Croatia: Witch-Hunt Fever Spreads Threatening Collapse Of Government

Tomislav Karamarko Leader of HDZ/ First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia

Tomislav Karamarko
Leader of HDZ/ First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia


Following Croatia’s political developments that saw the mounting of scandal after scandal in efforts to destabilise the government since January 2016 these days is like being catapulted back to the Middle Ages when witch-hunts thrived, fever of confusion and moral panic ruled the day and truth and justice took a far back seat. This time, though, in Croatia the moral panic appears to seep in all shapes and forms from ex-communist and communist-minded echelons, threatened with full exposure and reckoning of the communist crimes their political forbearers committed against the Croatian nation. It’s also like riding on a beastly rollercoaster that cruelly gives no clues as to how turbulent, even how fatal, its next turn may be.

The most deeply disappointing element in this state of political confusion is that even the appointed (non-elected) Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and minority BRIDGE/MOST coalition partner Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov have both since Friday 3 June 2016 caught an insufferable dose of the terrible illness previously manifested mainly by the leftist opposition of Social Democrats and their political allies in the parliament. This terrible illness can be labeled: witch-hunt fever against Tomislav Karamarko, First Deputy Prime Minister and leader of Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ majority partner in the coalition government. This witch-hunt fever currently centres around the motion to the parliament by Social Democrat opposition seeking a vote of no-confidence on basis of Karamarko’s wife’s previous business consultancy as well as on basis of things Croatia media has reported Karamarko had at various times said!


To use this motion, prior to the appropriate authorities delivering a finding as to whether Karamarko has a conflict of interest case to answer, as a foundation in seeking his resignation in a country where democracy and due process are said to be the guiding principles and practices is tantamount to lunacy; to witch-hunt fever no citizen should be subjected to in the 21st century. The motion for no-confidence vote tabled by the Social Democrats is discussed in some political circles as a credible process even though facts of the matter have not been established nor truth certified by way of tested evidence! How someone can say they’ll vote for the motion of no confidence when it has not been established that Karamarko’s professional decision making capabilities for the government have been adversely affected by his wife’s business dealings prior to elections and his becoming the First Deputy Prime Minister, as Social Democrats seem to claim, can only be answered with repugnance.


Tihomir Oreskovic Croatian Prime Minister

Tihomir Oreskovic
Croatian Prime Minister

Croatia’s prime minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Friday 3 June 2016 in a surprise and seemingly sudden move urged his two deputies (Tomislav Karamarko and Bozo Petrov) to step down to end a political deadlock; he said he himself would not resign and that he did everything in his power to try and fix the broken relationship between the two deputies. The latest crisis erupted when Bozo Petrov from BRIDGE/MOST said during the past week it would support the Social Democrat motion to replace its partner’s First Deputy Prime Minister Karamarko.
I am not resigning and I didn’t plan to,” Oreskovic said Friday, insisting new elections are not necessary and would only slow down and burden Croatia’s economic recovery.
I hope they (deputies) will make a decision in the interest of the Croatian citizens,” he said.


The leader of the Croatian Democratic Union, Tomislav Karamarko, who said he was surprised by the prime minister’s decision, promptly rejected Oreskovic’s call.
Deputy premier Tomislav Karamarko, head of the HDZ party which dominates the government, refused to quit and said either fresh elections or a “reconfiguring” in parliament were now the only solutions adding that Prime Minister Oreskovic no longer enjoys HDZ’s trust.
MOST leader Bozo Petrov said he was ready to resign but insisted Karamarko should too.

Bozo Petrov Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia

Bozo Petrov
Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia

The fact that witch-hunt against HDZ leader Karamarko is at the forefront of Bozo Petrov’s mind is evidenced by his statement for HRT news Saturday 4 June 2016 when he said: “…I am now truly interested, after the ‘consulant’ affair (read Karamarko’s wife’s business consultancy) that arose and everything else that he is the one who presents himself as the one who is protecting (Croatian) national interests … if he really cared about the homeland, as he often said he does, then he would know that the term ‘political rsponsibility’ exists and if though nothing else then he would protect national interests by submitting his resignation …”

Petrov stated further on HRT news Saturday 4 June that if HDZ achieve a governing majority through reconfiguring then “that will resemble some hybrid monster, but that is their problem…”! Can you imagine a member of parliament saying this! Absolutely shocking – nothing that people elect into the parliament can be viewed as a monster of any sort! This Bozo Petrov needs to be ousted from the government – not Karamarko.


HDZ Presidency met on Saturday 4 June 2016 and confirmed its support for Tomislav Karamarko as its leader in both the Party and its parliamentary majority, despite a reported suggestion by HDZ vice-president Milijan Brkic that Karamarko could consider removing himself/resigning from First Depty Prime Minister position. Reportedly all options were at the table and the concluding agreements were that HDZ will work on finding a way as to how Prime Minister Oreskovic needs to be removed from the top job and how HDZ can push ahead by reconfiguring the parliamentary partners it may still govern with as majority coalition partner. Reports in the media that HDZ itself is split on the issue of Karamarko’s leadership do not seem to be supported by any visible threat to his leadership although, as any other party anywhere, HDZ is not immune from factions and fractions.

