Russia’s Motives Unscrupulous In Labeling EU With Neo-Nazi Elements

Front Page of Russia's Report May 2015

Front Page of Russia’s Report May 2015


Foreign Affairs ministry of the Russian Federation has on 4 May, to mark the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism, published a report titled “Neo-Nazism – a dangerous threat to human rights, democracy and the rule of law” in which it sharply criticises the strengthening of right-wing and nationalistic political movements in Europe and some NATO countries outside the EU and expresses objections towards the European authorities for not having the will-power to increase repressive methods towards such movements.

Well, such a document is not surprising. I mean, Russia was not likely to mark the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism by addressing circa 36 million of innocent victims of communist fascism under Stalin and after him.
The introduction states: “The present report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is primarily aimed at demonstrating current situation with the spread and potential consequences of the neo-Nazi threat in a number of countries. It is focused on the most outstanding and obvious tendencies in this sphere that pose extreme threat to the stability and security of the world order.

The report consists of three chapters. The first describes global neo-Nazi tendencies in a number of countries and demonstrates how they contradict international legal obligations in the sphere of combating Nazism, neo-Nazism, aggressive nationalism, discrimination, xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance. The second chapter of the report contains fundamental provisions of international legal instruments and mechanisms. The third chapter exemplifies manifestations of neo-Nazism and related concepts and ideologies of hatred and points out the progress of a number of countries in combating neo-Nazism that requires further development and consolidation.

The data of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, international NGOs including human rights organizations such as Simon Wiesenthal Center and the International Human Rights Movement ‘World without Nazism’, reports of the national human rights structures, ombudsmen as well as statistics and researches of state authorities, studies of the leading world experts related to Nazism and neo-Nazism and documents from the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation were used as sources in the preparation of this report.

The report is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in commemoration of millions of people who have liberated the world from Nazism.

No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

All the victims of communist crimes are forgotten in this and Russia should know that in today’s world one cannot condemn one totalitarian regime of the past without condemning the other, for both were evil and oppressive. My feeling is that this document has been put together in the resistance to the movement in Eastern Europe that is exposing communist crimes for what they were – utter horror and inhumanity. The other Holocaust! Furthermore, this report would also serve as some justification for Russian interference in Ukraine, even if its reasoning and interpretation of events in Ukraine are quite twisted and evil.

The document pays special attention to Eastern European countries where there is presence of resistance to the spread of Russian influence on the continent – Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries – but other countries are also analysed, such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine … Curiously, given that it talks about supposed denial of rights to ethnic minorities, the report circumvents Serbia and all the ultranationalists there whose actions and inactions have seriously denied the Croatian and other minorities in Serbia many human and citizenship rights.
The Russians, among other things, state that “aggressive nationalism, ethnic and religious intolerance” in Croatia was directed primarily against the largest ethnic minority, Serbs, whose numbers have decreased by two-thirds since 1991. Suffice to say, the document has gathered all sorts of bits and pieces, uncorroborated or unproven acts of vandalism as to who actually perpetrated the acts of vandalism, stories of alleged hate crimes etc. Referring to unspecified data of unspecified human rights activists (therefore, cannot be verified), the document also states that during the last 19 years, about 30,000 Serbs in Croatia, Orthodox Christians, “converted to another faith, that is, accepted Catholicism.”

The president of Croatian Parliament’s Committee on Human rights and minority rights, Furio Radin, said for the Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper that he “never heard about 30,000 Serbs converting to Roman Catholicism” and concluded these were “unfounded figures, for if they were legitimate figures we would have addressed the matter already,” Radin concluded.

Although he was among the signatories of the recent Declaration Against Intolerance and Ethnocentrism in Croatia, Radin assures that Croatia cannot be accused of Neo-Nazism.

We have in Croatia some cases of sporadic flirting with Ustasha-ism, stadium nationalism, but the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry assessment general assessment doe not stand, said Radin who is also a member of the Croatian Parliament representing the Italian minority in Croatia,

When it comes to the crux of the matter the Russian assessment of Neo-Nazism in Europe does not hold water at all. Not only does it use unverifiable and dubious data but also much of its data sources seem quite biased, and in the case of Croatia the report favours the views of former communists and Serbs in Croatia. One cannot with confidence say that this is an objective assessment that it pretends to be. But that’s Russia for you these days. Just pile it on irresponsibly and see what falls out…

Member of the Executive Board of the Croatian Helsinki Committee Ivo Banac said that “in Croatia, like elsewhere” there had been “incidents related to neo-fascism” – but asks “who are Russians to call others by names and what is their interest in doing that.”

