t take place in Croatia, and yet, the same ideology and chants were on display.

    The problem with “ultras” is not a uniquely Croatian one–but the reaction and lack of action toward these groups gives the impression that they have the tacit approval of the Federation, and the Croatian people as a whole. Ask yourself, if Croats were so embarrassed and bothered–why does it continue to happen?

    • Let’s just say, Duso: you haven’t got a clue what it means to love a homeland! That is the clear message that comes from your comment. So, keep your views if you wish you convince no one.

      • I love my homeland, and in mine, we do not celebrate hateful and murderous regimes. Perhaps, one day, you and your HDZ friends can join the modern world.

      • Oh Duso, you are a fool and a simple-minded one too. I wonder where you have seen celebrations of murderous regimes? One certainly can’t speak of national moves only individual and that is no celebration, but in Serbia for instance the nation denies its crimes, the nation rehabilitates the worst murderer of WWII – Draza Mihailovic. As to HDZ its task and wish was to rid Croatia of communism and Yugoslavia and the job is still not done – hard to join the modern world without still needing to fight off Greater Serbia thugs and communist scourge. But it will happen, it will happen – perhaps because of the great love many feel

  23. Esther Gitman says:

    I wanted to know about the incident of the swastika? I personally think that it was Russia that did it or the left wing parties in Croatia and Serbia. It is almost unimaginable that a Croat who loves his country would do such an atrocious thing and harm his country in a big way? It is also possible that the Croats are already so guilt ridden and paranoid that they accept and believe everything that the media writes against them. Was an international investigation conducted, before it was published throughout the world? Was the culprit or culprits captured?Serbs are all the time under offensive because in a military sense it is the best defense. Why nothing is heard about their atrocities against the Jews during WWII? Is the world aware of the Sajmiste concentration camp, and it was a Serbian camp in which thousands were butchered? Does the world know that in 1942 Belgrade was the first capital city in Europe to be Free of Jews? The world is timid to expose their crimes against Jews and others. It is about time to write the entire history in the countries of former Yugoslavia and implicate also other ethnic and religious groups.

    • My thought exactly, Esther – and thank you for your comment. No, the culprit or culprits that put the swastika on the football field lawn have not been caught or identified which is hard to swallow in this day and age and so is the fact that similar incidents that occurred at some other games even group of people forming a swastika were not arrested even if photos identify them etc… it all looks a set up to perpetuate lies

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