Ethnic Replacement in Europe and “White Man’s Guilt”


Ethnic Replacement in Europe and “White Man’s Guilt” – New Podcast in English



Excerpt from Podcast:

Zeljko Glasnovic: “…the threat to Europe is not so much external but internal, we have the so-called Trojan horse NGO’s and political parties, they’re inviting mass migration …they’re the creators of this wave … Angela Merkel opened the flood gates and as a result by 2015 alone Germany received 1.5 million refugees. So when we look at it she’s almost the embodiment of this Trojan horse … but look at her biography a bit she was in the Communist Youth League the free Germany youth league which was sponsored by the Marxist-Leninist party from the DDR I’m surprised so far that they haven’t found her Stasi file … then we have the one and only elections in East Germany after that fall of the Berlin Wall, she heads the party and eventually joins the CDU party which is a partner with the CSU, the Bavarian Christian party, so she is almost the embodiment of the post-communist homo novus homo sovieticus … we had this in Yugoslavia, these people who were proponents of one party system … so Europe faces not only external threat but a cultural paralysis …


…the naivety of the Croatian government at the time …the majority of fighters came from Afghanistan, the mujahedeen, came in through Croatia disguised as humanitarian workers … none expected that there would be a conflict between the Muslim Bosnian, the Bosnian conflict, conflict within a conflict, which was us … I call it uncivil war, and Bin Laden, well he had property in Zagreb …there was a deal between the Croatian government and the later Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic … arms shipments came from Iran, from Pakistan…but eventually every war is fought for territory so what happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina you had three headquarters, you had three different armies…you had Croatian Defence Council, the Serbian Army backed by the so-called Yugoslav People’s Army which it was not because 80% of cadres, the officers, were Serb and of course you had the Territorial Defence which mutated into the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, basically a Muslim fighting force … what happened in the end …the war started at a local level between Croats and the Muslims, it was not initiated by the Croats but Alija Izetbegovic with his Islamic Declaration, he already had a vision of a unitarian Bosnia and Herzegovina … Croats voted for an independent Bosnia and Herzegovina but not Unitarian but for a nation that was constituted of three ethnic groups, the constitutional peoples, that did not happen so eventually the war came … remember Alija Izetbegovic’s famous statement “this is not our war” after the massacre of Croatian civilians in Eastern Herzegovina in September of 1991 and had it not been for Croatian Defence Council there would be no Croatia as we see it today, it would look like Cyprus, a third of territory was Serb occupied and there would be no Federation …”


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  2. Did you catch when Zeljko Glasnovic said in the first five minutes of the video the talents of Angela Merkel’s through her ‘shape-shifting’ talents she joined the CDU!..
    He mentions shape shifting several times.. Lol..
    When you look at migration it’s been systematic when listening to this video.

    It’s all part of a bigger plan..
    Britain is certainly multicultural. And when I go into my own home town, I can hear more foreign conversations than in English.

    Enjoyed listening Ina.. I learnt more via this conversation. And good to hear him say People are Waking up to social engineering!..

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