In the event of re-stacking or re-configuring parliamentary majority in order to save this HDZ led government possibilities do exist that some MOST/BRIDGE coalition members may abandon that coalition and cross to direct coalition with HDZ as “single seat” to help HDZ make-up the required 76 seats as Petrov loses his grip on MOST’s political coagulation of independents. Furthermore, the next week or so is set to show as to whether HDZ can assemble new alliances within the parliament in order to come up with majority seats and, hence, enter a new era of its coalition government. The alternative solution to solving the political crisis that has been created via false allegations and sheer political stupidity and sensationalism  is said to lie in new general elections, which HDZ says is the last resort they would condone as elections take time and cost money Croatia cannot afford. Of course, there is always the possibility that Social Democrats’ motion for a vote of no confidence against Karamarko will be blown out of the water even before voting gets a place on the agenda of parliamentary day business. And then again, one could expect new scandals seizing the public space unless HDZ leader Karamarko sits firmly on government’s reform agenda, clears unstable HDZ elements/members and officers in its ranks to outer margins or insignificance, so to drown political scandals and affairs that prevent the government from doing its job properly. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


  1. Moreno P says:

    From Facebook: If Oreskovic remains on Karamarko’s list of unwantables we have a embarrassing national stalemate….a reshuffle will not solve that glaring issue which must be addressed before the reshuffle

    • The way I see it, Moreno, Oreskovic is not an elected official so if he is not performing he can be replaced, he certainly shook my confidence in him when within one week he changes his mind on who/what he is supporting…when facts have not changed – he should be working at putting out the fire started with malice not facts but he seems to be accepting malice as a tool of leading government – malice meaning you cannot call anyone guilty or permit punishment when guilt has not yet been proven…

  2. Batallion says:

    Certainly – Croatia’s two-party ruling coalition edged closer to collapse as its biggest partner, Croatian Democratic Union, said it may ask Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic to resign and that it may seek new partners in parliament. And it’s about time someone puts all this out of misery it’s causing people – bravo HDZ! Stamp on, we’ve had enough of scandals and garbage served

  3. Ronnies Field says:

    Last week’s protest in relation to education reform was also an example of how the communists work! Minister is scandalized because he wants to add more people/professionals to the education reform team in order to ensure complete balance…it even spilled into the parliament where a Social Democrat member said that religious studies should be removed from choice of subjects at schools! God help Croatia if such idiots are permitted to thrive!

  4. Michael Dug says:

    From Facebook: The Communist Salem style Inquisition on the current Croatian Government hides their true purpose and that is to stop lustration of the Communists.

  5. For the good of the party and the country (especially), Petrov and Karamarko should resign. If they don’t, this will linger and linger into new election and SDP will be back in a driving seat,,, for a long term. Would you elect Sanader, even if he is found not guilty tomorrow? I don’t think so… We know Croatian justice sys is not working very well.

    • Well rb – for that to occur, for resignations to occur means scandal-mongers win and I for one would not want to live in a country with such order of things. As for Sanader and your question – does it mean then that we give up on rehabilitation and second chances? It’s not a matter of Karamarko or Petrov if someone else is leading HDZ the same things will occur for the left has made up its mind to stir and stir in the hope to regain power or at least stop this government from making inroads…I would not give them the satisfaction…let it linger, it would linger anyway – firm hand needed and those are often not too popular

  6. Even if Karamarko is not found guilty, he will not win next election, I will bet anything. He should resign and let other good people from HDZ to run for president.

    • HDZ elected him for now and I for one respect that. Why should he come down when he has not done anything wrong we know of on basis of facts, why should he kneel before the lynch mobs… as to future elections and leaders well that is an entirely different kettle of fish as far as I see it.

  7. Bloody Commos should be getting the same treatment they gave to us while they were in power.Lets see what its like with the shoe on the other foot

  8. what stupid politicians. the answer was so simple…make a decision on TK after the inquiry, then if guilty he resigns. Until then this is purely self serving manipulation. TO really disappointed me with his stupid request for both TK and BP to quit…I had such high hopes for him. In the end the true source of all this disunity is Bozo – he’s immature, egotist, whose need for attention is what drives him, not the interests of Croatia. He’s has shown himself and MOST of being incapable to lead, unable to make good decisions. The only thing they are capable of is chaos. This situation only gives fuel to the leftist and yugonostalgics…even I would start to think things were better in Yugoland. Stupidity reigns in Croatia>

    • Exactly, Sunman – due process is basis for democracy and I can’t see it in many here except HDZ leadership. It must be so very difficult to stay calm and wait for findings by conflict of interest authority and by some parliamentary body to assess SDP’s motion as a disgrace threatening national security. I do believe that if found guilty of conflict of interests Karamarko would resign. Not before – good for him!