Of course, as expected, the Russians think that there must be laws that prohibit historical revisionism! In other words: laws that prevent the whole truth of history from being recorded as part of that factual history!

With regards to Russian’s comments about the non-existence of laws that prohibit historical revisionism, Banac is adamant that such a law should not be passed in Croatia because it would limit freedom of speech. Regardless of the fact that someone might abuse facts, everyone has to have a right to freedom of speech, because it is the most effective fight for truth, a in no case should there only be some organisations, as ‘the Antifascist League’, favoured by the Russians, said Banac.
The Report says, “The rise of neo-Nazism and radical nationalism in Ukraine has recently, in particular after the unconstitutional coup d’état of February 2014, reached an unprecedented level. The whole range of manifestations and signs of neo Nazism has been registered in the country, including consistent, state-level rehabilitation and glorification of Nazi accomplices of the World War II, policy of falsification of its history, swift legitimization of radical nationalists and their entry to state power structures, purges and punitive military operations concerning the people labeled as conducting ‘anti-Ukrainian activities’ “… So, according to Russia, the West is supporting a Neo-Nazi state of Ukraine! Yeah, right!

While most will not take this report seriously it obviously stands as a part of a wider anti-European Union and anti-Ukraine propaganda campaign, mostly criticizing the Baltic States and Kiev. But it is insulting to Croatia, nevertheless. Croatia should now push harder towards lustration (getting rid from high public offices of all former communists in high positions under communist Yugoslavia) and towards getting real justice for the victims of communist crimes. And as for the EU and other countries Russia criticizes in this report for not doing much about stopping freedom of speech and expression one can suggest: bring on more sanctions against Russia than the current lot and give loud support to the condemnation of communist crimes! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Russia – Country of Concern
    This is one of 27 Countries of Concern included in the latest annual FCO Human Rights Report.–2

    • Thank you for trhe link, Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources – no doubt Russia has still and employs the old communist habit: attack others in order to hide own shortcomings, crimes, breaches etc.

  2. What else do the Russians have left? If all of us aren’t Neo-Nazi what are we? Never mind that the Russians are largely not human like the rest of us – they’ve been towing a certain line like robots for almost hundred years.

  3. Croatian government has rebuffed as “unfounded and selective” a report by Russian foreign ministry over the neo-Nazism and treatment of the Serb minority in the new EU member country.

  4. I’m surprised this report causes so much concern since it’s obviously only for consumption within Russia where the people are fed a diet of this pap.
    Though it magnifies greatly the concerns about neo-nazism in the West, that is a genuine concern for many of us who see these far right parties win favour. Greece, Holland, France all have elements of the far right either in or heading towards Government so while the report itself isn’t a worry, some of the half truths they magnify are. That also included the belief that the US and the UK helped place a neo nazi party in place in the Ukraine and offer it support.
    While Croatia would do itself much good in ridding itself of those Communists of the old regime who hold on to power and voting in people with the democratic interests of Croatia in their heart I hope they check that these new people are not of the holocaust denying far right but people who can carry the new Croatia’s interests forward as an example to others.
    xx Huge hugs xxx

    • I do not think that there is Holocaust denying in Croatia or elsewhere, apart from few individual loops, the worry is David, that when people focus on communist crimes and that it’s time to deal with those, often they are labeled. by former communists especially, Holocaust deniers or neo-Nazi etc. I can see a trend that far-right wing parties or movements in the world are labeled neo-Nazi which does not necessarily ring true and there is the problem that the poorer the economy gets the more likely are the patriotic parties to flourish however that does not mean they have extermination of “others” among them in mind. Ukraine is panning out to be interesting to say the least – I recall late 1980’s and early 19990’s there was a push internationally, particularly Britain, to label the Croatian freedom movement as ne0-Nazi, ultranationalistic and what not, its first president Tudjman still suffers from such vilification, but he and 94% people wanted was out of communist oppressive Yugoslavia…

  5. Putin reminds me of Hitler’s words 75 years ago, “Our people living terror of the Poles. Therefore we must liberate our people.” Sounds familiar…. The Ukraine?

  6. I think the point of the report has been over-looked. I think the point is a) to right the wrong of not including the sacrifices of Russian soldiers in WWII in the writing of history – which is what the US and EU are trying to do, and b) to address the current communist agenda that is infiltrating our governments – including the US.
    As I have said in my blogs, we can not condemn a country for the rulers of their past – ie, Merkel is not Hitler and Putin is not Stalin.
    The threat of communism is real today. But where it originates is not where we are led to believe. Russia today is not what is was 70 years ago or even 20 years ago. But then neither is the UK – a country who routinely beheaded their peasants.
    Neither is Japan, a country that tortured US soldiers.
    If one studies the vast number of coups since the 1950’s they have been orchestrated with help from the US and the EU for allegiance to their will and way of thinking. Ukraine simply didn’t fold as expected to Monsanto, to Hunter Biden, to Clinton. And now what continues is a horrific pit of citizen against citizen – brother against brother for one purpose – survival.
    Anyway – sorry for the rant – I think we need to adjust our thinking a bit because what we have taken to be real and truth is upside down.
    I in no way mean any disrespect to you or your country, I simply offer an alternative view…because what is happening beneath the surface of what we think we know and think we see is terribly scary.

