Guest interview: A distinguished woman who is making a strong impact in her country and beyond.

An interview with me – thank you Ngobesing – this is a great gesture and gift for my 5 years this October in blogging.


  1. Hugs have à nice weekend Mella

  2. A great Interview Ina, jut confirms how special a lady you are. I think the Royal Family should be reinstated in Croatia and you should be made Queen, the people would flock to your banner and the communists would run.
    Huge Congratulations
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Thank you David, you’re too kind – although I am far removed from royal blood I have at times wished Croatia would take more care and effort in confirming such a status at least in ceremonial ways of those that even distantly of royal blood in Croatia

  3. Wonderful interview, Ina! Promoting truth and justice, which you say in the interview is your goal with the blog, is exactly what you do. Thank you ♥

  4. You are a most impressive person, whose personality is felt across the globe. It is a privilege to know you Ina.

  5. Profesor Zvonimir Šeparović says:

    Draga Ina, Sjajan intervju. Čestitam. Nisam znao ni približno kako značajnu osobu imam za prijateljicu. Volim Tvoju biografiju. I vjernost Domovini, i ljubav za obje tvoje domovine. I Tvoja kritika ovoga svijeta u kojem živimo i Tvoj prezir ratova i nasilja. Hvala Ti na svemu ovome i što si učinila i što ćeš nastaviti raditi. Svemogući Bog bio s Tobom. Tvoj Zvonimir

    • Translation of comment by Professor Zvonimir Separovic: Dear Ina – a brilliant interview. Congratulations. I was not even close at knowing how a significant person I have as a friend. I like your biography, the loyalty to Homeland and the love for both of your homelands, and your critique of this world in which we live and your contempt of wars and aggression. Thank you for all of this and for what you have done and what you will continue to do. May the Almighty God be with you. Yours, Prof. Zvonimir

      REPLY: am so proud of your comment, Zvonimir – thank you. Much love and respect to you and your great achievements and work – always

  6. Love the Quote!

  7. Loved this interview Ina.. and I learnt so much more about your amazing self.. 🙂 And can fully appreciate your choices in helping those who are disadvantaged, and having worked in support myself as you know with learning difficulties and in mental health, the rewards are great in seeing happy smiles of others..

    Congratulations upon your blogging anniversary also.. And I am so pleased we met here in blog land 😉
    Hugs Sue <3

  8. Ina, you are truly a remarkable woman! <3

  9. Buna seara Doamna Dr. Ina Vukic !
    De fiecare data vin cu mare placere in casuta dumneavoastra virtuala si tot de fiecare data, plec cu multe noutati in capul meu despre viata si activitatea dumneavoastra ! 🙂
    Sunt mandru ca am fost acceptat in cercul dumneavoastra de prieteni virtuali ! 🙂
    Va multumesc si va doresc un WEEKEND fericit ! 🙂
    Cu stima si respect,
    Aliosa 🙂 <3 🙂

    • Translation of comment by Aliosa: Hello Mrs. Ina Vukic! I visit your virtual box with everything with great pleasure each time and now with more news in my head about your life and work! I am proud that I was accepted in your circle of virtual friends! Thank you and wish you a happy weekend! With respect, Aliosa
      REPLY: Thank you Aliosa I too am proud to have met you in this wonderful world of blogging and cyberspace. Thank you for your kind words and much respect to you too

  10. I enjoyed reading your interview–thanks for posting it!

  11. Special V.I.P. Ina. 🙂

  12. So very proud of you! 😀

  13. A most beautiful, moving and clever interview… you are an admirable woman, in many ways, dear Ina….I liked reading about your meaningful contributions, influences and actions… thanks for sharing. 🙂 All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

  14. You are a rare gift!

  15. I am very very impressed. You have accomplished more compassion, charity and meritorious acts in one life than many others will in ten lifetimes. A brilliant interview.

    In Ancient Eastern philosophy , we have a saying that in the depth of misfortune, fortune always arises. Thus, even though Croatia has had exceedingly difficult times from WWII to the start of the 21st Century, I feel that things can only go exponentially better from now on. The fundamentals are certainly in favor: The stunning Adriatic coast, strategic location, rich culture, EU membership and the fact that the world has fundamentally changed in a way that the legacy power of any political dinosaurs are bound to melt away sooner or later.

    Though I am not Croatian, I feel a strong affinity with the country for a reason I cannot explain, the food, climate, culture and architecture is simply perfect.

    Thank you for all the good things you have done for so many people in their hour of greatest need.

  16. draga Iva says:

    Procitaj ovo ;
    Memories of a Croatian Soldier –

    Blessed be

  17. Thought this was well worth sharing to socials again. 😉

  18. Inavukic we share the same heart of humanity. You are now my new friend

  19. This post and interview are an inspiration Ina. 🤗

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