    • As far as I’m concerned in this case, JonesB, Ruza’s opinion doesn’t hold much water for me – her chequered political career between parties and elections got her in but she would have difficulties in leading a big party…the best for Croatia is to do everything in order for due process and justice to win not lynch mobs – she should have picked that up instead of suggesting resignations but hey perhaps she has an ulterior motives too…

  9. while the politicians fume and divide, the country comes to a halt. it is the mechanism of chaos by creating a decoy of importance – the economy stalls and the focus is on discord

  10. Velebit says:

    The two people who brought this to a head are Karamarko and Petrov – not Oreskovic. Obviously, if the two deputy prime ministers are not able to work together for the betterment of the country, than OUT they should go! Oreskovic has no political axe to grind, he is not a career politician, he is politically unencumbered, non-partisan and most importantly – although not elected he was invited and ultimately chosen by both Petrov (MOST) and Karamarko (HDZ) to become Premier! Whatever qualities/strengths he possessed several months ago that compelled the coalition to choose him and offer him this job, are the same qualities he possesses today – so why sack him? It seems to me like a case of shooting the messenger.
    As to the dynamic between Petrov and Karamarko and whether the non-confidence vote is justified or not, at this stage of the game is, I fear, a moot point. Both men are standing on their principles – Petrov on transparency and Karamarko on due process and unfortunately neither one is prepared to bite the bullet in order to prevent an expensive, destabilizing and potentially catastrophic outcome if new elections are called. What brings out the worst in our country’s politicians? Are they morally/ethically deficient or is greed and personal ambition to blame? They are entrusted to protect and serve and they should be the icons of exemplary behaviour and above reproach in every way, but instead, far too often the exact opposite is proven to be the reality…. It is ultimately for history to decide whether their actions in the next few days will be lauded or damned. Whichever scenario ensues, it is certain that the country and it’s people will bear the brunt of their folly – as usual.

    Za Dom Spremni!

    • I happen to see beyond the personal, Velebit – I look at the mindless hatred and intolerance being flung around against Karamarko and yet no-one has come out to tell us what it is wrong that he has actually done or are all the emotions there simply because SDP threw allegations around without anyone asking them to corroborate with facts/truth… there are those that it is actually Karamarko who is trying to guard justice – i.e. principles of democracy innocent until proven guilty – but sadly, he is drowning in lynch-mobs and will probably have no alternative but leave and that won’t solve issues for new scandals against a new person will come. Firm hand needed either way.

  11. Politics, Croatia been thru so much, it seems that government will always find the way to bring troubles back, no matter what…

    Love, Health and Wealth
    Alex Moses

  12. Veronika says:

    The problem in Croatia is remnants of the old regime are still alive and well.
    How do you deprogram a government and an electorate that still functions like it did in the days of Communist Yugoslavia? Many people there behave and live like they are in a cult.
    How do we deprogram people marinated in a corrupt, soul-destroying, Croatia-hating, God-Hating, Marxist, parasitic system, where paying bribes to everyone from doctors, professors, judges, policemen, and government officials, ‘under the table’, was considered normal?
    Milanovic and his Communist cronies said they would make it hell for the HDZ and it’s coalition partners, and that they are… attacking Crnoja, Hasanbegovic as a fascist, timed demonstrations re the school system, and other themes….now attacking Karamarko…..
    Sadly the new government did not ‘take over’ the judiciary, media, and other key institutions in the last few months.
    The media in Croatia, which leans heavily left (read Commi Red) creates the environment there and for many abroad as well.
    Perception is key. If the media blathers on about instability and such, the average person believes this.
    No media is covering the good stuff…Kolinda’s work, the investments coming in, etc…..
    People are sheep and don’t understand big picture stuff.
    Ina you do, thank God!
    First Karamarko falls, next Hasanbegovic, and the rest. This is not about one man, and his alleged conflict of interest. BTW Where is the proof?
    It’s about bringing down this government. Period.
    I am appalled at Oreskovic since he is pulling the ‘all sides are to blame,’ card.
    What’s his end game?
    What the hell was he doing meeting with SOA?
    Who is working for?
    Some say he devastated Pliva (see Zeljko Olujic in
    Just saying.
    His political naivite is clear and while his intentions may be good, he and Petrov are (knowingly or unknowingly) playing into Milanovic’s hands.

    • I so agree with you Veronika that it’s about bringing down this government – commies are nasty pieces of work. As to how to change or deprogram the habits from communist past etc well I think a precise and clear program and plan of action that is clear cut, public and felt at all levels in society…

  13. I am not happy when someone doesn’t choose a cause or “stand” and stick to it, Ina! Your article was both informative and frightening! 🙁
    Hugs and blessings sent to you, dear friend. <3 Robin

    • Yep, those that keep switching their stands with the wind aren’t worth much anywhere, Robin, and especially not in government as a nation needs perspective and clear direction. Hugs.

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