    • So true, Helena, and I do think that say given that Putin is not Stalin he could look at and treat history with the eyes and respect for the truth of a modern man, not try and stop the truth of the past from view! Just as the Holocaust has been condemned and individuals convicted so too should be the case for communist crimes. What is going on with Ukraine and its pro Russians – territory wise – is not too different from what went on in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in early 1990’s with Serbs and it’s complicated that way but thing must be kept clear, i.e. focus kept on what the goal is. And, oh, I so agree with you: the threat of the spread o or return of communism is real.

  7. It cannot happen again!

  8. Chaos is the the new order in the world Neo-Nazi in the West ,ISIS the the Middle-East,Russia is defying NATO and the Weak American Boss.Warm regards.Jalal

  9. I think perhaps you might be over-looking the larger picture of what Russia is attempting to say. In reading portions of the document, it was more a rebuke of communism than anything else and addressed the fact that its spread is truly within the borders of Europe and the US. Our government here has two faces and it is sometimes difficult to ascertain which one is exposed any given day.
    To castrate Russia today for what Stalin did decades ago would be no different than blaming Merkel for what Hitler did, or the Japanese Prime Minister for the atrocities against US soldiers in WWII. Or even the British for their history of beheadings.
    We have to rise above those of the past – which does not mean we forget – but means we need to learn from those mistakes. I have friends who escaped communist rule in Poland. Communism is a fearful agenda. The Ukrainian coup was backed by the US for Monsanto to gain a foothold, for Hunter Biden to drill for natural gas, and for the Clintons to make more money. The coup has pit citizen against citizen and brother against brother for one reason – sheer survival. It is a horrendous disaster.
    Although our government is implicated it does not mean our people are. These coups are nearly always for a very specific monetary gain for a very few. I think Russia recognizes this and therefore booted all the Soros NGO agencies.
    A country should belong to its people – Ukraine is another Soros achievement.
    I mean no disrespect to your or your country and hope I have not offended you. Just sharing an alternate perspective from many miles away.

    • True Helen, but Merkel is not trying to cover up of what Hitler did as opposed to Putin re Stalin. The communists still have the need to justify communism as the solution…Nobody is castrating Russia, Russia is doing it itself as far as I can see – to the point of this Report on Neo-Nazism, one would expect more care to have been taken in producing it than what they have – an alternative perspective is good but in this Russian report it’s is obvious that the writers didn’t bother with verification of gossip data or hearsay they put out …so if they did it like that they could have labeled it as their opinion only and not presented it as fully supported by facts reports. We do have to rise above the past but first we must set the past right – with facts, otherwise the future will continue with double-standards and that is no future I would like

  10. …why does Russia NOT criticize Serbian courts’ rehabilitation of DRAZA MIHALJOVIC, one of the biggest mass murderers of WW2?

  11. the world just never change now does it? great post 🙂

  12. This was very informative. I’m loving this website.

  13. therealamericro says:

    The irony is that Russia turned to an unapologetic, genocidal “Krajina” fascist hate speech monger for its “evidence.”

    Yet another reason for Croatia to join the Visegrad Group, as propaganda attempts like this are addressed by all members when they take place.

    On a positive note, Andelko Milardovic and Bruno Lopadic yesterday organized a Central European identity conference and listed the plethora of reasons for Croatia to join the Visegrad Group. Obviously, this is not something that the current government or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (whose reaction to Russia’s primitive propaganda was and remains pathetic) would ever push because of their perverse obsession with the “region,” but it is something the opposition as a whole can and should embrace for the next election cycle. That way when Serbia or Russia engage in cheap shots, all members react in unison.

    • Yes, and judging by the movements towards Russia by the current Croatian red government recently, as well as Serbia’s, therealamericro it’s no wonder that Croatia’s current government would ever lose sleep as to how best to join the Visegrad Group whose central aim to to strengthen stability in Central Europe, shift away in real terms from the eastern communist totalitarian heritage in government.

  14. Reblogged this on Ace World News and commented:
    A really great post with background, content and history thanks Ina

  15. I don’t know how they could have the nerve.

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